Always Us

Always Us Final book in The Jade Series Includes an extended epilogue The countdown has begun Garret s running out of time and he s losing patience as he waits for his father to take action It s getting harder

Final book in The Jade Series Includes an extended epilogue The countdown has begun Garret s running out of time and he s losing patience as he waits for his father to take action It s getting harder to keep this a secret from Jade, and he may not be able to after an unexpected visitor stops by Harper and Sean have their own dilemma, yet neither one of them understandFinal book in The Jade Series Includes an extended epilogue The countdown has begun Garret s running out of time and he s losing patience as he waits for his father to take action It s getting harder to keep this a secret from Jade, and he may not be able to after an unexpected visitor stops by Harper and Sean have their own dilemma, yet neither one of them understands what s really going on Jade and Garret don t want to get involved, but it s hard not to when they learn about the plan for Harper s future But Jade and Garret have to stay out of it They have their own issues to deal with With the timer literally ticking away, Garret decides to take matters into his own hands But does he have what it takes to end this If he does this, he can t go back He ll never be the same But he may not have a choice He ll do whatever it takes to save Jade.

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Always Us

  1. Allie Everhart has published twenty two books and is the author of the bestselling Jade Series Allie tells stories about love, often with a twist of mystery and suspense Allie s always been a romantic, as evidenced by her early years as a wedding singer, her obsession with dating shows, and the fact that she still watches reruns of The Love Boat.

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  1. 100 starsI have felt sadness and joy while reading all 8 of these books This series has touched my heart in ways I have never expected I will feel sadness when I remember reading about jade and Garrett and there lives together I will miss waiting for another one in the series to come out If you have never read any of all is books Start now I guarantee you will love each and every one of them THANKS Allie for this series of books.

  2. Amazing beautiful ending I hate to see the end Jade and Garret but what an incredible ending to this series I couldn t put this book down till I finished it It was like I couldn t read it fast enough to find out what happened next When you think they were finally free of the organization then something else would come up It was so intense and just couldn t stop reading This was such an incredible story of such a strong love that developed between two teenagers that have been through so much when [...]

  3. I absolutely loved this series From page one of the first book til the last page of book 8 I couldn t walk away So many different feelings through them all Happiness, anger, angst, laughter, frustration, confusion, sadness I could go on This series is definitely one I will have to read again

  4. I loved Always Us I could not wait to get it I was so excited to read it that I had to stay up all night until the very end And I still can t go to sleep Fourth time reading this book and I still love it.

  5. I m so excited for the release of this book, that I accidentally clicked on it instead of number 7 in the series to rate Now I can t delete my review although I m sure it ll be 5 stars along with the rest Oops

  6. I absolutely fell in love with this series If I could give it than 5 stars a would A great way to end Garrett and Jade s story Can t wait to read Pearce s

  7. Harper Sean are having trouble because of her parents They are forbidding them to date they have become hateful Harper has to have rotator cuff surgery Someone beats Sean up threatens him This is getting bad the whole time Garret warns Jade not to get involved because it s possible the organization may be the ones causing the problems.

  8. AwesomeI love the characters so much, I love all book about the kensington s and will continue to read about them 3

  9. HOLY MOTHER OF AMAZING BOOKS ALLIE, ALLIE, ALLIE, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED THIS BOOK This is THE perfect ending to the most freakin amazing story Garrett and Jade are the perfect couple With all the trials and tribulations that they were put through its a miracle they made it through without any serious damage Jade is so brave I don t think many people could endure everything that they did and still have their sanity in tact Garrett is an extremely strong man to have lived and dealt with his family [...]

  10. I like romance novels but I didn t used to read as much as I do now I always love the feeling of being completely wrapped up in the characters and let your mind fly with them, and when I started reading as much as I do now I found Choosing You and Knowing You the first two books of the series I got them and read them right away, I really like the mixed of romance and suspense.That s the reason why these series will always have a special place for me They are my favorite and for sure I m going to [...]

  11. What a great finish to this series Loved all of the Epilogue and proceeding chapters showing what has happened throughout the years I wish the part about Garret s mom could have been added to this book.Although I loved this book I felt like some of the story lines were closed without really giving them a proper ending Jade and Sara were great friends but then all of a sudden Sara has no time for her friend and moves on Kiefer and Kelly had the perfect marriage and a mistake that she went along w [...]

  12. I have loved this series since the very beginning and watching Jade and Garret s love story progress this was such a beautiful ending for them I loved how it showed us parts of their future and everyone got their happy ending I m just sad to see this series end but looking forward to Pearce and Rachel s story I really fell in love with Pearce and his love for his family it was nice to see him changed from the first book Such a great series and if you haven t read it yet u should you won t regret [...]

  13. Amazing This final book in this series is simply amazing and totally awesome I love Jade and Garret s story and so sad for this series to end Once again Ms Everhart gives us romance and suspense all wrapped together to keep you on the edge of your seat I love all of the characters in this series and I can t wait for the spin off series Jade and Garret s love is so beautiful and their love for each other enables them to face any obstacles in life as long as they do it together

  14. I loved this book so much it s by far my favourite book in the series and I loved the extended epilogue so much I loved how everything had an explanation and just when you think something else can t happen another plot twist comes in The whole series has ended and it s kinda sad but I still loved reading the books and I ll probably read them over again at some point.Also at the end of the book she said something about maybe starting a spin off series and I would love to hear about Lilly and her [...]

  15. Wow I can t believe it s over Eight books and we have finally reached the conclusion I ve had this book sitting in my kindle for a while now but I haven t really given myself enough time to sit down and finish it Today I did take the time and I m glad I did I was nervous at first thinking what could they go through , but who knew the whole time it was leading up to this This massive conclusion I m really happy about how it ended and very glad they made sure to clean up all the loose ends What a [...]

  16. Oh my gosh, such a great book I have loved this series since book one and this final book was amazing I wasn t sure how things would happen, what would happen, how everything would work out, but it did I LOVED it I m sad to see the end of Jade and Garrett, but it was an epic ride with a fabulous finale I absolutely LOVE all he flash forwards at the end, they made my day My heart has been left satisfied and happy I m going to miss them so much I may have to re read them all againeven though I jus [...]

  17. I fell in love with Jade and Garrett in book one and that continued to grow with each book The i learned about them, their past and history and future, i didn t want this series to end I wanted it to keep going i don t feel that they were characters, the books were so well written i felt like i knew them personally That they in my life and not people on pages i LOVED all the books and i loved this one You got a lot of your questions answered, it was a wonderful ending and i m sad to see it fina [...]

  18. This was a very good ending to the series I especially loved the six chapters of epilogue at the end Jade and Garret both have grown so much The only reason I didn t give this book 5 stars was because I saw a few, not many, but a couple a grammar errors and some things felt like they got repeated to often I will miss Jade and Garret but I will come back to them in the future Just saw on facebook that this is going to be released on March 14th So excited

  19. I have enjoyed the entire Jade series that Allie has written I believe the first books were definitly my favorite I enjoyed this one as it did look into the future of Jade and Garrett s life However, It was not my favorite of the entire series because it kind of seemed a little bland It did not have a huge climax to the story which I did miss My favorite parts were definitely the end when it went into detail about their future lives.

  20. YES I have not words to describe this book Or the all series I loved it so much I pretty much loved every character Well, NOT EVERY CHARACTER I m still mad or worse at some of them, even if they re dead Allie, I can only say, thank you view spoiler Oh, I almost forgot I LOVED this line from Pearce That s a shame Another funeral to go to That s two in one week probably I shouldn t, but I laughed so much here hide spoiler

  21. No spoilers Being 22 years old and choosing to read this book actually turned out to be a not so bad idea When I started this series, I was going through these books back to back until I had finally gotten to one that I had to wait for I do feel there was a lot of information to be put into this last book, but I also feel like it was done at a good pace and in a really appropriate way I can t wait to read a possible spin off, or anything else by Allie Everhart

  22. one of my favorite series Props to you on an amazing story Love how you ended it but sad that it s ended I d love to read a book about Pearce finding love again Lilly growing and doing well in swimming and the art world, modelinghing to keep Garrett and Jades story going Thank you

  23. The best one yetI ve read all of the books in the series and I ve been addicted to each one I couldn t put them down It s the same with Always Us It still has the drama, mystery and the love in it This book was perfect I m so proud of how these characters grew throughout the series I am so sad it s over but it ended PERFECTLY Read the series you won t regret it

  24. PerfectAllie did an amazing job with this series Sometimes an author cannot hold your interest after two books but Allie had me 100% with all 8 books The Jade Series is an absolute MUST READ Thank you Allie for tying everything together and showing us what the future looks like

  25. Awesome end to a great series Loved all the ups and downs I had a few down spots throughtout but I think it was because I was reading all of the books in such a short time frame Just needed a little break but love how it came together I ll def read from this author

  26. Loved, loved, loved the final book of the Jade series I m always a sucker for a happy ending and then to have the final chapters be a glimpse into their future made it even better Thank you for Jade Garret they really are the perfect couple.

  27. When I finished this book, I was complete amazed Watching Garret Jade go through college and face life changing obstacles But hey, when you re a Kensington That means you can handle what life throws at you And thats just what Garret Jade do They deal with all the crap that happens.

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