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Candyfloss Guitar Diego is coasting He has been content with living his life in a sun scorched pueblo that lies on the route of the pilgrim path The Way of Saint James But one stormy night change is forced upon him wh

Diego is coasting He has been content with living his life in a sun scorched pueblo that lies on the route of the pilgrim path The Way of Saint James But one stormy night, change is forced upon him when his father, Eduardo, the local candyfloss man, unexpectedly catches him entertaining a captivated crowd with flamenco guitar rhythms At that moment, Eduardo relinquisheDiego is coasting He has been content with living his life in a sun scorched pueblo that lies on the route of the pilgrim path The Way of Saint James But one stormy night, change is forced upon him when his father, Eduardo, the local candyfloss man, unexpectedly catches him entertaining a captivated crowd with flamenco guitar rhythms At that moment, Eduardo relinquishes the hold from the ghosts of his past and realises it s time for Diego to confront his fate Eduardo arranges for Diego to live and work on a farm and sends him on his way with the gift of his old Spanish guitar Candyfloss Guitar is a story about taking the first steps on a journey towards shrouded dreams and searching for meaning Stephen Marriott, the soulful travel novelist, brings a subtle tenderness to this traveller s tale that traverses the spiritual and physical worlds A Gabriel Garcia Marquez style tale of self discovery kissed by the supernatural Short, lovely and satisfying Acclaimed spiritual fantasy author Laura K Cowan, author of Music of Sacred Lakes Thin Places Supernatural Tales of the Unseen

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Candyfloss Guitar

  1. Stephen Marriott is a British author whose creative spirit is inspired by travel and walking the roads less travelled His debut book, CANDYFLOSS GUITAR, has climbed the Best Sellers list and has been ranked 1 in several categories.

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  1. a spiritual novella about life, and Man s search for his road ,signs he would see which may be mistaken for bad luck ,however at last it may turn to be a blessing.about father son relationship, and for those whom we love and could speak to our souls wherever we are when they knew we need them

  2. Candyfloss Guitar is a delightful novella by Stephen Marriott who is a traveler as well as a wonderful author When Diego s father sends him off to make his own way in the world with his trusty old guitar a series of unplanned circumstances have him decide to walk the pilgrim path, The Way of Saint James Carmina de Santiago rather than head off to work on his cousin s farm as he planned Diego s journey becomes not just a physical one but a quest to find his destiny in life and he meets many inter [...]

  3. this is a wonderful short story novella that is beautifully written The book strives, and succeeds, throughout it s pages to bring the Road to Santiago de Compostela alive in our imagination The reader is encouraged to visualise every step of the way, to communicate with other travellers and share the interactions between them and the guitar man It also draws us towards how life takes roads we cannot or do not envision unless we are prepared to follow and commit to the pathway ahead The story br [...]

  4. I received this book for an honest review and the first thoughts that came to mind after reading was that this was an undated version of The Pilgrim s Progress The book is well written and follows Diego on his journey of enlightenment Diego begins on the path after being given the guitar by his father and asked to either make his way in the land or work for his cousins Diego friends want to travel to Madrid to find easy women and make easy money Whilst Diego is choosing his future we meet one of [...]

  5. What an enjoyable story I was immediately caught up in this book, Candyfloss Guitar As the story begins, Diego s father encourages him to decide what to do with his life, so Diego goes on a journey to find his path It s a fascinating account of the people he meets and the various things that happen to him The author of this novella is very good at making the reader see the culture and surroundings of this Spanish village and the road to Santiago It s easy to care for Diego and his destiny as he [...]

  6. I was sent an email copy of this by the author in return for an honest review I thoroughly enjoyed this quite short story about Diego who doesn t really know what to do with his life His father tries to point him in the right direction and the story centres round Diego s journey from his Spanish village and the people he meets and the effect they have on him A very enjoyable read.

  7. I was gifted a PDF copy of this book from the author in exchange for a review This novella is beautifully written and a fantastic story about self discovery I really enjoyed it.

  8. Candyfloss Guitar by Stephen MarriottI was approached by Stephen himself to review his new book Candyfloss Guitar which made me incredibly happy, so thank you.Candyfloss Guitar is a very short yet sweet story about taking the first steps of a life changing journey Diego lives with his father, Eduardo, the local candyfloss man, in a Pueblo, secretly performing to crowds of people throughout the night On finding out about Diego s little hobby, Eduardo sends him on his way to work on a farm along w [...]

  9. Note I received an e book copy of this, in return for an honest review.Note Review May contain Spoilers Although this story is very short, it is very inspiring This story is about love, lost and finding yourself It is such a beautiful story We all want love and to find what our destiny is in life and this is what this book is about Eduardo had found his path in life He found the love of his life, had his chosen career and had a son who ultimately was lost after the death of his wife mother In a [...]

  10. Eduardo father, Spanish, retired Republican soldier was a vendor who made his living with a 1949, Cotton Candy Machine Anna Maria wife mother had died Diego their son was wasting his life away in the Bar Paradiso.Eduardo made arrangements with Pedro cousin for him to go work on a farm With his dad s guitar money he sets of on a journey to Santiago de Compostela, Spain.He finds out Eduardo passed away.Diego however tries new things, meets different PPL never makes it I did not receive any type of [...]

  11. At first thought, this is a book about an elderly gentleman, Eduardo, who is just finding out who he is and how long the road took to get there However, after a few pages, it is way than that.This short story is packed full of a young man, Diego, on a pilgrimage he did not know he would take He ends up finding himself and new friends along the way He starts out thinking he is chasing someone and finding he is chasing after himself.It was a delight to read and a very pleasant one at that A must [...]

  12. I am enjoying this novella immensely I just adore Diego Something about a young Spanish man with a guitar The author portrays him so well I have enjoyed the camina walk with Diego and have taken a few things away from it My favorite quote is on page 43 But what if one doesn t have that eureka moment, what if we are just one of a million stars lost without any purpose Within this story, Diego is trying to discover his destiny or purpose Just like all of us, on any adventure or challenge we take o [...]

  13. This is a beautifully written short story about Diego, a young man nudged by his father on the path toward determining what he will make of his life As Diego walks along the a Road to Santiago de Compostela, he makes the acquaintance of a series of other pilgrims, strangers to him, who offset his initial misfortunes and continue to guide him towards self actualization Filled with lushly descriptive language that brought the story to life, I only wish the story had been longer A copy of this stor [...]

  14. I received a PDF copy of this from the author directly in exchange for a review.I not sure if a PDF copy counts as the paperback or Kindle version for review purposes but I am reviewing it here any way.I have noted in the past that I find it harder to read books electronically as my brain skips things on the screen and that might have happened here too I enjoyed what I did pick up on and the tone of the book It is a travel and coming of age book which despite being short does explore a few diffe [...]

  15. Stephen brings us heart warming characters in a beautifully written coming of age tale set on a Pilgrimage in Spain Diego is a young man with a dream He wants a career in music, which his wise grandfather convinces him to follow But as he leaves the small village of San Pedro, he meets different Pilgrims Each one teaches him a different lesson in life This is an uplifting story and has a great sense of place and time From the very first page, you feel the heat of the Spanish sun on your face The [...]

  16. I received an Advanced Reader s Copy of this book from the Good Reads Giveaway Candyfloss Guitar is a nice novella that I truly couldn t put down as I read it The writing and descriptions are beautiful, the characters are likeable and interesting, and the story flows at such a nice pace It s a novella that is easily relatable, to anyone in this world who is figuring who they are and their purpose in life It has all the words it needs to be an inspiring journey and a great read I definitely recom [...]

  17. Read this yesterday whilst sitting in the sun overlooking the South Downs It evoked lots of images of Spain for me and I could feel the sunshine coming through the page A short but wonderfully touching book The characters were interesting and well written I d like to see a longer book next time from Stephen as It finished way too soon but it is a great read whilst sitting at a National Trust property watching the world go by Highly recommend

  18. There is an old joke, probably told in many forms, about a young cowboy on his first cattle drive, asking an old timer what it is like The older cowboy said, There is bad news and there is good news The bad news is the food is really, really awful The good news is there is plenty of it This book was like that, but in reverse The good news is the writing is beautiful, lyrical, almost prose poetry The bad news is there is so little of it.

  19. PDF Copy from Author for ReviewThis is about one man s pilgrimage after the death of his father as he seeks to find himself.Diego finds himself on the road with his father s guitar He finds himself playing it to survive on his journey Along the way he learns to move past his ghosts and the dreams he once held.We are swept away in this short story about self discovery and being true to oneself in the end.

  20. 4.5 stars Received a PDF from the author in exchange for an honest review.I think this short story deserves a lot of readers and a lot of appreciation I certainly loved it, and I would love to see people enjoying it too.Full review emdoesbookreviews.wordpress.c

  21. This short novella surprised me with both its subject and its quality I enjoyed it immensely and wish it had been longer It is set in Spain and is about one man s pilgrimage on the road to Santiago I have read Paulo Coelho s narrative of his journey and enjoyed it Also, a speaker I know recently returned from her pilgrimage So, to read a fictional version was fascinating.

  22. The author provided me an e copy of this book.I really enjoyed this novella With its beautiful writing style and descriptions it was able to tell such a wonderful story in just 60 pages I loved the pace of the journey, the characters and the setting as well as the themes Really a well crafted and worthwhile novella that I highly recommend.

  23. Inspirational, enchanting and enlightening A delight to read and a welcome break, many life lessons are illustrated within this story A surprisingly easy read considering the deeper implications and meaning within I enjoyed it immensely Loved the writing style Left me wanting to read , much by Stephen Marriott.

  24. GREAT novella I could NOT OUT IT DOWN I received an ARC from Stephen and was blown away at this great fast paced story about a young man who really finds himself in the world and how he did it AMAZING Thanks Stephen.

  25. I received this short story novella as a free e book It has a supernatural element in it which I liked made me want to plan a trip to Spain really soon, preferably to a small village with lots of wine, tapas good music.

  26. Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review This was a great story about self discovery I would recommend this story to everyone.

  27. I just won a copy of this book from Giveaways After I ve received my copy, read it, and formulated my opinions, I ll post an honest review Stay tuned

  28. This novella was a life lesson of a tale with a little magic thrown in It was a quick easy read I enjoyed the journey

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