A Chance of a Lifetime

A Chance of a Lifetime Sometimes love finds you when you least expect itTo Benita Ford Tallgrass Oklahoma will always be home It s where her beloved grandmother raised her and where she rode bikes with her two best frien

Sometimes love finds you when you least expect itTo Benita Ford, Tallgrass, Oklahoma, will always be home It s where her beloved grandmother raised her and where she rode bikes with her two best friends the man who became her husband and Calvin And Tallgrass is where she stayed, even after her husband died while serving his country Now Calvin is home from that same wSometimes love finds you when you least expect itTo Benita Ford, Tallgrass, Oklahoma, will always be home It s where her beloved grandmother raised her and where she rode bikes with her two best friends the man who became her husband and Calvin And Tallgrass is where she stayed, even after her husband died while serving his country Now Calvin is home from that same war, and the sensitive, mischievous boy she once knew is today a man scarred by wounds no one else can see Falling in love with him is something Bennie never imagined.Tallgrass still haunts Captain Calvin Sweet Yet it s where he must go to see Bennie the one woman he always loved but could never have Calvin regrets so much about what happened years ago Still he can t deny being with Bennie makes his future feel bright, like anything is possible But the demons of his past won t be quieted that easily As old hurts linger, threatening to pull them apart, Calvin and Bennie must take the ultimate risk for the love of a lifetime.

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A Chance of a Lifetime

  1. Award winning and bestselling author, international traveler, feted at a Hollywood premiere .All true but my regular life is a whole lot routine Deal with the five big puppers who share our house, babysit our grandson, battle the jungle that is our yard, pray for summer in winter and dream of winter in summer, and hunker down at the computer that s my real life I grew up in Oklahoma and had the fun of living in Georgia, Alabama, California and the Carolinas, thanks to my husband s Navy career When he retired, we came home to Oklahoma and have lived in the same house for seventeen years That s a real Wow for someone used to the nomadic military life.Writing was the perfect career for all that moving Have computer, will travel I ve set books, or part of them, in every state we ve lived in and been inspired by every place I ve ever been I ve now written somewhere around 80 books, and I think I ve got only about 8,000 stories left to tell.My biggest hobby is starting new projects starting Not completing I m still not done with the cross stitched Army seal I started when our son joined out of high school He did tours in Georgia, Colorado, Korea, Italy, Iraq, Afghanistan and Louisiana, and has been out for a few years So I m a little slow I like to think about getting organized, painting my living room in cool beachy colors, and turning my entire five acre yard into a garden I also dream about having every room in my house clean at exactly the same time, but I live by the motto of the woman who taught me to quilt A clean house is the sign of a bored woman.And I ve never been bored.

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  1. I won a copy of A CHANCE of a LIFETIME by Marilyn Pappano, through the Giveaway Contest This was a refreshing change as I usually read mystery, suspense, psychological thrillers I found myself relaxing and being drawn into the story, through her characters and their journey A Chance of a Lifetime, is the fifth book in the Tallgrass series, but the first book I have read in the series While I am sure I missed out a lot of background information on the characters, I was still able to follow the st [...]

  2. This was a terrific romance with a deeply emotional side to it Benita, J Myel, and Calvin grew up together in Tallgrass, three friends who went through the good and the bad together J Myel and Calvin enlisted in the Army together, promising to always have each other s backs But multiple deployments brought changes to them both, including J Myel s marriage to Benita Then J Myel and Calvin grew apart, destroying the link among the three, ending in J Myel s death Now Calvin is back in Tallgrass, lo [...]

  3. The last book in the series ended on an ominous note with a prodigal son hitting absolutely rock bottom and knowing that you can t go back is no longer an option Calvin Sweet is coming home and Benny Ford might get to hear why after all the years And let s not forget Lucy and Joe whose story has been percolating in the background of the last few books This was probably my most anticipated Tallgrass book yet and I was not disappointed when I closed the last page This is the fifth book in the seri [...]

  4. Title A Chance of a LifetimeAuthor Marilyn PappanoPublisher ForeverSeries Tallgrass 5Reviewed By Arlena DeanRating FiveReview A Chance of a Lifetime by Marilyn PappanoMy Thoughts.This series really puts icing on the cake as this is this author s fifth in the Tallgrass series that features Benita Ford and Captain Calvin Sweet from Tallgrass Oklahoma The reader will be presented with a story that will be with the reader long after the read This read will take the reader to three friends since chi [...]

  5. Reviewed for NetGalley So, this book really felt like it had two main romances in it The first one was interesting, we find out the fate of the soldier from the last book who was incredibly depressed and suicidal It was an interesting story, one that needs to be told How PTSD can effect someone and ways they can deal with it, and try to get help The other story was about Lucy She finally got to be a sort of main character, and here s the thing How Pappano has talked about Lucy has always annoyed [...]

  6. Absolutely hooked on this seriesUnfortunately Marilyn Pappano could never write this series fast enough to please me It is one that I find totally engrossing The way it brings all of the characters of the Tuesday Night Margarita Club, their families, past and present together in each book, yet manages to concentrate so well on one or two members and their lives at the time.So glad to finally see Lucy and Joe realizing their mutual feelings are actually returned I must say though, Bennie and Calv [...]

  7. Another installment in a fabulous seriesI ve really enjoyed The Tallgrass books by Marilyn Pappano In this book we follow the lives, the trials and tribulations of army widows as they face the challenges of picking up the threads of life and facing the challenges of life alone after their men went to ward didn t return Pappano has a real gift for creating warm realistic people that make readers care about them Cry for them and laugh for them Highly recommended to all readers looking for a meaty [...]

  8. This series focuses on a military town where a group of women are trying to take back their lives after being widowed by war In this story one soldier comes back with serious ptsd issues One of the widows takes a chance in both her personal life, and in her career only to have a health scare.

  9. I didn t really buy the easy transition of brotherly love to romantic love between the main characters Calvin and Benita I thought Joe and Lucy s romance was interesting.

  10. openbooksociety article a A Chance of a LifetimeTallgrass, Book 5By Marilyn PappanoISBN 9781455561582Author s website marilyn pappano index.Brought to you by OBS Reviewer JerjenSynopsis Sometimes love finds you when you least expect it To Benita Ford, Tallgrass, Oklahoma, will always be home It s where her beloved grandmother raised her and where she rode bikes with her two best friends the man who became her husband and Calvin And Tallgrass is where she stayed, even after her husband died while [...]

  11. Warning If you are looking for a lighthearted and fun romance, this is not the book for you However, if having your heart squeezed just a little bit as you experience a bundle of heavy emotions is something you re up for, then by all means read this book.Captain Calvin Sweet never thought that he would return to Tallgrass, at least not alive, but he s back where the memories of a happy childhood and childhood friendships haunt him on every corner and where the regrets of those lost friendships a [...]

  12. 4.5 stars.A Chance of a Lifetime by Marilyn Pappano is a moving novel of friendship, family and love This latest installment in the Tallgrass series focuses on healing the invisible wounds of war as well as the hurts of the past when Calvin Sweet returns to Oklahoma.Calvin, Benita Bennie Ford and J Myel Ford grew up together and the three were inseparable Calvin and J Myel joined the Army following high school while Bennie remained in Tallgrass A rift between Calvin and J Myel ended their close [...]

  13. Originally reviewed at Keeper BookshelfI believe it s impossible for an outsider to truly understand what the men and women serving our country go through in order to keep the rest of us safe At times if not all the time , the families of those who serve go through a different side of war that cannot be imagined outside of that group I feel we can empathize, and try to understand but we can t, not really One of the reasons I have loved Marilyn Pappano s Tallgrass series is the sense of being all [...]

  14. I received a copy of this book from the publisher via a giveawayHaving received this book from the publisher, I was not familiar with this series prior to reading this 5th instalment While this may have hindered me from fully enjoying some of the background characters the Margarita girls , I was still able to fully enjoy this book as a standalone A Chance of a Lifetime, the fifth book in the Tallgrass series by Marilyn Pappano, centres around our main romance Bennie, a nursing student and widow, [...]

  15. A Chance of a Lifetime is a book that includes real life ups and downs and life in a small community This is part of a series sat in Tallgrass, OK and is the fifth in the series Captain Calvin Sweet comes home and is dealing with PTSD among other things Meanwhile the other two thirds of his group from high school are not doing well either His best friend marries the girl, Benita Ford, and got killed in action Benita Ford and Captain Calvin Sweet need each other but there are all types of problem [...]

  16. I thought this one was a bit depressing, not what I m looking for when I read a romance book I get that what Calvin is going through is a very real problem, PTSD, depression and suicide, but it didn t seem like he dealt with his issues Instead it was like everyone was ignoring the elephant in the room and tip toeing around Calvin I was glad when he slowly started to talk to people about his issues, but even then he glossed over things While I liked Bennie with Calvin it seemed like the reason th [...]

  17. This was such a sweet book about 2 old friends getting to know one another again after a lot of time went by Bennie lost her husband and her best friend serving his country Calvin was serving his country, too, and came home to see what life is after his military career is over Calvin was best friends with both Bennie and her husband They both of issues to get through so they can find their way to one another.The story between Lucy and Joe was different than what was happening with Calvin and Ben [...]

  18. I really had a hard time getting into this book There was so much going on, and I, quite honestly, felt lost What I thought was going to be a straight forward story turned out to be multiple storylines weaved into one big community of lives What I liked and had a special appreciation for was the veteran PTSD angle I loved that I also liked the good guy returning home to get the girl concept What I did not care for was the drawn out love story It was a tedious journey to get to the meat of Benny [...]

  19. I ve read most of the books in this series and one thing about Marilyn Pappano is that she doesn t write cutie fluffy romances Her hero s are almost always combat veterans who return home changed men Her ladies have all faced adversity and are learning to deal with the life they ve been handed We follow two couples in this book, Calvin and Bennie who have been friends since they were nine years old, Bennie s dead husband was their third musketeer Calvin is leaving the army because of PTSD Lucy a [...]

  20. Another intense read from Ms PappanoMarilyn Pappano writes of returning from Afghanistan and Iraq US soldiers and the issues they bring home with them, and the women who have become the Tuesday Margarita Clubaka the Fort Murphy Widows Club.I would suggest reading this Tallgrass series in order, as characters do reappear Can it be read as a stand alone Yes, of course, but I like knowing about some of the reappearing characters This book involves two women from the Margarita Club, Lucy and Benita. [...]

  21. It is always fun to escape to the town of Tallgrass and find which one of the Margarita Girls is going to find happiness next There are no surprises here, if you have been reading the series, you know one of girls is going to heal her broken heart and find joy again I do enjoy the women in these books and their support of one another Sure, they have a common bond of loss, but the friendships are true heart in these books.I loved Gran and Mama in this story It would be great to see a stand alone [...]

  22. I enjoyed this book and was happy to see Bennie and Calvin get the happiness they both deserved, even if they have a long road ahead of them I was also happy to read about Lucy and Joe This is my favorite aspect of this series, you don t just get one storyline in each book you get a broader look at the people and the town of Tallgrass It s easy to become invested in the characters when you get glimpses of them in each book I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  23. A strong hero with a BIG weakness, PTSD is rarely talked about and needs to be There was roo easy a resolution of the whole dead husband turning away from Calvin but still a good story A lot of family feel in this one I love the way the main romance is not the only story and not the only romance I love when a series overlaps stories.

  24. BCPL 2016 Reading Challenge An author with your initials.Life continues for the Margarita Club More challenges to face, but they face them together Two ladies have finally found love Who is next

  25. Focusing attention on the very real problems of our returning service men and women is such a wonderful plan for these books Each of these stories is a real tribute to these folks and their loved ones.

  26. This has got to be my favorite addition to this series and that s saying something as I ve really enjoyed them all A well written and well developed storyline with both a H and h dealing with issues that are explained realistically and honestly Well done.

  27. I know authors like to keep readers coming back, but I m getting really tired of getting to the end of a book and feeling like a chapter or two has been left out Authors please learn to give a story a conclusion instead of just not writing any .

  28. Good storyI have read all the books in this Tallgrass series Each is an interesting story but at same time interconnected I look forward to the next book.

  29. Didn t finish Didn t enjoy probably because part of a series and this is the only book I read so was lost with the characters.

  30. I read this book in one day The plot was predicable, but enjoyable I liked the journey the characters took to get to the end.

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