Anwen of Primewood

Anwen of Primewood Gypsies are trouble Handsome princes may be worse Never trust a gypsy Anwen s father has been saying this for years but it isn t until Anwen is robbed and deserted by Dimitri a handsome gypsy prince

Gypsies are trouble Handsome princes may be worse Never trust a gypsy Anwen s father has been saying this for years, but it isn t until Anwen is robbed and deserted by Dimitri, a handsome gypsy prince, that she is forced to accept the wisdom of his words Now Anwen must find Dimitri s troupe and take back her family s greatest treasure the changeling stone.The first plGypsies are trouble Handsome princes may be worse Never trust a gypsy Anwen s father has been saying this for years, but it isn t until Anwen is robbed and deserted by Dimitri, a handsome gypsy prince, that she is forced to accept the wisdom of his words Now Anwen must find Dimitri s troupe and take back her family s greatest treasure the changeling stone.The first place to search for Dimitri is in Laura, where the largest marriage tournament in over a decade is drawing in hundreds of traveling performers While posing as a tambourine girl, Anwen meets Galinor, a melancholy prince who is having a rough month himself After a little cajoling, Anwen convinces the prince to help her retrieve the changeling stone.Joined by a ragtag party of royals, they set out on a seemingly simple mission, but soon the pair face complications in the form of stolen horses, mischievous fairies, and a dark creature that stalks them through the forest Despite the odds against them, the hardest task in front of Anwen may be tending Galinor s broken pride and trying not to fall head over heels for him Because gypsies are certainly trouble, but handsome princes may be worse

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Anwen of Primewood

  1. Shari L Tapscott writes young adult fantasy and humorous contemporary fiction When she s not writing or reading, she enjoys gardening, making soap, and pretending she can sing.She loves white chocolate mochas, furry animals, spending time with her family, and characters who refuse to behave Tapscott lives in western Colorado with her husband, son, daughter, and two very spoiled Saint Bernards.Join Shari s newsletter, and be one of the first to learn about new projects, upcoming releases, sales, and specials.

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  1. So, if you weren t already in love with Galinor from Pippa, hold on to your hats people You will be ready to marry him by the end of this book We see a completely different side of him On to the story Anwen isn t a very bright girl, or maybe it s love making her stupid She falls in love with a gypsy and entrusts him with something that is very precious to her father To be fair, she doesn t quite know how important the stone is She soon realized how wrong she was to trust this man when he robs he [...]

  2. I slipped this one in this holiday weekend, curled myself up in the big cozy chair and didn t move for hours It was lovely I was so anxious to read this book I just couldn t help myself.This is the second book in this series You don t have to read the first book to understand this book but it should would make sense and the connections would be there from the beginning.Reading this book was so fun I was easily caught up in these characters and this story Anwen is a new character to me but Galin [...]

  3. 3.5 stars This is my 2nd book to read in this series, and like the 1st it was a simple and pretty easy coming of age romance Had a very PG feel to it but that didn t take away from the story I really liked the characters in this one I ll defiantly read when Im in the mood for a light romance Especially with them being offered on kindleunlimited.

  4. In Shari Tapscott s first book, Pippa of Laura , we were introduced to a vast array of colorful characters that inhabit a medieval, magical landscape that includes sword fights, castles, chivalry and fairies Just like a fairy tale And while I enjoyed it, I felt like some ingredient was missing.Whatever that ingredient was, I got it in Anwen of Primewood We meet Anwen, a beautiful young woman of noble birth who has decided to run away with a handsome gypsy, blissfully unaware of the fact that it [...]

  5. After reading Pippa s and Grace s story, I was anxious to read Anwen s too At first I was a little nervous, because it took a while to love Anwen s character, since she started out doing something really FOOLISH But as the rest of the story unfolds, you see her remorse and her single minded determination to make things right, and I was rooting for her and crying for her every step of the way There were frightening scenes and other scenes that made me smile, and I especially loved getting to see [...]

  6. I didn t much care for this installment in the series I love Anwen s name, I like that she s very different from Pippa, and I like seeing a different side of Galinor I found Dimitri confusing, however His actions made little sense, and it wasn t hard for me to understand where he was coming from I m glad we got of Irving, Bran, and Dristan, and Rosie was a great addition I also thought Pika and Danver were a lot of fun view spoiler The whole curse on Anwen s father seemed weird and unfinished I [...]

  7. Sorry, but no.I read the first book and was surprised at how much I liked it, so I splurged and got this one immediately and was quite disappointed More than anything, it was like a story of a handful of rich kids on a long spring break road trip The story was long and meandering The stakes are never very high and whenever opposition does arise, it s resolved almost immediately and the resultant serial anticlimaxes are aggravating There is one twist in the story, where the author tries to make s [...]

  8. I could not love Anwen as much as I loved Pippa, but she was still a great character She s not very bright at the beginning of the story, falling in love with a gypsy who then bamboozles her out of a precious amulet that really belongs to her father, but as she goes on her quest to find the man, she grows as a woman and a character, which I loved Along the way, she meets up with the young knight once Pippa favored in Pippa of Laura , and he too has a chance to grow He wasn t a character I partic [...]

  9. Even though I didn t enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed Pippa of Laura not sure about that spelling , I still gave it a five because I couldn t put it down I m one of those people who read four or five books at a time well, I kept picking this book up and ignoring the others Like the other reviews say Galinore grew up He took his eyes off of himself and gave of himself to Anwen and lo and behold he truly fell in love Anwen also grew up during this story She stopped wanting love for loves sake [...]

  10. Actual Rating 3.5Although not as great as the first one, or even Grace of Vernow, I still enjoyed Anwen of Primewood The whole story was great, but I would ve liked it if Galinor s personality was different I had fun reading the parts when he gave Anwen those cocky grins If he was like that often, I would ve cared for this book .Also, I thought it was so sad, the way things go between Anwen and Dimitri Maybe in another lifeh I can t say anything that will spoil the book Which means I should pr [...]

  11. A story of redemption This was a beautiful if sorrowful tale of redemption for both our Hero and Heroine This story tells us that you can do everything possible to right a wrong but all actions have consequences A love story that blooms in adversity.

  12. This novel didn t have the punch that the first novel did, but I enjoyed it nonetheless We start with a very foolish princess, and then Galinor enters the scene to save the day I am pleased he has a chance at love, despite his disgrace in the last novel More familiar characters surface, making this a fun read I recommend reading the first novel so the reader can fully appreciate Irving and other favorites.My fave part is when Anwen befriends Pika Oh, and one part made me squeal It was something [...]

  13. Well, I m glad for Galinor I think he got the raw end of the deal with everyone thinking so poorly of him after the tournament I wish something could have happened so that fiasco was put behind him like something in front of a large crowd again This one was not as cute as the first I didn t really like Anwen very well I thought she kept doing dumb things for pointless reasons go out of the tent and call out the Errintonian for planning on killing you Hello, dumb Just wait for Galinor to wake up, [...]

  14. Goodness, Anwen of Primewood was rather dull and tedious The plot consisted of nothing but a long winded and completely pointless road trip The story meandered, the stakes were never very high and were resolved far too quickly, and to make the plot even worse, a twist at the end results in the entire story being nothing than a wild goose chase, which left me dissatisfied and feeling as if I d wasted my time on such a pointless plot The characters were no better The protagonist, Anwen, wasn t en [...]

  15. After reading Pippa, I was really excited for this book so maybe I was expecting too much It fell flat for me I never really connected with the characters Anwen was selfish and juvenile at the beginning and she never seemed to grow beyond that She pays a heavy price for that by the end of the story and I found that part to be depressing The romance was fairly blah to me.

  16. Anwen is spunky and utterly trusting, which is probably why she believes herself in love with a man who is using her for a family treasure I loved the determination of Anwen, and yet, she is kind and loving She has a way with animals Even the crazy, mythical variety One of our heroes from book one comes back to redeem himself in this book Anwen s adventure is a journey to reclaim the item she lost and to overcome a horrible lapse in judgement This book had some intense scenes her one time love b [...]

  17. This is the second in the Eldentimber series, following Pippa of Laura These are uncomplicated fantasy romances in a land of knights, castles, gypsies and dragons, but I am really enjoying them Each one relates to some of the characters in the others I have now read two one just a short novella and intend to read all of them.I can t understand why they are not in our libraries Some have to be ordered through on my computer rather than from my Kindle They are sweet, 100% clean, only as violent a [...]

  18. So far this has been an absolutely wonderful series I loved catching back up with characters from Book 1 and getting to know them a little better Anwen, is a character that is both endearing and one you can relate to Who hasn t made some bad choices, trusted the wrong people, rushed ahead when you should have waited Hopefully, like Anwen we can learn from our mistakes and move towards doing what is right, while continuing to keep our hearts open This novel was well rounded with adventure, romanc [...]

  19. I really enjoy these clean, romantic, fairy tale stories This is the second in the series, but could be read as a standalone, though the first book gives some background information To be honest, I had a hard time kicking this story off because Anwen was really foolish in the beginning, but she learns and grows and all is well My chief complaint with the first book was the editing, and it is significantly better in the book I ve already downloaded the third to read.

  20. I guess I m a sucker for fairy tales, still I enjoyed this book and story like I did the previous 2 It s super easy to slip into the shoes of Anwen and follow her in her adventures with the gorgeous and chivalrous prince Makes you want to be swept away too, ha It s unpretentious, lovely and magical Something little girls and big girls alike at least those who have kept their inner child alive will enjoy reading.

  21. Such a fun continuation from Pippa s story Anwen follows her heart after a gypsy and soon finds herself in trouble Abandoned, she tries to get back the stone her father wore all the time She travels to Laura and meets some of the same characters from the first book She sets out to get back the stone and goes on an adventure Fun story fun characters.

  22. This one was not near as good as the first The one thing that kept me going was wanting Galinor to be happy This book was slow, boring, and seemed to circle I read two other books to keep me going.

  23. Delightful again As good as the first book in this series I completely enjoyed this story I loved the characters I found Anwen endearing and Galinor as appealing in the second book as the first I recommend this for anyone 13 years and up.

  24. If you re looking to expand the world of Eldentimber and are in the mood for a cute magical romance, this is a nice read.Check out my blog for the full review.

  25. I enjoyed this than I thought I would based upon the sample first chapter It gets better when we rejoin the folks from the first book I found one scene implausible In the midst of s confrontation, the main character is abandoned because of insecurities of her protector.

  26. Book two has of a Taran Wanderer feelwhich is also a great book to be compared to I thoroughly enjoyed the animal charming portion of this book, although the all is lost moment was gut wrenching.

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