The Demon's Deadline

The Demon s Deadline Some teenagers deliver pizza some deliver newspapers My part time job I deliver mysterious envelopes for a demon I don t even get tips It seemed like a good deal at the time I almost died in a car ac

Some teenagers deliver pizza, some deliver newspapers My part time job I deliver mysterious envelopes for a demon I don t even get tips It seemed like a good deal at the time I almost died in a car accident, and Azmos saved me gave me a second chance At first, it wasn t so bad I got to live, go to high school, hang out with my boyfriend Cam He s too cute for hisSome teenagers deliver pizza, some deliver newspapers My part time job I deliver mysterious envelopes for a demon I don t even get tips It seemed like a good deal at the time I almost died in a car accident, and Azmos saved me gave me a second chance At first, it wasn t so bad I got to live, go to high school, hang out with my boyfriend Cam He s too cute for his own good, but he s getting tired of all this demon stuff I hate lying to my best friend Melissa and my dad, who s still not over my mom s death Neither am I But now, this gig is getting dangerous, and it s not like I can quit Even if I could, then what I ve seen things I can t unsee I just hope I can figure out how to navigate the darkness before I do something I can t undo It s time I face my own demons.

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The Demon's Deadline

  1. Tori Centanni is a nerd girl and a recovering goth She likes dark, quirky stories with elements of humor When not reading or writing, she can be found baking, watching too much television, and wrangling cats She lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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  1. 2.5 starsCute premise, and started off okay, but took a downturn towards lower stars because of the protagonist s repeated statement that she really wanted to keep on being the demon s delivery girl because here was something she could be good at, even excel in performing As she s only going around town, sometimes having to beg lifts from her reluctant boyfriend, giving people letters, that argument didn t work very well Had she stuck with the other part of her feeling that having learned there [...]

  2. This book is everything paranormal YA should be It s what being a teenager was like for me Figuring out who you are and what you re good at What your path in life might be and trying to listen to your intuition not the multitude of voices ordering you one way or another If you liked Buffy, you will like this book Nicki is resourceful and clever in the face of danger but she s easy to relate to I also love that while there is romance, it s not the main focus of the book It s like a hearty delicio [...]

  3. The Demon s Deadline is an engaging read, perfect for fans of YA paranormal Nicki survived the car accident that killed her mother, but only because she made a deal with a demon Azmos can show up at any moment, always to ask her to deliver mysterious envelopes for him But she gets curious about what the envelopes contain, and her friends start asking questions.Nicki is a relatable teen and the other characters are well developed, including her dad and her boyfriend, Cam She has to keep her deal [...]

  4. Visit the Book review tour and learn about this book and author I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.I started reading and learned the book was about a teenage girl that runs errands for a demon I immediately thought of Daughter of Smoke and Bone DOSB , and those are BIG shoes to fill So, I wasn t sure I was going to finish it, but I kept reading and I was pleasantly surprised The writing is not as sophisticated as DOSB but it is pretty good The plot [...]

  5. Nicki survived the car crash which killed her mother thanks to the intervention of a demon called Azmos Now she works for him, delivering letters from him to others who did a deal with him, and when people start reacting badly to it, Nicki realises that she has been delivering their death notices Azmos does deals that can extend your life by ten years after your fated death but one client is refusing to accept that her time is up, and she is determined to force Azmos to let her live in Nicki s p [...]

  6. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Why I read it I decided to read this novel because the synopsis reminded me of Supernatural a TV show I enjoywell, now I m way behind and only watch out of some bizarre sense of obligation but back when it was good and after my brain making that leap, I needed to know how it panned out.Plot Nicki is a messenger for the demon, Azmos It s not until he disappears th [...]

  7. I just finished this in about two hours It was a very fast read It has a clear cut style of dialogue matched with story pacing I enjoyed the way the mystery was revealed a little bit at a time and the believable characterization of a emotionally drawn sixteen year old girl Nicolette, who d lost her mother in a car accident of which she was the sole survivor rang true I think this story would appeal to preteen and teen readers Being an older reader, some of the impact of being a teenager and the [...]

  8. The Demon s Deadline is a speedy book, easy to read and enjoyable the entire way through.Nicki is a great character and I loved that she takes this job so seriously I also liked that she was doing this before the book started and already found out a bit about why she has to run the demon s errands so there s no big freak out As I ve said before, that drama is one that always drives me a bit nuts No, she knows a bit about why she needs to be the demon s errand girl but she doesn t know everything [...]

  9. Nicki made a deal with the demon, Azmos In return of her life back, Azmos uses Nicki to deliver mysterious letters to complete strangers The only person who knows about this is Cam, Nicki s boyfriend When her job gets dangerous and even the demon himself is not safe any, Nicki needs to choose between her beautiful life and the demon job Even though the choice seems obvious, Nicki doesn t seem to think so.Nicki is easy to relate to An average girl with insecurities of her own and low confidence, [...]

  10. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review by Lovers of Paranormal, or LOP This is the start to a great series about a teenage girl named Nicki that finds herself working for a demon named Azmos Nicki deals with a lot of the normal problems teenagers have to face such as getting good grades in school, her relationship with her boyfriend Cam and a father who works too much Where Nicki s life differs is in the fact that after a series of events involving a near fatal car acci [...]

  11. I received this book from Lovers of Paranormal in exchange for an honest review This book was a pleasant surprise I feel that Nicolette was a very relatable and realistic teenager Even though she s suffered the loss of her mother and is only alive because of the deal she struck with a demon, she manages to have normal teenager problems like fights with her boyfriend and jealousy over other girls who are interested in him, resulting in normal teenage self doubt I feel that Tori Centanni showed a [...]

  12. I read this book in one sitting I enjoyed the premise and the tone of the story Centanni has a great sense of humor and works it into the narrative flawlessly Nicolette is exactly the witty, sarcastic type of protagonist I love The author succeeds in blending the real world with demons and magic, and Nicolette s struggles through typical teenage problems boy trouble, self esteem issues, etc keep her relatable despite her dealings with the supernatural THE DEMON S DEADLINE is a quick read and a f [...]

  13. Very unique paranormal series with interesting potential Part high school drama, part paranormal mystery, with a dash of horror thrown in, The Demon s Assistant series is one you ll wish you would forget so you could read it all over again.

  14. Ethically, I can t rate this book because I edited it But I still want to include it in my Read list and of course I encourage readers to check it out Tori is a great new voice.

  15. Really goodWritten well, great concept and execution Fast read I enjoyed it The only problem is the first is the only one on kindle Why

  16. I received a copy of this book for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl In The Demon s Deadline, a teen girl named Nicki survives a car accident by making a deal with a demon, Azmos He can show up anywhere, anytime, and she has to deliver the envelopes he gives her to their recipients After several months of delivering these envelopes, Nicki starts to wonder exactly what she s doing and why she seems to be different from the others who ve made deals with Azmos Cam is the kind of boyfrie [...]

  17. I wanted to like this book I enjoyed the characters and thought they had a lot of potential But I kept feeling I had missed out on the most interesting parts of the story and had inexplicably begun reading with most of the drama resolved The story starts with Nicki and Cam in a stable relationship and Nicki a year into her contract with Azmos I wanted to be there when Azmos showed up with Nicki s contract I wanted to be part of what I assume was a period of disbelief before accepting this guy wa [...]

  18. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review Lovers of Paranormal I really enjoyed this book and I liked Nicolette, even though some of her choices are questionable I didn t like Melissa at all She actually didn t strike me as a really good best friend or that she even cared much about Nicki Cam you d say he was a good boyfriend, understanding and supportive But not really And at the first chance he ran away and treated her like she was crap on his favorite shoes, plus he gave car pas [...]

  19. I received this book for an honest review from Lovers of Paranormal on.To be honest, I wasn t quite sure what to make of this book in the beginning but in fairness to the author I ve just finished a marathon reading session of the Chronicles of Nick by Sherrilyn Kenyon so this a much lighter and slower paced read.The premise of the book is good, girl gets saved from certain death by a demon, but not in the sense that we know demons He s a good guy, possibly In return for her life, she has to del [...]

  20. This was a really cool story about a demon and a regular high school girl who is his assistant that delivers messages to people around town.Her job seems simple enough but as the story goes on, it becomes and dangerous I really enjoyed the storyline and slowly finding out how the main character, Nicki, became the messenger assistant to a demon.The demon, Azmos, is very intimidating while Nicki is shy and reserved We saw their dynamics between these two characters change as the story unfolded T [...]

  21. librarytalker 201 When Nicki was little, she was in a car accident that killed her mother In order to live, she was given the option to take a job by a demon Years later, she s now doing that job.She s the demon s messenger It s her job to deliver sealed envelopes to whomever the demon wishes.It starts as a rare assignment, maybe once a month Then it started to be once a week When it starts becoming a regular thing, Nicki starts to get curious about what she s delivering.And the people she s del [...]

  22. Nicki finds herself employed by a tight lipped demon that expects her to jump regardless of time or day Finding herself delivering mysterious envelopes to many people who while her showing up at their door with them, don t seem all that happy with her deliveries Which for a teenage girl trying to finish high school is bad enough, but curiosity gets the best of her when one of these individuals tries to banish her with holy water and salt While she is busy helping her demon boss, her regular life [...]

  23. Perhaps this doesn t deserve one star but two I may rethink this review later I just can t think of anything I really liked, but it s not like I had high expectations and it was free on Kindle, so I m not furious or anything.The basics I was promised demons, grim setting, and slight romance hopefully with chemistry but I never get my hopes high But the setting was bland, the characters and romance blander, and the demon well intentioned with a backstory that was never really fleshed out I guess [...]

  24. I liked this The beginning was easy to inhale and everything seemed really new and shiny, but as it began it s descend to the climax, I was left feeling a little unsatisfied The main char was funny but sometimes I skimmed over her inner monologues her thoughts and repeated rants did nothing for me and the only drama that stood out was an assumption that didn t even turn out to be true sighs.The writing was good, I liked the char s voice and the people she interacted with The plot, while great wh [...]

  25. I like both Azmos and the main character Nicki as characters Plot is a little thin and a little dry, and I would have liked information regarding the demon world, but I have no doubts that would be covered in the second book Nicki is the typical run of the mill teenager, and her friends and her boyfriend seem to be extraordinary, and if I were honest, the setting is almost like a typical anime manga It honestly makes me question why her friends and boyfriend put up with her, even though she s [...]

  26. Thank you Tori Centanni for the opportunity to read your book I was given this book in exchange for an honest review LoP Lovers of Paranormal.Demon s Deadline was an easy and quick read Although the story started off a little slow and mysterious it progressed into a riveting young adult story about Nicolette who is a messenger for a demon, Azmos, reclaiming the lives of people whose time has run out I was able to connect with Nicolette seeing that she faced some struggles to include dealing with [...]

  27. This was short and sweet Azmos and Nicki kind of reminded me of Rachel and her own demon in The Hallows series So of course I like Azmos and he seems to actually care about Nicki though that may come up in a future books Her boyfriend right now is okay he seems understanding and cares for her only thing I didn t like about him is that he didn t talk to her for like 3 days when they were fighting I mean who does that Also her friend Melissa thinks she is crazy I mean who needs friends like that w [...]

  28. Nicolette works for a demon delivering letters She signed a contract after she was saved from a car accident Despite how it affects her personal life, she continues to do her job, her boyfriend Cam being the only one who knows her secret A good first book in the series, Nicolette is a good character, trying to figure out who she is and what the future holds, while being caught in a strange situation I would have liked the story to have a bit action, but it was a good story and I will read the n [...]

  29. Pretty good read Nice premise This is well written, in an easy to read language that flows naturally The main character is easy to empathize with, and frankly kind of likable I found that this book was not a page turner at first, it starts out kind of meh , but at the midpoint it does pick up The last few chapters ARE exciting and when I finished the book I decided to get book 2 I would recommend it as a good starter book for someone new to supernatural fiction, younger, or used to IV supernatur [...]

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