Essential Maps for the Lost

Essential Maps for the Lost There are many ways to be lost Sometimes people want to be lost Madison Mads to everyone who knows her is trying her best to escape herself during one last summer away from a mother who needs from her

There are many ways to be lost.Sometimes people want to be lost Madison Mads to everyone who knows her is trying her best to escape herself during one last summer away from a mother who needs from her than she can give, and from a future that has been decided by everyone but her.Sometimes the lost do the unimaginable, like the woman, the body, Mads collides with in tThere are many ways to be lost.Sometimes people want to be lost Madison Mads to everyone who knows her is trying her best to escape herself during one last summer away from a mother who needs from her than she can give, and from a future that has been decided by everyone but her.Sometimes the lost do the unimaginable, like the woman, the body, Mads collides with in the middle of the water on a traumatic morning that changes everything.And sometimes the lost are the ones left behind, like the son of the woman in the water, Billy Youngwolf Floyd Billy is struggling to find his way through each day in the shadow of grief His one comfort is the map he carries in his pocket, out of his favorite book, The Mixed Up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler.When three lives and one special, shared book collide, strange things happen Things like questions and coincidences and secrets, lots of secrets Things like falling in love But can two lost people telling so many lies find their way through tragedy to each other and to solid ground

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Essential Maps for the Lost

  1. Deb Caletti is an award winning author and National Book Award finalist Her many books for young adults include The Nature of Jade, Stay, Essential Maps for the Lost, and Honey, Baby Sweetheart, winner of the Washington State Book award, the PNBA Best Book Award, and a finalist for the PEN USA Award Her first book for adults, He s Gone, was released from Random House in 2012, followed by The Secrets She Keeps, and What s Become of Her, a psychological thriller for adults Her upcoming YA novel, A Heart in a Body in the World, releases Sept 4, 2018 She lives with her family in Seattle.

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  1. Won in the First Reads giveaways.I thought this book was funny and sweet and mostly realistic.I do have some worries about it though.1 Gee gow Ivy points It s possible she s fluent in Chinese Um That s too Rosie O Donnell for me.2 Most scenes of intimacy between Mads and Billy are from Billy s point of view So are all of the sexual thoughts Like Mads doesn t consider it at all We don t know how she feels about him constantly kissing her and giving her puppy eyes.3 I m a little worried that the p [...]

  2. I received a copy of this book in a giveaway.Mads is staying in Seattle away from her dysfunctional relationship with her mother, when she finds the body of a woman and it traumatizes her Unable to get the woman out of her head, Mads finds the woman s son, Billy, and befriends him, finding that she has a lot in common with him This novel follows both of them as thy try to have a good summer away from family drama and grief I liked Essential Maps for the Lost, but it seemed to go in circles a lot [...]

  3. The writing is absolutely gorgeous, and in omniscient third which you don t see a lot in YA However, it s also very distancing, which is a odd choice for a romance I don t care about these characters, and the heroine s desire to steal a baby is not a Christina plot From the start, I ve been both impressed by this book and desperately not ever felt like reading any of it So I m stopping.

  4. This is my first Deb Caletti book and that s embarrassing for someone like me who is a huge fan of contemp YA Many blogging actively literate friends have been raving about her for years and I absolutely get it.From what I understand, her books tend to deal with important things abusive relationships, for example, and anxiety and this one is no exception This book is actually one of the best representations of grief I ve ever read.Deb Caletti s writing is also gorgeous She writes these profound [...]

  5. I m so sad that i didn t like this book I always pick out what book I m going to read very carefully through reading reviews and the synopsis and I was soooo disappointed Most of my ratings are 4 5 stars, and it doesn t feel good adding such a lowly rated book to my reviews I wanted to like this book, I really did, but at the end of the day, I couldn t take it any THIS BOOK WAS SO GODDAMN BORING I hate to be so rash, but I don t know how else to put it It was slow I kept hoping it would pick up [...]

  6. I checked this book out from the local library, and didn t want to return it There were so many good quotes in it, but this is the only one I wrote down Can you imagine being depressed and then being judged for being depressed Who s crazier anyway people who struggle honestly, or the people who act like they never do This book deals with depression in an insightful manner The two main characters are Madison Mads for short that nickname drove ME a little crazy, though and Billy At the start of th [...]

  7. There are many ways to be lost, and, if we re lucky, maps to find our way back For Mads, trapped in the inescapable undertow of her mother s impossible dream, an early morning swim connects her to Billy Youngwolf Floyd The thread that connects them Billy s mother, Anna, whose body Mads discovers in the lake Both Mads and Billy have a deep desire to rescue those who can t speak for themselves, which means they both have a lot of questions about Anna s suicide, but are there really any answers Bil [...]

  8. Check out this and other reviews on my young adult book blog, Here s to Happy Endings Somewhere in the universe, a couple of stars collide They aren t fancy stars, or even ones with names Just regular old stars Two of millions Still, just like that, some of the best things begin There are plenty of sweet, romantic YA contemporary novels out there that focus on cute, fluffy relationships and all kinds of high school drama none of them going very deep or having much substance to them Essential Map [...]

  9. She ll rescue herself because she kisses back, she lets love in, and love is one of the only weapons that has half a chance in the dark Mads is trying her best to escape from a mother who can do nothing alone, to a future that she wants nothing to do with After colliding with a woman s body in the river, Mads goes to stay with her aunt and uncle for the summer But Mads didn t expect to meet a boy Billy, the son of the woman she collided with in the river Through coincidences and complications, M [...]

  10. A husband might ditch the joint, but a daughter never can, eighteen year old Mads reflects Having graduated high school early, she s now living with her aunt and uncle taking an intensive community college course so she can get her realtor s licence, and join her mother s practice Never mind that it s not what she wants that her dream is to study English at university this is the path that s been set out for her And she s drowning in it.This sophisticated YA novel by the prolific Seattle based D [...]

  11. Thank you so much to the publisher for the ARC.An eye opening look into depression, suicide, family dynamics, serendipity, and how two lost souls find each other and fall in love A journey that will leave readers cheering for the characters and hoping that they ll find a happy future together Depression is a serious topic and Deb Caletti holds a spotlight to it by intertwining the lives of two teens in an emotional, honest, heartbreaking and healing journey Madison has a needy, self absorbed, de [...]

  12. The Teen Librarian has been hearing about this book for a while now In fact, it s been on her to read list since she first read a review about it she can t remember if it was School Library Journal or VOYA or some other professional source, but she doesn t suppose it matters And, of course, she thinks the cover is beautiful She s kind of embarrassed to admit this is why she read the review, the review that made her want to read the book, in the first place She knows better, of course She knows a [...]

  13. This happens to be my second novel that involves doggies The Unexpected Everything was the first one in the last two weeks and it was my favorite aspect of the tale.It took me a while to get into the story, mainly because of the writing but as the novel went on I flew through it and started to love the characters, however, it would have been better with one POV The prose was very lyrical, most of all in the first chapter, and it takes a bit to get into that, at least for me.The main love interes [...]

  14. Really a 3.5 I wouldn t suggest this as a teen s introduction to Deb Caletti s writing More for the serious reader.Told in the alternating voices of Mads immobilized by her mother s depression and her father s abandonment and Billy the eternal optimist believing that it only takes the love and care of one person to improve your life , two lost souls connected by their love of a book and their struggles with living with a depressed mother Both are keeping secrets which threaten the relationship B [...]

  15. The novel confused me I couldn t understand all the deep thinking I couldn t follow the deep thinking Caletti had the right idea for the story, but I feel like she just couldn t deliver the story well enough I was confused from the start.Essential Maps for the Lost is about Mads and Billy Billy s mother jumped off a bridge and died Mads found Billy s mother in a lake dead This is the story about a forbidden love between Mads and Billy Essential Maps for the Lost is an appropriate name for the no [...]

  16. Although kind of clich , it wasn t bad It s the classic troubled girl meets troubled boy with a dash of intertwined fate , but it s still well written It deals with issues like unstable homes, mental illness, and the effects they can have on others It shows how difficult it is for some people to leave unsupportive or neglectful families because sometimes their family is all they have, or they are all their family has.

  17. I m a pretty big fan of Deb Caletti I really love how simple her message is sometimes but the way she writes it gives it a lot of heart and such deep meaning She puts into words what people need to hear but the books aren t a chore to get through and the audience never feels lectured, which I really appreciate This simple story about life moving on through and after loss was a good one to remember That no matter what you re going through, no matter how tiresome life can be or how much is weighin [...]

  18. This review was originally posted on In Wonderland My Thoughts I remember reading Honey Baby Sweetheart back in high school which let me tell you, was a long time ago and I remember enjoying it and wanting to read of Deb Caletti s books Fast forward to 2016 and I still hadn t read any of Deb Caletti s books I did however buy a couple Then I see a tour for ESSENTIAL MAPS FOR THE LOST and it sounds so good, I immediately sign up for it I was not disappointed Reading this book has made me want to [...]

  19. I feel like Deb Caletti is one of those authors who ahve been around forever I ve seen the nature of jade lurking on the shelves of my library for years, begging to be read but I never quite got around for it And after Essential maps for the Lost, I don t think I will Let me be clear I didn t hate this book It s part of that niche genre the other being The Treasure Map of Boys which have map in the title and are set in Seattle I don t think reading the entirety of this genre in two days is neces [...]

  20. The synopsis of this book intrigued me, and I like this author s writing style The story and characters in this book was deeply thought provoking and affecting I felt like the author wrote an honest portrayal of grief and depression The struggles both Mads and Billy faced were multi faceted and felt very real Their characters grew and changed over the course of the story in a very compelling and real way The relationships between Mads and Billy and other characters in the novel were flawed and m [...]

  21. I wanted this to be 5 stars There were so many things I loved but I guess I wanted The story of a lost girl trying to find herself was touching and often very real lots of things to connect with for sure.

  22. Beautiful, effective language by the author and lovely, effective reading by the narrator I highly recommend the story in audio version.

  23. I knew right away that I didn t like the style of writing that the author used Too predictable and just sort of boring I didn t feel like it was very realistic about mental health issues.

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