Daughter of the East: An Autobiography

Daughter of the East An Autobiography Beautiful charismatic and the first and only woman to lead a post colonial Muslim state Benazir Bhutto achieved international renown in her native Pakistan until charges of corruption forced her in

Beautiful, charismatic, and the first and only woman to lead a post colonial Muslim state, Benazir Bhutto achieved international renown in her native Pakistan until charges of corruption forced her into exile in the late 1990s From her upbringing in one of Pakistan s richest families to her subsequent politicization and her arrest following her father s execution, Bhutto Beautiful, charismatic, and the first and only woman to lead a post colonial Muslim state, Benazir Bhutto achieved international renown in her native Pakistan until charges of corruption forced her into exile in the late 1990s From her upbringing in one of Pakistan s richest families to her subsequent politicization and her arrest following her father s execution, Bhutto s autobiography chronicles a life of strength, dedication, and courage in the face of adversity This updated volume addresses her personal and political activities over the past two decades and how her country has changed since being thrust into international limelight following 9 11 Intriguing and impassioned, this is the life story of one of the most prominent female politicians of the 20th century.

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Daughter of the East: An Autobiography

  1. Benazir Bhutto was a Pakistani politician who chaired the Pakistan Peoples Party PPP , a centre left political party in Pakistan Bhutto was the first woman elected to lead a Muslim state, having twice been Prime Minister of Pakistan 1988 1990 1993 1996 She was Pakistan s first and to date only female prime minister.Bhutto was the eldest child of former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, a Pakistani of Sindhi descent and Shia Muslim by faith, and Begum Nusrat Bhutto, a Pakistani of Iranian Kurdish descent, similarly Shia Muslim by faith Her paternal grandfather was Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto, who came to Larkana District in Sindh before the independence from his native town of Bhatto Kalan, which is situated in the Indian state of Haryana.Bhutto was sworn in as Prime Minister for the first time in 1988 at the age of 35, but was removed from office 20 months later under the order of then president Ghulam Ishaq Khan on grounds of alleged corruption In 1993 she was re elected but was again removed in 1996 on similar charges, this time by President Farooq Leghari She went into self imposed exile in Dubai in 1998.Bhutto returned to Pakistan on October 18, 2007, after reaching an understanding with President Pervez Musharraf by which she was granted amnesty and all corruption charges were withdrawn She was assassinated on December 27, 2007, after departing a PPP rally in the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi, two weeks before the scheduled Pakistani general election of 2008 where she was a leading opposition candidate.

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  1. Daughter of Destiny An Autobiography Daughter of the East An Autobiography, Benazir Bhutto Daughter of Destiny an Autobiography is a 1988 memoir by 11th Prime Ministers of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto The book was also released as Daughter of the East An Autobiography from Hamish Hamilton in 1988 In the book Bhutto narrates her life from her birth, her childhood, days in Oxford University, execution of her father, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto by General Muhammad Zia ul Haq, days in captivity, her arrange marr [...]

  2. Am not going to comment on the political part cause I lack the knowledge and this is not what this biography is about , besides I believe that once you are in politics your hands will get dirty, you are either gonna kill or be killed by one of your family members, friends or enemies.Because of the brutality of political leaders we tend to forget that they are humans as well, the sacrifices they have to make , in this biography Benazir takes you with her to her family house the emotions she felt [...]

  3. I encourage all my fellow women to read this amazing autobiography of Benazir Bhutto, the first female prime minister in an Islamic country, and one of the most educated, passionate women leaders of all time I was blown away by the story of the Bhutto family and their contributions to the development of the nation of Pakistan, and also how much they, their supporters, and the people of Pakistan endured just because they lobbied for democracy, human rights, a fair judicial system, and freedom fro [...]

  4. The book is an autobiography of former prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto who was shot dead while she was on a political rally in Rawalpindi, Pakistan and daughter of former prime minister and most influential person of Pakistan Julfikar Ali Bhutto She twice became Prime Minister of Pakistan and returned back after eight years of exile on 17th December 2007 for the elections to be held on 8th January 2008 The autobiography was written till April 2007 and she died on 27th December, 2007 at [...]

  5. Excellent in terms of relating Benazir s personal feelings and emotions, but slanted in terms of Pakistan politics and her personal diatribe against President Zia, who eventually executed her father Lots of tragedy, and insight into the dark, seedy parts of Pakistan politics, and with a few bright moments of President Bhutto s aspirations for her people and especially women.

  6. I love political stories and autobiographies are high up there Pakistan has always been fascinating for me as an Indian In a good way and a bad way Political families exist in India too and I find them equally fascinating However, with autobiographies, while I don t expect that everything will be revealed as it happened, I do expect that some lessons learnt, some humility While Benazir tries to show humility, I feel it was a put on to bring some balance to a book that is quite one sided with no [...]

  7. A tragic tale of a family who struggled to restore democracy in a troubled nation although quite one sided in its account The book got me hooked to know about Pakistan s history Despite all the controversy surrounding her, Benazir will always be an admirable and courageous woman.

  8. Read as part of my personal reading challenge read a book I haven t read before from every top 10 list of books that have touched them that I have been tagged in.Format autobiographyPre reading thoughts I don t know a whole lot about her, but I am curious about her since she was a female head of state in a country like Pakistan And I m curious to know her thoughts about Bangladesh Mid reading thoughts Don t know if I m going to finish this, but on that later First of all, I want to say, man, th [...]

  9. After having read this book, as well as Reconciliation Islam, Democracy, and the West, I am convinced that every woman, regardless of their social background or religious belief, should read this book Apart from teaching the reader quite a bit about Pakistan s development from the moment it became an independent nation, up until the present day, it is an impressive and often shocking tale of a woman struggling for justice and peace Time and time again this book proves that the strength of mankin [...]

  10. Politics doesn t interest me but this book was my local book club s selection for this month Was a little discouraged when I saw how thick it is nearly 500 pages But I m very glad I read it Benazir Bhutto was such a brave, loyal, passionate, dedicated woman She, her family and members of her party endured so much suffering in the country they love so much At times, this book was difficult to read brought me to tears many times I felt shame for what our country did, supporting the dictators I had [...]

  11. Benazir Bhutto s autobiography has me riled up and awe struck at what she endured as a political prisoner I am disgusted at the part my own country s government played in financing the military coup President Reagan gave aide to the leader of the coup He gave planes to him President Carter did not request Prime Minister Bhutto s death sentence be lifted What on earth were these men thinking Zia had overthrown a democracy, and the United States government was doing business with him, in spite of [...]

  12. Daughter of the East is a remarkable journey of our former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Her unfaltering courage in the face of long years in detention, exile, family tragedy is commendable and strongly reflects ideologies of the much loved leader, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto The narration is so simple, expressive and beautiful that you find yourself wondering whether you are really reading someone s life or a heart breaking novel Some chapters in the book were so powerfully evocative that I was [...]

  13. An amazing story of courage and strength, against the worst odds, a sad loss to her people, and the hope of democracy in Pakistan My heart went out to her at the loss of almost all her siblings and parents it was simply heartbreaking I did enjoy this book a lot, it brought me to tears many times, although some have claimed that her accounts of certain events are inaccurate, I feel that most of her story comes from her heart and is true The discrimination and suffering Pakistani people face on a [...]

  14. so this is a story how women can do anything powerful to make goodness, being a feminist not always bad thing

  15. I remember the day Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in Pakistan I was travelling in a bus and when I read about it on my mobile, I almost shouted in shock She was one of the few leaders in Southeast Asia whose political journey always fascinated me It s a story of long political struggle, victimization, and deprivation The book talks in detail about Zia s military coup,overthrowing of Zulfikar Bhutto s government with subsequent Islamization of Pakistan The chapters where she talks about her dete [...]

  16. An incredible read not only as a glimpse into Pakistan politics and its foreign policies was interesting reading about India s foreign policies from an outsider s perspective , but also from reading about a female leader in the male dominated Muslim world who was brave and fearless in spite of the hardships she was put through by her government, and the political murders of so many of her family members In today s times of rising dictatorship autocracy style of non secular governments, this book [...]

  17. Daughter of the East is the true story of a woman s struggle to restore democracy in a country, which has had its history dominated by military dictatorship Ms Benazir Bhutto does not just tell her story, she makes you live it with her Intensely told, this tale is a very strong woman s journey from the life of a student to the life of a leader Like me, even if you never supported all her ideas, you would admire her courage and understand the birth of many of her policies This book is a must read [...]

  18. If one goes only by what is written in Bhutto s autobiography, it would seem as if the Bhuttos were only interested in serving the people of Pakistan Daughter of Destiny is a good read, and sheds light on the continuous political turmoil in Pakistan However, if one is familiar with the criticisms against the Bhutto family, one becomes sadly skeptical of Bhutto s version of her family s history Yet, this book should inspire readers to learn about Pakistan, and its important role internationally, [...]

  19. An inspiring book by a completely inspiring person i loved reading every paragraph, every page of the book from the beginning till the end the reason was not the struggle made by Ms.Bhutto was moving but the fact that the book had been written with such a grip on every word and every incident.I accept the fact there have been biases in the story but despite this fact the book successfully keeps the reader very much into it till the very end

  20. A different task rating this book in stars, because it s not really the quality of the book, or the beautiful prose style I m judging, it s her story, how she lived her life.Poor Benazir, Pakistan could and should have been a progressive little India, even like a Malaysia by now, if only greedy military factions didn t keep killing off the democratically elected members of the forward thinking and compassionate Bhutto family

  21. A must read for students of political science I had thought Indira Gandhi was the woman who had gone through the most trials by fire in the arena of South Asian politics After reading Benazir s account,I am inclined to change my mind Salute to this woman

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