Something Like Love

Something Like Love IT S GONNA BE A WILD RIDEBen Noble needs to do some damage control Fast His heart has always been in ranching but there s no escaping the spotlight on his high powered political family Now the only t

IT S GONNA BE A WILD RIDEBen Noble needs to do some damage control Fast His heart has always been in ranching, but there s no escaping the spotlight on his high powered political family Now the only thing that can restore his reputation is a getaway to the fresh air of Aspen, Colorado Not to mention that the trip gives Ben a second chance to impress a certain gorgeousIT S GONNA BE A WILD RIDEBen Noble needs to do some damage control Fast His heart has always been in ranching, but there s no escaping the spotlight on his high powered political family Now the only thing that can restore his reputation is a getaway to the fresh air of Aspen, Colorado Not to mention that the trip gives Ben a second chance to impress a certain gorgeous mountain guide But Paige Harper is nothing like the shy girl he remembers she s so much .Paige is serious about Ben, too seriously annoyed that the playboy cowboy is using her mountain for his PR Once upon a time, she fell for Ben s aw shucks charm, but the fairy tale didn t end happily Paige doesn t intend to let down her guard again But keeping their relationship all business and no pleasure may be harder than she thinks especially if the moonlight, the Rockies, and a certain irresistible rancher have anything to say about it

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Something Like Love

  1. Contemporary romance author Sara Richardson has been a communications manager, copy writer, magazine editor, and whitewater rafting guide The day after graduating with a master s degree in journalism, Sara realized she was too empathetic to be a journalist and starting writing her first novel instead A lifelong fascination with true love quickly led her to the romance genre Her Heart of the Rockies series was published by Grand Central Forever in 2015 In 2016, her debut novel, No Better Man, was nominated for a RITA in the best first book category Sara is passionate about writing stories that inspire people to believe in love and always enjoys connecting with readers Learn at sararichardson.

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  1. Reviewed for herding cats burning soup amzn 2dvviLAWell that was a fun Richardson won me over and I m ready for Something Like Love was quite the adventure as Ben spends a little time getting close to nature with the help a very reluctant guide named Paige who works for his best friend.Loved the characters even if I wanted to give a couple shakes , the setting even thoughture and, hello, that freaks me out and the romance as the hero tries to up his curb appeal he s a politician with the public [...]

  2. Maybe she wasn t the one who had to change A vegetarian in a family of carnivores A straight talker in a world of political correctness Paige Harper had always struggled to find her place but she d never felt closer to realizing her dream Working as a guide in the Colorado Mountains was wonderful but her goal of working with horses for therapy and rehab would be heaven Would Ben Noble and his group help her or be the catalyst to seeing all her hopes go out the window One kayak trip would tell th [...]

  3. This is the second book by Richardson in the heart of the Rockies series and I absolutely enjoyed turning the pages In the previous book we meet Ben and Paige You can see they have a connection but Paige knows he is a player and she is not willing to be another notch In this book we get a little background on both characters and how they have been hurt in the past But we also get the heated glances and the hope they will end up together One thing I loved about this book was the descriptions of [...]

  4. After reading No Better Man back in May I was really excited to read the next book in the series, Something Like Love While I did enjoy this one I can t honestly say that it lived up to my expectations That being said, I was happy to see Ben and Paige get their HEA and get caught up with Bryce, Avery, and the rest of the gang from their small town.Feeling like an outsider in her own family, Paige has a hard time letting anyone get too close Especially men after her only serious relationship turn [...]

  5. NOTE This review is a highlighting of a few quotes from the story so people can judge for themselves whether or not it s the kind of read they will enjoy So here we go It started off kinda like this Gals like you are a hell of a lot prettier when they re quiet But then we got to know about Ben Paige It seemed Ben Noble enjoyed the dance but not the morning after, and she didn t do one night stands Unfortunately, she d inherited Gramma Lou s fierce spirit and had managed to break every single on [...]

  6. Ben needs to increase good will in his political campaign and the quickest way he can do that is to donate some of his family s private land To make it a of a skeptical his political adviser has set up a white water raft guided tour ending in a press party Which sounds great except that his guide is none other than Paige, the woman who wants nothing to do with him but he hasn t been able to forget Paige has been hurt by a playboy before and Ben s reputation is all she needs to know about him Ex [...]

  7. openbooksociety article soSomething Like LoveHeart of the Rockies, Book 2By Sara RichardsonISBN 9781455530885sararichardson Brought to you by OBS Reviewer jerjenSynopsis IT S GONNA BE A WILD RIDEBen Noble needs to do some damage control Fast His heart has always been in ranching, but there s no escaping the spotlight on his high powered political family Now the only thing that can restore his reputation is a getaway to the fresh air of Aspen, Colorado Not to mention that the trip gives Ben a sec [...]

  8. Paige Harper finds it difficult to let anyone get close to her, with good reason She feels like an outsider within her family and deeply feels the lack of support from a family that does not understand her ambitious dream to establish a therapy program geared towards the handicapped when she could be working at the family restaurant Throw in being burned badly when she trusted the wrong man and the walls she has built up begin to make sense Ben Noble is the first man she came close to letting in [...]

  9. ARC received from publisher via Netgalley for an honest reviewThis is the second book in the Heart Of The Rockies series, but the first that I have read But this could be read as a standalone and I did not feel that I was missing anything by not reading the first book.Oh Ben and Paige 3They have a little history not great history but there is that spark, that attraction from the minute they are on the page together There is this push pull between them Ben wants Paige, Paige pushes him away They [...]

  10. Read the full review on Bookaholics Not So Anonymous.Note This ARC was provided by Forever Grand Central Publishing in exchange for an honest review.Something Like Love is the second novel in author Sara Richardson s contemporary romance series, Heart of the Rockies, and tells the rest of the story of Ben Noble and Paige Harper which began in the first novel, No Better Man, and truly became a love story here You can read either book separately from each other, but I do recommend that you read bo [...]

  11. eceived and ARC from Net Gallery in return for an honest review.My first time reading this author thought the beginning went a little slow for my taste However, there was so much back information given by the author that helped the story along The story is about a young woman named Paige who was a change of life baby, the youngest of five children by ten years Paige s parents owned and ran The High Altitude Cafe it was a gathering place where all of her family worked Since her parents and siblin [...]

  12. After being painted a less than savory character in the tabloids by his ex, Ben Noble s political career is in jeopardy, and he is scrambling to get back into the voters good graces He would much rather live a quiet life as a rancher, but when you come from a high powered political family there are certain expectations set by your parents that you have no choice but to follow His mother would love nothing than for him to become a beloved senator like his late father, and follow in his political [...]

  13. Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfBen and Paige s story background began in the first story in the Heart of the Rockies series, No Better Man While, in my opinion, you don t have to have read this series from the start to enjoy or even understand all the lives involved it would certainly give you all of the nuances and undertones of this excellent ongoing series So if you get the chance, pick up No Better Man it s a great story.Watching Ben and Paige s romance move from little trust to romance was an [...]

  14. After his ex girlfriend makes him look bad in front of the media, Ben Noble needs a new plan He s running for senator and in order to keep his numbers up, he s going to donate his land in Aspen and make a production of it He s going to need the help of his friend Bryce and his attractive mountain guide, Paige Harper Paige has been on his mind since the moment he met her and danced with her Maybe this time he can convince her he s not playing her.Paige can t believe Ben is back He made her feel t [...]

  15. 2.75 stars rounded upMeh, it was okay, I think The thing is, I didn t particularly impressed with the romance The whole thing happened in one week, and I despised instant relationship, especially those happening in very quick timeline Unless the author could write very convincingly, it is rather rare for me to enjoy anything happens that fast in a romance book And I don t think Paige and Ben s relationship or love story is convincing I can t understand what drawn him together, except for physica [...]

  16. This is the third book from Sara s that I have read and the second in the Heart of the Rockies series Since we met these two characters in the first book I was interested to see where there love story would go I really enjoy Sara s writing style as she does a great job of developing the characters and making them quite realistic She did this by giving you details of their past so that you could better understand what led them to where they are today In addition, she also gave them bumps in the r [...]

  17. Paige and Ben s story had me enthralled from page one Paige, is the black sheep of her family and feels like the only place she fits in is on Walker Ranch She s working hard to be able to start a Special Needs Rehab program, and the last thing she needed was for Ben to walk back into her life and throw everything helter skelter No one has been able to make Ben feel the way Paige makes him feel There s a strong connection between them and despite all the people and issues between them he s going [...]

  18. Something Like Love was an excellent romance drama novel I loved this book Lately I have been craving a good romance novel, and this filled the void Sara Richardson did an excellent job writing this book I very rarely found it boring I can t remember a time reading it where I felt the need to put it down While it didn t have me hooked at every single word, I craved to continue the story and know what was going to happen to Paige and Ben.The novel moves smoothly and doesn t have any chapters that [...]

  19. It s a cute story, but why is it impossible to find a cute romance book that would make some sense From the beginning, you know Sarah and Ben are going to fall in love, even though everything brings them apart, or should be enough to prevent them from a love story I m just asking for believable stories, with a little wink to real life, but not so far apart I was upset by the number of things making women different, inferior to guys Of course, just making the men older makes it easier, but they [...]

  20. I have not had the pleasure of reading the previous book in this series If I had maybe I would have learned about the history of Ben and Paige s relationship I enjoyed them as a couple There was going on underneath Paige s resistance Paige is scared to open herself up to hurt Her relationships whether romantic or familial have consisted of her being labeled a disappointment and I believe she has taken those words to heart In her mind she can t disappoint anyone else if she pushes them away Be [...]

  21. Oh, PaigeI enjoyed watching her learn to accept her differences because the bottom line of it is when your family doesn t accept your choices, you re going to have feelings of inadequacies I also really enjoyed watching her fight her attraction to Ben and try to keep him firmly in the business acquaintance role been there, done that, bought the t shirt The tension and chemistry between these two characters fell from the pages and kept the pages turning The scenery was well written I definitely w [...]

  22. Ben can be a pushover a times, especially where Paige is concerned, ah, hell He was whipped He d pretty much agree to anything, if it would make her happy I enjoyed this book, Ben did not give up on his woman, and I seriously hated his mother like not even a little but hardcore I can t wait for the next book in the series.

  23. Enjoyed getting back to Aspen in the second book in this series Ben falling in love so quickly felt a little unreal, especially given his past, but the chemistry between the two is well developed I m really looking forward to Ruby and Sawyer s book.

  24. I received an early copy from a drawing that was sponsored by the author I really enjoyed this book I loved the characters especially Julia and enjoyed the storyline I can t wait for the third one in the series

  25. Cute, if mostly shallow, contemporary romance Julie was pretty much the highlight character for me, and dear God I hope she gets her own book I never quite got why Ben and Paige liked each other beyond insta lust attraction, which was a shame, because the setup was pretty great otherwise.

  26. This book is a fun romance novel with plenty of sexual tension Perfect when you re in the mood for a little guilty pleasure read.

  27. I received a copy of this for free through First ReadsThis was a fun, quick, easy read It had just enough intrigue to keep you hooked and reading Great for a lazy day or beach read.

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