Stranded It s human nature to survive Searching for some kind of peace after the tragic death of her younger sister Emma ventures with a hiking group into the massive and treacherous wilderness of the Boundar

It s human nature to survive.Searching for some kind of peace after the tragic death of her younger sister, Emma ventures with a hiking group into the massive and treacherous wilderness of the Boundary Waters a rugged land filled with wild animals, twisting rivers, and, Emma hopes, the quiet solitude she so desperately needs.But Mother Nature has other plans.When a freak wIt s human nature to survive.Searching for some kind of peace after the tragic death of her younger sister, Emma ventures with a hiking group into the massive and treacherous wilderness of the Boundary Waters a rugged land filled with wild animals, twisting rivers, and, Emma hopes, the quiet solitude she so desperately needs.But Mother Nature has other plans.When a freak windstorm kills the group s guide, Emma and three other survivors are left stranded with no compass, no map, and just a handful of supplies Their only hope is to make it to the mighty Lake Superior, where maybe, just maybe, they will be rescued before it s too late.Lost, hungry, and exhausted, Emma and her small group must endure every storm, every dangerous animal, and even the looming threat of hypothermia if they hope to survive But time is running out and one fellow camper will do whatever it takes to make it out of the Boundary Waters alive Even if he s the only one.A psychological thriller mixed with intense action, Stranded asks that all too important question What would you do in order to survive

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  1. Melinda Braun Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Stranded book, this is one of the most wanted Melinda Braun author readers around the world.

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  1. Marked as DNF 7 30 15 Oops, that was a pretty quick decision I stopped at about page 35 because I was not enjoying any part of it at all In fact, I was actively disliking what was going on I picked up this book because my husband and I go camping all the time backwoods camping too so similar to this situation No phones, no cabins, just camping and the wilderness I thought I could easily get into this book because it was so many things that I loved and seeing as we weren t able to go camping yet [...]

  2. Stranded is another book about a group of teens being stranded in the wilderness, I like that sort of thing, but I ve read a couple similar ones in the past year I found the story to be realistic than the others, but there were some details that had me scratching my head.After being missing for several days, it was said that one of the teens had lost between 10 and 20 pounds You can lose weight very quickly fasting, but because it s water weight it doesn t show like actual pounds from fat would [...]

  3. I ve been trying not to give a star rating to DNF d books The writing here isn t bad, but after the initial disaster, the plot gets extremely repetitive I also had a hard time telling some of the characters apart just by name, and they seemed to fit neatly into stereotypes the dangerous boy, the POC girl, the tragic girl, and the hot nerd My other quibble is probably silly, but the author, who was originally from Wisconsin yeah and moved to the Twin Cities why not didn t make me go, OH YEAH That [...]

  4. The author was able to create and describe four very different people in such a way that you are able to picture them Each character is different and come from different places and grew up in different environments The events that take place are very creative and flow to each important event as it happens The story is not rushed or packed with a lot of information The topic of being stuck on an island or lost in the wilderness is common, but the author makes the story itself very original and it [...]

  5. It has been a year since Emma s little sister Lucy died Emma is now 17 and moving on with her life, by going on a camping trip This camping trip is for a week, but it s not with family, it s with a bunch of teenagers her age Not even half was through the trip and tragic storm occurred Now it s up to Emma to save herself and the others Will she make it You ll have to find out I recommend this book to people who like survival and realistic fiction If you liked hatchet you will like this book to.

  6. Okay, I just have to say that I absolutely loved this book I have to admit, I was afraid that this was going to be too much like The Hunger Games when it came to surviving in the forest but Stranded completely blew me away It was real, raw, and an all around page turner in the truest sense of the word I needed to know what was going to happen next, I felt their hunger and their fear it was brilliant.Full Review reedsreadsreview 2015 09 0

  7. Basically just your standard teens get lost in woods and must survive novel Not really my thing, hence the low rating, but overall, a little repetitive but not bad Definitely a short and easy read.

  8. Braun writes a very fast paced novel of young adults stranded in the wilderness fighting to save their own lives Unfortunately, the story is larger than life in many areas and quite unbelievable for readers who have read very good, realistic stranded stories Also, the character development was not strong enough to make this very memorable So I ll walk through those pointsPros Very fast read with light hearted characters Cons some spoilers here The character development left a lot to be desired A [...]

  9. As someone who has been out backpacking in some seriously nasty are we going to die now storms, I was really excited to pick this one up It follows the story of Emma who decides to go on a week long backpacking retreat to help recover from a serious loss she suffered a year prior The first couple days everything is grand, until the guide of the trip along with two of the other campers is killed in a freak wind storm This leaves Emma alone with the three remaining campers Isaac, Oscar, and Chloe, [...]

  10. I chose the book Stranded by Melinda Braun because, it looked like it would be interesting It was about a group of kids that were stranded after a windstorm killed their guide and everyone else in their group The protagonist of the story is Emma Johnson Emma s conflict began when her younger sister and her were in a tragic car crash in which her sister died A year later she decided to go on a week long hike with a group Only to be faced with even conflict when a windstorm kills her guide and on [...]

  11. Emma has never been the same since she survived a car accident a year ago that killed her younger sister Lucy, blaming herself for being unable to save her She has been struggling to find a way to move on but sees an advert for a week long survival trip for teenagers and decides to join up In the beginning it is hard work and tiring, but one night it all changes when a freak storm kills their experienced guide and leaves the survivors stranded out in the wild With fire threatening to destroy the [...]

  12. I was so disappointed by this book I was hesitant to read it in the first place because I don t love survival stories but I ve been on a thriller kick lately This book appeared to fit that genre at a glance Boy was I wrong The synopsis mentioned that this book was a psychological thriller and hinted that one of the members of the group had sinister motives I don t understand why those two things were even mentioned in the first place This book was not a psychological thriller at all When people [...]

  13. I really enjoyed this book I received the book in my May book box from Books and Worms It was a book that you couldn t put down because you wanted to see what was going to happen next The characters all came together because each one had their own set of problems During their camping trip a tragedy occurs and forces the characters to work together to get out of the woods This book had me crying at the end Happy tears A Happy ending.

  14. It s not bad, it gets a little repetitive with all the awful things happening to the kids But at the same time I couldn t put it down because I wanted to know what happened next The ending was a little bland and I would have liked to end on a better uplifting note When I finished all I thought was that s really the end But overall an easy quick read, fun to take on a week vacation when you can pick up at random times.

  15. 3.25 stars I really liked the beginning of this story There was lots of mystery and suspense However, the further in the book I got the I lost the feeling of is being a thriller kind of book I was almost hoping that there would happen something terrible scary, which in itself is a terrible thought The point I m trying to get across is that even though it didn t meet up to my expectations thriller wise, it still was an enjoyable read hence the rating

  16. I thought this book was really good I finished it in two days, as it was a very fast read I was kind of annoyed with Issac s character, but I think that was the author s goal I love books dealing with natural disasters or survival so I would definitely recommend this book There s even a little bit of really adorable romance

  17. In my opinion this book was okay It was very unrealistic because they have way to many bad things happen to them It had a very good story line though and the characters are very well thought out and have different personalities I do recommend for young teens who like a drama mystery.

  18. This book was amazing Quite the page turner I must say I won t say to much as to avoid spoilers, but this book really does a great job of describing the human spirit and the fight and willingness we have in all of us to survive

  19. The obstacles that the group of teenagers faced seemed very forced into the plot One of the characters was kept alive only for the sake of having complications and obstructions.Everything seemed to convenient.

  20. Intense Suspenseful Teenagers on a guided hiking trip that suddenly leaves them stranded Excellent story Highly recommended

  21. I thought that the book was very well written and it always kept me in my toes and I could not put the book down

  22. It s been almost a year since seventeen year old Emma was in an auto accident that left her younger sister dead Since then, she s isolated and withdrawn from friends and her parents seem on their own path to marital disaster Despite hearing many times that it wasn t her fault, the message doesn t stick and nightmares and intrusive thoughts are slowly killing her spirit After finding a brochure for a teen wilderness excursion, Emma decides she needs something challenging like the brochure describ [...]

  23. Very quick YA read Wish she had gone into of each character in the book view spoiler I wish she didn t have the kissing scene I think it would ve been stronger at the end if Emma and Oscar had held hands at the end of the novel Why does every girl have to fall for a guy in the novels Why hide spoiler

  24. this book was really good and i wish it was longer because i want to keep reading about the characters and what happens next when what happens at the end.

  25. It was probably a little overconfident of the publisher to label this a psychological thriller There s really nothing psychological or thrilling about it Still, it was a fun, casual read.Nothing is wrong with this book, it just isn t very memorable I m already mixing it up with other survival books I ve read Still, I ve loved most of the survival books I ve read, and this is no exception It has all the excitement you d expect Wild animals, sketchy mushrooms, some kind of contrived time limit for [...]

  26. I really hate saying negative things about books because I know how much work goes into writing them This one had such potential, but I feel like I didn t even read the same book as the other reviewers So many people said it was amazing, but I don t see it It wasn t bad It just was really average.The characters all seemed to embody some stereotype Isaac was a jerk, Chloe was a sweet big sister type, Oscar was a quiet, attractive guy who falls for the protagonist without any discernible reason, a [...]

  27. Stranded, written by Melinda Braun, is an addicting wilderness adventure about overcoming mental and physical challenges to survive an impossible situation After blaming herself for the death of her sister, teenager, Emma, decides to go on a guided hiking trip in the rugged, unforgiving Boundary Waters She hopes to find some peace after her tragic loss Instead, a violent storm strikes and kills the hiking guide and two others Emma and the three other scared and unprepared teen survivors are lost [...]

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