Avanaux: A Hickory Lace scifi-adventure

Avanaux A Hickory Lace scifi adventure Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B S SNAVE Hickory Lace is sent to the newly discovered planet Prosperine with two objectives to assess its political stability and to report back to

Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00S1SNAVE.Hickory Lace is sent to the newly discovered planet, Prosperine, with two objectives to assess its political stability and to report back to Earth on the activities of an alien miracle worker.Increased tension between the planetary government and a group of religious zealots is putting Earth s stake in ProsperinLibrarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00S1SNAVE.Hickory Lace is sent to the newly discovered planet, Prosperine, with two objectives to assess its political stability and to report back to Earth on the activities of an alien miracle worker.Increased tension between the planetary government and a group of religious zealots is putting Earth s stake in Prosperine s ultra rare crynidium deposits at risk Hickory has to decide whether the Teacher is the one foretold in an ancient prophecy as her superiors believe or an anarchist responsible for the recent unrest on the planet.Unknown to either Earth or Hickory, other, sinister, galactic forces have their eyes set on Prosperine and plan to take advantage of the chaos to seize control If these forces are successful, Earth s stocks of crynidium, the liquid metal essential for interstellar travel, will quickly be depleted and their plans for a galaxy wide defense network will be in disarray.The fate of worlds lie in the balance Hickory needs to stop the alien forces, discover what the Teacher is up to and decide whether he is a fraud or perhaps the very person the Alien Corps has been searching for.

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Avanaux: A Hickory Lace scifi-adventure

  1. PJ lived in Ferguslie Park, the setting for his debut novel, Small Fish Big Fish, until he was fifteen At twenty one he went back to study full time at Langside College, and from there to Glasgow University, graduating Bachelor of Science.A regular on the Scottish Folk Club circuit, PJ played guitar and sang with his friends and cousins for pocket money He lived in Paisley until, at the age of twenty six, he met and married Sue, who convinced him to return with her to Australia, a move he has never regretted.In 2011, PJ discovered a talent for writing fiction and has published a number of short stories as well as his novel, Small Fish Big Fish A follow up to Small Fish, Big Fish is in the pipeline.PJ s first love is Science Fiction, and has written several books in this genre including the epic trilogy, Prosperine The Adventures of the Space Heroine Hickory Lace PJ lives with his wife, in Melbourne They have two beautiful daughters, and three seriously cheeky grandchildren.

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  1. Avanaux A Hickory Lace Adventure is a vivid, fast paced sci fi adventure by PJ McDermott who is gifted with an incredible writing style The description of the story is well defined by the author in his own words, so I did not feel it necessary to repeat them here in this review Reading Avanaux was a pleasure, feeling as if your own two feet were planted on the ground of the wonderful world that McDermott depicts You were immersed with the team as they traveled from Earth, through space, to Prosp [...]

  2. Avanaux A Hickory Lace scifi fantasy adventure lives up to its subtitle It is a rock em sock em, roll up your sleeves, put on your sneakers adventure filled with intrigue, mystery, good guys, bad guys, demoralizing captures, narrow escapes, tense fights, and epic battles.Avanaux is the northern continent on the planet Prosperine where galactic forces have cast malevolent eyes on its crynidium deposits, needed for ftl travel Hickory Lace and her two teammates, Gareth and Jess, drop into this caul [...]

  3. Initially, I was not sure I was going to enjoy Avanaux The initial high tech bike race left me confused rather than curious By the third chapter, I was totally hooked This intriguing story takes place roughly 160 years in the future where faster than light speed is only one of a number of extraordinary technologies, and earth is part of a confederation of aligned planets If I have a quibble with Avanaux, it is that 160 years feels a little to near future given the technology and breadth of inter [...]

  4. Avanaux A Hickory Lace Adventure was an enjoyable read The world building was one of the most fascinating aspects of the novel, with the depth and breadth of the setting creating an immersive experience for the reader Not only are the various races, planetary sceneries, and governing galactic organizations both interesting and well formed, but the details of the technology employed throughout the novel is artistically defined without being overly complicated Therefore the technology does not int [...]

  5. Wow Just wow.The premise is fascinating A newly discovered religious text convinces the Vatican to scour the Universe looking for the Son of God Fifty years on they are starting to lose hopeEnter Hickory, an empath with serious daddy issues Chosen to lead a team of specialists to investigate a religious prophet on a distant world.And then the subplots kick in a murder, FTL fuel smugglers, betrayals galore, assassination plots, a violent coup, and my favorite a really cool alien race the Bikashi [...]

  6. Visit a Strange New WorldI was really impressed with this book from start to finish The author s crisp, clear writing style was truly a pleasure to read The adventure never let up The characters were interesting and relatable And the world The author really lets you see the world of Avanaux, from the strange looking people, to the odd and sometimes terrifying beasts The science is all believable and there s enough without it being too much The book has a satisfying conclusion, while at the same [...]

  7. As a Christian and a science fiction lover, the premise of this book is interesting What if Jesus exists on other worlds, preaching the Gospel to non humans I will confess to performing this thought experiment in my head than a few times However, what I never came up with was this book.After reading the prequel Dust and Ashes I was not going to continue with this series However, given that I had obtained a free copy somewhere, I elected to continue Mind you, the prequel and the series of no cha [...]

  8. Kindle Unlimited sometimes here and there one may be through freebie day from some site Hickory Lace is sent to the newly discovered planet, Prosperine, with two objectives to assess its political stability and to report back to Earth on the activities of an alien miracle worker during the increased tension between the planetary government and a group of religious zealots is putting Earth s stake in Prosperine s ultra rare crynidium deposits at risk and Hickory has to decide whether the Teacher [...]

  9. Great Sy Fy , Characters, and ActionThis is like a full blown outer space adventure Well described characters and a nicely paced story that has a nice flow to it.I read it straight thru cover to cover.

  10. Fast paced scifi book that holds your attention throughout the entire story Makes you feel as if you are part of the story Appreciated the ARC to help review

  11. Avanaux is a science fiction adventure set about a hundred and fifty years in the future Earth has been through a New Dark Age after a catastrophic war, and has recovered under a United World Government based in New Rome The city having been sacked during the war, Rome s famous landmarks have since been restored and are part of a futuristic cityscape of spiralling towers and domes, interlaced with multi layered suspension roads It isn t so easy to keep the Eternal City down, just ask the Goths a [...]

  12. First off, I want to say I went into this book blind I was assigned this book in a group, and was a little taken aback by the religious aspect of it However, I do have to say that it was a really good book The premise states that an old scripture is found which states that the son of god will return on a different planet, so the government goes looking for him and finds him The scenery in this book is vivid, pleasant to read about and the adventure feels real There is technology I would never ev [...]

  13. After reading the prequel The Second Coming to this first novel in the Prosperine Trilogy, I was shocked as I began to read Avanaux Intrigued by the past, and the discovery of ancient documents showing Earth as only one of many places where Jesus lived and taught, I knocked off base by the jump to a time one hundred sixty years into the future No matter, I recovered, maintained my high regard for the prequel and sunk myself into this well written science fiction adventure, thriller.Mr McDermott [...]

  14. Five Category Rating System Concept 1 2 StarWriting 1 2 StarStructure StarCredibility Character 1 2 Star Total 2 1 2 StarsAudience Suitability Young Adult Violence, Adult Situations, Profanity Avanaux follows the adventures of a team of researchers investigating the possibility that a new Christ has manifested on a world whose technological development is just prior to the advent of firearms Adding complexity to their task, the planet is one of the few in the universe that possesses sizeable dep [...]

  15. Avanaux is a sci fi adventure set in the future A woman named Hickory is sent out on a mission to the planet Proserpine to find a Teacher called Kar ser Sephiryth, who is believed to be Jesus reincarnated, and who is supposedly causing an uprising among the populace The investigation is of a sidestep of the government to obtain a study of a new evolving species who carry a liquid metal called crynidium, fuel , for their own purposes, naturally.I don t read much of science fiction, but this book [...]

  16. I received a free review copy.This book comes with the description For 100 years, the Alien Corps has searched the Galaxy for the Son of God Their search has come to nothing until now I quote that in full to save repetition and potential spoilers The story is an old fashioned style grand space opera the heroine, Hickory Lace, is recalled to duty to investigate a possible Messiah on the planet Proserpine In disguise as one of the bird like natives Hickory and a small group of companions follow th [...]

  17. McDermott weaves an entire sci fi fantasy adventure universe on a central idea Jesus returns to earth and other planets because a prophecy says so.The story takes place 160 years from now, in a time when the world is recovering from a teensy five year war what no crusade between Christians and Muslims that has led to a world congress and world government.The heroine, Hickory, is endowed with high emotional intelligence and works for Alien Corps military intelligence wing on Planet Earth who send [...]

  18. Title Avanaux A Hickory Lace novel Author PJ McDermott 4 unexpected stars When it comes to science fiction, the possibilities for the storyline are endless the worlds, the characters and the plot can be as vast as the galaxy or as small as a city and its inhabitants PJ McDermott s Avanaux is the first novel in the Hickory Lace series and he hardly spares his readers when it comes to details Although these details are incredible, it did make it difficult to fully immerse myself into this new worl [...]

  19. Delightfully well written, totally intriguing tale Well, this book caught me totally unaware I assumed, purely due to the rather fluffy name given to the main character and my in built bias, that this was very much a young protagonist and yet another in a long line of coming of age tales, some good, but many not It s not and Hickory is not Although I don t think her actual age was ever mentioned It s a thoroughly absorbing story of an encounter with a technologically less advanced race, whom I f [...]

  20. Aliens humans included have discovered Prosperine, an Earth like world with deposits of a valuable element necessary for FTL travel The planet s humanoid inhabitants haven t yet mastered global travel, so the aliens masquerade as visitors from distant parts of the world Though technologically outpaced by the imbedded aliens, Avanauri citizens of the northern continent, Avanaux aren t stupid they sense change is coming, and some of them recognize the aliens for what they are Discord among them ha [...]

  21. After being relegated to teaching following a disastrous mission, Hickory Lace is offered another mission with the Alien Corps studying and assessing religious teachers of other species to try to find the Son of God The mission is complicated by the presence of a rare element necessary for space travel She puts her team together and heads off to Prosperine and the continent of Avanaux There are twists and turns aplenty on the way to a satisfying close This is not preaching disguised as a novel, [...]

  22. I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review I found this book listed as Romantic Science fiction Nope, no romance here but still a good science fiction book Avanaux starts with the premise of searching for the Messiah, who an ancient manuscript has foretold will appear on an alien planet but then it mainly focuses on the civil unrest on the planet Prosperine The beginning of the book is very confusing Not much background is given about the prophesy Apparently one needs to [...]

  23. I recommend this book to Sci fi, Fantasy and dystopian readers.I thoroughly enjoyed this fast paced Sci fi adventure and was very quickly drawn into the world of Hickory and her team I liked the intelligent consideration of various interesting themes that weaved around the action Religion, the involvement of highly developed planets in emerging planets especially when the less advanced planet possess a scarce but valuable mineral, corruption and greed Opposing the negatives of humanity there was [...]

  24. If you like good sci fi then you will enjoy reading Avanaux by P J McDermott This book is action packed and full of plot twist and turns.The author has done a great job of developing a tale that one large adventure and a story with an intriguing spin to it It was easy to read and follow even with all the twist and turns I found it hard to take a break from reading.P J McDermott has put together a cast of characters that are easy to believe in They are real and very identifiable They brought the [...]

  25. A surprise read Got this book as a free read and although I didn t think I would enjoy it,I am now about to purchase the rest of the trilogy The character s were well put together and although set in the future it was surprisingly devoid of all the futuristic gadgets that normally go with these kind of books It was to do with the age old question of does God really exist I enjoyed it immensely and would recommend it.

  26. This book has everything political intrigue, civil unrest, wars, religious upheaval, rebels, double and triple agents, greed, and shadow agents operating in all levels of the book The author does a credible job of tying all the elements together into a coherent story, which leads into the second story in this trilogy.

  27. I liked the idea of how religion was expanded to fit with multiple worlds and alien species and thought that it made for an interesting premise Unfortunately I found the start very slow and the characters two dimensional so I wasn t interested in reading on Given all the positive reviews, maybe it was just my mood at the time so I may revisit this one at a later date.

  28. Just plain badI forced myself to read to 20 percent but just couldn t take any Dumb concept, even for a Jesus freak, poor writing and completely lacking anything resembling science McDermott should read his old Jewish book of fairy tales and leave science fiction to those that understand the term.

  29. Adventure in Outer SpaceThis is a nicely written book, there are a few twists and a few surprises to l keep you hanging on to every word The flow is just right, the characters are nicely defined and the plot is great Won t to have an adventure in space, than this is your read.

  30. Well written in the following oh star treks rule of no interference The heroine deals with subterfuge and torture in a human and believable fashion Author took sci fi and blended in a holy cause with scientific method in the search for God and his son

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