Waar het licht is

Waar het licht is Een meisje leert weer van het leven te houden door een jongen die van plan is te sterven Theodore Finch is gefascineerd door de dood en wil een einde aan zijn leven maken maar elke keer gebeurt er ie

Een meisje leert weer van het leven te houden door een jongen die van plan is te sterven.Theodore Finch is gefascineerd door de dood en wil een einde aan zijn leven maken, maar elke keer gebeurt er iets waardoor hij het toch niet doet.Violet Merkey telt de dagen af tot haar diploma uitreiking, zodat ze het bekrompen stadje waar ze opgroeit voorgoed achter zich kan laten enEen meisje leert weer van het leven te houden door een jongen die van plan is te sterven.Theodore Finch is gefascineerd door de dood en wil een einde aan zijn leven maken, maar elke keer gebeurt er iets waardoor hij het toch niet doet.Violet Merkey telt de dagen af tot haar diploma uitreiking, zodat ze het bekrompen stadje waar ze opgroeit voorgoed achter zich kan laten en niet langer geconfronteerd hoeft te worden met de pijnlijke herinneringen aan haar gestorven zus.Wanneer Finch en Violet elkaar op de rand van de hoge klokkentoren op school ontmoeten, is het niet helemaal duidelijk wie wie redt Maar vanaf dat moment groeit er iets van vriendschap tussen hen Langzaam maar zeker geven ze hun geheimen aan elkaar prijs Violet ontdekt dat Finch niet de enge freak is waar iedereen hem voor houdt en Finch leert Violet weer van het leven te houden Violet bewaart Finch geheim angstvallig, maar kent zij wel al zijn geheimen

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Waar het licht is

  1. By the time I was ten, I had already written numerous songs, a poem for Parker Stevenson If there were a Miss America for men, You would surely win , two autobiographies All About Me and My Life in Indiana I Will Never Be Happy Again , a Christmas story, several picture books which I illustrated myself featuring the Doodle Bugs from Outer Space, a play about Laura Ingalls Wilder s sister entitled Blindness Strikes Mary, a series of prison mysteries, a collection of short stories featuring me as the main character an internationally famous rock star detective , and a partially finished novel about Vietnam I was also an excellent speller from a very early age.In 2000, I started writing full time, and I haven t stopped I ve written nine books 9 will be out Oct 4, 2016 , and when I m not working on the tenth, I m writing the screenplay for All the Bright Places, contributing to my web magazine, Germ germmagazine , thinking up new books, and dabbling in TV I am always writing.

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  1. Hmm, so there s a girl whose name is a colour Violet and a boy whose name makes him sound like he burst from the pages of a Dickens novel Theodore Finch and they re both super quirky, intelligent and know the names of a bunch of dead poets Then there s that whole death thing hanging over this novel why does it feel like I ve read this before ErrOh, right.Okay so don t you just hate it when reviewers try to tell you what you should or shouldn t read And they make universal statements like who cou [...]

  2. EDIT Full review here youtube watch v DXQBqI don t even know what to say I m sure the words will come, and at that point I ll try to film a review But for now I ll just think about a million and one things My gosh 3Review copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review.

  3. the characters weren t people, just mental illnesses put into bodies quirky but in reality mentally ill not cool nobody treated the characters problems like they were real problems and that pissed me offfffhowever, if you enjoyed the book could relate to the characters, that s totally fine this one just wasn t for me unfortunately.

  4. I DON T EVEN KNOW HOW TO FUNCTION RIGHT NOW I HAVE JUST READ THE MOST BRILLIANT AND HEART RIPPING STORY OF THE UNIVERSE How do I do words How do I explain how much I m feeling right now I think I could cry and sing all at once, but mostly cry Just know this very very truthful fact This is the most incredible book I have read It s probably my favourite contemporary in the world I can t.I justI need a moment I love this book You know how it s compared to Eleanor Park and The Fault in Our Stars Usu [...]

  5. 1.99 on Kindle US 1 28 18This is one of the best books I have ever read I m going to say a lot of personal things on here then go on with the review which will include spoilers, but I will put up the spoiler alert before I do I also want to add some quotes from the book and the author s note at the end This book is about teen suicide and bullying But, it s also about some wonderful people, happy moments and a bit of crazy wonderful When I was young I was bullied in school most of my life I ended [...]

  6. Fuck I m a glorified classics guy but what the hell happened here I cried Fuck I rarely go for YA trust me I m a condescending jackass who s read one too many books Usually I never even touch these kinds of sappy stuff, I basically hate the genre I don t like John Green Fuck the Fault In Our Stars overrated sack of shit But I don t know why this book got through to me For one thing, it doesn t condescend, it doesn t sound corny, it doesn t try too hard The thing about adults writing YA novels is [...]

  7. Seeing other people s reviews on this book that I really trust made me realise a lot of things that I don t really agree with Right at the time I was reading this, I felt like I could really relate to the main characters and their depression and I think that s why I thought I loved it so much and why I somehow overlooked some really concerning things It s kind of written in a way that the characters are nothing but their illnesses, if that makes any sense It felt like there was nothing else to t [...]

  8. First things first In the blurb of this book it saysThe Fault in Our Stars meets Eleanor and Park That should go I liked both those books in their own right This book should and does stand on it s own It s better than that.This review may go all spoilery and too much personal information Be warned My writing of reviews have been said to be Awkwardfuck that I m going all in on this one If I can get one person that needs to read this book to read it through my review s worth it May you eye go to t [...]

  9. I think this may end up being a DNF for me consider this a prelimary reaction as I put it on hold I ve only read a few chapters so far, but I m struggling with the quirky cute style married with a subject as serious as suicide I mean, are we going to see self mutilation or child abuse or domestic violence or homophobia painted with cotton candy colors next This is one of those set ups girl meets boy as they re both standing on a ledge contemplating suicide, rat a tat precocious funny dialogue en [...]

  10. This is my secret that any moment I might fly away.Somehow I think 5 stars aren t enough for such an ultra remarkey able book if I can, I ll definitely give it as many stars as those shining in the entire universe because All The Bright Places deserves them all, seriously.For starters, I actually like the way Theodore Finch met Violet Markey on the ledge six stories above the ground at the Bell Tower in their high school on a rainy day it s a rather beautiful encounter for me.Theodore Finch was [...]

  11. I know life well enough to know you can t count on things staying around or standing still, no matter how much you want them to You can t stop people from dying You can t stop them from going away You can t stop yourself from going away either I know myself well enough to know that no one else can keep you awake or keep you from sleeping I honestly don t know how I m supposed to write a review about this book.It made me so damn sad that I feel whatever I say, it just won t be enough.It will neve [...]

  12. Updated 2015 07 02This book has been bothering me for a while in all honesty I thought I loved it when I first read it, I really did, but honestly I think I was caught up in all the hype What Raeleen padfootandprongs07 on YouTube said has really stuck with me the characters become their illness And while depression really is all consuming and can make you feel like you re made up of not molecules but sadness, I feel that a book about depression should show that there is to people than their ill [...]

  13. Finch and Violet are two very different persons She is popular, down to earth and is trying to please everyone He s the Freak , careless and doesn t know or acknowledge how the many things he does every day might hurt people around him Or maybe he does, and that is why he is lying to everyone about his deepest feelings, but I couldn t know for sure Was there to it, or just his personality Yet, they both have something in common When at night, neither of them sleeps peacefully Violet s sister di [...]

  14. Where to begin I heard great things about this but I should have stayed away VioletI feel like she only really existed here to be the emotional component of this book She s used as a prop mostly and a prize, yet I never saw her as having any personality beyond just being a sounding board There is plenty of woe is me my sister died so I use that as an excuse to hide from life from this character She just felt insubstantial to me, her only purpose being to tell the readers about the emotional weig [...]

  15. All the Bright Places is the story of how Theodore Finch and Ultraviolet are brought together by death which would be gloomy, except the two personalities bloom, becoming something beautiful, as their wondrous adventures bring them closer together Jennifer Niven takes a girl meets boy story, sets it in the dull landscape of Indiana, and turns it into a Seussical wonderworld with these extraordinarily conflicted characters.Saying their journey is a rollercoaster would be a understatement It s an [...]

  16. Every now and then you find a book that not only makes you think, but changes the way you look at the world All the Bright Places , in all its clever, poetic and honest beauty is one of those books It will stay with me, forever.

  17. 2.5 starsI would rate Jennifer Niven s author note five stars if I could We need books about mental illness authors should strive to tackle uncomfortable subjects like abuse, suicide, and bipolar disorder While Niven s intentions come across as meaningful and good, her delivery through her first YA novel, All the Bright Places, falls short Some reasons why 1 These characters have QftSoQ Quirkiness for the Sake of Quirkiness syndrome They in particular, Finch read as caricatures that spout liter [...]

  18. Ugh Just, no Mental illness is not a cute little quirk It isn t something that kickstarts a misfit, high school romance It is not something that automatically makes you witty, or intelligent, or really all that different from your peers It isn t at all what is portrayed in this book Niven s intentions may be wonderful, and she is right that we need books about mental health and illness But this makes a mockery of it Please, YA authors, don t touch this topic unless you know what you re doing M [...]

  19. Is today a good day to die All the Bright Places turned out to be one of the most personal books of the year for me Although it s being marketed as The Fault in Our Stars meets Eleanor and Park , I have to violently disagree As someone who detested The Fault in Our Stars and hasn t read Eleanor and Park, All the Bright Places touched something inside me that these books did not.Theodore Finch, seventeen, wants to die He knows the best ways to commit suicide, as well as the international percenta [...]

  20. 5 stars This year instead of having New Years resolutions I won t keep, I decided to make book goals and one of those goals was to read YA 25 is my goal for the year This was the first on my list this year and it blew me away For real, I had ALL THE FEELS while reading this Powerful, memorable, smart, funny, sad, real this book was completely authentic and moving There were so many quotable things in this book I just want to talk about the story so much but I went in blind and loved it all the [...]

  21. I can t even scramble my thoughts together for a review Unrealistic and incredibly irritating None of the characters actions made sense The only time I liked the story is whenever Theo s depression was triggered and he became aloof and dissociated, because that was tolerable than his annoying antics leading Violet on and perpetuating this Theodore Freak label at school As a reader, I feel really guilty that the only parts of this book that I enjoyed were the parts that the characters feelings w [...]

  22. This is the sort of story that kinda sneaks up on you You re not sure what kind of book it is at first especially if you re like me and don t brush up on the blurb beforehand It seems intense and gritty and even a tad confusing You notice right away that the characters are definitely messed up with deep rooted issues they need to work on Then there s romance and profound conversations and soul searching and what seems to be a light at the end of this dark, dreary tunnel Then, BAM BAAAAAM Well ok [...]

  23. 2.5 stars He smiles out at the ugly trees and the ugly farmland and the ugly kids as if he can see Oz As if he can really, truly see the beauty that s there In that moment I wish I could see it through his eyes I wish he had glasses to give me Can someone give me their glasses too, because I can t see it I don t see the appeal I don t see what inspired thousands of reviewers to post sobbing gifs, and those that disliked The Fault in Our Stars to tote it as amazeballs when it s the exact same thi [...]

  24. Wowwhat a great book Theodore Finch and Violet Markey first meet on the ledge of the bell tower at school Finch very gently talks Violet off of the very ledge he himself was thinking of leaping off After a bit of pushing on Finch s part the two pair up to Wander together exploring their state for a school project It seems like opposites attract for the two unlikely friends While Violet is counting the days until graduation Finch is counting his Awake days Right away I loved Finch, who wouldn t H [...]

  25. Incredible.I m pretty speechless.I have too many emotions and I can t put them into words.This is a beautiful yet tragic book that you all need to read Now It s so important and precious.Read it You won t regret it I promise.

  26. TRIGGER WARNINGS abuse, depression, in depth descriptions of suicide, suicide, death, anxiety I went in knowing I d hate this I know it romanticises depression and suicide I know these characters were nothing but their personality but I wanted to personally know Also, a bunch of people in this Facebook group I m in kept recommending this and I wanted a leg to stand on when I say hey this book is actually really problematic, stop recommending it I shouldn t have wasted my time It got to the stage [...]

  27. Sister Read Review by Norma Brenda3.5 starsBrenda s Thoughts I was interested in reading All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven because I was curious about how a character with a mental illness was going to be portrayed in this story I am not even really sure if that was what the story was even about I think different life experiences and exposure to mental illness will have some people like Norma and I feeling different ways towards this book Norma s Thoughts As usual I went into this book bli [...]

  28. Review was originally published on Through the Chapters Blog3.5 starsJennifer Niven tells us a story about two teenagers who have to go through all the dark places to reach the bright sides of the life They have to fight the dark that creeps inside them and find their way out until it is too late Or, perhaps, there is no time any and the darkness has absorbed them already Is today a good day to die And if not today when It is not one of those light reads, which make you laugh and dream about the [...]

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