Bret Easton Ellis and the Other Dogs

Bret Easton Ellis and the Other Dogs Losing her son in a lorry accident a woman abandons her lover and her life on the Mexican border and becomes a domestic servant in Madrid following an awkward m nage trois a timber agent is blackmai

Losing her son in a lorry accident, a woman abandons her lover and her life on the Mexican border and becomes a domestic servant in Madrid following an awkward m nage trois, a timber agent is blackmailed into introducing his lover s boyfriend to his best client a depressed, misfit French teacher rejects the overtures of students and would be lovers all the while sharpLosing her son in a lorry accident, a woman abandons her lover and her life on the Mexican border and becomes a domestic servant in Madrid following an awkward m nage trois, a timber agent is blackmailed into introducing his lover s boyfriend to his best client a depressed, misfit French teacher rejects the overtures of students and would be lovers all the while sharp eyed young Araceli watches over everything from her decrepit apartment.Nesting stories within stories, setting Bret Easton Ellis among his fellow mutts and enigmatic, love hungry, dying Alba Camb among her several lovers, Lina Wolff can really throw her readers a sucker punch.Upstairs downstairs distinctions blur as Wolff s adroit and subtle novel turns the tables, allowing servants and subordinates to dominate their masters With a Bola o esque humor Wolff asks, what chance does love have in this dog eat dog world

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Bret Easton Ellis and the Other Dogs

  1. Lina Wolff is a Swede who has lived and worked in Italy and Spain During her years in Valencia and Madrid, she began to write her short story collection Many People Die Like You Her novel, Bret Easton Ellis and the Other Dogs, was awarded the prestigious Vi magazine literature prize, given to writers to watch out for, and was shortlisted for the 2013 Swedish Radio award for Best Novel of the Year She now lives with her family in Sweden.

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  1. I m really torn about how to rate this book I loved the prose, and the characters for the first 2 3rds , and the tension and drama that existed between them But it feels like a stitched together short story collection than a novel There was no arc, no through line, and the final third felt hijacked by a character I didn t want to hear from The mundane details stretched to boring and it felt disjointed with only a few closing paragraphs to tie it all back together As I read it, it didn t work, b [...]

  2. I was lucky enough to receive an early copy of this translation and it is definitely a book to look out for in 2016 It is peculiar, literary and brilliant everything we have come to expect from publisher And Other Stories, to be honest There are stories within stories, from various perspectives, framed by the narration of young Araceli Such is the nature of the novel that as is revealed to us about the central characters, so our opinion of them is constantly challenged One of the most memorable [...]

  3. H nder det att du l ser en roman och stannar upp f r att h mta andan N r jag l ser Lina Wolffs Bret Easton Ellis och de andra hundarna t nker jag flera g nger om femtio r kommer ingen att l sa L ckberg, Ljungstedt eller Kepler Man kommer att l sa Wolff och f en lika stor l supplevelse som jag precis har haft.Linas roman har en del tidsmark rer, men i grunden r det en tidl s ber ttelse egentligen flera kortare om m nniskor som f rs ker n rma sig varandra, men d r n gonting, n gonstans g r snett A [...]

  4. This is a book set in Spain told mostly by teenager Araceli about mostly the life of Alba Camb , a fictional short story writer and Araceli s downstairs neighbour It s definitely not about Bret Easton Ellis The blurb on the back is somewhat misleading the part with the dogs happens at the end and isn t a main part of the book in any way.It feels like a collection of inter linked stories with Alba Camb as the thread, rather than a novel Information is very gradually revealed, often in other char [...]

  5. It feels like a provocation for an author to include another author s name in the title of her book especially if she calls that other author a dog within the subtitle The name comes out of a section of the novel about a brothel in a run down town called Caudal in Spain There s a kennel at the back filled only with male dogs who are given the names of male authors after a feminist comes to visit the prostitutes who work there There s also a canary bird called Harold Bloom When clients are cruel [...]

  6. There s a lot to like about this book There are many beautiful sentences example Only my fathers have all been mayfly dads, the kind that are here one day and gone after three days at most that just stick, particularly since this is also a translation The theme also has huge potential and the story seems like an interesting one to tell.But this book doesn t go far enough Maybe I m getting sick of books that are half short anecdote, loosely tied stories and half observations of a person event fro [...]

  7. didn t bother finishing this one got to the end, but found myself forcing to read it for the sake of finishing rather than because i actually cared about what happens in the end blurb on the back very misleading, was about 90% done and still haven t gotten to the part about the brothel and the dogs or maybe i did and i glanced over it, which also doesn t speak too well on the bookory itself was not compelling, nor were the characters call me old fashioned, but one of the two needs to be there in [...]

  8. At times, I wasn t sure whether this book was supposed to be a novel or a collection of short stories strung together by an ongoing narrative But I think part of the point of it is that it doesn t have to decide one way or the other The late teen narrator Araceli and her neighbour, a writer named Alba Cambo, are the twin drivers of the narrative and perhaps the books flighty nature can be ascribed to the teenage protaganist We hear stories told by various characters connected to these two, stori [...]

  9. At times disjointed, this book is never quite what you think it is, but in terms of it being a recollection of what our narrator knows and feels about the woman downstairs and the way she affected the lives of the people around her, that disjointed approach feels authentic One story leads onto another, some leads are dead ends, some seem almost inconsequential to the story, yet there is a narrative connection between these threads, and the quality of the prose and so, of course, the translation [...]

  10. I m a little disappointed The story itself is well written and I liked the characters, for the most part, but I feel a little cheated that the brothel with the stray dogs did not play a bigger part in the overall story It is the first sentence in the blurb and after reading this I believe Wolff could have crafted an excellent novel exploring the dynamic between the female sex workers, the Johns, and the stray dogs and the power dynamic between all three factions Honestly, that was the major sell [...]

  11. A charming novel with beautiful prose that weaves together the tales of several women deftly, giving an artful portrayal of their lives The narrator writes while largely leaving herself out out of the plot, which means that she remains a mystery So too do the motivations of all the women It is only the men who are seen in stark contrast, but none of these portraits are flattering What links the tale together is the charismatic Alba Camb She is an alluring figure but manages to remain elusive eve [...]

  12. Wolff s novel meandered around without any real plot or direction for me The description gives an intriguing concept about strippers who adopt stray dogs, naming them after male literary figures Sadly this is reduced to about two pages in the whole novel where this practice recounted by a non main character We never see enough of each individual character to know them The narration changes and the last quarter is told entirely as a story by a small character I see the themes and detail of a grea [...]

  13. I love this book so much Makes me think about humanity, violence, the human body, failure, differences in perspective based on gender, and revenge I m barely scratching the surface when I say all of that It has so many different parts that come together in surprising ways The author writes expertly about love and cruelty and limitations I keep thinking about it even now The people are flawed and all too real, upsetting The book, however, is beautiful, excellent, magnificent A real find.

  14. It is important to read translations This caught my eye out of nowhere online, and I was not disappointed Filled with strong feminism and class considerations, it s a story both sad and compelling, written in sentences that feel magical, light and airy, making the reading experience sail by breezily Through immense charm and an undercurrent theme of regret, this novel reminded me how good literature can be.

  15. I d call this an interesting book, told in a very unique way It probably isn t for everyone, but I absolutely loved it The prose is beautiful, the story kept me interested too For me though, I think it would have benefited from a one sitting read opposed to spreading it over a week A full review can be found over on my blog

  16. I just read the summary given and was amazed how simple that sounded Reading the book is a different experience however i felt similar to when reading a Murakami bookjust pulled along be the proseading and wondering what was oing on but not being concerned by all the weirdness Beautifully written with some amazing stories.

  17. det h r r riktigt skickligt den k nns s autentisk och kta rakt igenom, men samtidigt som att stiga in direkt i en fantasiv rld, fast med verkliga former den r mystisk, intressant men nd rak och tydlig den k nns tidl s jag lskade den h r boken.

  18. Like a Bolano without the fire underneath it While the prose is cool and the aloof storytelling is modern and fresh, there is nothing here that burns to be told I don t believe Wolff really has anything to tell me I desperately need to know.

  19. Jag fick upp gonen f r Lina Wolff n r jag l ste de polyglotta lskarna , jag tycker att den boken var b ttre n den h r ven om uppl gget p minde om varandra Spr ket r fortsatt rikt och bra, den stora beh llningen

  20. Went all over the place with this book Absolutely loved the first 200 pages and then I was up and down continuously.

  21. Mind blowingly smart and perfectly constructed Puts Ferrante s depictions of dawning self consciousness in female writing minds to shame.

  22. I can t really decide whether I enjoyed this book Some parts entertained me, but overall I was just pleased to finish it.

  23. Jag gillade inte den h r boken lika bra som De Polyglotta lskarna.Den h r boken var ganska oj mn, men med ett v ldigt starkt och v lskrivet slut Och vad h nde med Bret Easton Ellis

  24. Jag tycker om den h r boken under protest Den r b nglig, ologiskt uppbyggd och sv r att f rst sig p Och jag tycker om den trots detta Eller m jligen just d rf r.

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