Once Upon a Kiss

Once Upon a Kiss So much has happened since and Zoe Brenner is about to find out just how much From the author of the book that inspired the Disney original movie Geek Charming It s and sixteen year old Zoe

So much has happened since 1986, and Zoe Brenner is about to find out just how much From the author of the book that inspired the Disney original movie Geek Charming It s 1986 and sixteen year old Zoe Brenner s world revolves around Depeche Mode, Judd Nelson, exercise obsessed parents, and her best friend Jonah Then one day, in a freak Fun Dip choking accident, Zoe fallsSo much has happened since 1986, and Zoe Brenner is about to find out just how much From the author of the book that inspired the Disney original movie Geek Charming It s 1986 and sixteen year old Zoe Brenner s world revolves around Depeche Mode, Judd Nelson, exercise obsessed parents, and her best friend Jonah Then one day, in a freak Fun Dip choking accident, Zoe falls unconscious, and awakes in the year 2016 So much has changed, and Zoe needs Jonah to help her make sense of it all But in this life, Zoe is the most popular girl in school, and she soon realizes this Zoe doesn t associate with nerds like Jonah As Zoe juggles new technology, attempts to hide her enthusiasm for poet blouses, and manages to keep her super jock boyfriend at bay, she tries to rekindle her friendship with Jonah and use her popularity for a good cause Will she ever get back to 1986 And importantly, does she want to

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Once Upon a Kiss

  1. Robin Palmer grew up in Massachusetts and New Jersey, and after graduating from Boston University, moved to Hollywood Starting as an assistant in the television literary department of the William Morris Agency, she quickly moved up the ranks and spent the next decade as a literary agent, producer, and television network executive at Lifetime Television, where she developed over one hundred scripts and oversaw the production of many of the network s original movies In 2001, she remembered that she had originally intended to spend her life either as a writer or a toll booth collector so she could indulge her penchant for spending her days alone reading , but as there are no toll roads in southern California, she decided to give the writing thing a try Since then, she s written everything from To Do lists to screenplays to essays to love letters and, of course, novels She currently resides in New York City.

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  1. This book was just WAY too stereotypical, unnatural and cheesy I managed to push through to finish the book, but I didn t enjoy it one bit, unfortunately.Full review soon

  2. How dare this book remind me that 1986 was almost 30 years ago.UPDATE Now that I ve read it, this book or less met my expectations of a light, fluffy read But OH MAN, did I ever have major issues with the protagonist, which cancelled out the parts I did like and then some.Read my full review on Forever Young Adult.

  3. Initial Impressions 1 8 16 3.75 4 starsThis was definitely cutesy, fluffy, and a lot of fun I feel like the 2016 references will easily date the book quickly but it s hard when you really need them to emphasize the amount of modern knowledge that Zoe lacked I did feel like they got to be a bit much sometimes though The book was definitely fun and definitely cute It had a very 13 Going On 30 feel except instead of being older, Zoe was the same age that she was in 1986 and 2016 was like her alter [...]

  4. This is a little younger and fluffier than my typical YA read, but it was fun, especially since I am old enough to remember things like Hot Dog on a Stick Their lemonade was really good The blurb and the book s characters call what happens in Once Upon a Kiss time travel, but I don t completely agree To me, it felt like a comic switcheroo book like Freaky Friday or a crazy dream sequence, like The Wizard of Oz Zoe a not so popular high school student from the 80s starts choking and is suddenly [...]

  5. yeah, um, yikes Okay so I like watching rom coms They re cheesy and they re fun I watched the movie adaptation of Palmer s Geek Charming and I thought it was good Super lame and cheesy, but I enjoyed it I think maybe watching rom coms is the better way to go Reading them at least this one was excruciating There was so much CRINGE This book is so short, but it took me so long to read because I couldn t stop rolling my eyes Honestly picking this book up gave me anxiety This book made absolutely no [...]

  6. A cute, fluffy read All the 80s stuff was fun and I liked how baffled Zoe was by the culture of 2016 versus 1986 What I wasn t so fond of was the ending Also, Zoe stringing along Brad for almost the entire book when she knows she doesn t even like him.

  7. Check out this and other reviews on my young adult book blog, Here s to Happy Endings When I started reading this book, I was feeling a little down and was hoping for a story that really light and fun, something that would make me smile This definitely did the trick I practically devoured this book in one sitting, it was so good.Romance isn t a genre I read much of on its own usually it s coupled with fantasy or a thriller, but this book was one of the best I ve read in a while A huge part of th [...]

  8. Imagine waking up one morning in your room, in your bed, but it isn t your roomor your bed Everything about it is similar, but not Oh and there are all these strange new contraptions that you have no idea how to use.I am going to assume that you would be than just a little weirded out.Well, this is what happens to Zoe in Once Upon a Kiss One day shes rockin out in the 80 s with her best friend Jonah, then the next day she finds herself in the year 2016 A world with iphones and computers A world [...]

  9. Closer to a 4.5, but this is so good, guys.Zoe has a freak accident and is transported from her time in the 1980s to the present day It quickly becomes a classic strange time travel tale as the nerdy, geeky Zoe of 1986 is actually a really popular mean girl type in 2016 Zoe quickly has to navigate a world with technology with friends she didn t have before and friends she s lost, and squaring her prior activities with her current day realities.It s kind of a fun and different take on the whole F [...]

  10. The only reason I m giving this 2 stars was that it was such a quick read It took me about an hour and a half to get through it I am going to do this entire review in pictures so strap in and grit your teeth This will be the most pointless review in the history of.

  11. This review sponsored by the Galleria and Lee Press On NailsOk if I could give this 1.5 stars I still wouldn t because this book really bothered me and it doesn t deserve it I wanted to read this because I really liked the movie 13 going on 30 and unfortunately this is nothing like that.Zoe, the main character, is the Not Conventionally Pretty Nerd Quiet Girl you know, she has blonde hair and blue eyes and like a WEIRD nose is a nerd in 1986, and chokes on some fun dip and ends up in 2016.So her [...]

  12. Up until the end, the book was somewhat good It was a cute and past time book The only problem is it was a bit to boring I get she went back in time but everything that happened was predictable I knew what was going to happen next and it wasn t so much fun In the end I thought she would go back to the 80 s and fall in love with Jonah but that DIDN T HAPPEN I thought it would happen because in the book it states that there is a movie that ended just like what happened to Zoe Plus they said it was [...]

  13. I seriously love Robin Palmer s books because I know I ll get a fun fluffy lighthearted read This was no exception I felt so old at the beginning when I realized 1986 was 30 years ago but I got over it quickly I loved all the 80s references throughout even in 2016 It was fun reading about Zoe learning about technology and just realizing how different the world was back then This one is going on my favourites shelf and will almost certainly be one of my favourite books released in 2016.

  14. I usually like Robin Palmer books so I m at a loss right about now From the very first page, I hated the book The main character, yeah, annoying as hell I finished it and I don t know why s one of those times that has me thinking, how come Like, how come I couldn t like this Or how come I didn t just DNF I just thought it would get better It didn t.

  15. It took me a while to suspend my disbelief when I started this and I had a hard time not comparing it to the movie 13 Going on 30, but once I got into it, I got swept up and my 1980 s New Wave lovin heart just burst with joy over the fun of this sweet romance with a ton of heart.

  16. 4.5 At first, the story takes place in the 80s 86, to be exact Zoe Brenner is quite happy with her life She and her best friend, Jonah, are inseparable Her parents have invented Discocize , the latest exercise trend, and she s absolutely infatuated with Judd Nelson I mean, rightly so Have you seen the man The only sore point in Zoe s life is her arch nemesis, stereotypical mean girl, Andrea As they re both running for class president, they aren t the greatest friends, and while Zoe has to beg fo [...]

  17. This review was originally posted on In WonderlandTitle Once Upon a KissAuthor Robin PalmerSeries StandaloneGenre Young Adult, Contemporary yet Sci fiPages 304Published By Speak on January 5, 2016Challenges 2015 Reading Challenge I received a copy of this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Where To Get So much has happened since 1986, and Zoe Brenner is about to find out just how much From the author of the book that inspired the Disney original movie Geek Charming It s 1986 and [...]

  18. Okay cool, so Here s the thing I adore Robin Palmer Which is odd because her books are usually in the good not great range for me As much as I like Wicked Jealous and Geek Charming and the Disney Channel movie , I m not sure any of her books have ever hit that 5 star mark for me And this one, despite how much I d been looking forward to reading it, was on the lower end I never connected to the characters and had so many unanswered plot questions Which, okay, it s a light, contemporary take on a [...]

  19. While this book wasn t bad, my overall feeling was that there was a lot of potential in the idea that just wasn t realized However, I m going to give it 3 stars rather than 2 because I read this in the middle of Hurricane Matthew, and it sure was nice to have something light and fluffy to read by flashlight to take my mind off the wind and rain outside.

  20. From 1986 to 2016, what could possibly go wrong Well everything For starters there is such a big technology gap between the two, so you can just imagine what would happen if someone from 1986 would be transported to 2016 Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, mobile phones, Facetime, Skype, flat screen tvs, binge watching series, and so so much .And then there is the whole thing about clothing, things that were cool in 1986 are old fashioned, weird and a no go in this time though then again, I would say [...]

  21. This book was very meh I can t say that I ve ever read a book by Robin Palmer, but I did watch the Disney Channel movie adaption of Geek Charming, and I must say that I won t be reading another in the near future We are left with so many questions how did Zoe time travel and her life time travel with her Why can t she get back to 1986 What about alternate realities There are literally so many plot holes in this book that its hard to read Jonah and Zoe have a pretty cute best friend relationship [...]

  22. Once Upon a Kiss by Robin Palmer was a delightfully smart and witty read It captured the angst of adolescence mixed with the doubts, intensity, and courage that make the characters in YA novels so fun and easy to read about Zoe is not quite unpopular, but she resides on the outskirts of the hierarchy that makes up her high school Her best friend, Jonah, is right there with her She knows everything about him, as he does about her, and even though they seem a perfect match, their friendship overri [...]

  23. I was so excited going into this I love cute romcom books, I love past to future time travel stories, and I was 100% ready for a cute quick read Unfortunately what I got was 300 pages of bitchy judgmental teenage drama and special snowflake syndrome.Zoe claims to be so open minded and yet she s just as judgmental as everyone else She was so quick to just completely dismiss everything about the popular kids just because they didn t like each other When she woke up with Andrea suddenly as her best [...]

  24. Read this in one quick sitting The epitome of a light and fluffy read with some campy parts as well as some great ones The outcome of most of this was predictable, but there were some pleasant surprises here and there Like Brad, for example He was such a sweetheart There were also some funny moments that I appreciated.There were four thoughts that were going through my head the whole time I was reading this.1 Is that cover model Scarlett Johansson Because I really think it is.2 This would make a [...]

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