Graben Die Natur hat ihre eigenen Gesetze und das oberste ist das des Kampfes Daniel bewirtschaftet in einem abgelegenen walisischen Landstrich eine kleine Schafsfarm als er bei einem tragischen Unfall sei

Die Natur hat ihre eigenen Gesetze, und das oberste ist das des Kampfes Daniel bewirtschaftet in einem abgelegenen walisischen Landstrich eine kleine Schafsfarm, als er bei einem tragischen Unfall seine Frau verliert Mit letzter Kraft h lt er sich und den Betrieb aufrecht, gehalten von den Ritualen des rauen Landlebens und verfolgt von den Erinnerungen an fl chtige MomenDie Natur hat ihre eigenen Gesetze, und das oberste ist das des Kampfes Daniel bewirtschaftet in einem abgelegenen walisischen Landstrich eine kleine Schafsfarm, als er bei einem tragischen Unfall seine Frau verliert Mit letzter Kraft h lt er sich und den Betrieb aufrecht, gehalten von den Ritualen des rauen Landlebens und verfolgt von den Erinnerungen an fl chtige Momente des Gl cks Zur gleichen Zeit hinterl sst ein brutaler Hundez chter in der Gegend seine Spuren Er jagt illegal Dachse und wirft sie in Wettk mpfen abgerichteten Terriern vor Doch so wie Daniel die Vergangenheit nicht losl sst, ist auch er ein Verfolgter, die Polizei hat bereits seine Witterung aufgenommen Als er f r eine Jagd ausgerechnet auf Daniels Land ausweicht, berschreitet er endg ltig jene unsichtbare Grenze, hinter der es kein Zur ck gibt Daniel, der nichts mehr zu verlieren hat, stellt sich ihm entgegen Cynan Jones beschreibt die R ckzugsgefechte zweier aus der Zeit gefallener Archetypen als eine Eskalation in albtraumhafter Zeitlupe In einer glasklaren, suggestiven Sprache gelingt ihm ein kleines Meisterwerk ber den ewigen Kreislauf aus Jagen und Gejagtwerden Und dar ber, dass jeder Mensch irgendwann an einen Punkt ger t, an dem alle Fluchtwege abgeschnitten sind und nichts mehr bleibt als die Konfrontation.

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  1. Cynan Jones lives and works near Aberaeron on the west coast of Wales His first novel, The Long Dry , won a 2007 Betty Trask Award and led to his nomination as the Hay Festival Scritture Giovani Fellow in 2008.His second novel Everything I Found on the Beach was published by Parthian in 2011.Both books were re released by Granta in Summer 2014, in partnership with Parthian,.His work has been translated into a number of languages, and short fiction has appeared on BBC Radio 4 and in various magazines and anthologies, including Granta and New Welsh Review.A third book, Bird, Blood, Snow one of Seren s New Stories From the Mabinogion came out in October 2012 His latest book, The Dig , was published by Granta in 2014 A chapter of the novel was shortlisted for the 2013 Sunday Times EFG Private Bank Short Story Award, and the novel won a 2014 Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize and the Wales Book of the Year Fiction Prize 2015.Coffee House Press published The Dig in the States in 2015, and Everything I Found on the Beach in 2016 The Long Dry will follow in 2017.His new book, Cove , will be published in the UK by Granta in Autumn 2016.He is also responsible for The Fart.

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  1. A stark, uncompromising and poetic novella which documents the hard lives of two solitary men in Welsh sheep country Daniel is a sheep farmer, coping alone with lambing after his wife has been killed in an accident His story is interwoven with that of the big man , who operates beyond the law as a badger baiter Both of these stories are told in simple and unsentimental language that retains a beauty and a poetic precision The two men s paths eventually collide in a brutal conclusion the precise [...]

  2. Hoje, tinha decidido n o sair de casa Mas, enquanto tomava o caf da manh , pus me a cirandar pelos sites das livrarias e ca naCova A sinopse aliciante e uma m dia superior a 4 estrelas no fez me correr para a rua eu sou esquisita, sim A livraria n o o tinha massacrei tanto o vendedor para que o procurasse bem que o coitado, para que eu o deixasse em paz, me disse que s indo a Coimbra Finalmente convencida de que n o tinham o livro escondido, corri para outra livraria e, ah Achei Aproveitei para [...]

  3. A modern classic Pared to the essentials Dark and poetic If I were teaching a course in literature, I would include this novel in my syllabus It s all here symbolism, foreshadowing, mythological archetypes, allegory It s a brutal and depressing tale so than anything I ve read in recent memory , but it is deepened and lifted beyond mere horror by the author s firm control and underlying sensitivity and the karmic retribution in the epilogue delivers the final stroke Genius.

  4. Haunting story about farming in Wales It s not hard imagining the scenery It s about life and death and survival.

  5. This is such a strange story and with such startling contrasts Love loss and tenderness, Pursuit abuse and savagery Fragile births and horrible endings A true pastoral shepherding is a third of the story delivered in sparse elegiac prose So beautifully abbreviated it becomes by its simplicity and surely harbors deeper meanings What does it say when the instinctual savagery at our core must be abandoned in order to evolve Will we be or will we be less prepared for our future It might as easily [...]

  6. wonderful A Welsh Cormac McCarthy Jones has a firm but poetic grip on his narrative, which follows the mis fortunes of a grieving farmer and a badger baiter in an isolated part of Wales Life and death are unsentimentally portrayed, grass, sheep, dogs, rats, humans all treated the same really although it is impossible not to empathise with Daniel, the farmer as he struggles to keep up with his chores and thinks of his wife Even the brutal badger baiter evinces sympathy from me anyway in the way h [...]

  7. Wow, very bleak but strangely poetic Horrible scenes of badger baiting juxtaposed with the grief and loneliness of a welsh sheep farmer A compelling story by a Welsh writer and I will look out for his others.

  8. Poetically brutal This is such a masculine landscape where the lines between animal and people blur, where pain and grief simply get ground into the pulp that is daily survival One man attempts to nurture animal life while dealing with human death The other seems to foster animal death, which seems like such a savage way of life Rich Visceral At times, throat closing Jones weaves a fascinatingly touching story while simultaneously repelling the reader with scenes of such stark violence Disturbin [...]

  9. Texugo Fotografia de Ben Birchall Cynan Jones n 1975 desenvolve a narrativa de A Cova 2014 na paisagem rural do Pa s de Gales, cen rios com uma beleza natural deslumbrante, num clima agreste, dominado pela intensidade das chuvas e pelos nevoeiros sombrios Duas hist rias que se desenrolam em paralelo a de Daniel, um agricultor, abalado pela trag dia, que explora uma quinta agr cola, onde se dedica, essencialmente, h produ o de ovelhas e a do homem grande , sem nome, uma personagem enigm tica, um [...]

  10. Visceral Violent Compelling Those are the first three words that spring to mind when I think of Cynan Jones The Dig, a muscular little novel that is so powerful as to be Herculean.Set in a Welsh farming community, it could be described as a rural novel , but it s not the bucolic countryside so often depicted in literature This is nature red in tooth and claw It feels earthy, rough, rugged and realistic Anyone who s grown up on a farm or in a farming community will recognise the life and landscap [...]

  11. This is a powerful book by a class writer with a pitch perfect ear for the sound of the language Revolving around twin narratives, it is a study of loss and isolation, focusing on two characters, each a counterpoint to the other one, a farmer, a brooding thinker, lost and cut adrift, becoming dimly aware of the world shutting off before him the other, a rat catcher and badger baiter, a perennial stranger, brooding still darkly, disconnected Each suffers apart in a way that s entirely different [...]

  12. I should say up front that this is not a book I would have ever chosen to read I had to do so for my book group and as in the book group, so it is here, in that I am very much in the minority in my reaction to it.I did think it was a very effective and moving portrait of loss and isolation, and that is a genuine achievement However, the violence and animal cruelty described in the scenes with the Big Man were so unpleasant and, to my mind at least, so completely unnecessary that they totally col [...]

  13. With the badger culls still in the news this feels topical, however it isn t that which makes this such a dramatic and moving book This is rural Wales with all the romance sucked out of it, leaving only the dirt, blood and harsh reality The story maybe short but that doesn t prevent it having an impact as the reader is drawn into the lives of Daniel, the grieving sheep farmer, and Ag the badger baiter I defy anyone with an ounce of empathy to read this book without being moved by the depiction o [...]

  14. This book is both heartbreaking and enraging Daniel, the farmer who s young wife recently died from being kicked in the head by a horse, is using the mind numbing work of the farm during lambing season to keep himself going as he struggles with despair Big Man hunts badgers that he captures alive and takes to be used for sport by men who seem to be aroused by violence In the sport a badger is placed in a pit and attacked by dogs The author s way of describing what was occurring in the stories of [...]

  15. Warning for graphic descriptions of animal cruelty I did think Daniel s chapters were effective in describing slight spoiler view spoiler grief and isolation hide spoiler With a greater focus on Daniel s story I may have ended up liking the whole novel a lot Unfortunately, the Big Man s chapters were so deeply unpleasant and took up such a huge amount of pages for such a short book that I really can t see past it There were other graphic scenes in Daniel s sections as well, but these scenes did [...]

  16. A book about a recently widowed sheep farmer and a man who has a shady to say the least way of living Eventually their destinies cross with startling results.Yes this is a cliched summary but really if I do go into detail I ll spoil everything While reading this brief novel, a lot of comparisons came into my head There s the cruel aspect one finds in Evie Wyld s All the Bird s Singing, some of J.M Coetzee s Disgrace and even the Roald Dahl and some of Magnus Mills Really though The Dig is a uni [...]

  17. A brilliant, if immensely troubling, short novel that explores the interior lives of two very different men One, a grieving farmer struggling for the survival of his farm in lambing season, and the other an unnamed badger baiter, who exists seemingly to torture animals for the entertainment of others The two lonely men live close to each other in remote Wales, and it is clear from the bleak and foreboding beginning of the book that their lives are set on a collision course that cannot possibly e [...]

  18. This is one of the best reads I ve had in a while The book is laid out differently from what I am used to The paragraphs are all separated by a few spaces It looks a little odd, but I quickly got used to it I m not sure if it is to make a short work longer or if it is some other stylistic convention for post modern writing Anyway, to the book itself The author is Welsh and has the gift of language that the Welsh are known for In my opinion, they are the best writers, story tellers and composers [...]

  19. De Burcht is wat je op zijn zachtst kan zeggen, een intrigerend boek Ik las de Nederlandse vertaling.Cynan Jones schrijft staccato, gebald, maar anderzijds ook heel po tisch, hard en ontroerend Het resultaat is een uitgebeend verhaal dat we te lezen krijgen, tot de essentie herleid, en toch weet hij de lezer te ontroeren en te doen gruwelen met zijn vertelstijl en taalgebruik NL vertaling Het is geen vrijblijvend en makkelijk leesbaar boek, zeker geen boek dat je als tussendoortje mag beschouwen [...]

  20. Brutal, visceral, utterly devoid of sentimentality, this intertwining tale of a badger baiter and a recently widowed farmer is a bleak and unsparing look at contemporary rural existence Life and death are neatly juxtaposed as the two narratives both echo and contrast each other Even in its bloodiest moments this short novel is nonetheless marked by a deep feeling for nature and the countryside, and is infused with a poetry long decayed bouquets the rush of thrushes that gives it an almost parabl [...]

  21. A powerful book, with a powerful representation of farming lifeThis book punches you in the midsection Are there twists Not really Is there a punchy plot Somewhat Are there characters that represents the extremes of good and evil Not at all.And yet it holds the power of a horror book, or an intense thriller Why The writing hits you like a punch in the midsection Bare bones farming in the cold, and you can feel the British wind stripping your face of warmth.It s not long, it doesn t have a strong [...]

  22. A brutal, visceral and excruciating read, but deeply beautiful and moving Daniel is a Welsh sheep farmer who has lost his wife another nameless man is digging for badgers in his woods, baiting them with dogs for the entertainment of other cruel men Their worlds converge, symbolically and actually, with violence and grief Highly recommended, and easy to read in a single sitting.

  23. Die Erz hlung folgt einer Langsamkeit, die mir in dieser Form keine Freude bereitet Auch inhaltlich erreicht mich dieser Roman nicht Und sprachlich fand ich ebenfalls keinen Gefallen daran Nicht meine Lekt re.

  24. Cynan Jones has a knack for bulldozering away layers of civilisational sediment to transport us back to some sort of primeval origin, a zero point where our human predicament is reduced to its barest essentials The Dig pits two archetypes against one another a farmer and a hunter Both have a fateful relationship to the land The land lends them their profoundest sense of identity but it is also the source of their undoing Jones paints the collision of worldviews in a spare and dark palette of gra [...]

  25. He believed by this point that the badger deserved it This is a gut punch of a read, but massively inspiring to the writer in me Cynan Jones prose is stunning filled with passages of uncomfortable but simple and meticulous truth The story is rich and thought provoking, and explores our relationships with our past, our surroundings, our loved ones, and the animals we share this life with Disturbing, but so worth it.

  26. I m a little perplexed at how to write a review for this book I enjoyed the unique storyline The writing style takes the reader in directions very unknown to most The ending was abrupt and left me wanting but I enjoyed the path this book took me on.

  27. It s the kind of book that makes you think.Big picture thinking about cruelty and vulnerability and will we ever learn Is cruelty innate Intimate portrait thinking about love and grief and does it make a difference.Is attachment useful I abhor violence against any being that can not protect itself.Which is all beingsProceed with caution into this spare, brutal, beautiful read.I cried all afternoon while missing my dad who grew up on a poor farm amid similar characters and did not become what he [...]

  28. Great books can create worlds in which the strange seems familiar, and the routine feels like new When this is done well, as in Cynan Jones The Dig, we aren t merely shocked or unsettled, we are inspired to view our own lives and relationships from other angles, to reconsider our triumphs and failures against a standard we may have never before imagined Jones weaves together the stories of two rural Welshmen laboring during lambing season to evoke grief, hope, ambition, and revulsion in a way th [...]

  29. Two men, drawn towards death One is evil, digging for badgers to use the animals in illegal dogfights The other represents life, caring for his ewes and for lambs to be born But his great loss bears him down, how can he go on living himself In the middle of the night in an isolated place, both forces encounter.I love the book and I should certainly read it again sometime.

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