Dawn of the Dreamer

Dawn of the Dreamer In the innovative MultiMind Corporation MMC released a stylish Wristcuff to be worn over a microchip implanted beneath its host s skin giving the wearer pleasant dreams Better sleep promotes a

In 2023, the innovative MultiMind Corporation MMC released a stylish Wristcuff to be worn over a microchip implanted beneath its host s skin, giving the wearer pleasant dreams Better sleep promotes a peaceful lifestyle and improved health At least this is what the MMC have the population believing There are those for whom this technology fails to work Dreamers They In 2023, the innovative MultiMind Corporation MMC released a stylish Wristcuff to be worn over a microchip implanted beneath its host s skin, giving the wearer pleasant dreams Better sleep promotes a peaceful lifestyle and improved health At least this is what the MMC have the population believing There are those for whom this technology fails to work Dreamers They re shunned because of their inability to adapt and evolve like the rest of the human race.Amelia is a Dreamer, and the veil of ignorance is lifted when she meets someone who helps her see through the lies and secrets of the MMC With her world shaken and changed, Amelia has to decide whether to fight for the freedom to dream or take the next step in evolution with the rest of society at the risk of losing her ability to think and dream for herself.

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Dawn of the Dreamer

  1. L J Higgins likes to write stories that make you question, and remember to appreciate, the world around you To remind you to open your eyes, minds and hearts.Some of her favourite things are Green Tea, Family, Writing Obviously , Being Creative Painting, Drawing , The Beach, Summer and Honesty.Some of her favourite books are Harry Potter Series, The Hunger Games Series, The Wool Trilogy, His Dark Materials, There are too many to list them all L J is from Queensland, Australia, and is a stay at home mother of two gorgeous children okay sometimes they are not so cute She write s every spare moment she s got Which means late nights and not much sleep.

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  1. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author L.J Higgins The rain shows your current conflict with the MultiMind Corporation This was an okay story, but I did find it a bit slow in places.Amelia was what was called a dreamer as her dreams couldn t be controlled the way everyone else s could She seemed a little in two minds though as to whether this was a good thing or a bad thing, although considering that she kept drowning in her dreams, you [...]

  2. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Dawn of the Dreamer is a story about how the world is being controlled by the MultiMind Corporation through microchips implanted in the wrist The world is seemingly divided into two The Non Dreamers normal people and the Dreamers Being a Dreamer in this new world means that something is wrong with you and it needs to be fixed Amelia, being a Dreamer volunteers to go to the MMC so that they can figure out where the problem is, [...]

  3. I received a copy from the author, in exchange for an honest review.Actual Rating 3.15 I wish I could say that I loved the story, but I can t It was a great interesting concept and had great promise However, I do not think it was as good as it could have been The story was okay I thought it did drag out in some parts, which made me lose interest The characters were good Amelia is known as a dreamer, because no one is able to control her dreams unlike other people I thought she was good, but not [...]

  4. L.J Higgins creates a believable and scary future In a tale of questionable morals by big corporations, it makes you wonder just how far the human race is willing to take personal technology With microchips being inserted to our bank cards in our present, it s not a stretch to believe we may, one day, be microchipped under our skin Plot The plot gripped me from the beginning and I loved the premise of it The MMC invents a Wristcuff which is worn over an implanted microchip It s marketed as an am [...]

  5. You can find a detailed review of this on myblog I received this book through group YA Buddy Readers Corner for an honest review All opinions are my own and were not altered in any way I m deciding between 2.75 stars and 3 I actually really liked the book in the first half, but I wasn t as moved in the second half The story was imaginative and original, and for a while I really liked it but the story started to drag after the 70% mark for me The concept of Dawn of the Dreamer was really origina [...]

  6. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review The minute I picked up this book I was hooked I loved every minute of this book This was my first time reading a book by this author and it probably wont be the last This book is about a girl name Amelia who is a Dreamer She is trying to figure out her life while being a Dreamer in the future She has to figure out her dreams and what they mean She has to figure out which guy is right for her Her and her friends try to get away [...]

  7. I received a copy from the author, In exchange for an honest review I didn t love the main character in this, but she was okay I felt quite sorry for her at times The storyline in this was interesting, but the pacing was a bit too slow for me, so the book dragged in areas unfortunately Overall, An okay read.

  8. I m sorry As much as I would like to give this book a higher rating, I knew by the time I reached half point that I wouldn t.I requested a copu because the sunopsis sounded interesting But I was very disappointed by it There was absolutely nothing original about it The details were unbareably vague, not to mention, not that believable.After reading it, I feel like the author have a small idea and instead or trying to expand the world that she was thinking of, she thought How do I write a trypica [...]

  9. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.This story I found was great, I really enjoyed this one L J Higgins manages to suck you in from the very first word It shows the warped minds that revolve around money You are deemed not right and an outsider if you are a dreamer A dreamer is an individual that the wrist chip and or wristcuff doesn t work on That means you have your own dreams and they cannot implant wants and desires into your mind through controlled dreams.This story is bas [...]

  10. Dawn of the Dreamer was a book I really enjoyed, despite a rather slow start.In 2023, a company called the MultiMind Corporation MMC has invented the Wristcuff, which is supposed to control people s dreams, but also secretly manipulates them to buy certain brands It s not required to own one, but you pretty much can t function in society without one However, the Wristcuff doesn t work for everyone some people still have their own dreams, and they are called Dreamers The MMC studies these people [...]

  11. In the near future, the huge and powerful MultiMind Corporation has invented a piece of technology that promises better health and less stress and is, in their words, the next step in human evolution the Wristochip This device, inserted into the wrists of most of the population, effectively eliminates bad thoughts and replaces them with good ones.Uh oh.Amelia Bailey is one of the few people who doesn t seem to be affected by the Wristochip, judging by her horrible nightmares The MMC treats her i [...]

  12. If you believe in yourself others will believe in you L J HigginsDawn of the dreamer is a very rewarding dystopian novel with good pacing and great writing Amelia s reality is actually not so far from ours Phones, tablets, adds, products, shopping all have become indispensable appendixes to our lives Amelia has the ability to not succumb to the power of a controlling wristband She s seen as an outcast for this When she learns there is nothing wrong to be able to dream, she begins to believe in h [...]

  13. This was an interesting story The author creates a future that could possibly happen Being microchipped sounds unrealistic, but it s actually something people do fear in the present day So reading the blurb intrigued me enough to give this book a chance I m glad I did because, despite the slow beginning, I ended up enjoying the actual story line The MC Amelia basically is a dreamer, which goes against the norm from the creation of Wristcuffs Dreamers are looked down upon in society, and they are [...]

  14. Note I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author L.J Higgins This is a good story I liked it.The story is about how a group of MNCs try to increase their sells by controling their customer s dreams and pushing them to buy their products A group of friends fight them.There are few things which are not explained well in the book, like how a customer would buy a product which is pushed through a dream May be the other books in the series will cover tha [...]

  15. The idea of a corporation controlling your dreams, and through that what you do, is scary I got hooked once I started reading the story, but around halfway it became a little difficult to continue Amelia was a likable main character, but I didn t care for the love triangle part I did think the ending happened too easily and quickly, but I liked the way it ended.

  16. It s rare to see the first novel in a series wrap everything up nice and neat without giving a teaser as to what s going to happen next Sure, the reader has a good idea of who s going to be involved, but literally left guessing as to the capacity Amelia is Dreamer, and I don t mean her head s in the clouds She s one of few that maintains uncontrolled dreams, as compared to the rest of the population With the creation of Wristcuffs, people are supposed to enjoy a better life It allows the wearers [...]

  17. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review This is the first time I ve read anything by this author, and this book is a gem The quality of the writing and the construction is a pleasure to experience i fell right into the story and couldn t put it down It s a chilling, compelling story, a nail biters nightmare I don t want to give anything away, but it s a fantastic read.

  18. This is the first book I have read by L.J Higgins, but after reading it I will be reading I just loved how you connected with the characters they are well developed and flawed like you and me and go through so much you can t help but shed a tear or 2 while reading The story line is captivating and to be honest how far fetched is it really You will not help but to fall in love with not only Amelia , Joe, Sarah, Rose and Cameron but also Aunt Dawn as they o through fighting for theirs and others [...]

  19. Corporations controlling our lives through dreams Rebels fighting the system to protect the people they love People risking their lives for their friends and falling in love in the process What s not to love Amelia is a dreamer one of the lucky few who can t be controlled by a corporation and gets to experience her own dreams Only, society does not see her as lucky, but as damaged, something to be fixed She too believes something is wrong with her until she meets people that convince her that s [...]

  20. Dawn of the Dreamer is a great story hands down Who wouldn t love to read a book full of action, suspense, and drama This book had it all A small group of people risk everything to take down an evil corporation that is bent on controlling the minds of people everywhere I loved the premise of this story, and loved the characters even I found all of the main players in this book to be very real and believable.I chose to give this book a 4 star review because I found my attention wandering a bit d [...]

  21. I thoroughly enjoyed this unique story Amelia is a Dreamer, and the veil of ignorance is lifted when she meets Nurse Cam and Joe who help her see through the lies and secrets of the MultiMind Corporation.In 2023, the innovative MMC released a Wristcuff to be worn over a microchip implanted beneath its host s skin, giving the wearer pleasant dreams Better sleep promotes a peaceful lifestyle and improved health At least this is what the MMC have the population believing There are those for whom th [...]

  22. Amelia is a dreamer in a world where no one dreams any ensuring a good nights sleep thanks to their handy wristocuff and wrist chip The wristocuff doesn t work for Amelia and she is branded an outcast and faces shameful discrimination.The premise of this book was good and the story itself wasn t bad No greivous spelling and grammar errors were found I just found Amelia, who we were supposed to sympathize with, not a very likable character She felt really immature and self centered, making really [...]

  23. 36594604Bethany Wicker s review Apr 21, 16 editit was amazingRead in April, 2016L.J Higgins creates an interesting futuristic world that makes you appreciate your dreams In Amelia s world, dreaming your own, unprogrammed dreams makes you an outcast It means you re broken, which also means that there s people out there who wants to fix you Amelia is a Dreamer, which means the cuffs that control dreams don t work on her She can dream freely, but is embarrassed by it since society makes you out to [...]

  24. Dawn of the Dreamer is the first book in the Dreamer Trilogy and it really pulled me in I loved the concept of society being microchipped since it could very well be a scary and realistic future for us all.Amelia, the MC, is a dreamer The wristcuffs do not work on her She is different from the rest of society, made to feel inferior since she has not advanced as quickly as others Until she meets other dreamers and made to see that they are not outcasts but possibly mankind s hope for salvation.Th [...]

  25. I really enjoyed Dawn of the Dreamer, I am a big fan of dystopian novels and the world that LJ Higgins created with the MMC was a very interesting take on our consumeristic society The main character Amelia is not your typical heroine, she has issues and hang ups like real 20 something year olds which is not something you see often in the Young Adult genre The author draws a very vivid picture in her descriptions and as a lot of the book is dream sequences, it pulls you right into Amelia s night [...]

  26. A Chilling PossibilityI remember hearing people rant and rave about the possibility of humans ending up with bar codes on our wrists, bar codes that did everything from being used to pay for your groceries to being your sole source of identification It terrified them Higgins has taken that very fear and made it an unquestioned realty Well, unquestioned by most.First person POV is always a little weird for me to read, but Higgins does a good job with it The book could use some TLC in regards to e [...]

  27. Probably one of the most realistic dystopians I ve ever read There is so much about this world that could happen it makes the story much realistic than many other dystopians out there The dream sequences did get to be a little too much at times and that created a bit of a lull in the progression of the story for me I enjoyed the characters and the developing relationships between them, but sometimes I wanted to know a little bit about them than we actually got to see Overall, this was a solid [...]

  28. My first thought when I finished this book was that it could have been a lot interesting.Amelia has been branded and stigmatized as a dreamer by the multimind corporation they couldn t control her dreams like the control the majority of the population.This fact makes Amalia try to take down the corporation with the help of other dreamers and her best friend.The storyline is solid, but I found it quite slow.The romance part it didn t make any sense for me and the ending was too rushed up.

  29. This Book was amazing This book was very realistic for a dystopian novel Higgins was able to create a world that didn t seem overdone , but still seemed very interesting I have never read a book like this one Dawn of the Dreamer also had a love triangle that many novels have, but this love triangle didn t bother me as much I did think that parts of this book were a little overdone, but it wasn t a big deal I would still recommend this book to anyone.

  30. Dawn of the Dreamer for me, captured a very different type of person in Amelia, someone with insecurities but who is strong willed and willing to over come the obstacles thrown in her path Dawn of the dreamer definitely kept me wanting , to find out what Amelia would do next LJ Higgins paints a perfect visual in your mind so you really feel the surroundings, you can see yourself in Amelia s shoes Im very much looking forward to reading the 2nd installment Must read

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