Five Days Until You

Five Days Until You Unsure That s how I m feeling about my entire life Just when everything s good and I have it all under control my girl Chelsea decides she s going to leave me for the summer Despite my disappointment

Unsure That s how I m feeling about my entire life Just when everything s good and I have it all under control, my girl Chelsea decides she s going to leave me for the summer Despite my disappointment, I have to support her It s what she wants, an opportunity she can t say no to and no way will I be the one to stop her I love her too much to hold her back OpportunitiUnsure That s how I m feeling about my entire life Just when everything s good and I have it all under control, my girl Chelsea decides she s going to leave me for the summer Despite my disappointment, I have to support her It s what she wants, an opportunity she can t say no to and no way will I be the one to stop her I love her too much to hold her back Opportunities are happening for me too, though A big one that my brother in law Drew says I can t pass up I m working extra hard So is Chelsea It s like we don t have any time to get together We keep making the same promise only five days until we see each other again But we keep breaking that promise Is our relationship strong enough to survive all of these changes

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Five Days Until You

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  1. Review Jo Facebook facebook TheHopelessRTSU tsu HopelessRomanticsBlog thehopelessromanticsbookblog.bThis series is one of my most favourite ever I adore each book and every character that I have met along the way and as soon as I discovered that Monica Murphy had sneakily released a new novella to the series, I couldn t wait to get the chance to be reunited with the One Week Girlfriend gang This instalment is mainly focused on Owen and Chelsea as they continued to make their relationship work wh [...]

  2. Rate 4,4 5 stars Last book in this series, can t believe I finally finished it I really enjoyed the whole series, both couples had freaking cute stories with a lot of hurdles and broken pasts but they all came together in the most perfect ways I loved all of the characters, well not all all but almost.I really enjoyed getting to know and read about Owen and Lucy, they were perfect for each other and their journey was a really cute one to read I m gonna miss these characters.

  3. 3,5 StarsI liked seeing of Owen and Chelsea There were some difficulties in their relationship were they had to deal with It wasn t always as easy, but they managed to get through I also liked the Christmas story at the end of the novella Some scenes out of Drew and Fable s POV And a happy ever after for all of them.

  4. Missing You Baby I have just so enjoyed this most romantic and most wonderful series Drew and Fable no 4.5 This most amazing and unbelievable story, Five Days Until is the brand new instalment and discovery of romance with Fable s brother, Owen All that Fable ever wanted was that her brother would end up his life as happy as both she and Drew This is the love story between Owen and Chelsea.Owen is worried Finding time to spend with Chelsea is so difficult They just both need so time off over the [...]

  5. Eh It was cute but why do all YA NA characters think other girls guys are desperate to sleep with their girl guy Dammit, not everyone thinks about sex all day, and not everyone wants a sexual relationship Sometimes people want to bewait for it FRIENDS Has the world really reached a point where POLITENESS is mistaken for FLIRTING Whatever.

  6. 3,5Ero convinta che ormai sperare di avere il seguito della storia di Owen e Chelsea fosse inutile, e invece a sorpresa ecco che la Newton mi fa il regalo Poco meno di cento pagine, quindi non c da aspettarsi tanto, ma la Murphy si sempre distinta dalle altre autrici per la sua capacit di concentrare in poche pagine storie d a dolci, passionali e che catalizzano l interesse del lettore Se nel primo volume che ho adorato Owen, conosciuto quando era poco pi di un bambino di cui Fable, sua sorella [...]

  7. Innecesario, esa es la palabra que me viene a la mente para describir este libro.Esta peque a novela no aporta absolutamente nada a la saga, ademas en algunas ocasiones se me hizo aburrida y densa Quizas parte de la culpa de que esta historia me gustara tan poco fue por la pareja protagonista, Chelsea y Owen son dos personajes demasiado sosos y simples sobretodo ella , en mi opinion tuvieron suficiente con un solo libro, ya que su historia no da para mas, pero como detesto dejar sagas a medias m [...]

  8. Fans of the One Week Girlfriend series will love this one We see Owen and Chelsea together which will be forever and ever , and the continuation of their HEA, which is near perfect Owen is so over the moon for Chelsea, who he constantly calls my girl in his head Chelsea loves the stability and passion Owen gives her Owen is one passionate guy when it comes to his Chelsea, and quite the dirty talker who can t keep his hands off of her He s also a big snuggler Their relationship is tested when she [...]

  9. 2.5 starsI kinda forgot about Owen and Chelsea s story The only thing I remember was Owen is Fable s brother I thought I ll have to reread Four Years Later first to get into this book Fortunately I didn t have to do it, as it was just easy to be in Owen and Chelsea s world again And I eventually remember their stories before.I think their relationship is still sweet and they are cute together I still liked them.However I didn t quite like the way they keep moping around each other because they h [...]

  10. Oh, the drama For a short one this one was filled with lots of drama Both Owen and Chelsea were at a cross roads in their lives, one in which their futures would change That choice would also affect the future of them as a couple I knew the separation wouldn t go as they planned, that being away would cause problems, so that wasn t a surprise I was glad to see that they worked things out, better was they worked things out in a way that made them happy on all levels.

  11. 3.5 starsIt s a short insight into how Owen and Chelsea are doing, how their relationship has evolved and if it will withstand the test of time I enjoyed it, but I would ve loved for it to be longer.This novella should be read before jumping into Monica s new series Shepard and Tristan are introduced here.

  12. So I definitely wasted my time reading this novella I apologise if I sound too harsh but it s time wasted reading it There were a lot of push and pulling and when I reached the end of this novella, it was as if nothing much changed Chelsea and Owen are still madly enough I get that Murphy might be trying to tell her readers couples do go through ups and downs, but she could have incorporated it into Four Years Later and end it there and then.Although the Christmas special at the end of the novel [...]

  13. 5 stars fir 5 daysThe conclusion to Owen and Chelsea s story Long distance relationships are hard, especially when you re young This is a test for them Loved the little bonus Christmas story with Drew and Fable as well

  14. Lindy s Thoughts I was completely surprised when I found out that Owen and Chelsea were getting a novella This was so exciting to me, because I absolutely adore them As I began reading, it was like I had never left these characters They are a part of me They are like family, and every moment spent with them is precious and memorable.It s been a week since Chelsea graduated college, and it is evident to Owen that she is not acting like her usual self She is restless Chelsea ends up revealing to O [...]

  15. The One Week Girlfriend Series is one of my all time favorite series I fell in love with all of the characters in the series I thought the series was finished but Monica Murphy releases these wonderful novellas that give us a snippet of the characters lives after the book is finished.Owen and Chelsea are going strong Summer is approaching and they are debating what to do with their time Chelsea has been offered an internship at a university a few hours away Owen doesn t want to hold her back He [...]

  16. It s always fun to revisit old characters from a series that you love I had no idea that Chelsea and Owen were getting another book, but I m really happy that Monica Murphy wrote this novella I missed them so much This is an outstanding series with characters that will steal a piece of your heart When I read Four Years Later, I was left in a good place with Chelsea and Owen I was so happy that they overcame so many obstacles to be together In this novella, we follow them as they still have to fa [...]

  17. Owen m v e, co by si mohl p t miluj c d vku, skv lou sestru, vagra i nete se synovcem a i ve fotbalu se mu za n docela da it M pocit, e m ivot kone n pod kontrolou tedy a do chv le, kdy Chelsea p ijde s t m, e m mo nost letn st e ve m st nedaleko A koliv se ji Owen sna podporovat ve snech a nechce j st t v cest , c t , e mu za n unikat mezi prsty a rozhodn o ni nehodl p ij t.Chelsea si nen jist , jestli m Owena na l to opustit, ale kdy j ekne, aby nepromarnila svou anci, e tu pro ni v dycky bude [...]

  18. Esta novella foi uma maneira incr vel de encerrar esta s rie , desde do inicio ao fim da mesma pareceu um Epilogo gigantesco O Livro come a uma semana depois do final de N o Tarde para Amar , o relacionamento deles esta muito bem , eles comunicam bastante , Mas a Chelsea recebe um email que lhe da uma oportunidade fant stica e Owen apoia a e suporta a ela no que pode e assim ela vai para outra cidade , mas eles t m um pacto e o relacionamento deles mesmo a distancia ao inicio esta a resultar mui [...]

  19. This novella was a nice bridge between the Chelsea and Owen s books in the Drew Fable series and the authors newest NA series, The Rules If you re a die hard fan of Owen and Chelsea, or even Drew and Fable, then I definitely recommend this short story However if you re fine with how Four Years Later, the previous book, ended and you re a little on the fence as to if you should pick this novella up I d wait till it goes on sale What I enjoyed Getting to see Drew and Fable again Their little famil [...]

  20. Chelsea and Owen find themselves going in different directions during this summer Chelsea is going away for a position and Owen finds himself getting an unexpected life changing goal from his brother in law Drew and his coach Chelsea is several hours away and Owen promises that they will see each other every weekend New commitments and promises get in the way of both of them keeping this promise and they find themselves at a crossroads as to what each of them wants Owen has to wait for Chelsea t [...]

  21. So the reasons I wasn t into this one can only be told with a spoiler view spoiler Did she seriously give up her career to do what Sit around his apartment while he played football and was in school I m not saying she should have stayed and accepted grad school, but to just blindly follow is just too much for me to get over hide spoiler Other than that, the rest of the story just seemed rushed I get that it is 4.5 so not meant to be a full novel, but hate when characters and such are introduced [...]

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