The Woods Out Back

The Woods Out Back The first in the Spearwielder fantasy adventure series from the author of the New York Times bestseller The Legacy In a magical spot in a forest Gary falls asleep and wakes up in a dangerous realm of

The first in the Spearwielder fantasy adventure series from the author of the New York Times bestseller The Legacy In a magical spot in a forest, Gary falls asleep and wakes up in a dangerous realm of elves and dwarves, witches and dragons There he discovers he is the only one who can wear the armor of the land s lost hero and wield a magical spear.

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The Woods Out Back

  1. As one of the fantasy genre s most successful authors, R.A Salvatore enjoys an ever expanding and tremendously loyal following His books regularly appear on The New York Times best seller lists and have sold than 10,000,000 copies Salvatore s original hardcover, The Two Swords, Book III of The Hunter s Blade Trilogy October 2004 debuted at 1 on The Wall Street Journal best seller list and at 4 on The New York Times best seller list His books have been translated into numerous foreign languages including German, Italian, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Turkish, Croatian, Bulgarian, Yiddish, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, and French.Salvatore s first published novel, The Crystal Shard from TSR in 1988, became the first volume of the acclaimed Icewind Dale Trilogy and introduced an enormously popular character, the dark elf Drizzt Do Urden Since that time, Salvatore has published numerous novels for each of his signature multi volume series including The Dark Elf Trilogy, Paths of Darkness, The Hunter s Blades Trilogy, and The Cleric Quintet.His love affair with fantasy, and with literature in general, began during his sopho year of college when he was given a copy of J.R.R Tolkien s The Lord of the Rings as a Christmas gift He promptly changed his major from computerscience to journalism He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications from Fitchburg State College in 1981, then returned for the degree he always cherished, the Bachelor of Arts in English He began writing seriously in 1982, penning the manuscript that would become Echoes of the Fourth Magic Salvatore held many jobs during those first years as a writer, finally settling in much to our delight to write full time in 1990.The R.A Salvatore Collection has been established at his alma mater, Fitchburg State College in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, containing the writer s letters, manuscripts, and other professional papers He is in good company, as The Salvatore Collection is situated alongside The Robert Cormier Library, which celebrates the writing career of the co alum and esteemed author of young adult books.Salvatore is an active member of his community and is on the board of trustees at the local library in Leominster, Massachusetts He has participated in several American Library Association regional conferences, giving talks on themes including Adventure fantasy and Why young adults read fantasy Salvatore himself enjoys a broad range of literary writers including James Joyce, Mark Twain, Geoffrey Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dante, and Sartre He counts among his favorite genre literary influences Ian Fleming, Arthur Conan Doyle, Fritz Leiber, and of course, J.R.R Tolkien.Born in 1959, Salvatore is a native of Massachusetts and resides there with his wife Diane, and their three children, Bryan, Geno, and Caitlin The family pets include three Japanese Chins, Oliver, Artemis and Ivan, and four cats including Guenhwyvar.When he isn t writing, Salvatore chases after his three Japanese Chins, takes long walks, hits the gym, and coaches plays on a fun league softball team that includes most of his family His gaming group still meets on Sundays to playcmillan author rasalv

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  1. I always feel that I should like R.A.Salvatore s work I ve never really been able to really get into his DD themed books As I ve always enjoyed DD greatly that has always seemed odd to me.I saw this and I picked it upy realizing I d read it years ago after I started it.Look this book for me of course only barely gets 4 stars it s a fun read I don t grade it as just 4 because we ve all seen the person from our world find s him her self in fantasy world theme I tend to enjoy books built around th [...]

  2. This is one of Salvatore s earliest works and one of his first forays into fantasy not set in the Realms If you know about Salvatore and his life and what got him into writing then it s pretty obvious that he based Gary on his own early life.Gary is a bored, broken down, factory worker who happens to love Tolkien He winds up in the Fairie land because he s the only one who can wear the armor of a long lost hero in order to complete the life quest of an elf who happened to capture a leprechaun He [...]

  3. I vaguely recall reading a book of his ages ago, but I don t remember what it was I ve had this feeling that his work wasn t anything that excited me, but I ve run across several references to how good Salvatore is, so I thought I d give him another shot Maybe I wasn t remembering correctly was unfair Nope There wasn t a damsel in distress, but otherwise I don t think I ve read a typical fantasy It had just about every trope known to the genre Not bad, but certainly not exciting In a word, obvi [...]

  4. Notes of Interest I am a huge R.A Salvatore fan via his Forgotten Realms books with Drizzt Do Urden But I never heard of this series until I came across it by accident I was surprised to find it s quite old 1993 But it was on discount, so I decided to see what he would write outside of a familiar setting.For me, this book brought up the controversial topic of author brands A brand for an author or other creative professional is when fans come to expect something specific from the products offere [...]

  5. This is one of the earlier works of Salvatore and was a really good read I could see all of the influences of Salvatore in this book and imagine that he modeled the main character, Gary Leger, after himself Tolkein s The Hobbit is mentioned throughout the book and accompanies Gary on his journey Salvatore has said that The Hobbit is his favorite book Anyways, a very enjoyable and quick read.

  6. A great little book that is written to tug at the day dreams of fantasy fans everywhere The book pulls you in and only really lets you go when you are finished.

  7. Yet another excellent adventure from the fantasy master author I love love all the Tolkien references to The Hobbit.

  8. Short Summation Gary s a factory worker with a college degree It s the bad economy, you see In the world of Faerie, meanwhile, they need a dude that fits this historical armor Guess what size Gary is Gotta have such a person so he can hold the old dead king s broken spear while a dragon breaths on it This is how you fix an old dead king s magical spear when it s been broken for many a year, according to prophecy.Dude, I don t even know I mean, I read it in a day, which is a tad outlandish for me [...]

  9. I just love Salvatore s straightforward tales This one is no exception Simple plot, simple quest, simple characters, simple obstacles, simple enemies, simple conclusion Simple yet refreshing And behind that, not so simple details just seamed and blended into the seemingly simple story This tale s using classic fantasy characters by Tolkien, yet very convincingly alive Not so much details, but it might come in later books And if I may guess, the next book in this trilogy will show that this tale [...]

  10. Not really the high grade material I was accustomed to by Mr Salvatore, so I was forced to give this a lower score The idea might have been tolerable, but the dialog and characters were terrible for the most part This read like a work completed by a teenager, and perhaps is a story early in his career I would not read this again, but don t mind the time I spent finishing the story I ll finish the series and hope for better 2 Stars

  11. This was not one that I got into right away I felt it started off rather silly and like a bad YA novel, however as the story progressed the writing got better and my feelings changed It is still a classic fall into fantasy world and be the hero but the references to The Hobbit were fun and like all good books you find yourself rooting for the characters to win Will definitely continue with the series and see how it goes

  12. I had a harder time getting into this book than I have any other book by Salvatore It was a good book and I plan on reading the other two books in this series shortly, but I am having a hard time describing why I struggled with this one.

  13. Easy reading adventure tale Characters were relatable and the story progressed clearly but with lots of hinted things to spring into new tales I ll seek out the next book

  14. This book is great Salvatore is a great story teller The influence of Tolkien is evident in this book with our hero reading The Hobbit and sharing it with someone that turns into a companion along the way I recommend this book to anyone that is a fan of Tolkien.

  15. I first read this book when I was 11 or 12, several years before I knew who Drizzt was So on that point this book held a lot of nostalgia for me, and I picked up the entire trilogy at once On the other hand, there are a few flaws in the editing wolves are described as having nozzles a few times, not muzzles honestly, editor Bad and sometimes characters spontaneously have equipment For instance, the elf is suddenly described as having a shield, even though he also takes turns carrying another, hu [...]

  16. Fantasy as only Salvatore can write A story with elves, dwarves, and other mythical creatures a wild adventure.

  17. Read by Paul Boehmer10 CDs12 hoursGary Leger lives Massachusetts and is forced to make do with a miserable job in a plastics factory with no real prospects of doing anything but making ends meet at a job that offers little for his very active imagination A natural athlete with no interest in sports, Gary finds solace in long walks in the woods behind his house and in his dog eared copy of The Hobbit.While on one of these hikes, Gary sits for a bit of reading and finds himself staring at a real l [...]

  18. Salvatore has written so many fantasy series, that I have missed this one I discovered it thanks to dumb luck and decided to give it a chance after all, I love the Drizzt adventures and admire the original Demon Wars trilogy.I was not disappointed.This book is the story of a young man, fan of Tolkien, who is suddenly transported to the land of Faerie, where old tales are true Garry is there not by chance, but because he is kdnapped by a leprechaun, captured by a powerful Elven lord, who dreams o [...]

  19. Dieses Buch stand schon sehr lange auf meiner Leseliste und da es von meinem Lieblingsautor R.A Salvatore verfasst wurde, hatte ich Hoffnung dass es mir sehr gut gefallen wurde Leider aber wurde ich entt uscht Denn Der Speer des Kriegers hat mich eher mehr gelangweilt als das es mich begeistern konnte Der Inhalt klingt eigentlich recht einfach Gary Leger ist ein ganz normaler junger Mann, der sich seinen Lohn in einer Fabrik erarbeitet Eines Tages will er sich in einem kleinen Waldst ck bei eine [...]

  20. The Woods Out Back is a beautifully told fantasy novel, and the first in a trilogy by R A Salvatore which follows the story of Gary Leger, a normal guy from our reality who has a dead end job and is basically watching his life pass him by That is, until he walks into the woods behind his house one day and finds himself travelling to a land called Faerie, where sword and sorcery rules the day The only problem is, they need Gary s help, and if he s not successful in his mission, he can t go back.T [...]

  21. I read this early in college, along with the two following books, and remember really liking them.But now that I have reread it, I don t know why.First, the characters were flat It was a flimsy attempt at mimicking Tolkien without any discernible talent behind it It felt like Salvatore was a novice writer it was just not good Also, I couldn t identify with the main character He felt like a loser to me And finally, the profanity For something that read as simple as a young adult book, there was n [...]

  22. First off, Great Book However, it was a bit hard to read in places Some of the sentences seemed overly long and tried to describe too many things at one time There were also quite a few spelling errors in my copy, The combined Trilogy, Spearweilder s Tale , and in a few places it was obvious they had used the wrong word entirely Ex It read, They dropped open their MONTHS, as opposed to, They dropped open their MOUTHS, though I find that not the fault of Mr Salvatore, but a fault in the final edi [...]

  23. Kind of a guy story our protagonist is a young man discontented with life, he s still living at home and works at the bottom of the pecking order in a manufacturing plant He loves to read fantasy novels so when he falls asleep in the woods behind the house he is amazed to find himself caught up in a group of questing DD type characters So he finds himself disillusioned by the reality of living this new fantasy life, he gets some time to learn to fight, he scores some enchanted weapons and some n [...]

  24. This is not the first Salvatore novel that I read, but it remains one of my all time favorites Although it did become a trilogy some of which was hard to find in print, but worth the efforts it does work exceptionally well as a stand alone book There is a built in reference to The Hobbit the favorite book of the main character and it is not a bad comparison A fantasy adventure story that touches on many of the tried and true motifs This is a story of coming to terms with who you are With realizi [...]

  25. Very enjoyable story It s not too fantastic or high fantasy, just a good fantasy story Gary Leger wakes up in Faerie and is Shanghai d into a quest to restore an artifact His quest involves an elf, a dwarf, and a leprechaun Yes, very typical fantasy quest leading to befriending a giant, pissing off a sorceress and a dragon Old R.A Salvatore, non Dnd I think I read it many, many years ago I ve already picked up the 2nd and 3rd book on sale Audible version, narrator did a good job I will continue [...]

  26. The first in the Spearwielder fantasy adventure series from the author of the New York Times bestseller The Legacy In a magical spot in a forest, Gary falls asleep and wakes up in a dangerous realm of elves and dwarves, witches and dragons There he discovers he is the only one who can wear the armor of the land s lost hero and wield a magical spear Language and a lot of killing various monsters and evil types.

  27. This is a light hearted yet serious story where an everyday guy down on his luck is sucked into another world and is forced to help a typically rude elf with his life quest There are a ton of cliche characters in this story, but Salvatore really woks them together well and I laughed a lot than I usually do reading fantasy.

  28. An obvious homage to Tolkien Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and Salvatore is honest with his sincere flattery of Tolkien s work This is a fun story with some slight shifts and nods to fantasy stereotypes that many of us love This is a book of elves, nymphs, leprechauns, dwarfs, and dragons If you do not enjoy these things, this is not a book for you.

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