Becoming His

Becoming His Sometimes life s unforeseen paths lead us to discovering sides of ourselves we never knew existed Ace Bosse has always found solace at home but when she returns for the summer from college she build

Sometimes life s unforeseen paths lead us to discovering sides of ourselves we never knew existed Ace Bosse has always found solace at home, but when she returns for the summer from college, she builds an unexpected relationship with the Reckless Max Miller.Three years ago, Max left for Alaska to find what he thought he d lost, but now realizes just how much he left behinSometimes life s unforeseen paths lead us to discovering sides of ourselves we never knew existed Ace Bosse has always found solace at home, but when she returns for the summer from college, she builds an unexpected relationship with the Reckless Max Miller.Three years ago, Max left for Alaska to find what he thought he d lost, but now realizes just how much he left behind.Max teaches Ace that sometimes a little crazy is exactly what life needs while learning that some chances are worth taking, regardless of the risks.But how do you know when you ve met the right person And will they be prepared to experience one of life s biggest obstacles Falling in love isn t easy but holding on to it is where the real challenge lies.

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Becoming His

  1. Mariah Dietz lives with her husband and two sons, who are the axis of her crazy and wonderful world in North Carolina.Mariah grew up in a tiny town outside of Portland, Oregon, where she spent most of her time immersed in the pages of books that she both read and created.She has a love for all things that include her family, good coffee, books, traveling, and dark chocolate She s also obsessed with Christmas ornaments and all things Disney.

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  1. she gifted me this book and said read this one I think you will like it This is the authors first book and I am trying to help get her name out to the masses Sure I say I love a good book recommendation and I read the books blind I don t look at reviews I don t read blubs I just opened the lovely little book up on my kindle Page 2 I already knew it was going to be a winner End of chapter 1 I say goodnight to the hubby and continue reading 24% I don t want to put it down 50% OH HELL YES I am LOVI [...]

  2. Oh Mariah Dietzyou play dirty Love This book was just wonderful A great story between neighbors and how they fall for each other.Two great families that come together I wish I lived in their neighborhood Not only did I love this book but I love this author I can t wait to continue on Max and Ace s journey through the rest of this series and anything that comes after from Mariah She is a class act

  3. Ace returns home from college to spend the summer with her family A family that is a little over the top, crazy and filled with so much love that you can fill it spill off the pages The youngest of the Bosse sisters, Ace find herself in the middle or a romance that starts off as friendship that she never expected Max took off for Alaska for reasons that he never really shared, returning to the home that sits next door to the Bosse family, he finds himself drawn to Ace The girl he watched for yea [...]

  4. 3.5 4 stars I love this family, such a great dynamic and I loved the relationship between the parents and the girls This is the first book in a trilogy and March 1st cannot come soon enough for me I want to know how this story pans out I loved Ace, she is 19 and still has her V Card, but is a serial dater She has had a crush on her next door neighbour forever and finally, they become friends and eventually I loved Max too and I do believe that these two were meant for each other and are soul ma [...]

  5. Although I m a good fifty feet from him, I swear I can see the piercing clarity of his deep blue eyes that are such a beautiful and rare color, I m sure Crayola would be inspired to replicate the hue I started this book at 10 30pm and became so entranced with the story and characters I stayed up reading until 6 30amept 5 hrs and was back at it again I can t even put into words the depth and layers this story has let a lone try to do this book justice with my review The story gripped me and had m [...]

  6. 3.5 stars it was highly recommended by a few book buddies, I liked the banter and relationship between the family members, but what Ace did to Max again the last time it was too much I was extremely pleased with how Max reacted to her Enough is enough I found what her mom did was appalling, how can you move on to someone else when the man you were married to for over 30 years moves on to another in one month s time I was very angry at the end of this book Ace and Max are neighbors for over 10 ye [...]

  7. 5 HEARTS WOW I am so glad I stumbled across this book I was browsing on my kindle and I came across a book that looked interesting and would enjoy reading When the carousel of suggested books came up I saw this book and instantly liked the cover and then when I read the blurb I decided to download a sample of the book I am so glad that I did This was a diamond in the rough I loved everything about this book.

  8. Ace is the youngest of five sisters in a close knit, boisterous family Max is the next door neighbor who just returned home from a couple years in Alaska They start as friends and their relationship grows slowly Very Slowly Oh, holy Hell these two were frustrating I might have permanent heart damage from the amount of time I spent holding my breath waiting for someone to make a move Stolen moments and lingering touches my entire body was on high alert for Max and Ace to realize that it was them [...]

  9. TARA S REVIEW 3 Boy Next Door Stars After returning for the summer from college, Ace can t get her neighbor Max off her mind sparks fly and these two find themselves drawn to each, during some unexpected tragedies and circumstances While there were many things vs I really enjoyed about this book, there were equally as many that just did not keep me totally engaged in the book It started off strong for me then fell a little flat for me I loved the family dynamic of Aces family, and their relation [...]

  10. This entire series enthralled me I loved both Max and Ace, but most of all, I loved them together They had a beautiful relationship and I truly enjoyed watching their connection grow These books made my heart ache in the most delicious way I highly recommend these books

  11. I get this random email from this author, asking I d like to sign up to review her new release Naturally, I check out her other books I jump on and read the sample I realize that I m thoroughly engrossed in the sample Which, is usually rare I can tell within a couple pages if I m going to like enjoy love a book So I download it I was in a reading slump Nothing that I needed to read, was doing anything for me.Max and Ace s story, is a beautiful, heartbreaking and enjoyable romance I quickly fell [...]

  12. This is my first book by Mariah Dietz and won t be my last What a beautiful, detailed writer she is when telling her story Along with the two main characters, the rest of the family fits in perfectly and you are just as concerned with what s going in their lives as well.Ace Bosse is the youngest of four girls She s home from school for the summer and plans on just hanging out, oh and hopefully breaking up with her awful boyfriend Eric Ace doesn t love him, merely keeps him around because he s ea [...]

  13. 4.5 STARS Whoa Hello new favorite author of mine I ve had several people recommend this series to me As a reader I look for books to make me think To allow me to feel and lose myself within the pages Becoming His was this and so much .Harper Ace Bosse loves her home and the people in it She has a huge family And we get to meet them All of them She is the youngest but plays such a huge role She keeps them together She s smart beyond reason But if there is one thing Ace isn t so smart about, it s [...]

  14. A story that slowly crept into my heart to stay forever 5 starsOMG I am berating myself for not reading this one Mariah thank you for the story The Bosse family and all the characters have a special place in my heart Okay now on to the story This is about Ace who is back home from college Her family is crazy, sweet and consists of her 4 older sister and her loveable yet sage parents While she s home she finds herself in a middle of a beautiful romance with Max Sigh Max, oh boy, he s seems like a [...]

  15. I received the arc of this book in exchange for an honest review.When Mariah reached out to the blog and asked if we could read her book, I first said yes based only on the cover which I LOVE Yes, I judged a book by its cover I love a healthy dose of angst in a novel love it To me, it s all about the build up and all the little things that make you feel the butterflies and hold your breath All the little touches and words said in moments of pure honesty, when your heart knows what it wants and s [...]

  16. Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review.Wow Where to even start There is so much I enjoyed about this book The writing style was executed flawlessly, the characters were real and I was able to feel their emotions, and the story line kept my interest the entire time I love the build up that we got to see between the two main characters, Ace and Max Their relationship started out as friends, and they slowly became as they developed feelings for each other I love when an author is [...]

  17. How can I explain the dynamics of this book without giving spoilers away Well I was given an ARC by the author and she said it would take me a week to finish nahhhh not me a day with interruptions I found myself wanting to be apart of this family the love and support that they give is just beautiful Bring in Max who to me would make anyone melt These two main characters though struggle with a lot of things at some points of the book you are screaming yes yes yes then why please don t But honestl [...]

  18. Omg I loved this book and I want This book is beautifully written I was completely drawn into the lives of the characters and loved all of them This story has its ups and downs like real life It was a slow getting to know you story that completely captivated me I was wanting to read every detail to find out about the characters I cannot wait to read the next one Beautifully written with a ton of emotions I laughed out loud at the family interactions food fights in particular they were hilariou [...]

  19. When I started this book it was so different from her other book The Weight of Rain that I wasn t prepared for the level of emotional angst that I experienced reading this book Ace Bosse is the youngest of 5 sisters and she has had a crush on her neighbor Max Miller for years but when he returns after being gone for 3 years in Alaska they finally become friends and gradually a deeper relationship evolves This is the first of 3 in this series and I wasn t prepared for the cliffhanger ending that [...]

  20. 5 FULL starsBecoming His is a wonderful story about love and family Each word is woven together so nicely by Mariah, that it doesn t take you long to find your place in the story I was absorbed into the world of Max and Ace me from page one, and they didn t let me go until the very end This is the perfect time of year to read this beautiful story about family and love I promise you won t regret it

  21. This book is a hidden gem I was so entranced with Ms Dietz s writing that I couldn t put it down Beautiful writing and the story flowed so flawlessly that I never wanted it to end This is a story of growing, trusting, finding yourself and learning how to love not only someone else but also yourself I loved the characters in this story and I can t wait for Losing Her Highly recommend

  22. Too young for me and the beginning throws so many characters in the mix my head was spinning It took me a while to work out who was who and I skimmed through, loosing interest with it rather quickly.I know other readers have loved it so maybe it s just not my cup of tea

  23. Such a fan of Mariah dietz When I read one of her books I expect it to be real, to have character growth, to have a little bit of drama trauma and a decent amount of relationship This was just what I expected Will definitely finish the series.

  24. Wow That was my thought when I was reading Mariah is a New Author, but you wouldn t know based on her writing When I finally finished, it took me DAYS to process all of my emotions I couldn t get the characters out of my head Ace, 19, is smart and driven, yet slightly indecisive She is the youngest Bosse girl She s cautious, loving but has an unrealistic fear of failure and loss The Bosses are open and honest and know how to have fun Ace is especially close to her father, he knows how to communi [...]

  25. I received the book by the Author for an honest review So this book was fantastic I was surprised because I thoroughly enjoyed it.Max and Ace have been neighbors for over 10 years but have seen very little of each other But they do notice each other quite often The story starts off with Max coming back from Alaska and living back home now with his family and friends He and Jamison both are back let me tell you I loved Jamison.When he comes back, himself Ace start this unlikely friendship That so [...]

  26. First of all, I know the saying never judge a book by its cover, and, whilst I may use that saying in everday life, I have to admit I am terrible for judging a book by its cover when I m picking a book to read So with Becoming His, it really was a case of ooh, that s such a pretty cover, who cares about the blurb kind of moment.Fret not though, I did actually read the blurbSometimes life s unforeseen paths lead us to discovering sides of ourselves we never knew existed Ace Bosse has always found [...]

  27. Review done for Hooked on Books4 out of 5 starsAce Harper Bosse is the youngest of five daughters Her family is awesome They are all close to each other and would do anything for each other.Max Miller is back home after being gone for three years He was on a journey to find the father he lost Coming home, he meets up with his neighbors of ten years One neighbor in particular has caught his eye again Ace.Ace is only nineteen and still a virgin She has dated her share of guys but had never really [...]

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