Random You will never read another shapeshifter book like this Every surprise will catch you unwary And like me you will find that others will have to pry it out of your fingers Tamora Pierce bestselling

You will never read another shapeshifter book like this Every surprise will catch you unwary And, like me, you will find that others will have to pry it out of your fingers Tamora Pierce, bestselling author Alma Alexander has created a gripping and complicated story of family loyalty and teenage rebellion An excellent start to a brave new series Ysabeau Wil You will never read another shapeshifter book like this Every surprise will catch you unwary And, like me, you will find that others will have to pry it out of your fingers Tamora Pierce, bestselling author Alma Alexander has created a gripping and complicated story of family loyalty and teenage rebellion An excellent start to a brave new series Ysabeau Wilce, award winning author of the Flora Segunda series RANDOM My name is Jazz Marsh I am a Random Were, which means I am a Were of no fixed form like all Random Were, my family can become any warm blooded creature which is the last thing they see before they Turn For me, when my time came, that meant trouble I was quite young when I lost my older sister, Celia, and my family never spoke about her It was only when I found the secret diaries that she had left behind that I began to discover the truth behind her life and her death I never understood what drove my moody and dangerous older brother until I began to get an inkling about his part in Celia s death and until, driven to the edge of patience and understanding, he finally had to face his own Turn problems and disastrously took matters into his own hands One thing is clear Everything I thought I knew about Were kind was wrong THIS IS BOOK ONE IN THE WERECHRONICLES SERIES

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  1. ALMA ALEXANDER is a novelist who writes for both adults The Secrets of Jin Shei , Embers of Heaven , Midnight at Spanish Gardens , The Hidden Queen , Changer of Days and YA audiences the Worldweavers trilogy, Gift of the Unmage , Spellspam , Cybermage , Dawn of Magic as well as the new series, The Were Chronicles, Random , Wolf and Shifter Her work has been translated into 14 languages worldwide, including Hebrew,Turkish, and Catalan She is currently at work on a new series of alternate history novels with roots in Eastern Europe She lives in Bellingham, WA, with her husband, two cats, and assorted visitingwildlife Visit her website blog at AlmaAlexander or like her Facebook page at facebook pages Alma A

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  1. There s a group of YA authors I m thinking of Robin McKinley, Juliet Marillier, Justine Larbelestier, and a few others who write the kind of books that snooty adults who look down on YA in Internet articles have clearly never read These are books that don t get made into popular movies, because most of what happens is internal to the characters This kind of YA has depth and resonance and significance It shines a light on the path for young people young women, in particular who are looking for co [...]

  2. Full disclaimer the author gave me a free copy of this in exchange for an honest review AAAARGHHHEEGEH WKLEJWF, ALMA ALEXANDER I was so set to give this a 3 star review and be really glad to expand my reading horizons Were anything is not my usual go to reading fare and be delighted at Alexander s way with prose BUT NO She had to go and create these passionate characters in a fascinating universe of differentiated Were clans and structures with adults with possibly shady moments and then THAT CL [...]

  3. This is a completely different take on Were animals than I have ever read It involves several very interesting and complex characters and issues.One of the issues tackled is immigration The family fled their home in the Old Country to go to the New World, which offered freedom for and less persecution of their kind This is interlaced throughout the story but the author doesn t beat you to death about the issue It is treated as a very matter of fact part of the family s existence.In the Old Coun [...]

  4. I d go 4.5 stars probably Were creatures usually aren t my favorite characters, but I love what she s done so far setting up the different types of were clans and social structure, and the difference between old world and new world weres.Very excited to see what happens in book two.

  5. I found this very compelling I was intrigued by the characters and contents of Celia s diary It s not mythopoeic, but I enjoyed it a lot One of the things I liked is that the rich girl does not turn out to be the Mean Girl as so often happens in YA She s a true friend to Jazz.That said, the big surprise at the end was no surprise Anyone who s read comic books as long as I have knows that if there s no dead body, you shouldn t believe someone is really dead in fiction It also took me a long time [...]

  6. Reviewed for Readers FavoriteAt first glance, Jessica March, or Jazz to her family, looks like your typical almost fifteen year old but one look inside her family and you realize she is far from normal Jazz, and her family, are Random Weres This means that each month on the full moon, her parents change shape into their were form, and being random means that it can be anything that first time Her older brother Malcolm, or Mal is almost eighteen, and still hasn t managed to shift, which is concer [...]

  7. Alma Alexander has invented a world in which the Were have always existed, but their existence is now known, and, in the New World, their lives are regulated for the safety of all Of course, nothing can go wrong with regulating part of the populationJazz Marsh is a Random Were, which means her family is not genetically locked into shifting into a certain animal They shift into whatever animal is presented to them at their first shift Jazz s older sister died, and Jazz was presented with a saniti [...]

  8. I don t recall where I heard about this book, but it has a lot of things that I like YA storytelling, shapeshifters, science, and so on so I picked it up last summer This was a great decision, and I really enjoyed the book.The key concepts that differentiate this novel are the public nature of the were community, how the regular world has adapted mmm, identification papers , and how this one family of Random weres has lived for the past several years I enjoyed the writing and found it enthrallin [...]

  9. Going against the grain of its sub genre this Were book features no romance, no physical conflict and absolutely no sexy vampires at all.Instead there is a a tightly focused exploration of a young woman s struggle for identity and place, especially in relation to her deceased older sister who no one in the family ever talks about This is the core of this book and it works well.Layered on top of that are hints about a wider Were society, its history, science and interaction with the normal human [...]

  10. I am infinitely glad I bought this book on a whim I like the concept of different Were breeds and the society and rules Ms Alexander built around them I was also very impressed with Ms Alexander s writing and how deep the concepts that Jazz and her family had to deal with were Jazz never sounded like a little girl whining about her lot in life and it was refreshing to read perspectives that considered such deep issues like life and death and the complicated concept of the human soul I can t wait [...]

  11. I have never ceased to be amazed at Alma Alexander s unique voice as an author Her view on the world and her ability to put a fresh spin on common tropes Random is no different I can honestly say I ve never enjoyed another shapeshifter novel I will not go into specifics, because I think to appreciate this book most it is best to go into it without a ready knowledge of the unique journey you are about to take.I will say, however, that I highly recommend all of Ms Alexander s works and this book [...]

  12. The book started off a little slow, but it picked up half way through and then it really gripped me I think if I had kept reading it when I initially picked it up rather than starting and then putting it to the side, I would have been better off I m excited to read the next installment in this series.

  13. 3.5 stars Alma Alexander has been one of my favorite writers, and I love what she s done with the were genre That she approaches bullying as well as typical teenage angst with a family of Random Old World immigrant weres is clever The blogging felt a little young, but this is a YA novel, so that makes sense.

  14. one of the most unique were stories I ve ever read I loved the way were kind were another minority, but never replaced minorities and the micro aggressions experienced by Celia, heartbreaking but that ending, even though I suspected it, the cliff hanger ending argh.

  15. A free ARC of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.When you read the word Were kind, the first thing that comes to mind is probably an image of a werewolf This isn t surprising given the wealth of wolf lore out there, from An American Werewolf in London and The Wolfman to Teen Wolf and Twilight In Random, however, Alma Alexander introduces a whole different kind of Were and a rich culture to go with it.There are characters who Turn into wolves during the full moo [...]

  16. I received a free copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review One reason why I didn t read YA in the past is because of YA stereotypes One of these stereotypes is the mean girl This trope involves a popular girl who leads a clique of girls who are all so anxious to be popular themselves that they imitate her behavior In so many YA novels, the authors never imagine that the influential popular girl is a good role model No, she is usually vain, selfish and cruel Her influence [...]

  17. In the seeming flood of shape shifter fiction, it s easy to wonder if it s even possible to come up with a new take on the topic, but Alma Alexander s Random has done that at least in terms of my familiarity with the field Her Weres exist in a complex culture of hereditary Were races with just a few hints of contagion driven transformations and the new concept of the random Were whose animal transformation is imprinted from a creature present at the time of the Were s first turning in late adole [...]

  18. Read review in its entirety at compassbookratings revAuthor Alma Alexander s latest YA series, The Were Chronicles, perpetuates speed with its starter novel, Random The Were Chronicles 1 A befitting title for the novel, it will seem to readers as if Ms Alexander selected the most evasively random ideas and somehow created not only a cohesive crossover of subjects, but a stellar one at that The plot is complicated with twists that are startling, but it all comes together, though albeit not wrappe [...]

  19. A story of teenage angst with a supernatural bent A family of shape shifters moves to the new world toescape bigotry and violence, only to find that discrimination of their kind exists as well in their new home 14 year old Jazz doesn t think there could be any family tension until the day she randomly shifts before her older brother After finding her dead older sister s diaries she starts to make sense of all the secrets kept from her A fast read which gets better with every page.

  20. I read the book despite myself I got through it, though I frequently wanted to throw it across the room It s a good story about bullying About being an immigrant About teen angst In fact there are many things that I can appreciate about it in an abstract sense However, I still did not like it I still don t really care about the characters at all And I saw the final plot twist a mile out Gah Not the book I wanted it to be.

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