Tracking Magic

Tracking Magic My name is Rylee and I am a Tracker When children go missing and the Humans have no leads I m the one they call I am their last hope in bringing home the lost ones I salvage what they cannot A miss

My name is Rylee, and I am a Tracker When children go missing, and the Humans have no leads, I m the one they call I am their last hope in bringing home the lost ones I salvage what they cannot A missing girl and a deadly item belonging to a power mad demon need to be found before the killing begins The problem This is my first salvage And I have no idea what I My name is Rylee, and I am a Tracker When children go missing, and the Humans have no leads, I m the one they call I am their last hope in bringing home the lost ones I salvage what they cannot A missing girl and a deadly item belonging to a power mad demon need to be found before the killing begins The problem This is my first salvage And I have no idea what I m doing These were the moments that began to define me, my skills, and my drive to face down the darkest side of the supernatural in order to bring children home This is where my journey began This short story precedes all the Rylee Adamson Books Including Elementally Priceless.

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Tracking Magic

  1. A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I was born into a family of Star Wars nuts I have a lot of siblings somewhere I lost count but I think there was than could be numbered on one hand and being one of the young padawans I was subjected to Star Wars marathons, on a regular basis If you ve read any of my books you ll see there is often a reference to said movies as a small homage to my upbringing May the force be with you and all that jazz.I started writing when I realized I didn t want to grow up not believing in magic, or not believing in creatures everyone else said didn t exist That being said, I have never seen a fairy, unicorn or dragon I had a neighbour who swore they fed the leprechauns in their garden, but I never caught the little buggers no matter how long I lay in wait And consequently had to help the neighbours plant new flowers to replace those I killed waiting for the leprechauns to show their faces Along the way, I found my husband who is the rock that keeps me from floating away into my dreams, and we have a little boy who is the centre of our world Living on a farm keeps us busy as if the writing wasn t enough and I have than my share of stories about wrestling with cows, helping birth calves and ending up in the creek during the process, falling in the mud we ll call it mud but we all know that on a farm, mud is rarely mud and chasing escaped livestock in the hopes the four legged convicts don t make it to the highway.I ve taken up archery, and the goal is to move into horseback archery in time you know, when I can hit the target on a consistent basis and when no one is looking, I love to bake this doesn t happen often as it s hard to keep the sweet treats in stock with two boys in the house As to what s coming next for me More stories since those never stop inside my head, I might as well share them with all of you and adventures Pretty much, when the fancy strikes, I ll jump on it Leap before you look I m sure that motto was created for me.Or was that think big and dream bigger, ready, set, pull the trigger yeah That one is a good one too But only if you have a gun And are hunting elephants Which is not cool because of so many reasons Let s stick with the first one with an addendum.Leap before you look and let your dreams carry you on their wings And that, my friends, is me in a nutshell.

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  1. Tracking Magic is the prequel to all the Rylee Adamson novels However it was published after Elementally Priceless All I have to say that I m glad this was released in the order it was, because I would have HATED Milly right from the beginning of the series I would have also had some insight that I m glad I discovered as the story unfolded Not right at the beginning.For those of you who have read all the novels you should be eagerly awaiting Blood of The Lost If you are just discovering the worl [...]

  2. I am so confused Maybe I shouldn t have read this short story before any of the others Hopefully what I read here makes sense after I read Elementally Priceless and Priceless Rylee sounds like me when I was a teenager Angry at the world and possessing a b.s quota that s already hit its limit I m interested enough by what I saw here to keep reading.

  3. I just listened to the audio version of this book, and it was great This prequel short is a great entryway, as it should be to the rest of the series You get to explore her magic and the new, to her, reality where monsters are real If you can listen to the audio version because the narrator Lauren Fortgang is awesome Either way you won t want to miss this one

  4. Short story to introduce a new to me series Concept is good, main character swears horribly Because this pre prequel was written after the series canon was started, it felt like I was still missing some information about the characters, so I look forward to reading book one.

  5. I ve been debating on whether or not to start this series for a little while now It seems like something I d like but I ve been burned before Anyway, there was a sale on the first book so I went ahead and bought it and found this novella at the same time Though it s listed as 0.25 in the series, I feel like it s one of those that will be significant after you ve had a little of the story I like Rylee so far, she seems like a kick ass kind of girl and I m actually pretty excited to start in on [...]

  6. Rylee s story , the beginning Great short story.Rylee Adamson is 17 and receiving training from her mentor Giselle Rylee s first encounter with Millie is highlighted Rylee just learns she has supernatural abilities and that there is a possibility she can track her little sister Burget, if it weren t for the fact she believes her sister is dead and she feels responsible Rylee encounters the FBI agent determined to make a name for himself by charging her with her sister s death if he can arrest he [...]

  7. Wonderful little side story I am beginning to think that everything Shannon Mayer writes is GOLD PLATINUM WITH DIAMONDS I m glad I didn t read this before starting the series I m between 5 6, and needed something to relax with, and this was perfect So, my recommendation is not to read this until you re at that point, because there is a whole aspect in this short story that you do not even know about SPOILERS BELOW THIS MARK All I can say is poor Milly I don t even think she had any clear chance [...]

  8. Well hello my friendly little novella I swear with each book of novella Shannon writes my love for Rylee and this series grows ten fold It s a fantastic adventure in the pages of each book or novella You get to dive into Rylee s world and explore, bringing back knowledge than you had before small spoiler alert So in Tracking Magic we learn how Rylee becomes a tracker A fluke Who knew but I guess worse things have happened We also get to meet Milly for the first the and Yeah she s a twinkly twat [...]

  9. So if you didn t hate Milly before, you certainly will hate her after this book I thought it was great that we got to see some of Giselle before she started losing her mind Spoiler Milly is the reason that Giselle went mad in the first place Also, I would disagree that Rylee s tracking ability was random, I think that this novella is set when Rylee is still a teenager, so her abilities are just starting to manifest I hope in the future we get another novella with Giselle and a young Rylee, it w [...]

  10. A short intro to that b witch, MillySo now we find out why Milly sucks as a person altogether She s been sold enslaved by a demon at a very young age Yep, that demon is Orion No matter how good she was at times, her enormous power was all borne of darkness and it s finally revealed in this shorty.But we learn who Giselle used to be, a fierce guardian mentor We also see Rylee s own transformation in to her Tracker abilities and her Immune nature A surprise even to Giselle.All in all a great quick [...]

  11. I loved reading this novella It gave us a look at early Rylee when she was first learning about who she was and what she could do It also gave us some serious background information on another character in the series Holy crap, I had a bad feeling about this person, but this proved that the bad feeling was warranted the entire dang time Such a great read to get me hyped up for Rylee reading Loved it.

  12. Nice Intro shortAnswered a couple of the many questions swirling around Rylee s early days A bit of piling on in terms of Milly s early days as a witch Points to where a loose thread in Larkspur s stories may go as a certain sword is missing and the witch who was guarding it was much like Milly Brings back a longing to read Rylee as she is now and see where all that is going next.

  13. The world of Rylee has become much beloved to me and every little snippet we get of her is greatly appreciated, as if it were a little present to us, the readers This has a lot of backstory in it, and whilst I am not normally someone who enjoys prequels, this was of a how we got here and so much information to round out what is going on I felt this led a lot of light onto the characters of Giselle, Milly and Rylee herself If you are a fan of Rylee this is a must read.

  14. Love me some Rylee AdamsonDoesn t matter how short or long the story is, I love everything about Rylee Adamson s world I m not leaving my standard review format for this, because A I never have anything to leave in my Bad or Ugly categories And B This was a short story It was short It gave backstory that was nice, since this situation has been alluded to previously Eagerly awaiting the next in the series

  15. I accidentally read a few pages of elementally priceless before picking this up I m super confused Elementally priceless starts right off with tracking magic Although she speaks as if milly is a normal friend slash other person being mentored by gisellse That s just a little inconsistent Wasn t all memory wiped including her knowledge that she was a tracker

  16. This story is about a 3.5 on a 5 point scale Only two short action sequences and a throw in brief introduction of Liam Milly s level of betrayal is introduced in this book Some of the story set up seemed a bit choppy not as seamless as other Mayer books Nice to have the back story of when the girls were young.

  17. Like others have said, I m glad this was released now, rather than earlier in the series It would ve spoiled a lot of things Though I liked seeing Giselle before the madness And Milly hate that witch even now Great prequel, though again, I d recommend reading AFTER you re several books into the series Highly recommended series Can t wait for Blood of the Lost

  18. We get to finally see where Rylee and Milly s journey beginsI love that Shannon Mayer s novellas add that extra layer of goodness into her storiesis relationship between Rylee and Milly is complicated to say the least but at the heart of it is a genuine friendship that trumps all evil What a great read

  19. I am a huge fan of the Rylee Adamson series Unfortunately this novella was very disappointing The story doesn t mesh with what has followed in the other stories Also there were far too many grammatical errors.

  20. This novellas gives you the story of Rylees background, training and first salvage There are some major revelations about Milly, which help to understand what is happening in the series I would read this between books 4 and 5 of the series I love this series

  21. Intro to Rylee AdamsonI got this to see if I would like to start the Rylee Adamson series, and it was an interesting look at the beginning I will definitely try out the next short story and at least the first novel before I make a final decision on whether to continue or not.

  22. I wouldn t read this first if I were you I read books 1 9 then decided to come back and read this one before I read book 10 I kinda feel like this ruins some of the surprises in the other books I m glad I didn t read it first.

  23. Too shortBut that s because I enjoy Rylee s stories souch, I always want This story provides insight and background into Milly s role in the Tracker series and how she and Giselle and Rylee started out Well worth the read

  24. Wonderful prequel short storyTracking Magic is a short little gem for fans of the Rylee Adamson stories It provides an early glimpse of Giselle, Rylee, O Shea, and Milly, and brings you the moment that Rylee discovers that she can track Thoroughly enjoyable.

  25. This story just made me hate one of the main side characters, and ended badly, so I m not sure what the point of it was.

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