A Real Work of Art

A Real Work of Art In high school art class Lois Lane demonstrates her undeniable talent but not for painting This is an official teaser short story for the young adult novel LOIS LANE FALLOUT that takes place before L

In high school art class, Lois Lane demonstrates her undeniable talent but not for painting.This is an official teaser short story for the young adult novel LOIS LANE FALLOUT that takes place before Lois moves to Metropolis.

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A Real Work of Art

  1. I m an author of young adult books My latest are Lois Lane Fallout and Double Down, which bring the iconic comic book character front and center in her own YA novel series, and Girl on a Wire, Girl in the Shadows and the comic book miniseries graphic novel Girl Over Paris, set in the Cirque American In 2017 Lois Lane Triple Threat and a new middle grade series, the Supernormal Sleuthing Service, co written with my husband Christopher Rowe It s possible that I escaped from a classic screwball comedy.I live in a hundred year old house in Lexington, Kentucky, with Christopher and our menagerie.

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  1. Lois Lane start a new school and her art teacher is a bit fishy.This was a nice short story Now I wish I had requested Lois Lane Fallout that is published in May Perfect for anyone that likes Superman or and Smallville.I received this copy from the publisher through Netgalley in return for an honest review Review also posted on And Now for Something Completely Different and It s a Mad Mad World

  2. Lois Lane A Real Work of Art by Gwenda BondPublished 2015, CapstoneStars Prequel short story for Lois Lane Fallout, just released Review also posted at Slapdash SundryJust like with Cloudy with a Chance of Destruction, I just loved the author s take on Lois Lane If these snippets are foreshadowing of the quality of her Lois Lane, then I can t wait to get my grabby hands on a copy of Lois Lane Fallout I might not be an art prodigy, but like I said, I do have other talents There is no one better t [...]

  3. This short story about a teenaged Lois Lane is a great read I will be on the look out for the next book Lois Lane Fall Out I really enjoyed this especially her messages to smallvilleboy Too cute Great read for a Lois Lane or Superman fan.

  4. This was like watching an episode of Scooby Doo, I loved it A real work of art is a short story set before Lois Lane moves to Metropolis She finds put her temporary art teacher is really an art forgerer and brings him to justice.She was so much fun, one of those kinds of know it all people that you say you hate but secretly love like crazy And I definitely want to know about this Smallville Guy

  5. This was a perfect little window into Gwenda Bond s interpretation of a young, plucky Lois Lane I loved her moxy and meddling Also, her texts to SmallvilleGuy Can t wait to read Fallout

  6. Early this morning I read and really enjoyed Cloudy with a Chance of Destruction, and after posting my review I noticed this story was available on Wattpad So of course I had to read it And I m glad I did because this shortie was even fun than the first one I seriously loved this Lois Lane is starting a new school Again And on her first day she has to attend an art class She s not good at art Even if her mother insists she spotted a stroke of genius when Lois was six Her lesson goes as expected [...]

  7. I normally don t care too much for short stories, especially ones that are under 50 pages long I know that a lot can be conveyed in them if the right writer is guiding the ship but often than not, these short stories and novellas for popular YA book series are just useless filler This was available on NetGalley, so I requested it and hoped for the best And I got it Lois Lane is exactly how I wanted her to be sassy, smart, and self aware Of course, she s a teenager, so there is some self doubt L [...]

  8. I ve been drowning myself in short stories the past two days In Fallout, Lois has an interesting permanent record from before moving to Metropolis with a few of her accomplishments mentioned in the book One of them is how she had once exposed an art forger posing as a high school teacher.This was a fun and quick read I don t think it needs to be read before Fallout but it does show us the even reckless side of Lois before she decided to settle down in Metropolis and rein in her trouble seeking [...]

  9. Thank you Netgalley for providing me a free review copy17 pages and I m already excited for Lois Lane Fallout then I was before This short story allows us a brief look and Bond s interpretation of Superman s love interest and I gotta say, I approve completely Snarky, quick witted, and overall tough as nails, I m so pumped to read all about her as soon as possible.

  10. A short, enjoyable intro to whoGwenda Bond s interpretation of Lois Lane is and what sort of capers she gets herself into this time, it s all in the name of discovering why the art teacher at her latest school is such a creep.

  11. Perfect for fans of Veronica Mars And of Embassy row.It was a very interesting short story, I wish i had requested the eGalley for the rest of the book while it was still there I am fascinated and anticipating its arrival in one of my libraries.I need to search into Lois Lane because I m seeing SUPERMAN on GoodReads and NetGalley and I don t know the connection.

  12. Great Fantastic I love detective type books I thought I d read this before purchasing Fallout, and now that I have, that s exactly what I intend to do Short Fun Unique Can t wait to read

  13. This is a quick, easy read, and an excellent introduction to Ms Bond s Lois Lane Read, fall in love, and seek out the others

  14. I knew the minute I read about the new Lois Lane Fallout novel by Gwenda Bond way back in the cold days of winter, that this was a book for me But even before the novel was published, Bond had given us a taste of what was to come in two Lois Lane teaser short stories Bond s Lois Lane is a teen aged military brat, the daughter of an Army General The family has moved around a lot and Lois may not have time to make friends and settle into a school routine, but she has excellent powers of detection [...]

  15. This review and can be found at The A P Book Club I received this book as an eARC from Capstone on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I m a huge sucker for backstories If there s a novella or a short story that tells about a secondary character and how they ended up as the character we all know and love, I will always give it a chance So, needless to say, I ve been really excited about Lois Lane Fallout since I heard that Gwenda Bond was writing it And now, to whet my appetite, there ar [...]

  16. I received this book as an eARC from Capstone via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This is a very short story preview for Gwenda Bond s Lois Lane novel Fallout I am not that familiar with Lois Lane s history, but it is cool to see Superman s future love interest as a high schooler This was a fun short story The Superman fan service was a little much, but it kept the tone light Burning vision reference, really There was also a reference to comic books that I enjoyed I m intrigued who Lo [...]

  17. Very much a short story teaser, this pitches Lois Lane as not really in control of her future military father constantly moving the family round being pressured into college art classes on the behest of her mother , yet taking the bull by the horns when she suspects her nasty professor to be something a bit sinister It s bright and breezy and perfect for the young teen audience, with its first person narrative, easy smarts and casual references to Supes back in Smallville It is a little too pat [...]

  18. Calling all Veronica Mars fansIf you re looking for a sassy, determined heroine with superior investigative skills and who won t take crap from anyone, look no further Teenage Lois Lane has got you covered Fun, irreverent, improbable and highly entertaining I can t wait to read the actual novel The only thing I didn t totally care for is Lois Lane s pen pal SmallvilleGuy Can t Lois have her own life and adventures pre Superman, or does her entire life have to be partially defined by the Man of S [...]

  19. This short was what it was a piece of short fiction serving as an introduction to this book s universe Judging it on that measure, it succeeded because I came out of reading it very much liking this author s version of Lois Lane Yes, that Lois Lane She s online buddies with SmallvilleGuy Lois is a high school student, Army brat, and modern Nancy Drew with all the smarts and confidence Lois Lane needs But if I were to judge it as a short story, I d say there were too few words for too much plot L [...]

  20. librarytalker 201 Lois Lane starts at a new school and is forced to take an art class.But this future intrepid reporter notices something strange about the teacher and she s determined to make sure he doesn t get away with anything.Final thoughts Billed as a teaser short story, it s like a chapter from the middle We re dropped into the middle and there isn t much development That being said, it does make me want to read the full novel when it comes out And my hubby, a comic fan, says it s prett [...]

  21. I received this copy from the publisher through Netgalley in return for an honest review Amazing loved this so much very entertaining and very Lois Lane Lois was smart and sassy and the way she was potrayed in this short story reminded me so much of the Lois from Smallville played by Erica Durance I loved the messages to smallvilleboy cute little nod there I cant wait to read Lois Lane Fall Out

  22. Netgalley book review I read a few pages from this interesting book.It got me hooked up from the beginning because our main character, Lois Lane, was going to an art studio But she was no artist, she had other gifts such as finding out that the art teacher was a painting dealer and she busted him.I would really like to see in what kind of other trouble Lois get s into, because that s her speciality.

  23. I read both of these short stories after reading Fallout, which I think is the way to do it, since Fallout gives you a good framework of Bond s Lois Lane to enjoy these stories This one was probably my fave of the two, probably because it s SO Nancy Drew like A nice peek into Lois s character before she settles down into Metropolis in Fallout.

  24. I get to meet Gwenda Bond is about a month she s participating in a YA panel my bookstore is putting on thanks Megan Shepherd for putting it together I plan on reading the Lois Lane books, but before I dived in to book 1, I thought I d start with this short story It was a great introduction to Lois, and it s giving off a very cool Veronica Mars vibe.

  25. 4.75 stars for sure The only reason it isn t is because it is soooo short Way too short I laughed and giggled throughout this short I was completely engaged and entertained the entire time I loved this teaser into Lois s world The writing was great and flowed very nicely Lois is a funny sarcastic character I am looking forward to reading from this author.

  26. Thanks to netgalley for this short story See here for full review.Veronica Mars meets DC comics as a high school aged Lois Lane uses intuition and smart phone apps to solve mysteries.Great teaser story for the book coming later this year I can t wait to read the novel

  27. Borrowed from Publisher NetGalley for an honest review.In this short story, Lois Lane was starting yet another new high school due to being an army brat However, she was immediately having problems with her art teacher Something didn t quite sit well with her about the professor and that had Lois looking into her suspicions The story had an interesting mystery and it was also funny.

  28. This short story is jam packed with personality, energy, and enthusiasm I absolutely LOVED it I wouldn t have thought it possible to get such a strong sense of Lois in these few pages but Gwenda Bond proved me wrong This is such a fun little tale and gives the perfect insight into Lois s initiative and detective skills, and I for one cannot wait to get my hands on Lois Lane Fallout.

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