The Real Force: A Forty Day Devotional

The Real Force A Forty Day Devotional The Force Awakens the Fall installment in the Star Wars franchise promises to excite the longtime enthusiast and enthrall a new generation of admirers The Real Force comprises forty biblically

The Force Awakens, the Fall 2015 installment in the Star Wars franchise, promises to excite the longtime enthusiast and enthrall a new generation of admirers The Real Force comprises forty biblically sound devotions revealing the Christian themes found in the epic Star Wars saga.

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The Real Force: A Forty Day Devotional

  1. Paul Kent Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Real Force: A Forty Day Devotional book, this is one of the most wanted Paul Kent author readers around the world.

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  1. Ok it was of a 90 day devotional for me and my daughter It was a pretty easy read comparing events and characters in the original trilogy and prequels to Bible verses She liked trying to figure how they connected before we finished reading each one There is brief mention of the old expanded universe but nothing of The Clone Wars or Rebel series and new movies which came out afterwards.

  2. I don t think there is anyone who hasn t see or heard about Star Wars From those of us that were fortunate enough to see it play on the big screen back in the 70 s to being able to share it with a new generation, there is something played out on the big screen that applies to all of us A sense of good overcoming evil in the world and author Paul Kent takes readers into a 40 day devotional in his book, The Real Force In this book, he takes readers to 40 different devotions that begin with a famou [...]

  3. Paul Kent in his new book The Real Force published by Worthy Publishing Group gives us A Forty Day Devotional.From the back cover What lessons may we learn from this galaxy far, far away and how do they relate to the beliefs we hold so near, near to our hearts Paul Kent s The Real Force features forty action packed, thoughtful, and inspiring devotions that skillfully reveal the deep Biblical ideals represented by the characters of the epic Star Wars saga Each devotion discusses a scene or charac [...]

  4. I truly enjoyed this 40 Day Devotional by Paul Kent The way he meshed the Star Wars saga, along with bible verses, made it entertaining and educational He made you see from a different perspective, while combining 2 different themes, but he also incorporated them with real life, in the here and now.

  5. I really enjoyed this little book It s a fun and approachable guide to reading the Bible for 40 days.Like many others, Star Wars was the movie of choice for me and my siblings when we were kids In many ways I feel some amount of ownership if that makes any sense with the original trilogy because its dialog, toys, and characters were such a major part of my growing up years Paul Kent full disclosure he s a friend of mine must feel that same ownership because he treated the Star Wars canon with re [...]

  6. 40 days of seeing connections between Star Wars and Christianity For this devotional, I did only read one chapter a day and it was really nice I just got to focus on that and got to examine my faith through this great story Since someone at my church has made a Bible study using Star Wars, there were a couple of times the author would take a different approach to the same situation than that study took so I would start thinking what about this interpretation I was just stuck with that other idea [...]

  7. This is of a 2.5 stars, but I didn t feel it was worth 3 stars.My biggest hang up is the fact that he spelled Ewan McGregor s name MacGregor and I couldn t get over that on day 10.My next bout of irritation came from day 15, when Kent says that clones are engineered to obey without question No, clones are NOT engineered They were bred, but they are humans with individual thought Droids are engineered to obey without question.Kent attempts to link Star Wars to Biblical passages About half of the [...]

  8. This is a really fun devotional that would be great for the Star Wars fan in your life Although it s a fun devotional it s still a Biblical devotional.Each devotion focuses on the correlation between the Star Wars story and the Bible There is a lot of similarities in that there is a light side and a dark side Although I had always seen this in the movies, the author really is able to show this quite well in his book.The devotions start with a quote from the movie and then into a little story fro [...]

  9. I love Star Wars I also love the Bible That being said here is my review of The Real Force.Take scenes from your favorite movie Line them up with passages from the Bible and packaged them with a cool title That is what you will find in this devotional by Paul Kent It is simplistic and fairly easy to understand There is very little deep thought and will leave those looking for some real meat hungry However, I enjoyed the idea as well as the chapters For a young Christian or for someone having a h [...]

  10. I really liked this, it s small and to the point, each day giving you something to ponder and reflect on as you move through your day a Yoda saying or other characters but at the end followed by a scripture that is, in essence, saying the exact same thing.Would I be bad to say I put it in the bathroom where my three adult children who live with me multi generational household might hopefully gain some wisdom and or solace I find merit in captive audiences this was a giveaway

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