Down the Hidden Path

Down the Hidden Path Jeremiah McKinley is the first of his enlisted brothers to return home to River Rock Missouri their sleepy but charming hometown in the Ozarks in the wake of their father s death in combat While he s

Jeremiah McKinley is the first of his enlisted brothers to return home to River Rock, Missouri their sleepy but charming hometown in the Ozarks in the wake of their father s death in combat While he s grateful to be home with his sister nearby, his grief over losing the man known as Major Mack proves almost overwhelming, especially without his brothers around.After yearsJeremiah McKinley is the first of his enlisted brothers to return home to River Rock, Missouri their sleepy but charming hometown in the Ozarks in the wake of their father s death in combat While he s grateful to be home with his sister nearby, his grief over losing the man known as Major Mack proves almost overwhelming, especially without his brothers around.After years of guilt and tireless effort, Mary Grace Gray Smith finally has her life on track The last person she wants to see is Jeremiah her former best friend, former crush, and the man who could easily destroy the one thing she holds most dear But after one of Jeremiah s brothers returns home with a head injury, Gray becomes his therapist and a long kept secret threatens to reveal itself and alter the course of several lives forever Could this secret also give Jeremiah and Gray the chance to finally have the future together they always longed for

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Down the Hidden Path

  1. I can t believe the release of SOMETHING LIKE FAMILY is September 12 This is a book that was inspired by a trip to the mountains when my husband and I needed to unplug for a while I wasn t certain how it would hit readers, but I m thrilled to say, it has the highest star rating so far of all of my books It s sitting at a 4.85 stars here on I guess needing to unplug is something universal Other themes of this book are family finding each other after a long separation, trust, hope, multilayered conflict, and acceptance book show 3Here s what readers are sayingGail said, WOW A very well written story filled with twists and turns that will make you laugh and cry Lisa said, e most loveable characters I ve come across in a book Becca said, SOMETHING LIKE FAMILY is an emotional ride you will not want to miss Laurie said, You will need tissues I hope you ll stop by the link above and add it to your WANT TO READ shelf Thanks for stopping by Keep reading and share your beauty with the world.

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  1. More tissues neededGee and I thought the first book made me cry Listening to it in the way home almost had me driving off the road because I was crying so hard I think the people passing me thought I was crazy Miah well I didn t love him as much as Ian Miah had a huge ego and he always thought he was right Hard headed jerk at times He never really liked to look at someone else s point of view Now he did get it together, so that was good Gray was an interesting woman who lived through a great dea [...]

  2. so i absolutely HATE HATE HATE David s mother how is it even legal to just take the kid away from his real mother and GIVE HIM to a father who had sex with the mom then ditched her and never talked to her again actually went and joined the military no fing way i d fight that shit Miah where to start i hate him just as much he is no hero and he is a poor example of a man and a poor example of a military hero and an even poorer example of a human being he is just evil i hate him with every fiber o [...]

  3. Down the Hidden Path River Rock Series Book 2 by Heather BurchThrough a few different storylines, Heather Burch addresses open adoption, guardianship, long lost love, child rearing, and traumatic brain injury in returning soldiers She does so with a great deal of accuracy and realism As always, the author writes from the heart and draws the reader into the novel and holds them straight through to the end While this is written as Jeremiah s the oldest McKinley sibling story, it is also that of th [...]

  4. 3.75 StarsI read the previous book in this series, and honestly didn t care for it, so I almost didn t read this one I m glad I gave it a chance, because I liked this a lot better that the previous one This is a heartfelt second chance romance Jeremiah and Gray were high school best friends, that just run into each other after many years apart Jeremiah just returned from his service in the military and Gray just moved back to town for personal reasons We get to discover what happened many years [...]

  5. Love finds a way Jeremiah McKinley comes home from war and discovers that he and his high school friend have a 12 year secret Gray finally tells him that he is a father and the fireworks begin as they figure out how to give their child David, a wholesome life.

  6. Great read A story that moved along with sweet and precious twists and turns I am not a fan of mushy love stories This one was far from mushy It was the right amount of love with a wonderful family involvement.

  7. Sweet storyGuess I love stories about soldiers About relationships between parents and their children About what is needed for our wounded soldiers still coming home from war All in all, this was a very good story.

  8. Wonderful storyMs Burch has written a wonderful story that is the second in the River Rock series I can t wait for the next one.

  9. .Excellent readHeather Burch captures emotions with every book constantly I have read several , she never disappoints Excellent read.r B

  10. Humans sure are a mixed up breed Loved the give and take Not understanding what others mean and thinking they know what others are thinking when they are so mistaken.

  11. Read both books in this series and I am hoping she continues the series Both books made me laugh out loud and also brought me to tears Very well written

  12. I liked this story better than the first The characters were well developed and likable I could feel the emotion I m looking forward to in the series I would consider this a clean story even though there was one sexual encounter as the was no detail about it It s not a Christian romance even though labeled as such in I recommend listening to the audio version The narrator does an excellent job with individual voices, tones, emotions She really enhances the experience.

  13. 3.5 StarsThis book had my emotions going all over the place It was sad, sweet, romantic, emotional and with a touch of drama if you usually get teary with books then you definitely want to keep your box of Kleenex nearby.Jeremiah aka Miah is a soldier acclimating to civilian life He s been back home for a little while and is fixing up the lodge he s inherited One morning he runs into his high school best friend only to have her dismiss him and pretty much run away.Mary Grace aka Gray can t belie [...]

  14. The McKinley family lived in River Rock, Missouri in the Ozark Mountains The father was killed in the war and shortly after their mother died leaving three grown sons and a daughter Jeremiah Miah the oldest son returned from war Ira, the second son was severely injured with some brain damage during the war It took a long time for him to heal Mary Grace Smith Grey was Miah s best friend during high school, she became a therapist after school and moved on with her life and later moved back to thei [...]

  15. This book will take your emotions on a roller coaster ride Jeremiah Miah has come back home after being a soldier for years and is trying to get used to civilian life Mary Grace Gray was Miah s best friend but isn t thrilled with a reunion I liked both Miah and Gray Both had their issues but both really were good people.There were times I wanted to go into the book and smack one or both of them, especially Miah but life is complicated and never what you expect The author did a great job of makin [...]

  16. It is rare when you come across an author that is able to take a hold of your heart within a few words Heather Burch does that every time I read one of her beautiful reads Her story line is sweet and pure so filled with love and the hardships that come with building a life with another and the growth one has to do to become whom they are supposed to be apart and together In Down the Hidden Path the story line is built around a young woman who has loved one man her entire life It is about the cho [...]

  17. A second chance romance between Mary Grace Gray Smith and Jeremiah Miah McKinley The story was very interesting especially when things really got moving along and all the characters were great Wonderful descriptive details of locations, people, buildings, etc I haven t read Charlee s story the first of the series but I enjoyed this book very much so I now went and got the first one to read I hope the author writes Caleb s story next because that already has wonderful potential.Disclaimer I recei [...]

  18. Jeremiah Miah McKinley gets a big shock when he enters the attorney s office and sees Mary Grace Gray Smith sitting there An even bigger shock is incurred when he learns he is the father of a twelve year old boy and Gray is the boy s birth mother After shock comes anger Why didn t Gray tell him He has missed out on the first twelve years of his son s life Miah doesn t know anything about being a father but he has to learn fast as he has been appointed the permanent guardian.A thoroughly enjoyabl [...]

  19. This is the second book in the series, The Roads To River Roads Down the Hidden Path is the story of the first brother to come home It is the story of Jeremiah McKinley,who is the oldest brother Heather Burch delivers a page turning book that is filled with a story that tells of family, issues between siblings and friends, and recovery It does well as a stand alone book but I warn you the story is so captivating that you will want to go back and read the first book in the series as well I am put [...]

  20. I don t often give romantic novels 5 butthis book deserved it for breaking away from tradition and entering a very thought provoking area of child development and looking at it from a completely different angle This book is well written has a strong and interesting story line and is very enjoyable as well.

  21. Becoming my favorite series I love the complexity of the members of the McKinley family The characters and relationships are authentic Their loyalty and devotion to each other are unyielding These brothers in service to our country and their families are wonderful I hope to read great things happening for them.

  22. Simply beautiful I loved the entire storyline and the strength of the characters I hope the stories continues with Caleb Great story about love, lost, forgiveness and acceptance.

  23. LOVED So this was a new author for me, but I definitely liked her work Great characters, great story, great execution, just all around awesomeness It does not have any sexy times in it, btw, in case you re looking for that avoiding that.

  24. Down the Hidden Path is an awesome book It is well written with a really good plot I fell in love with the characters who are well developed and believable This is book two in a series but can be read as a standalone Book one is just a awesome as this one.

  25. Great readHeather Burch is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors This book has just the right amount of romance and character dilemmas to keep thee reader wanting I can t wait to read about the other brothers of the McKinley clan.

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