Caught by You

Caught by You Love comes out of left field in the second novel in USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Bernard s sexy baseball themed seriesMonths of alternately flirting and bickering with Kilby Catfish catcher M

Love comes out of left field in the second novel in USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Bernard s sexy baseball themed seriesMonths of alternately flirting and bickering with Kilby Catfish catcher Mike Solo just turned into the hottest kiss of Donna MacIntyre s life and that s a major league complication Any hint of scandal could keep her from getting her son back frLove comes out of left field in the second novel in USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Bernard s sexy baseball themed seriesMonths of alternately flirting and bickering with Kilby Catfish catcher Mike Solo just turned into the hottest kiss of Donna MacIntyre s life and that s a major league complication Any hint of scandal could keep her from getting her son back from her well connected ex Then Mike comes up with a game changing idea a marriage proposal that could help win her case even as it jeopardizes her heart.Mike hasn t been able to get the gorgeous, gutsy redhead out of his fantasies The least he can do is fix the mess he helped create Yet their engagement is quickly becoming about a lot than doing the right thing Because after swearing he d never risk love again, Mike has found a passion that puts all his emotions in play, and a woman he ll go to bat for again and again.

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Caught by You

  1. Jennifer Bernard is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance Her books have been called an irresistible reading experience full of quick wit and sizzling love scenes A graduate of Harvard and former news promo producer, she left big city life in Los Angeles for true love in Alaska, where she now lives with her husband and stepdaughters She still hasn t adjusted to the cold, so most often she can be found cuddling with her laptop and a cup of tea No stranger to book success, she also writes erotic novellas under a naughty secret name that she s happy to share with the curious.You can connect with Jennifer online at JenniferBernard or email her at Jen JenniferBernard.

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  1. Caught By You is the second book of the Love Between The Bases series This is Mike and Donna s book We see the potential sparks between these two in All of Me the previous book So it was fun seeing to their relationship It starts off with seeing their chemistry and Mike is pretty determined in winning Donna over But she is keeping a secret from him Donna is attempting to gain her son back, who was taken from her when he was born But she has always wanted her son and is trying to change so that [...]

  2. I received this book in exchange for an HONEST review from Edelweiss This is book two in Jennifer Bernard s Love Between the Bases series The first book All of Me, introduces you to the town, the characters, and to life with the Kilby Catfish With this one we get a closer, in depth look at Mike and Donna and their romance I will say that while you can read this one without having read book one, I think you feel closer to all the characters if you start with book one, All of Me Now for Caught By [...]

  3. This is the second book in the Love Between the Bases series and I absolutely loved it Bernard filled the pages with humor and heartache One thing I loved about this book was the humor It seems like for most of the book I couldn t stop laughing at Donna and Mikes interactions Although these two didn t start out in a relationship you could see they were perfectly matched and understood one another This book also was very emotional which I thought balanced out the humor well You get to see a singl [...]

  4. What a wonderful story Mike Solo is the catcher for the Kilby Catfish and Donna MacIntyre, a woman who has always been considered a party girl, come together in this book for a couple of reasons, besides mutual attraction I don t want to say and give away any spoilers I will say that Jennifer Bernard brought out a topic that unfortunately still remains a problem in society today Hopefully one day we will all be able to accept each other for who we are and no other reason This story was told wit [...]

  5. Received an ARC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Caught by You is written by Jennifer Bernard, and it is the 2nd book in her Love Between the Bases series It can be read as a stand alone book It features Mike Solo and Donna MacIntyre.From the get go, readers will see the attraction and chemistry between Mike and Donna They were insanely hot But an incident occurred the previous summer, which stopped Mike and Donna from taking their relationship further.Fast forward to the new base [...]

  6. This book is about Kilby Catfish catcher Mike Solo, who makes a vow of celibacy at the beginning of every season He quickly runs into Donna, a woman he got into brawl over last season and, suddenly, is having a great amount of difficulty keeping that vow Donna is a former bad girl who is trying desperately to change her image in order to get full custody of her son that she loves desperately Unfortunately, she s fighting an uphill battle against some very powerful, easily bought, foes Mike has a [...]

  7. A fun sexy read that will leave you with one word.More These Kilby Catfish players have a way of catching your eye and grabbing your heart and Mike Solo definitely does that He certainly caught Donna McIntyre s eye but he s a complication she can t afford right now In the fight of her life to get her son back, every step she takes has to be precise and planned No way does Mike fit into her plan Too bad he s not willing to accept that and calls for her inner bad girl to come out and play every ch [...]

  8. I was gifted a copy of this book from Edelweiss.I am completely addicted to this series Jennifer Bernard has an ability to write characters that you feel a connection to The spunky fire and sexy swagger that she brings to her characters is just one of the reasons she is one of my favorite authors.Mike and Donna definitely have the chemistry The banter between them is hilarious and downright hot I enjoy the entire team and I can t wait to see what else she has in the works.

  9. It Ain t Over Until, Caught by You by Jennifer Bernardfangswandsandfairydust 201I loved this book, and this series, by my friend Jennifer Bernard One great thing about her books, and this one especially is that there s always a story where it is everyday life and love, but in this case it shows how the everyday decisions we might make, or those we might make thoughtlessly, can have a real impact on the lives of others Another big issue is using others as either an excuse or a ladder Jennifer doe [...]

  10. Review also found at kristineandterri 23.5 starsI received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher HarperCollins via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review The expected publication date is December 29th, 2015 Bernard is not a new author to me I read one of her stories in another series quite some time ago and enjoyed it I thought it was time to read another one of her stories to see if I still felt the same This one focused around baseball players instead of firefighters This story [...]

  11. Read the full review on Bookaholics Not So Anonymous.Note This ARC was provided by Avon Books in exchange for an honest review.Caught by You is the second novel in bestselling author Jennifer Bernard s baseball romance series entitled Love Between the Bases Readers were introduced to both Mike Solo and Donna MacIntyre in the first book and I was glad to see the best friends of the previous book s main characters finally getting their shot at happily ever after My heart went out to both of them, [...]

  12. 2.5 stars I requested this one on a whim Donna and Mike are fun characters They have a lot of chemistry and fun banter I did enjoy their relationship portion and the baseball side of the story I would have loved the book and rated it higher if it had been missing some of the drama There s just a lot a lot going on in this plot line and with all of the backstory and branches, it felt like a bit too much Obviously there was need for conflict, but I m not sure it needed all of the things that were [...]

  13. The perfect way to warm you up on these cold winter days, baseball and Mike and Donna Mike is the catcher of Kilby Catfish baseball team, who takes on the vow of celibacy at the beginning of each season until he runs into bad girl, trying to become the good girl, Donna The chemistry is hot between these two Trying to help Donna out with a child custody he decides to fake an engagement with Donna, but things things do turn out the way they had planned, other than they have great sex You will be l [...]

  14. An entertaining story full of humor but also some serious It had a good plot with lots of action that moved right along although the vow of celibacy and unfit mother concepts seemed a bit of a stretch for these characters but overall an enjoyable book Baseball player Mike runs into Donna again, in a library this time, and they act on their attraction to each other.

  15. 3.5 4 stars I read this after reading book 3 of series I enjoyed the characters, enjoyed the story, it made me laugh, overall feel good book with lots of baseball in between.

  16. Another home run in Bernard s baseball series I fell in love with Donna and Mike, and enjoyed following their roller coaster ride through romance and redemption Highly recommended to those who like steamy, heartwarming romance.

  17. I liked this book even than the first in this series despite the classic marry her to help her plot The characters were really interesting and I found myself thinking about the minor characters as much as the main ones Donna MacIntyre has a larger than life personality and has lived her life as many other women her age have Her personality, however, gets her noticed and she s been saddled with undeserved notoriety In the previous book she stood up for the heroine against the powerful Wade famil [...]

  18. 5 StarsThis book truly did surprise me It was an amazing story and had me laughing at time with the great one liners then would bring me to tears both happy and sad I completed reading it over the weekend and truly couldn t put it down Being a romance novel, you know there will be the happy ever after, but the journey there was fantastic.

  19. Caught by You, by Jennifer Bernard, is the second book in her Love Between the Bases series The hero is Mike Solo, the catcher for the Kilby Catfish, a triple A baseball team The heroine is Donna MacIntyre who is battling her ex boyfriend, Harvey, and his fianc , Bonita, for custody for her son We met Mike and Donna in Ms Bernard s first book, All of Me where these two also met and flirted, at the Roadhouse bar in Kilby, Texas.Donna will do anything to gain full custody of her son, Zach includin [...]

  20. Donna MacIntyre is well known for walking on the wild side and living life on her terms without any regard for what others think of herat is until her lawyer tells her that it s time for her to put a damper on her wild ways Her well to do ex has decided to fight her for sole custody of their son, and her only hope of having a chance to keep her son is to start walking the straight and narrow, and prove that she can be the responsible mother adult that her son needs For the first time in her life [...]

  21. Review also posted on My Book SnackLoved, loved, loved Mike and Donna s story After reading All of Me, I knew right away that I wanted to read Caught by You Why In book one there was some serious spark between Mike and Donna, and I was excited to learn that book 2 of the Love Between the Bases series was going to be their story In the first book we didn t get to know much about Mike and Donna, but they did exchange plenty of playful banter I could just feel that the chemistry between these two w [...]

  22. Calling romance fans Jennifer Bernard has readers running around the bases as she delivers a home run love story that will definitely set hearts swooning Ms Bernard does not strike out when it comes to delivering a sexy, steamy, and fun romantic read that will definitely have readers like myself caught off guard on how charming small town love can be Caught by You is the second book in the Love Between the Bases Series and could be read as a standalone I was easily smitten and charmed with this [...]

  23. This is one of my favorite stories by Jennifer Bernard She always writes men that you can crush on.Jennifer Bernard writes amazing contemporary romances that make you feel good inside Whether it s a hunky fire fighter or a sexy athlete, you know you are in for a good time.Ballplayer Mike Solo is a one of a kind hero Right now, he isn t looking for love, but he can t seem to get the sexy Donna MacIntyre out of his mind So when he has the chance to help her out while she tries to win a custody bat [...]

  24. I wish I could give this book 3.5 stars I really liked the characters And I love the baseball backdrop But I found the child custody battle to be too distracting to the actual love story Mike Solo, the Catfish catcher, is infatuated with Donna whom he met at the local bar in the last book She is fighting her ex boyfriend for custody of their 4 year old son He is engaged to one of the Wades, the local power family who run the town Donna is fun loving, tough, and independent She is willing to sacr [...]

  25. This is the 2nd book in the Love between Bases Series Kilby Catfish Mike Solo comes gets into a bar brawl over local girl Donna McIntyre At the beginning of every season Mike takes a Vow of Celibacy but he can t seem to get the fiery red head out of his head add in an intimate moment in the supply closet of the library and Mike has difficulty keeping his Vow.Donna is trying to clean up her bad girl image so she can get full custody of her son and its an uphill struggle as she is dealing with ver [...]

  26. I really enjoyed this second most gorgeous Baseball romance This book introducing us to sexy, gorgeous Baseball Texan Kilby catcher Mike Solo, with local girl Donna MacIntyre.Such a fun romance To enjoy showing the many ups and downs with family, religion and their romantic relationship itself

  27. I received this book in exchange for an HONEST review from Edelweiss Caught by You is a sure homerun hit in the Love Between the Bases series I for one can t wait to see what Jennifer Bernard has in store for those Catfish fans Read More manceswithalittlekick

  28. I ll admit it this was fun You know what s going to happen but it s pretty well written and entertaining I enjoyed it and recommend for a light read Thanks to Edelweiss for the ARC.

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