The Bloodright Inheritance

The Bloodright Inheritance The final installment of the best selling award winning Celtic Mythos series by Brad A LaMar Coming Spring

The final installment of the best selling, award winning Celtic Mythos series by Brad A LaMar Coming Spring 2016

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The Bloodright Inheritance

  1. When he s not fighting evil witches and wizards, Brad A LaMar is an educator who resides in the Indianapolis Metropolitan area He has taught science to middle school students for 12 years and works with teachers facilitating professional development and school improvement He is married to Lori, a beautiful and supportive woman, and together they re raising Evan and Paige, two intelligent and wonderful children The idea for the Celtic Mythos series came from his love of science fiction and fantasy and the underutilized and abundantly rich folklore of the Celtic people They are so much than leprechauns Brad has always loved a good story, and upon researching the mythos of the Celtic Isles he became enthralled in the type of story he could tell Brad has always enjoyed writing, but in the beginning it was for examples to share with his students than it was for anything else It wasn t long before Brad found himself writing every night and submitting his work for publication Brad finds publishing a tedious and painstaking process, but he says it s worth it There are so many stories to tell, and he can t wait to get started.

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  1. Great series of books Loved this series Always been a fan of Irish mythology Great story telling and so many wonderful characters Of course I get some could have been used better but there were enough characters.

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