Enter, Night

Enter Night Welcome to Parr s Landing Population and shrinking The year is Widowed Christina Parr her daughter Morgan and her brother in law Jeremy have returned to the remote northern Ontario minin

Welcome to Parr s Landing, Population 1,528 and shrinking The year is 1972 Widowed Christina Parr, her daughter Morgan, and her brother in law Jeremy have returned to the remote northern Ontario mining town of Parr s Landing, the place from which Christina fled before Morgan was born, seeking refuge Dr Billy Lightning has also returned in search of answers to theWelcome to Parr s Landing, Population 1,528 and shrinking The year is 1972 Widowed Christina Parr, her daughter Morgan, and her brother in law Jeremy have returned to the remote northern Ontario mining town of Parr s Landing, the place from which Christina fled before Morgan was born, seeking refuge Dr Billy Lightning has also returned in search of answers to the mystery of his father s brutal murder All will find some part of what they seek and Built on the site of a decimated 17th century Jesuit mission to the Ojibwa, Parr s Landing is a town with secrets of its own buried in the caves around Bradley Lake A three hundred year old horror slumbers there, calling out to the insane and the murderous for centuries, begging for release an invitation that has finally been answered One man is following that voice, cutting a swath of violence across the country, bent on a terrible resurrection of the ancient evil, plunging the town and all its people into an endless night.

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Enter, Night

  1. Michael Rowe is an independent international journalist who has lived in Beirut, Havana, Geneva, and Paris His work has appeared in the National Post, The Globe Mail, The United Church Observer and numerous other publications He has been a finalist for both the Canadian National Magazine Award and the Associated Church Press Award in the United States The author of several books, including Writing Below the Belt, a critically acclaimed study of censorship, pornography, and popular culture, and the essay collections Looking For Brothers and Other Men s Sons, which won the 2008 Randy Shilts Award for Nonfiction, he has also won the Lambda Literary Award He is currently a contributing writer to The Advocate and a political blogger for The Huffington Post from the author s website

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  1. 4.5 stars A friend of mine in the Horror Forum recommended that I read this book It took me a while, but I finally did It was amazing Parr s Landing The recently widowed Christina is headed there, with her daughter Morgan and brother in law Jeremy The town from which Christina and her husband Jack fled when Christina realized she was pregnant, 15 some odd years ago I loved the characters of Christina, Jeremy and Morgan I loved this passage Christina had been dreaming of Jack almost nightly in th [...]

  2. Vampire fiction Just whisper the words and they re likely to evoke groans from horror readers, writers and editors across the globe Let s face it, the vampire is a character which pardon the expression has been done to death Of course, every once in a while, a King or a Rice or a Brite comes along and unexpectedly re invents the old vamp, giving him back his teeth and his terror, but then hundreds of sub par copycats inevitably follow, flooding the market with sparkly, erotic or just plain porno [...]

  3. ENTER, NIGHT is simply the best vampire book since SALEM S LOT That s a pretty bold statement, but I truly believe it Michael Rowe is an amazing new author on the horror scene This book was just brilliant and I am still in awe of the story He does such an excellent job with characters, plot, and pacing Very original and highly recommended.

  4. I like horror, I really do I m not a literary snob I don t frown upon vampires or zombies or ghouls That said, there is a lot of awful stuff being published in the genre, and I don t get it Genre fiction can be well written and original, it doesn t have to be clich d and formulaic, so why is it Finding quality horror or supernaturalistic fiction, or speculative fiction or whatever you want to call it is hard When I do find it, I m excessively excited and grateful and keep chirping about it for a [...]

  5. From my blog, The Devil s Exercise Yard I remember when I first read Salem s Lot I suspect that most of you do at least those of you in your 40s, who grew up in the 1970s and 80s and were immune to the not so subtle charms of disco, citizens band radios and pet rocks.I picked up the paperback of Stephen King s early vampire novel in the lineup of a supermarket drawn in by its gloriously monochrome, sparkle free, embossed cover depicting a little girl with a single red drop of blood leaking out o [...]

  6. Something has awakened in the small town of Parrs Landing And it s hungry.This one really had 70 s early 80 s horror vibe to it I liked the eccentric cast of characters and the pacing was spot on Interestingly, the ending was a flashback to the beginning and had a much different feel to it as if they were 2 separate stories Should have been distracting, but somehow managed to stay cohesive My first from Mr Rowe, but not my last.

  7. This is an ambitious homage to Stephen King s Salem s Lot, with some effectively gruesome setpieces Michael Rowe does a Game of Thrones on his large, varied cast The fact that so many of the main characters fates conclude in the wings of the story was very frustrating, as it negates the reader s emotional investment.I was also quite alarmed at the particularly diabolical treatment of the two lonely gay characters in the novel, which read uncomfortably like some kind of infernal judgement of thei [...]

  8. Now this is how you write a book about vampires For the first 50 pages or so I thought I wouldn t like this book Especially after chapter 4 when spoilers view spoiler everyone bar the villain was killed off hide spoiler But then suddenly I was hooked by this gripping terrifying story.Maybe it s because I such a city girl, or maybe it was too many dreadful holidays in remote parts of Ireland, but small rural towns utterly horrify me Even before anything started to go wrong I was screaming at Chri [...]

  9. Enter, Night was spooky, thrilling and detailed, avoiding common horror novel tropes with its plot, characters and scenarios that make it stand out from any other book.

  10. Christina Parr n e Monroe fled Parr s Landing with her fianc Jack Parr 16 years ago in order to escape Jack s dominating mother and allow the two lovers to get married and have their baby in peace Five years later, Jack s brother Jeremy joined them after the boys mother sent Jeremy to an asylum where he was basically tortured for six months in an attempt to cure his homosexuality Now, in 1972, with Jack having been killed in an accident, Christina, Morgan her daughter and Jeremy have no choice l [...]

  11. Wonderful first novel.Michael Rowe s freshman novel, Enter Night, hearkens back to the modern Golden Age of horror literature of the eighties and early nineties Though essentially an intimate story, Rowe has managed to impart a much broader scope to the book, creating an epic ambiance reminiscent of King and McCammon in their early years.Though it opens like a serial killer novel, it soon becomes clear that Enter Night is a vampire piece Writing in that genre in a post Twilight world takes both [...]

  12. Really, really good and when the action kicked in it was great, but I still have two problems with this story One, the opening scene went into way too much detail about a character that had nothing to do with the rest of the novel Strange and a waste of time.Two, there are so many unanswered questions at the end I need a sequel, please I need to know of what happens to this town now

  13. This one is a rollicking, old fashioned, kick ass vampire novel The best pure vampire novel since George R R Martin s Fevre Dream.

  14. I have a lot to say about this book and at the same time nothing at all I m worried that exploring all my feelings will lead me to be overly critical, but I guess that s part of the point of a personalized review, isn t it I m going to ignore any blatant comparison to Salem s Lot, except for when I don t I will point out that King wrote Salem s Lot as the standalone novel and the short story Jerusalem s Lot as the kind of historic precursor wherein we read someone s diary as they describe events [...]

  15. Enter, Night is a remarkable book Initially, it is a classic vampire tale It has many of the required tropes, being on the surface a tale of the distant castle at the end of a desperate journey where an ancient and patient evil waits to crush our heroes spirits for no other reason than its insatiable lust for power On another level, it is a Canadian story, of a single industry town dominated by a powerful family, a kind of North American fiefdom where the cruelty and greed of its nobility exerci [...]

  16. I ve seen several reviews that state some sort of variation of this is a rollicking vampire novel and, sorry, I have to say no I m not saying it s bad, because it s not But there s a protracted opening that ultimately pays off, then there s very little in the way of vampires until the last quarter of the book That section from about 10% of the way in until about the 75% mark is a whole lotta characters talking.All right, let me back up a bit and first indicate what I didn t like There were a fai [...]

  17. After the death of her husband, Christine Parr is forced to return to Parr s landing, the small town she grew up in, with her daughter, Morgan Her brother in law, Jeremy, has chosen to return with them in hopes of protecting them from Adeline, his domineering mother and matriarch of the town.Unfortunately, they are not the only ones returning to Parr s Landing Three hundred years ago, something terrible happened there The Church believed that the native population had killed priests sent to conv [...]

  18. With shades of the masters of horror, Stephen King and Dean Koontz, Enter, Night is a spine tingling tale of terror wreaking havoc in Parr s Landing, a small town in Canada From its bloody outset, this is a chilling tale that draws heavily on the infamous Wendigo legends where men, and in this case women as well, are dehumanised and seek to drain the blood of their hapless victims spurred on by an all controlling demonic figure Not only is this a truly terrifying read, but there is also a very i [...]

  19. I was sorry to have to give this one only two stars It started out so well The first four chapters about Richard Weal were terrific they reminded me of Salem s Lot, as others here have said, and I thought this was going to be one of the scariest books I ve ever read And there s always good that is, horrific atmosphere, especially for anyone who knows the Northern Ontario forests and the Superior shore area But, sadly, the book devolves into pure kitsch and unintentional I think humor By the time [...]

  20. What a great novel I had to add this one immediately to my favorites shelf.Enter, Night is not only a story about vampires, but also a thriller and a family drama, a story about outsiders and loners, not to forget the appended historical tale I immediately fell in love with the well drawn characters, especially Finn and Sadie, who s fate made me swallow real hard Parr s landing, where the story takes place, reminded me of places like Castle Rock and the early stories of Stephen King.This novel r [...]

  21. The story is good but the writing style and the characterization lack subtlety to the point of frustration The denouement occurs quite abruptly for the amount of time spent leading up to it By the end, I didn t care about any of the characters or who survived I just felt like the whole book could have been so much better, but instead felt so rushed.Strangely, the strongest and most compelling part of the novel is the last, historical fiction, section The writing is stronger and the pacing benefi [...]

  22. Enter, Night is a very very slow story with a somewhat interesting, albeit misleading, start But as the story progresses, it feels like a boring family drama instead of a vampire novel Nothing really happens except for the pace slowing down with every subsequent chapter and the constant self pitying of the protagonists There is a chapter at the end of the book which tells the history the vampire s arrival to the town during colonial era, and it is the only part which is a proper vampire story.H [...]

  23. The only thing about this book that disappointed me was the ending, notes from another time that told us Who and Why and How For me, it would have been better to leave questions unanswered, except for the answers supplied by my fevered imagination And the rest of the novel, everything leading up to that, did much to supply that fever Enter, Night reads like Stephen King of old, and I find myself jealous of some younger person reading his or her first non sparkly vampire book and choosing this on [...]

  24. Just a horrible novel We get it man, you hate Catholics I could ve saved myself the time and money instead of being bludgeoned to death by the author s rhetoric.

  25. The pain when he bit down was incredible, but it vanished almost before it had even registered As he felt the blood drain from his body, Richard Weal felt himself pulled up into a swirling vortex of crimson and gold light For the briefest possible moment, Weal caught a glimpse of a glittering necropolis of souls, a dimension of pure love and endless wisdom Its inhabitants reached out, their arms outstretched to embrace him, to join him to them, to forgive him and to guide him and beckoning his s [...]

  26. There is much to be said for Michael Rowe s novel, Enter, Night It is a refreshingly traditional vampire story No eco friendly, glittering, James Dean vampires here Rowe harks back to Bram Stoker s original vampire incarnation, which in turn borrowed heavily from ancient legends Overall, the novel clips along with aggressively spare and gritty prose No poetic metaphors here Every word, every scene, every character is crafted to make you take notice.And therein, for me, lies part of the problem T [...]

  27. I received this book as part of NetGalley in exchange for a review Quite different from the kind of books I usually read But that s all right, reading a book that makes you step out of your comfortzone Enter, Night by Michael Rowe is that kind of a book to me Not entirely true, because I ve read Black Swan Rising by Lee Carroll as one of the books in the Transworld Book Challenge Yet, this is a completely different, much creepy novel A horror novel with vampire type creatures And, believe it or [...]

  28. This is a hard review to write I loved the story I do have an ARC which means there were some technical errors that I hope are resolved before publishing With that in mind, I want to focus on the story The story was amazing The language a little tough for me because the author is Canadian and I am not Michael Rowe is a native English speaker but there was some language that left me puzzled but may not be difficult for a Canadian However, I loved the story.This is an ensemble cast making it diffi [...]

  29. I enjoyed a lot of this book I found many of the characters compelling and interesting Rowe has created a lot of complexity in his main characters, which allowed me to engage with them emotionally For the most part, he bypasses the often stereotypical characterization so common in a lot of horror novels And it really IS good to come across a novel involving vampires that don t sparkle That being said, I had some real difficulties with both the structure and antagonist characterization The matria [...]

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