The Breaking of Northwall

The Breaking of Northwall To the Pelbar the sentence seemed a living death exile to distant Northwall for a year facing barbarian tribes isolated from the security and order of Pelbarigan society But the rebellious Jestak e

To the Pelbar, the sentence seemed a living death exile to distant Northwall for a year, facing barbarian tribes, isolated from the security and order of Pelbarigan society.But the rebellious Jestak embraced his punishment for only with the lore of Northwall and the battle craft and bravery of the wild tribes could he free the woman he loved from the slaveholding EmeTo the Pelbar, the sentence seemed a living death exile to distant Northwall for a year, facing barbarian tribes, isolated from the security and order of Pelbarigan society.But the rebellious Jestak embraced his punishment for only with the lore of Northwall and the battle craft and bravery of the wild tribes could he free the woman he loved from the slaveholding Emeri This he swore to do even if he had to destroy utterly the power of the Emeri .

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The Breaking of Northwall

  1. Paul Osborne Williams was an American science fiction writer and haiku poet Williams was professor emeritus of English at Principia College in Elsah, Illinois.His most notable science fiction works are a series of novels, the Pelbar Cycle, set in North America about a thousand years after a time of fire , in which the world was nearly totally depopulated The novels track a gradual reconnection of the human cultures which developed Much of the action takes place in the communities of the Pelbar, along the Upper Mississippi River in the general vicinity of Elsah Several cultures, including the matriarchal Pelbar, join together in the Heart River Federation Others, especially the tyrannical Tantal and slave raiding Tusco, fall apart after suffering defeats The predominant characters are change agents Jestak, Stel and his wife Ahroe Westrun All are Pelbar Williams won the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer in Science Fiction in 1983.He is also known as a writer of haiku, senry , and tanka, and wrote a number of essays on the haiku form in English In a 1975 essay, he coined the term tontoism to refer to the practice of writing haiku with missing articles the , a , or an , which he claimed made the haiku sound like the stunted English of the Indian sidekick, Tonto, in the Lone Ranger radio and television series Williams was the president of the Haiku Society of America 1999 and vice president of the Tanka Society of America 2000.Williams died on June 2, 2009.

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  1. Das heutige Buch, das ich rezensiere, ist der erste Teil einer Septologie Die Pelbar Reihe erschien das erste Mal auf Deutsch vor 30 Jahren 1985 und ist nun wieder erh ltlich im Cross Cult Verlag, mit neuer Aufmachung und einer berarbeiteten bersetzung Paul O Williams schrieb nicht viele Romane und mit dieser Reihe sorgte er f r viel Aufsehen und gewann den John W Campbell Award 1983 als Nachwuchsautor Erster Satz des Buches Wieder einmal stieg Adai von Jestan gegen Abend m hevoll die breiten, g [...]

  2. Paul O Williams, The Breaking of Northwall University of Nebraska Press, 1980 Ever since I heard that the University of Nebraska was going to be reprinting an obscure seven book paperback original science fiction saga from the eighties originally published by Ballantine , I ve been intrigued by the concept This is especially true give that it s University of Nebraska press, who normally do history books and Native American studies What is it about the Pelbar Cycle that drove them to re release i [...]

  3. This book does its best to avoid the tired clich s and overused ideas of this otherwise overdone setting About a thousand years after a nuclear holocaust, the tiny populations remaining in North America are growing large enough that contact is and frequent All of these societies have their own characteristics based on the region of America they originally came from, and in one case at least, the writings of a visionary leader All aren t much beyond late medieval levels of technology Into this [...]

  4. This cycle of stories is one of those hidden gems that needs to gain recognition, I think The treatment of male vs female within a society is one of the best features, showing how these two basic aspect of humanity can work together and how all too often it doesn t This series is well worth reading every 10 years or so, just to see how well the social commentary stacks up against our current reality.Also well worth reading for the fun of puns I do wish Americans would be inventive in their wor [...]

  5. I hav e trouble finding books that meet my definition of apocalyptic fiction This series is about the people who are creating a new society from the fragments that sprung up long after the Great Fire Inthis book the great fire and the Time Before are only one man s theory He is the man that is attempting to bring all of the tribes together I expect that the sequels will be the society coming together politically, developing treaties, and the like All the whilethe main characters finding proof o [...]

  6. I have to admit, when I read this story in my 20 s, I enjoyed it a whole lot Still an interesting read, just not as good as I had remembered it to be.

  7. Thought I would give this a try, but I couldn t get than a few pages into it Lots of long, tedious expository dialogue Confusing Not worth the effort.

  8. A bit picaresque, with a wandering plot that ranges over most of a continent and builds to nothing much, but it s entertaining even so.

  9. Pelbar Cycle comprising The Breaking of Northwall 1981 , The Ends of the Circle 1981 , The Dome in the Forest 1981 , The Fall of the Shell 1982 , An Ambush of Shadows 1983 , The Song of the Axe 1984 and The Sword of Forbearance 1985 set, 1100 years after a meteor shower Disaster has instigated a devastating nuclear World War Three in the balkanized and barbarian heart of a Ruined Earth America at a time when fragmented local cultures must begin to come together once again hopefully without warfa [...]

  10. So very glad I reread this I d forgotten so much A post apocalyptic United States where small patches of humanity survived that do not get along until our hero from passive matriarchal society comes along and begins to bring them together Fast paced easy read I enjoy the characters and there are a LOT of them especially Jestak This series does a strange thing The first title focuses on a Hero maverick character in Jestak and the following installments focus on a much laid back anti hero Stel En [...]

  11. I had to look high and low for the complete series It took me two old bookstores and a little time and gas, but hey, great books are worth the effort This is a marvelously penned story of a rebellious youth named Jestak who is resigned to his fate of going to Northwall It is supposedly a living death, but Jestak has other reasons to be there He know that what he will learn there will enable him to rescue the love of his live and destroy the Emeri in the process This is a tale of love and determi [...]

  12. If Robert Jordan s series is my favorite fantasy series, this one by Paul Williams is my favorite sci fi fantasy series Out of print since the 80 s though it looks like they may have reprinted them, YEA this series is a story of different cultures learning to survive and come together in a post apocalypse USA Many of the characters run through the entire series but none of them are the complete focus If you can find these grab them and never trade them in I did once and it took me 5 10 years to [...]

  13. A wonderful science fiction series In a post apocalyptic world, the only known societies are 3 walled cities along the Heart River In these city states, the women are the rulers and the warriors and the men are the caregivers and menial servants One man, Stel, won t suffer his wife s tyranny, even though he loves her He leaves the city of Northwall and embarks on a journey into the savage land surrounding it.

  14. I grew up in this neck of the woods, so to see a fun series set here really appealed to me in my teenage years I re read it once and still enjoyed it, so if you like post apocalyptic fiction and series writing ala Edgar Rice Burroughs, this it one to try A good introduction to the idea of what will survive and how precarious and resurrection can be.

  15. Dystopian post apocalypse novel set in a future a thousand years after nuclear armageddon Takes place along the Mississippi in Illinois Kinda kinky with the Pelbar social set up But a great series none the lest.

  16. Sometimes you just can t go back This is the first book of a seven book series, The Pelbar Cycle , that I d read in the mid 80 s I m a sucker for post apocalyptic stories and this is fits the bill, but meh I ll leave the rest of the books to that teenager s memory

  17. The first of a series of seven fabulous books Not in print any longer, but if you ever run across them they are well worth your time.

  18. Perhaps my favorite post apocalypse of all time, this novel re introduces us to America hundreds thousands of years after it sank into radioactive fire.

  19. Just recently re discovered this post apocalyptic society series in my bookshelf and am re reading it all The main character Jestak is the Ayla of his world.

  20. Like the Horseclans, an example of a series that should have been brought to an end sooner rather than later Though, the first few books were very enjoyable.

  21. This series The Pelbar Cycle is the best unheard Science Fiction Post apocalyptic series ever written hands down.

  22. This book was disappointing for me I liked it in the beginning, then halfway through, it got boring for me.

  23. Have read and reread the Pelbar cycle several times Very good for those of us who like post apocalyptic adventures A fresh start for the world.

  24. Superb science fiction series Already read the series at least 3 times, over past 20 years Few of the books are available as e books, but rest need to be found as paperbacks Well worth it

  25. This is the first in a series that I believe ran to six books I really enjoyed this opening Great characters, culture, and action.

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