No Exit

No Exit Lena Diaz returns to the thrilling world of EXIT Inc with two enemies who become unlikely allies and discover that only through love can they save each otherAs an agent of the Equalizers Jace Atwell

Lena Diaz returns to the thrilling world of EXIT Inc with two enemies who become unlikely allies and discover that only through love can they save each otherAs an agent of the Equalizers, Jace Atwell will risk everything to destroy EXIT Inc the corrupt antiterrorist group, before innocent lives are lost The only way to infiltrate EXIT is by getting close to thLena Diaz returns to the thrilling world of EXIT Inc with two enemies who become unlikely allies and discover that only through love can they save each otherAs an agent of the Equalizers, Jace Atwell will risk everything to destroy EXIT Inc the corrupt antiterrorist group, before innocent lives are lost The only way to infiltrate EXIT is by getting close to the CEO s beautiful daughter, but when they get a little too close, Jace finds himself falling for the woman he is duty bound to deceive.Whatever clandestine activities EXIT is involved in, Melissa Cardenas refuses to believe that her father is responsible and is determined to prove it So when sexy, smooth talking Jace comes clean about his motives, Melissa drops a bombshell of her own she s been investigating too and she wants to help him find the truth.The chemistry between Melissa and Jace is undeniable, but their opposing views of justice make teamwork tricky With their lives on the line and the truth something neither of them expected the only way to survive will be to trust their hearts and each other if they can.

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No Exit

  1. Romantic suspense author, Lena Diaz, is a four time winner of the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence in Mystery and Suspense She s also a former Romance Writers of America Golden Heart finalist and has won numerous other awards.Her popular Buchanan brothers family is highlighted in the Deadly Games Series, beginning with her debut novel, HE KILLS ME, HE KILLS ME NOT Her most recent series, EXIT Inc features assassins turned heroes who work to bring down the corrupt company they used to work for and save the innocent civilians in the company s crosshairs.With 18 novels out, and counting, Lena is bound to have a series or stand alone story that will entertain and thrill you To be notified of her newest releases, follow her on , and sign up for her newsletter by pasting this URL into your browser lenadiaz contactml news.

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  1. After reading Exit Strategy last year I couldn t wait to read No Exit and watch the Equalizers bring down EXIT Inc That being said, while I enjoyed some aspects of No exit, it wasn t everything I was hoping it d be.Jace is new to the Equalizers and has been tasked with getting close to the CEO of EXIT Inc s daughter, Melissa, so he can get inside EXIT and do some digging When things don t exactly go according to plan, Jace ends up protecting Melissa and getting in a lot sooner than he expected.M [...]

  2. This is my first book by Diaz and wow I really enjoyed every minute of it It was fast paced and filled with non stop action that I honestly didn t want to end Since I didn t read the first book I was a little lost on the whole history of exit but I m so glad Diaz took the time to explain it over again for first time readers of this series Jace is a ex navy seal and recently left his bodyguard job when something went wrong Now he s helping other men take down exit and get to the bottom of why inn [...]

  3. 4.5 Stars 2.5 Flames We all know that the second installment to series are rarely better than the first, but this one blows the first out of the water and I LOVED the first one I have to give the author credit This is the second book of hers that I ve read that there is non stop action on every page Yes, every page So if you re a skimmer, don t do it with this one You ll miss something important, guaranteed As with the first installment, we re immediately thrust into a high stress situation wher [...]

  4. Diaz begins the No Exit with an intense scene that does not play out at all like Equalizer, Jace Atwell expected Jace is trying to infiltrate EXIT Inc and the team decided the CEO s daughter Melissa Cardenas is the perfect way to gain entry He is to save her after his teammate runs her off the side of the road Only it is not his teammate and gunshots are exchanged From that, moment on Diaz kept up the intense thrills.I enjoyed watching Melissa and Jace get to know each other Neither trusts the o [...]

  5. Review posted on Got Fiction The first book in this series really caught my attention It was full of intrigue, twists, turns, and hot romance.This second book starts off just as fast, with the mission going south But the hero Jace doesn t know the half of it The plan is to have his partner run the daughter of their enemy off the road, and Jace will save her, gaining her trust Of course, it doesn t go to plan.Part of the problem with this book is that it doesn t stand alone If you haven t read th [...]

  6. Lena Diaz is a sure bet for a well written, action packed romantic suspense story To see , check out my review on my blog goo YkFbPx

  7. When we last explored the world of Lena Diaz EXIT Strategy review available here , it became crystal clear that the once respected organization was anything but savory, and on the verge of being dismantled Cyprian, the head of the snake, is under intense scrutiny and only an inside job can eliminate his nefarious, misconstrued plotting to salvage the company Easy enough Jace Atwell will get close to Melissa, Cyprian s daughter, professionally speaking, and secure irrefutable proof to oust the ba [...]

  8. NO EXIT is a captivating, action filled, edge of the seat ride from the first page, filled with mystery and suspense, many players with complex and conflicting motives as well as surprising and unexpected twists.The Equalizers are still on a quest to bring down EXIT, Inc s covert operation and this time, they plan to infiltrate using Melissa Cardena, the President of EXIT, Inc and daughter of the CEO While Jace Atwell s plan to gain entry does not go as expected it works out in his favor and get [...]

  9. This is the second of the series I liked it better than the first one because I had already met the cast of characters from the first book, so it made sense Lots of action, interesting story.

  10. Fantastic 2nd book in An Exit Inc Thriller Ms Diaz has gives so much suspense and let me tell you I could not but it down It s emotional and you ll see why When Jace Atwell is assigned to watch Melissa Cardenas it s only a job To find out what her father is doing inside EXIT Inc But the plan doesn t go as planned He may have to rethink things Just maybethings will work out better for him now It s about to get really interesting.The only problem is there s something happening to him when he s aro [...]

  11. The second I ve read in this series, I m still sorting out the ins and outs of the genre itself, although I do love the characters, action and tension that weaves through this series An underlying common thread EXIT means they are all just dancing over the edge of rogue agents, handling the jobs that are too hot for ordinary sanctioned actions by the government That alone has readers expecting action and tension, and Diaz certainly delivers with plots, subplots, agendas and the underlying truth [...]

  12. NO EXIT is an action packed thriller captivating readers from the start of Lena Diaz s storyline Diaz weaves subplots around betrayal, corruption, murder, manipulation, and romance moving the main storyline forward like the speed of lightning Her female protagonist, Melissa Cardenas, daughter of EXIT Inc CEO, Cyprian Cardenas, is loyal to her father but feels something is off Exit Inc is on the surface is a legitimate company offering extreme international tours and behind the scenes is secret g [...]

  13. Take a deep breath, and sit back comfortable, because you are about to emerge in a roll a coaster ride, a non stop thrill ride of suspense, mystery, and murder.Wow, this story starts with the guns blazing, high intensity, and goes into the deep secrets of EXIT from the page one It was impossible to put off my hands The action is constant, the twists in the plot, the little pieces of the puzzle of the mystery recovered, the murders, and attempts to kill, all requires your attention.The events of [...]

  14. If you read the previous EXIT, Inc book, you know all about the sly, crazy stuff going on on the side of this business If you didn t Well, you re going to learn, and you ll learn first hand through the daughter of the CEO I enjoyed that Jace and his team decided to infiltrate the group in a slightly different manner and when the first mission doesn t go exactly as planned, he starts to question well everything Including the fact that he may find the daughter to be quite beautiful.I love when we [...]

  15. The second book in the series continues where book one ended with Jace looking for a way in to EXIT to help take it down Unfortunately, the only way is through their enemies daughter They are sure of Melissa s knowledge of or involvement in EXIT s enforcement arm, but after months of surveillance, Jace can t believe that she even knows about her father s secret activities Melissa may have been ignorant of her father s activities, but in the recent months she had some suspicions and began to inve [...]

  16. This second book of the EXIT Inc series we are taken on a wild ride This is Jace s chance to shine We find him trying to help his equalizer buddies to help him get close to the enemies daughter But things go wrong and that is not how it goes downBut it all works in Jace s favor Melissa, the bad guys daughter turns into an ally.e has been investigating her dad this whole time as well, but doesn t want to believe what she is learning.Jace becomes her bodyguard, but it is like they are guarding ea [...]

  17. No Exit, book 2 in the Exit Inc series, is one insane ride Full of twists and turns, with a hard left turn at the end of the book that I never saw coming, this book kept me turning pages way after I should have been asleep Jace is an Alpha, ex Navy Seal bad boy who is working with a group of men trying to take down a large criminal organization hiding behind the front to a legitimate company Melissa is the daughter of the owner of the company, completely oblivious to the man her father truly is [...]

  18. I received this book in a First Reads giveaway.This romantic suspense kept me turning the pages to see what was going to happen next As I neared the end of each chapter, promising I d put it down, something else would happen to keep me reading until the end I enjoyed the main characters Jace and Melissa, although I do find myself shaking my head when the heroine feels that she needs to help protect an ex SEAL who clearly can handle himself quite well.This is 2 in the series, but adequate explana [...]

  19. There was a high level of tension, so many will they, won t they moments Not everyone was as they seemed Who were the good guys and who the bad Perhaps a little too much suspicion with too many possible guilty individuals I found that I could not really relate to the main characters, they failed to come alive for me, so I was not carried along with them on their struggle to get to the truth.

  20. Each book in this series gets better and better The writing and characters are what keep you coming back for To read of my review romancingthereaders.c

  21. No Exit reviewNo Exit is the second romantic suspense book in the Exit Inc series written by author Lena Diaz Good action and storyline.

  22. While not as action packed as the first, I was glad to reconnect with the characters I m interested to see where she goes with the last book.

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