The Summer of Broken Stories

The Summer of Broken Stories A powerful novel of friendship rebellion and betrayalEngland s While out playing in the woods ten year old Mark meets a man living in an old railway carriage Despite his wild appearance the st

A powerful novel of friendship, rebellion and betrayalEngland, 1950s While out playing in the woods, ten year old Mark meets a man living in an old railway carriage Despite his wild appearance, the stranger, who introduces himself as Aubrey Hillyard, is captivating an irreverent outsider who is shunned by Mark s fellow villagers, and a writer to boot Aubrey encouragesA powerful novel of friendship, rebellion and betrayalEngland, 1950s While out playing in the woods, ten year old Mark meets a man living in an old railway carriage Despite his wild appearance, the stranger, who introduces himself as Aubrey Hillyard, is captivating an irreverent outsider who is shunned by Mark s fellow villagers, and a writer to boot Aubrey encourages Mark to tell stories about his own make believe world, and in return he informs the boy about a novel he is writing a work of ominous science fiction.As the meddling villagers plot to drive Aubrey out, Mark finds himself caught between two worlds yet convinced that he must help Aubrey prevail at any cost Dealing with powerful themes of friendship, rebellion and betrayal, The Summer of Broken Stories is James Wilson s long awaited new novel.

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The Summer of Broken Stories

  1. JAMES WILSON was born and brought up near Cambridge, and studied History at Oxford University He now divides his time between London and France.In 1975 James received a Ford Foundation grant to research and write The Original Americans US Indians, for the Minority Rights in London Over the next twenty five years he travelled widely in the US and Canada, working on among other projects a number of radio and TV documentaries, including the award winning Savagery and the American Indian and The Two Worlds of the Innu, both for the BBC His critically acclaimed history of Native Americans, The Earth Shall Weep, was published by Picador in the UK in 1998, and by Grove Atlantic in the US the following year In 2000, it won a Myers Outstanding Book award James continues to serve as a member of the executive committee of Survival, an international organization campaigning for the rights of indigenous peoples worldwide James is the author of four novels, all published by Faber Faber The Dark Clue described by Allan Massie in The Scotsman as wonderfully entertaining , and by The Washington Post as a stunning first novel The Bastard Boy longlisted for the IMPAC Award The Woman in the Picture multi layered, deeply absorbing and entertaining The Times A superb achievement Kevin Brownlow and Consolation an animated, haunting and surprisingly uplifting novel The Observer A fifth novel, The Summer of Broken Stories, will be published by Alma Books in April 2015.You can visit James online at jameswilsonauthor, and on Twitter at jcwilsonauthor.

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  1. In simple terms this is the best book that I have read for months It is full of nostalgia for those that remember village childhood in the fifties It describes a time when children of ten could roam the streets and fields in apparent safety and when wealthy spinsters would invite polite village children to read to them.James Wilson is an experienced author and it shows The writing is high in quality and his use of the present tense really gave me a full sense of the period, the surroundings and [...]

  2. The appearance of James Wilson s latest novel The Summer of Broken Stories is an event of significance Wilson is a top flight novelist, and this is a superb book a magical book that visits childhood in order to rewrite many of our assumptions about the ways in which children and adults can speak to each other What other author could weave together Just William, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Go between, Sons and Lovers and 1984 to name just a few of the resonances Mark, the central character, is a t [...]

  3. I have no idea why I bought this can only think it was an echo of having enjoyed Adam Thorpe s Ulverton but to have gone to the trouble of adding it to my wishlist, something must have stood out, and I have no recollection what.That said, it is a perfectly enjoyable book and does an excellent job of evoking the claustrophobia of village life how much grown ups feel they have the right to interfere and the patchiness of acquiring understanding, while making gently compelling progress through a su [...]

  4. James Wilson s The Summer of Broken Stories is set in 1950 s rural England and is a charming, cleverly plotted novel with stories within stories and told from 10 year old Mark s viewpoint He and his new friend, Lou a girl , both love imaginary games and befriend a man, Aubrey, who loves to tell stories and who is living in a railway carriage in the woods Despite being told by the adults in the village to keep away from the man the children continue to visit and swap stories with him and layer up [...]

  5. A story of an outsider Aubery who, most of the adults having found his mysterious presence dubious to say the least, is befriended by two children, Mark and, other newcomer to the village, Lou.A tale of inter generational friendships, of stories swapped as Marc and Aubery tell their tales Mark s an innocent childhood tale, Aubery s an altogether darker, sinister one.Evoking a bygone era in which children, free to roam as they pleased, had secret dens with which passwords were needed to enter an [...]

  6. My book blog publishedmomentsThis is a very typical coming of age book that really warms your heart I think that Wilson has written a remarkable book that delves in to the naivety and curiosity of children Not only that, but he has also developed the characters in such a way that you feel like you know them Most of them are incredibly likeable but most importantly, they re all believable There were some darker sides to the story which made you sympathise with a whole range of the characters invo [...]

  7. This is a great book that I enjoyed on many levels First, it s a genuine page turner you quickly sympathise with the characters and want to know what happens in the end Secondly, it is beautifully written and easy to read certainly not true of all writing today The plot summary on the jacket is accurate enough, but misses out the elegiac quality of the descriptions of a 1950 s childhood and as well as delivering the pleasure of nostalgia the book raises some interesting questions about the chang [...]

  8. This is a coming of age story which subtley and skillfully links the present with the past It has lively descriptions of the varied cast of characters which show that 50 s village life was not as sleepy and monotone as we usually think The protagonist, 10 year old Mark, feels deeply and passionately about people and things a real child, not a two dimensional fictional stereotype his imagination, loves and fears are beautifully captured A real page turning story, too, with an unexpected twist at [...]

  9. This was a unique tale Stories within a story mixed with a child s innocence I was intrigued and thoroughly hooked James Wilson writes in a brilliant way It seemed almost classic with an added twist of magical wonder.

  10. A strange book which stays with you after reading Friendship, deception Set in the 1950 s Read for book and brew reading group Would not have chosen but so glad I read this Will be interesting to see what other book groupers think of it.

  11. 4.5 stars after thought.I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this There was so much going on and so many layers and aspects to the story The writing was superb and just swept you away I would love to go and look up some if his other books after having read this.

  12. I think this book evoked the long hot summers of a post war childhood very well However, I felt the ending was too pat and rushed at the end.

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