Evolution of a Sad Woman: The Story of Kizzy

Evolution of a Sad Woman The Story of Kizzy Five strangers are drawn together to solve a murder by the love of the same beautiful woman Evolution of a Sad Woman a mystery thriller romance is by Gale Laure

Five strangers are drawn together to solve a murder by the love of the same beautiful woman Evolution of a Sad Woman, a mystery thriller romance, is by Gale Laure.

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Evolution of a Sad Woman: The Story of Kizzy

  1. Gale Laure is the author of the mystery thriller, suspense, romance, international selling novel, Evolution of a Sad Woman , her debut novel and the soon to be released The Bunkhouse She lives in the Houston area with her family She enjoys writing, reading, going to the movies and playing with the children in her family.

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  1. Review of Story Line This story line is great It will grab you right from the beginning and never lets you go The story will appeal to everyone and definitely brings an element of surprise at the end that no one can reasonably expect You can t help but want to solve the murder along with the story, as Kizzy just pulls on your heartstrings from the very beginning.Review of Characters Most of the characters in this book were relatable and while they were mostly well written, a couple of things ups [...]

  2. liked this book immediately It started off with a bang and didn t let up through much of it I may be a bit biased because I do enjoy murder mysteries and detective stories and if you do as well, you will probably enjoy reading Evolution of a Sad Woman The best parts of this story are the five men who come together to solve Kizzy s murder Each of them have vastly different backgrounds and personalities and Ms Laure does the reader a great service by showing through flashbacks exactly how each of [...]

  3. Imagine a woman who arranges for her own gruesome murder She draws a bath, has a glass of wine, and awaits The butcher commits the deed, as requested, with a serated knife and a meat clever to dismember the beautiful heroine.What would compel a wealthy woman to plan such a death During her life, Kizzy had met five men whom she loved and trusted with the joy of her life Her lawyer invited them to attend the reading of the will advising that they would inherit millions Each came and relived their [...]

  4. EVOLUTION OF A SAD WOMAN The Story of Kizzy By Gale LaureReviewed by Sharlet Liebel 2009Author Gale Laure chose a nearly impossible murder mystery, Evolution of a Sad Woman The story of Kizzy, as her Debut Novel Be aware of a most fascinating beauty and her adventures of enormous propositions Get ready for the unexplained shock of the demise of the emerald green eyed, flowing long hair, and gentle spirited Kizzy and prepare to shudder in the very first chapter of this novel In this story, detect [...]

  5. This was one of those books A little hard for me to get into at first, but that happens often when trying a new author Following Kizzy s journey was fun, insightful, and sad at times I felt like a voyeur reading a woman s private journal, but found it hard to put down Very interesting the way Laure found to show us each person s story I ve heard that there are producers looking at Evolution of a Sad Woman for a movie I hope that happens because that will draw attention to this book which is wel [...]

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