Blue Screen of Death

Blue Screen of Death Reprinted book cover Rereleased with same ISBN with added content and cover ISBN What if you could realize your inner magic with an APP Life for Colby Stevens has not been goin

Reprinted book cover Rereleased with same ISBN with added content and cover ISBN 0692246304 9780692246306What if you could realize your inner magic with an APP Life for Colby Stevens has not been going his way He s just turned sixteen, summer has begun, and the bullies in school won t leave him alone His only solace at home is a quirky Nana who can t cook, a resentfuReprinted book cover Rereleased with same ISBN with added content and cover ISBN 0692246304 9780692246306What if you could realize your inner magic with an APP Life for Colby Stevens has not been going his way He s just turned sixteen, summer has begun, and the bullies in school won t leave him alone His only solace at home is a quirky Nana who can t cook, a resentful and distant older sister and an alcoholic mother who doesn t even remember his birthday His dad disappeared when Colby was six years old and the details from that night are a little fuzzy.Things take a wild turn when Colby s emotions get the better of him and his bully ends up on the receiving end of humiliation And Colby never even laid a hand on him He discovers he possesses an ancient magic his father had bound to keep him safe When his magic reappears, it s powerful, hard to control, but at least his strange childhood memories are beginning to make sense Colby and his friends end up in an all day detention overseen by a visiting archeology professor who makes Colby the president of the school s new club Something strange occurs to the students, but Colby didn t conjure it Seems he s not the only supernatural in school.Now, Colby must learn to gain control of his abilities and he creates an app he hopes will help His muse, an odd little blue man, is assigned to help Colby and to keep him safe This proves difficult when Colby s powers get the

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Blue Screen of Death

  1. J Steven Young is an author of fantasy books based in magic, a subject that fascinates and drives his imagination He thinks of himself as a dreamer and loves to let his imagination run wild Writing fantasy stories has become a passion to let his creative side out and a welcome change from technical writing and IT management.His first fantasy series, Chronicles of Aurderia, is an ancient involvement in mankind fantasy.Hashtag Magic, an urban fantasy, takes place in modern times Chicago, and all magic is linked to a young man and his new magic app.He hopes his passion for day dreaming and love for adventure will allow his readers to escape from the real world if only for a short time.Author Website Author Facebook Page

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  1. This Blue Screen of Death book is absolutely amazing Im in a good mood since after I have finished reading Frivolous Pursuit because that book is such a good book Picking up this book and realized how good this book is made me excited Since the first page of the book, we know something serious is happening because the suspense and all Lets just say the first chapter captured my heart well enough I am not a big fan of the author who jump straight into the purpose of the book which by the way in t [...]

  2. WellI received this signed copy from first readsdBasically magic and computersmgic and computers you would be mistaken thinking that this is an intriguing combination The story is hard to follow and the computer aspect and how its used with the magic system didn t make sense to me Great idea but lacking

  3. Despite an excellent cover and clever title, the combo of technology and magic ultimately lacks spark.The YA moniker doesn t mean what it used to With mega hits like Harry Potter, Land of Stories, and my personal favorite, Hunger Games, YA has proven that it has broad appeal So, when I was asked to review Hashtag Magic book 1 Blue Screen of Death, I was certainly willing to try it out.Hashtag follows the story of a young user of magic as he embarks to discover what makes him special He faces cha [...]

  4. In many ways this is your standard magical coming of age in the modern world story Think Harry Potter where the magically active live in the same world, and with the same technology as those without.But it is not the that same story Here the magic is mostly hidden and our protagonist, Colby, is quite relatable as a teen coming into his own It is as if a veil has been lifted from him all on one day, and he needs to realize his capabilities are not an illusion while trying to learn how to use them [...]

  5. The writing was too small, the writing trite It didn t make me want to start the next chapter much less read the book 10 chapters in and I finally gave up.

  6. Kat Mandu saysHi friends I ve said this before and I ll say it again writing is hard I m an author myself so I can say that with the utmost truth I ve ever spoken Writers put their souls into every word, they grind themselves into pieces trying to come up with worlds, characters, and plotlines that will hopefully knock someone s socks off It s a struggle It s an inner battle and it s very, very real despite how fictional it may seem.You re probably wondering why I m saying this I m a reviewer an [...]

  7. Original review can be found at nerdprobs books book r A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review When I got asked to read this book, I jumped at the chance The brief description drew me in I enjoy books that are kind of Harry Potter, Mortal Instruments sort of books They are fast paced and keep me turning the pages wanting Once I got the book, I was initially disappointed The cover was rather bland and had a picture of a hand holding a cell phone with a pair of blue eyes [...]

  8. Hashtag Magic Blue Screen of Death was a sweet novel that bordered on paranormal and fantasy fiction.Blue Screen of Death seemed like it was trying to be the next Harry Potter for middle school aged children but with the desire to also be a Young Adult novel I thoroughly enjoyed the plot line and the writing style, which seemed to be aimed at the Young Adult spectrum Although, the plot itself seemed geared towards a younger audience I really enjoyed reading the novel, but I found that the plot b [...]

  9. A Great Start to a Unique New Series After reading the synopsis for this book, I was very intrigued by the idea of the combination of technology and magic I decided to give it a go even though I was unfamiliar with this author I am really glad that I did The plot is unique and different in a good way The characters are all very well developed and interesting especially Colby I really found myself invested in him and the things that he is dealing with and watching him grow as a character The auth [...]

  10. When Colby was six years old his father walked out Now ten years later, on his sixteenth birthday, strange things start happening Things that could only be magic But that s impossible or so he thinks As Colby learns about his father and the family background, he starts understanding why he has become the center of this activity Colby started out wimpy, but you could tell how much he had grown by the end It was fun watching him come out of his shell I loved the blue cat man He was an interesting [...]

  11. YA for boys Life as a teenager is tough enough without older sisters and school bullies Toss in bad home cooking and a blue cat man and you have a recipe for RUINS Only these ruins are the beginning of a magical future for young Colby and best friend Gary Suddenly, Colby is no longer invisible to all but Jasper, the school tough guy He s now getting attention from pretty classmates, overeager instructors and a park full of game enthusiasts But what is causing the interest of so many mysterious a [...]

  12. I received a copy of this book through Goodread s first to read promotion It sounded like a really interesting concept, but the story itself was hard to follow I do understand that there is supposed to be a series, so not everything will be resolved in this book However, series usually have a plot that is resolved in the individual book which this lacked That aside, the action in the book was choppy and some of the word usage was hard to follow There was so much detail on different elements of t [...]

  13. This was very slow to begin with I felt like I was reading the same events over and over again I wanted to know about the schools merging, I wanted to know about Colbys family, like why everyone but him knew that he was special I did finally get some of that, but it was too little too late Also, there are a few typos At one point Jasper is called Jarrod, which is jarring when reading, and Jasper goes to wreak havok, not reek havock Yes, it is nitpicky, but it throws you out of a narrative when [...]

  14. An ambitious rewarding YA magical fantasyThe novel is a full meal for any age reader The author moves the plot along swiftly through the first and second chapters and then settles into the main character, building his new found world of magic and conflict with colorful characters and settings I enjoyed the blending of magic and technology The conflict resolution has threatening elements but only mildly violent using wit and guile and compassion to win the day There are some spelling mishaps but [...]

  15. From the description I thought I would like the story and it isn t a bad story it just that the pacing and characters were not very interesting maybe because it is the first in the series I had to force myself to finish reading it so I can t really recommend it.This review was originally posted on Books In Brogan

  16. I received this book from BookCon 2016 There were some interesting ideas presented, but overall it felt very jumbled and was poorly written.

  17. A fun coming of age story for both young readers and adults Full review available below wordofthenerdonline 2016 0

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