Der letzte Schrei: Erzählungen

Der letzte Schrei Erz hlungen A L Kennedy erz hlt von Paaren die sich nichts zu sagen haben und damit nicht aufh ren k nnen Die sich verachten betr gen verlassen Die die Liebe suchen und im Sex versanden oder umgekehrt Die Aut

A L Kennedy erz hlt von Paaren, die sich nichts zu sagen haben und damit nicht aufh ren k nnen Die sich verachten, betr gen, verlassen Die die Liebe suchen und im Sex versanden, oder umgekehrt Die Autorin aus Schottland hat einen Blick f r das Skurrile und Absurde der Liebe Die Frau, die endlich ihren Freund verlassen hat und dann wie bet ubt durch eine fremde StadA L Kennedy erz hlt von Paaren, die sich nichts zu sagen haben und damit nicht aufh ren k nnen Die sich verachten, betr gen, verlassen Die die Liebe suchen und im Sex versanden, oder umgekehrt Die Autorin aus Schottland hat einen Blick f r das Skurrile und Absurde der Liebe Die Frau, die endlich ihren Freund verlassen hat und dann wie bet ubt durch eine fremde Stadt irrt, bis sie hilflos in einem Sex Shop landet Die beiden, die sich v llig entfremdet haben, und nach dem Essen pl tzlich einen Kuss geben, der umso leidenschaftlicher ist, da sie sich im Grunde gar nicht kennen Kennedys Erz hlungen sind schmerzhaft und z rtlich zugleich Und wie in der Liebe selbst, will man immer mehr davon.

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Der letzte Schrei: Erzählungen

  1. Alison Louise Kennedy is a Scottish writer of novels, short stories and non fiction She is known for a characteristically dark tone, a blending of realism and fantasy, and for her serious approach to her work She occasionally contributes columns and reviews to UK and European newspapers including the fictional diary of her pet parrot named Charlie.

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  1. A.L Kennedy has a wicked sense of the absurd She can be hilariously funny, but as she warned her audience at the Lit Cologne event I attended last Thursday, when her stories turn funny, it s like that bit in Jurassic Park where the children are eating ice cream you just know that there are man eating raptors advancing from stage left and right The laughs are in there to relax the reader so that the contrast, when it comes, is all the effective.In the story Baby Blue, which is blue, but only for [...]

  2. The real experience of love is having unreasonably lost all shelter you cling to whoever is with you for sheer safety, beyond anything else You cling to whoever has robbed you and they cling back because they are equally naked you have stripped them to their blood They are your responsibility, frail and skinless It can t be helped I ve finished this wonderful collection of stories two weeks ago, and they still linger, haven t left me one bit, so here s me changing my initial rating to five stars [...]

  3. There are two voices in AL Kennedy s writing the miserablist author, and the stand up comic In All the Rage, her latest collection of short stories, the comic is in fine form but maybe the author is too downbeat for her own good She can skilfully pick apart the ridiculous aspects of modern life which we take for granted the Santa Dash, the patter of a sex shop sales assistant but she is too detached from the lives she describes, her resolutely third person narratives a way of keeping her charact [...]

  4. I ve had a peripheral awareness of A.L Kennedy for some time, having frequently read about her in the book papers and occasionally seen her on TV, but before this I d never actually read one of her books and it occurred to me, while thumbing through this one in the library, that I honestly had no idea at all of what kind of books she writes So I thought why not start here So I did and I m glad I did, because this is really rather good It s a collection of stories, most of which are very short Th [...]

  5. I have just started reading A.L Kennedy s books and I can say with guarantee that I will not stop at two The first one I read was, The Blue Book which left me speechless and breathless The second one which I have just finished reading is, All the Rage a collection of short stories by her and this one according to me was better than the novel for sure More so, because I have this soft corner for short stories The stories are burning with passion and yet so subtle that the words will break your he [...]

  6. What a treat, twelve stories about love by the inimitable AL Kennedy Love looking for it, losing it, exploring what love is Instead of describing the stories, I want to celebrate her writing The way she tells us so much in just one or two sentences Late in Life features an older couple waiting They are waiting in a queue at the building society, waiting for him to pay off her mortgage, in a coming together of two lives She provocatively eats a fig, being sexy for him to pass the time Despite his [...]

  7. Don t read these stories when you re already down or on your way there They are beautifully told and moving, but they are sad A L Kennedy has an uncanny ability to make her characters come to life with all their quirks and pain and especially, which seems the main focus of this collection, their inability to talk and listen to each other, to really connect Which is true and very lifelike, in a way, but call me an incurable optimist just one side of the coin.

  8. Alison writes beautifully Every sentence is elegantly crafted The problem I have with this book is that the pieces it contains cannot strictly be described as stories Character studies, internal monologues, moments evoked, yes, but very little actually happens The beginning, middle, end structure that call me old fashioned to me, denotes a story, is virtually absent I did not dislike what I read, but come on, Alison who does stand up comedy where is the punch line

  9. Stories of poignant silences, half done gestures, failures small and irreversible Reading these stories is like following a line of chains leading into the sea You aren t sure if you want to be slowly submerged But you pick them up anyway and let yourself be led.

  10. I needed to stay in Scotland after His Bloody Documents And I love me some A.L Kennedy but this was just a bit flat and one noted for me.

  11. This is the second book I have read by Scottish author A L Kennedy Kennedy has won the Lannon Literary Award for Fiction and the Costa Book of the Year Award.All the Rage is a short story anthology Almost all the stories use the same formal convention The reader is brought into the narrative in the middle of an issue or situation without explanation or preparation Because the narrative for almost every story takes place in the protagonist s mind in an often elliptical stream of consciousness fas [...]

  12. This is the first time I read the author It was apparent from the first short story that she is a master at crafting words However, her precise observations interleaved with the characters internal monologue offered too much distraction during the reading, and for that reason, I didn t enjoy the first couple of stories and couldn t develop an appetite for reading the rest of the book.

  13. Alison is a great short story writer This left me less relentlessly devastated than the other collection of hers I ve read What Becomes It even has a happy ending She s clearly going soft.Would deffo recommend.

  14. This is a very classy little collection of short stories I ve been having one with my breakfast every morning since the book emerged at the top of TBR pile These stories come at the fault lines in intimate relationships from a load of different angles, each one recognisable, even as we tell ourselves such and such could never happen to Us These stories sneakily open up areas we d prefer perhaps to remain forever shut, they remind us what we re hiding from, and why we re hiding they warn that doo [...]

  15. Love the first two stories, then got tired no matter what time of day I was reading and just wanted it to be over.To be fair, had I spread this book out over a period of time, I m sure I would have had a positive reaction to these stories, which are so full of beautiful prose Too many of them followed the model of 1 I m not going to tell you what this story is about 2 But you will require clues, so I am going to catalog a bunch of dour details and negative emotions 3 I m using second person nar [...]

  16. I received a lovely, finished hardcover of this book as part of a giveaway by the publisher I ve always been a fan of story collections, both fiction and non fiction, so this book intrigued me As the synopsis suggests, all of the stories are rooted in the idea of love and its many forms and meanings I liked several of the stories, but was off put by many of them because they often focused heavily on lust and pessimism While I sometimes enjoy a bit of cynical reading, this was a bit too heavy on [...]

  17. To be honest, I really hated these stories The reviews were so inviting that I sent for the book, only to find that I felt no affinity for any of the characters, their language, their emotions, or anything A while after I put the book down, I thought I d try again after all, the author is so highly considered by so many impressive reviewers And she is so widely published I still found the stories unreadable Something wrong with me Maybe.

  18. I found out about this book on a list of most anticipated books of 2014 and can only say that it was a big disappointment While there is evidence of authorly craft, this books struck me as blah with no hard edges to grab onto, no grit to chew on, no voice to remember Having just put this book down, I ve already forgotten it.

  19. Enjoyed these stories because I quite like the way that A.L Kennedy thinks and writes Didn t enjoy these quite as much as the stories in What Becomes because they were abstract and I found some of them hard to follow Still enjoyed this though.

  20. Some glorious passages she is a master of expressing inner thoughts and two stories just about killed me, one with laughter and the other with a disturbing surprise twist A hard one to recommend, but short story fans will find worthwhile nuggets, with patience.

  21. Not terribly impressed with these stories most were far too convoluted in their construction to make it readily apparent what was going on and what the story was all about A couple of gems but overall not a very satisfying read for me 5 10.

  22. I didn t finish this book I love short stories and found these seriously lacking The few I read had little plot and seemed to be brief stream of consciousness moments in a character s head.

  23. This book sucked I stopped after reading only half of it and the only reason I read the first half was because I was on an airplane and had nothing else to read.

  24. I really enjoyed the process of reading these but I can t explain why at times they are almost impenetrable I think it was just the right book at the right time.

  25. The next book of A.L Kennedy I will read again in German language My English is just too poor to understand her writings I liked the stories besides the fact I am stories fan.

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