Kissing the Rain

Kissing the Rain When Yuruch calls for his children to join him in Ft Worth it takes every ounce of willpower Alex has to stay away He may have to go to Texas but he would rather die than become his father s puppet

When Yuruch calls for his children to join him in Ft Worth, it takes every ounce of willpower Alex has to stay away He may have to go to Texas, but he would rather die than become his father s puppet.This novelette follows Alex in the days leading up to meeting Geneva If you haven t already read Kissing Demons, this is your chance to meet the MCs from Alex s POV.

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Kissing the Rain

  1. Jen Winters fell in love with paranormal romance after her daughter was born and she needed a way to escape reality for a few minutes a day She loved it so much she decided to take her own pen to it The world of the Guardians was developed through deeply irreligious conversations with her father who likes to misinterpret scripture as often as humanly possible and a good dose of did I just read that when looking into ancient near eastern mythology and scripture.

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  1. This is a prequel, a little snippet into the world of the Guardians And what a fantastic concept, the Guardians who protect the Divine Plan Angels, demons, vampires, weres and just so much excitement Although, much of that occurs in the next book Sorry, I m jumping ahead This one is about Alex, half werewolf and half incubus His demon father is calling all his children to Texas for a very evil plan I loved, absolutely loved, this novella It really shows the growth of Jen Winter s writing The des [...]

  2. As introductions to a Author goes, I find myself thoroughly introduced Truth is, I have read this little gem when it first appeared, and had to give it a second read I will also state, categorically, that I may have found a little addiction in this particular paranormal romance Jen weaves an intricate story giving you a good education of her characters and their natures While there aren t any secrets to this writing it is all laid bare, to some degree there is just enough left out to make you go [...]

  3. Kissing the Rain is a novelette of the Guardian Novels series by Jen Winters It s an erotic glimpse of the point in time when the two main characters from Kissing Demons first meet, told from the hero s point of view I enjoyed hearing the story from Alex s perspective as the full length book is mostly seen through the heroine s eyes I recommend checking this out it s an extension of Kissing Demons and free on online retailers as of the date this review was posted For my review of book one of the [...]

  4. Kissing the Rain by Jen WintersA delightful read This is a supernatural fantasy novella, about a male Halfling Half of his makeup is werewolf, the other demon The author refers to his demon half as incubus I had heard this term before, however I needed to refresh my memory with its meaning Not sure that the hero of this story, Alex Wolfe, fits the literal dictionary meaning but that may have to do with him being only half incubus He is an overtly sexual being who can eat auras I did want the aut [...]

  5. This book tells us the story of how Alex came to be in Dallas It shows his struggle and how he reacted when he first met Geneva I loved seeing how this all was from his perspective It is a very quick read but completely worth it

  6. A great read A nice, short prequel to Kissing Demons told from Alex s point of view We see his constant struggle with the two forces warring within him and feel his fear about his father s call I enjoyed getting in this character s head and hope to read from this author soon

  7. If you have read Kissing Demons by Jen Winters, then this little companion will shed a different light on the first Geneva and Alex s interactions, from his point of view For those who haven t read Kissing Demons yet, one click this sucker You will not be disappointed It is difficult enough to be a Therian and Demon Mix, but throw in a little Incubus and Guardian and WOW what a show I enjoyed this small peak into Alex s head and how he was feeling and seeing things that were happening, as oppose [...]

  8. Wow, I love reading books that are paranormal romance This one combines all sorts of bits and pieces of paranormal things into one short novella, giving us a hint of Adam West s unique persona His life within the pack and as part demon makes things very interesting for him Especially as a teacher He teaches at a school for half lings, like himself Children who are half one thing and half another thing Jen Winters has creatively put these things together and written a very unique introduction to [...]

  9. A brief but very entertaining short introduction to The Guardian Novels.It s a fast paced, well written book, with amazing characters and great attention to detail Jen Winters has a wonderful imagination and for a short time I was allowed to escape into her world.I read it in one sitting, it s impossible to put down.I enjoyed it immmensly and have already started reading the next book in the series, Kissing Demons 13 7 15 Having finished Kissing Demons, I just want to add that the events in this [...]

  10. Kissing the Rain A Guardian Novelette is a beautifully written adult paranormal romance The writing is vivid Air slammed back into my lungs Rats scratched at my throat Alex is a half breed who must keep his sensuous werewolf and aura eating incubus halves in balance He can reach sensory overload in a crowd ripe with sights, smells, auras, and emotions the story is drenched with well described senses and sensuality Geneva is the dangerous guardian who attracts him When Alex is called by his power [...]

  11. Kissing the Rain is a side story of the Guardian series by Jen Winters It could function as the prologue to the first book, Kissing Demons, and follows Alex through events that lead to his appearance in the first novel, Kissing Demons It is a well done novelette from the Alex s POV and gives readers a glimpse of the world of Guardians I enjoyed the short book and would recommend reading it before starting the full series You will fall in love with the main character and want to know of the saga [...]

  12. Another round of applause please Jen Winters did an awesome job with this story I had already read Kissing Demons so I had a good Idea of the characters But I found after reading this book that I have a better understanding of Alex s complicated relationship with his father and his relationship with Geneva As well as a clearer picture of how Alex struggles for harmony with his demon and Wolf sides.

  13. Wow, what an awesome novelette, as short stories go this is one of the best I ve read for a long time, it was engaging, interesting and left me wanting to know about Alex s struggle to avoid his father as well as about the Guardian that he is drawn to certainly a great introduction to an author I have not read before.

  14. Wow The only complaint I have is that it ended way too soon Alex is a hot and intriguing character, who is constantly fighting an inner war between his incubus side and his werewolf side I have to say that I have never read a character quite like him before I love the connection he has with Geneva, and can t wait to read of their story

  15. This is an awesome short and a great introduction to Jen Winters world of the Guardians There are a couple of VERY hot scenes, and the characters she has created are very interesting I ve already started reading Kissing Demons, and I can t wait to see where she goes with this series

  16. Sexy shifter bar Yes I m all in.I loved this book It was as fast paced The main character is well developed The story line has some very sexual overtones.Then you get ready buckle up it s going to get real hot Candlelit for the next book Pick this one up.

  17. This was a very short and engaging readI loved the characters of this story and the writing was so amazing making it an easy read I only wished it had been longer.

  18. I loved seeing Alex before he got to Texas His transition from teacher to lover was a nice thing to read about They are a perfect couple

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