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In Love New York in den er Jahren Auf einer Party erh lt eine junge Frau das unmoralische Angebot eines distinguierten Herrn gegen Bezahlung mit ihm zu gehen Sie k nnte problemlos ablehnen l sst sich aber

New York in den 50er Jahren Auf einer Party erh lt eine junge Frau das unmoralische Angebot eines distinguierten Herrn, gegen Bezahlung mit ihm zu gehen Sie k nnte problemlos ablehnen, l sst sich aber darauf ein und zerst rt ihr bisheriges Leben Erst jetzt wird ihrem Freund, den sie verl sst, bewusst, wie sehr er sie liebt Das Gef hl, die Chance seines Lebens verpassNew York in den 50er Jahren Auf einer Party erh lt eine junge Frau das unmoralische Angebot eines distinguierten Herrn, gegen Bezahlung mit ihm zu gehen Sie k nnte problemlos ablehnen, l sst sich aber darauf ein und zerst rt ihr bisheriges Leben Erst jetzt wird ihrem Freund, den sie verl sst, bewusst, wie sehr er sie liebt Das Gef hl, die Chance seines Lebens verpasst zu haben, wird ihn f r immer begleiten Eine beklemmende Liebesgeschichte und der kluge Roman eines bedeutenden Autors aus den USA Im rauchigen, melancholischen Ton eines Miles Davis St cks erz hlt ist In Love wie John Williams Stoner oder die Romane von Richard Yates, eine begl ckende Wiederentdeckung.

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In Love

  1. Alfred Hayes 18 April 1911 14 August 1985 was a British screenwriter, television writer, novelist, and poet, who worked in Italy and the United States He is perhaps best known for his poem Joe Hill I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night , later set to music by Earl Robinson.Born in London, Hayes graduated from New York s City College now part of City University of New York , worked briefly as a newspaper reporter, and began writing fiction and poetry in the 1930s During World War II he served in Europe in the U.S Army Special Services the morale division Afterwards, he stayed in Rome and became a screenwriter of Italian neorealist films As a co writer on Roberto Rossellini s Paisan 1946 , he was nominated for an Academy Award he received another Academy Award nomination for Teresa 1951 He adapted his own novel The Girl on the Via Flaminia into a play in 1953 it was adapted into a French language film Un acte d amour.He was an uncredited co writer of Vittorio De Sica s neorealist film Bicycle Thieves 1948 for which he also wrote the English language subtitles.Among his U.S filmwriting credits are The Lusty Men 1952, directed by Nicholas Ray and the film adaptation of the Maxwell Anderson Kurt Weill musical Lost in the Stars 1974 His credits as a television scriptwriter included scripts for American series Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Twilight Zone, Nero Wolfe and Mannix.

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  1. In the beginning You really loved me But I was blindI could not see Now that you left me Oh how I cried You don t miss your water till your well runs dry The TriffidsWas will das Weib Freud sighed, acknowledging that despite 30 years of exploring the feminine soul and mind, he still didn t had any clue In a melancholic monologue, addressing a nameless girl sitting next to him in a bar, a nameless man unburdens his heart, ruminating on his failed, slightly traumatic relationship with a nameless w [...]

  2. This is a wrenching book which is a high compliment It s an unsparing examination of a doomed love affair in post WWII New York, from the perspective of a 40 year old man who is looking back on what he has lost, not with sentimentality, but with all the difficult emotions we have difficulty admitting to ourselves Anger, bitterness, resentment, self blame color his recollections The relationship he recalls is fraught with complications He was seeing a beautiful woman who longed for commitment and [...]

  3. Love, that misused, overabused idea, the tendrils of which coil around our everyday existence and refuse to loosen their collective tenacious grip The illusion of which is sold in glittery packages of puce and pink to the masses like Marx s opium in the form of songs, messages and merchandise wrapped up in artifice A full fledged day devoted to singing its praises every year and the carefully orchestrated alignment of our feelings with soulless consumerism Too much cynicism Perhaps Love bade me [...]

  4. I really didn t have a good vice Liquor in moderate quantities Love on the installment plan Wouldn t it be nice if I could really cultivate some impressive vice Some excessive cruelty or some astonishing sacrifice But not even that Instead, we complain in small voices Complain we ve married the wrong girl, taken the wrong job, lived the wrong life.And what pitiful attempts we make at cures we raise vegetables in ridiculous gardens, we apply for memberships in athletic clubs, we promise ourselves [...]

  5. Dry your eyes mateI know it s hard to take but her mind has been made upThere s plenty fish in the seaDry your eyes mateI know you want to make her see how much this pain hurtsBut you ve got to walk away nowIt s overThere s that phrase, a heartbreaking work of staggering genius, that should be used to refer to John Williams Stoner whenever it is mentioned, but with Alfred Hayes In Love I m starting to collect such similar works Whilst not on the same level as Stoner or Isherwood s Simple Man it [...]

  6. I may never comeback to this same feelingthat my desire is pressingbut I want to talkabout how it feelsto be held so hardthat your body is worthlessI want to talk aboutall that happens inside methat I can t see Gale ThompsonFrom the very beginning this novel elicited strong emotions in me For the most part, they weren t complimentary There were times during the first 60 or so pages I wanted to toss the book out the window I didn t know at that stage that the man, asking a woman in a bar if he ap [...]

  7. We need, in love, to practice only this letting each other go For holding on comes easily we do not need to learn it Rainer Maria RilkeIt has been a long time since I have written a review on here, and for that matter a long time since I have really read a book cover to cover November was, and December is now, a bit of the doldrums for my reading Something about the cold, grey sky and the gawky black skeletons of trees, my little crackling lungs letting out clouds of breath something about the w [...]

  8. In this short but powerful novella, British author Alfred Hayes paints a beautiful portrait on love and loss while holding up a mirror, making us question what it really means to feel The only thing we haven t lost, I thought, is the ability to suffer We re fine at suffering But it s such a noiseless suffering We never disturb the neighbours with it We collapse, but we collapse in the most disciplined way That s us That s certainly us The disciplined collapsers I rather think though its the acro [...]

  9. Right from the beginning you ll know this is an ordinary love story Soon after you ll sense that it s not told in an ordinary way There are no fuzzy backlit scenes of lovers running toward one another in slow motion, riding a carousel, smiling benignly at one another over dinner, etc This is a gritty sophisticated big city love story where somebody, and maybe everybody, is gonna get hurt.It s told in syncopated prose that doesn t attempt to soften the pain Everyone involved is on their own and v [...]

  10. By the title In Love, one would think this is a hallmark card sentiment Very far from that, in fact, author Alfred Hayes cuts into the idea of a relationship if he was a surgeon in the middle of an open heart surgery The book is almost a stream of consciousness, with respect to the writing style of Hayes, who tends to expose the most inner thoughts on the narrative of a relationship being torn apart by another man who wants to pay 1,000 to sleep with his woman No one here is a bad guy or girl, b [...]

  11. Una historia de des amor excelentemente escrita Solo con leer el primer cap tulo supe que me iba a encantar Quiz s decae un poco al final, pero al ser un libro tan corto no llega a aburrir De los tres que le de Hayes, este es el que m s me gust.

  12. Dude un poco y releyendo algunos preciosos pasajes me decidieron por los cinco puntos Es que la novela se juega en las reflexiones acerca del amor, de lo que siente el enamorado, y no tanto en un argumento que se desarrolla en funci n de esos remansos l ricos Podr a decirse que como el Werther goethiano, y salvando las diferencias formales, estamos precisamente ante una novela l rica No falta ninguno de los ingredientes esperables las ansiedades, los miedos, las dudas, los terceros, la nostalgia [...]

  13. In Love shall be one of the ways I remember thrashing through the end of 2013 until I die for me this book makes sense of something I cannot fathom called Telepathy Upon reading the title, observing the layout, I felt a rush of emotion pass through me, the way a young Poet might feel holding the awesome, unfathomable works of Proust, Tolstoy, in his hands for the first time, looking around This scent of books this Magic this is my vocation by any means necessary And so the beginner goes out and [...]

  14. YUCK So much misogyny in one little book The writing is perfect, I agree, but how could people have given this book 5 stars and raved this way about it It would ve been better had this book remained forgotten and would not have been rediscovered Who wants to remember how terrible women were treated in those times How it was acceptable to hit them, treat them like whores and even rape them How it was the right thing to do to abandon a woman on her wedding night because she was found out not be a [...]

  15. Three and a half stars.A lucid story about a man, who has trouble getting attached to people, falling in love with a woman and experiencing the rather uniquely male issue of view spoiler getting replaced because some other guy has resources hide spoiler The insightful narration gives the impression that the writer went through it and needed to shape his pain into a coherent form However, although I usually don t have many issues with unlikable protagonists, how this guy view spoiler kept kneeli [...]

  16. The description on the back cover of this short novel published in the early 1950s says that it has the cool smoky brilliance of a classic Miles Davis track , and a blurb below uses the word noirish but I didn t get either of those impressions very strongly in my reading I didn t read it because it had been advertised so, anyway, and I liked it well enough It does take up themes typical of the literature from that period, such as the psychological and emotional distance that separates even those [...]

  17. The salacious premise of In Love is relatively basic and easy to understand A man is sitting at a bar across from a beautiful woman, who is getting and beautiful as the night drags on What s the topic of conversation The man s dead relationship with a young woman who, one innocent night, met a rich man who offered her 1,000 to go to bed with him She does not accept, but it still spells doom for the couple They spend most of the book unsuccessfully broken up.Possibly drunk when he tells this st [...]

  18. ELA j divorciada e com uma filha O troca por um homem rico que poder lhe dar um futuro melhor, seguran a e bem estar.ELE acomodado , um escritor sem inspira o, orgulhoso A perde por achar que o amor sufoca e por n o ter condi es de competir com um homem rico que pode dar ELA o que ELE n o pode Ser que esse sentimento de liberdade DELE s passageiro que sofrer por um amor perdido.Sera que o bem estar DELA compensar , mesmo que n o o ame e s esteja interessada no dinheiro Um ensaio sobre o amor em [...]

  19. It is very noir indeed as it says on the cover And stylish.1950 s New York, a lonely guy who lives in a hotel and struggels with his writing A girl who had it too much too young and now is looking for a father figure who would offer her security Except she wants the thrill of being with the creative lover as well And you can t have your cake and eat it too The book is very slim only 119 pages But I think it covered all the angles of what being in love is about and what does it feel like when it [...]

  20. A work of genius I suppose no evening is ever again like the very first evening, the nakedness ever again quite the nakedness it is that first time, the initial gestures, hesitant and doubtful and overintense, ever again what they were, for nothing we want ever turns out the way we want it, love or ambition or children, and we go from disappointment to disappointment, from hope to denial, from expectation to surrender, as we grow older, thinking or coming to think that what was wrong was the wan [...]

  21. El amor me dio la bienvenida, pero mi alma se espant La primera parte del ep grafe es muy apropiado para esta buena novela de Alfred Hayes El amor, a veces dado por sentado cuando se tiene, que se valora cuando se pierde Las dudas, sufrimientos, celos, vanidades Hay muchas personas para quienes el amor es simple, se vive sin dudas ni vanidades otros que han aceptado que el amor es una ilusi n este libro no es para ninguno de ellos S lo recomendar a para quienes sienten que el amor es un riesgo, [...]

  22. When we think of romantic love we often think of it as Hollywood portrays it, or as Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet, later interpreted in our time as Tony and Maria singing their love in 1950s New York City Love can also be not that headlong fall into ardor we can t or don t want to control but a realization of discontent and disillusion One such love story is that told by Walter Benton in his volume of poetry This Is My Beloved, a realistic and erotic account of a 1943 New York City romance whic [...]

  23. Happiness, anger, pain and pleasure are succinct feelings They are felt at times appropriate to the event that prompts them And while we may feel these emotions in various degrees, each of us understands them in a singular way Love, however, takes each of these feelings as well as others and applies them all in various amounts to different situations The result is that love never feels the same way twice and for that reason, love is confusing, irrational, and possibly impossible to communicate i [...]

  24. In Love is perfection In Love is messy In Love is blissful In Love is melancholy I don t know that Hayes could have possibly written something of such brilliance without experiencing the range of emotions that his characters convey This is some of the most honest, jarring, gritty, and unique prose that I have ever encountered I should be reluctant to make such a claim after just a single read, but this is easily one of the top ten books I have ever read.

  25. Una historia corta pero con fuerza devastadora Un hombre que ama a una mujer o que dice amarla y una mujer que ama a un hombre o que dice amarlo Cada uno de nosotros ama a nuestra propia manera, algunos decimos amar pero s lo nos amamos a nosotros mismos otros somos totalmente incapaces de amar porque no nos amamos lo suficiente El mundo es un colch n gigante, es lo nico que podemos decir con certeza.

  26. Una de esas sorpresas que hacen que valga la pena seguir recomendaciones al azar Fue una recomendaci n hecha en una librer a y lo am El ambiente, cada frase, todo lo que llega a reflexionar, el retrato perfecto que hace de cada personaje, incluso de si mismo Una peque a obra maestra, belleza de principio a fin.

  27. No me sorprende que Hayes se haya dedicado despu s al cine, porque ya este libro es una muy buena pel cula en blanco y negro.

  28. Hermosa novela Conmovedora, profunda, sensible y demasiado real Las trampas, juegos y descaros del amor enredados con la pureza y la tragedia de la propia humanidad Una golpe de realidad para resaltar el significado real de aquello que llamamos amor Muy recomendada.

  29. a real gem of a novella here perfect for fans of richard yates and the like hayes tells the short story of a young woman and a middle aged man who meet at a bar one day in 1950s new york it tells of their short romance together and for 120 pages really packs an emotional punch great read

  30. This is a catlike novel, slender and lithe and pulsating with a terminal sadness It concerns the threadbare yearnings of a certain type of not rich Manhattanite, people who are always thinking about the money they wish they had It is also the story of the doomed sexual relationship between a man who believes he is not capable of monogamous committed love and a woman who is bitterly certain that she is With regard to the latter, In Love invites comparison to Edmund Wilson s The Princess With the [...]

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