The Special: A Story about Self-Esteem

The Special A Story about Self Esteem When a little lamb finds herself the last toy on the store shelf she worries With no electronics no buttons and not even a fancy outfit what does she have to offer to a child

When a little lamb finds herself the last toy on the store shelf, she worries With no electronics, no buttons, and not even a fancy outfit, what does she have to offer to a child

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The Special: A Story about Self-Esteem

  1. Kirsten Jany author of Enter To Win was born and raised in Germany She emigrated to Canada in 1996, and works in television post production as a sound engineer She lives in Ontario, and spends her spare time with her four dogs and volunteering for various animal rescue groups.

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  1. This is a well written story with a plot and characters that kids will enjoy and find relatable The main character, Fleecy, was charismatic I struggled with whether to give this book three or four stars But there were a few problems with the story that I couldn t overlook, and I felt that three stars an average rating was most appropriate.The character Sniderman was too similar to Spiderman and lacked originality If all the toy characters had been modeled after famous characters, this might have [...]

  2. The Special A Story About Self Esteem is about a toy lamb who fears not being wanted because of everything she perceives that she lacks compared to the other toys This feeling is exacerbated by those toys arrogant claims of superiority Children have a very strong sense of justice and of right and wrong, so in that sense, I believe many will be gratified by the ending I myself was a bit conflicted about it We are given a glimpse into each toy s life after the toy store and the reader is left to m [...]

  3. This book has a cute storyline It s about a stuffed toy, a lamb, who is picked last at the toy store, but learns to appreciate itself and the unique value it brings anyway It s a nice story that carries with it a valuable lesson for young children to learn, that they carry inherent value even if it doesn t seem like it when they compare themselves with others.

  4. I Just Loved this short Sweet storybook.Highly recommended bedtime story picture book for children This story gives a special message and moral to children, that simplicity is always fruitful I love the pictures illustrated as well, that goes well with the story.Good work

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