The Girl Who Never Came Back

The Girl Who Never Came Back Librarian Note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B GW F Y Twenty years ago eight year old Charlotte Abernathy vanished while playing near her family s house Despite a frantic search no t

Librarian Note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00GW9F31Y.Twenty years ago, eight year old Charlotte Abernathy vanished while playing near her family s house Despite a frantic search, no trace of her was found until a year later, when the little girl turned up on the doorstep with no memory of where she d been Today, Charlotte has put her mysterious ordeal bLibrarian Note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00GW9F31Y.Twenty years ago, eight year old Charlotte Abernathy vanished while playing near her family s house Despite a frantic search, no trace of her was found until a year later, when the little girl turned up on the doorstep with no memory of where she d been Today, Charlotte has put her mysterious ordeal behind her, even though she s never learned where she was during that missing year However, when her eight year old niece vanishes in similar circumstances, a fully grown Charlotte is forced to make a fresh attempt to uncover the truth The Girl Who Never Came Back is a psychological thriller about a woman who is forced to confront her family s dark past In the process, she begins to unravel the secret surrounding her disappearance, the horrific truth about her niece s fate, and the identity of the ghostly figure that seems to haunt the family Contains adult language and mild, infrequent violence.

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The Girl Who Never Came Back

  1. Amy Cross writes novels and short stories in a number of genres, mainly horror, paranormal and fantasy Books include The Farm, Annie s Room, The Island, Eli s Town and Asylum.

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  1. This was a fascinating little story and I enjoyed it and didn t guess what was going to happen either.Charlotte was eight when she disappeared for a year and nobody knows to where or what happened to her while she was gone It was odd as I got a long way into this and had no clue where it was set only to realise it was over here but the author used American spellings.hence my confusion I liked Charlotte She has a cutting turn of phrase that made me laugh even whilst cringing at times.There were s [...]

  2. I hate Charlotte when she was eight And I hated her still at twenty eight She should never come back Eight and twenty eight years old Charlotte sounded the same She thought she was special for having two personality She never stop to think that probably others do too only maybe they kept it hidden Norman Bates for one never advertise it.I truly wanted to like her She s the MC But, I just want to reach into my e reader and suffocate her My hate for her have clouded my judgement of everything else [...]

  3. A very well written, clever mystery that intrigued me all the way through.It s not easy to say too much without spoilers, however, this story has an undercurrent of curious insanity running through it, but it s not clear who is crazy or what is real that s its fabulous appeal.I am not sure why this book has received negative reviews maybe other readers didn t feel satisfied with the ending, but for me it made perfect sense, even if I wanted certain characters to be punished.ough sometimes circum [...]

  4. This story needed a lot of work Please get an editor The actual storyline is very good But there is so much hatred between all of the characters and Charlotte herself is not a very likeable person Also the sheer amount of language and vulgarity are a major turn off Okay, with all of that being said, I firmly believe that if this book were to be re edited and cleaned up a lot , it would be a great psychological thriller The conclusion was one that I didn t see coming at all Very good job on that [...]

  5. Actual rating 2.5I found this one pretty boring to start with, and then it turned really weird I had a hard time following the story because of it, and I just wanted to hurry up and finish it.

  6. I couldn t stop reading, I just had to keep turning the pages, wanting to know what was going to happen next This kept me guessing until the end And I didn t see THAT coming At All

  7. The Girl who never came back written by Amy Cross is a well thought through mystery with a slight paranormal addition to the story The author developed a great twist that she slowly unravels throughout the story The story line keeps going back and forth from current day to what happened 20 years ago The pace of this book is spot on, it never feels dragged out or rushed.Charlotte is the sister I never had Even though her sister Ruth is downright abusive to her, she keeps wanting to help her, and [...]

  8. I wasn t expecting a whole lot from this book, but I was pleasantly surprised I thought it would be a mystery, psych thriller book, but to be honest, for a while I wasn t sure if it was going in a paranormal direction There were a few errors if instead if I d, a weird name mistake but it didn t take away from the story for me It was a quick read about a screwed up family Charlotte goes missing as a child and mysteriously returns a year later with no memory of where she s been 20 years later her [...]

  9. I only ordered this book as a kindle freebie and was pleasantly suprised Charlotte is eight years old when she disappears and then she returns a year later with no memory Twenty years on her eight year old niece disappears, can history repeat itself The story flows nicely along and grips you wanting to know what happened to Charlotte and if she can try to remember her childhood disappearance to help Sophie her niece.It s well worth a read, however a couple of minor points the editing is awful wi [...]

  10. The last of my holiday reads.This is another book that I have had sat in my kindle for months Even though a relatively short book, probably bordering on a novella as it took me no time to read it, the storyline had me gripped throughout A very dark read with a few twists that I certainly didn t see coming Very much an enjoyable read.

  11. This was an intriguing little book, so much so that I read it in one sitting A little girl disappears from her family at the age of 8 She reappears a year later but with no memories 20 years later her niece disappears at the age of 8 It is a clever mystery which kept me guessing to the end.

  12. I read this in one sitting on a long train journey Like others have stated, it needs alot of work some good editing and a background to the personalities of these atrocious characters Why on earth was Tony with Ruth Why did Ruth live in the the family home Why did Ruth think the way she spoke to everyone was okay ever I must admit, I really enjoyed it.I didn t mind that the characters were so unlikeable, I found that a unique reading experience as normally I need to love the characters The plot [...]

  13. Overall this was an entertaining book I think that it s strength lies in the middle of the book as a character study of different issues in a this family dynamic Exploring Charlotte s relationship with her mother and sister and dealing with the faded memories of the past was compelling of a story to me The actual disappearance of the daughter was a bit irrelevant to me as I saw it as of a catalyst to being the characters together and to pit them against each other I also found the ending to st [...]

  14. Interesting and well written, I liked the main character and the story was really engaging, I couldn t stop reading to learn what had happened But thene explanations felt way too far fetched for me it d demand a lot of my suspension of disbelief to buy it all Still liked the novel enough to give it 3 stars and will probably read from the author.

  15. Really good thinking book, not predictable to me at all I liked the fact that this book kept me wanting to read , I couldn t put it down I never guessed what was going to happen next, true page turner I read this in one afternoon evening Forget house chores, etc I HAD to read this I will be looking at this authors other books for sure

  16. Strange I really didn t know nothing about this book before reading This a story about a young girl who ends up missing and then returns a year later And then on a family visit her niece ends up disappearing Wow what amazing ending.

  17. I really enjoyed this book I did have an idea what happened to Charlotte from about half way through but what happened with her niece totally blind sided me I did not see that coming at all Still trying to figure out if the ending worked or not

  18. Worst book ever had the misfortune to readThe plot is weak and unbelievable and the characters are one dimensional Glad it was free and i have not wasted money Nothing else to say really.

  19. This was an enjoyable read slightly suggestively creepy although it transpires eventually that nothing creepy actually happened, it was of a twisted psychological novel.

  20. A book that was hard to put down.Lots of twists and turns in the book Couldn t put down the when I got closer to the end Was a great read.

  21. GreatA brilliant read thoroughly enjoyed it will definitely be reading Amy Cross this is the first I ve read she is very good

  22. Great bookThis book started with me not sure it would keep my interest then it grab me, I needed to understand what happened to her.

  23. Excellent plotThis is one of those books that keep you guessing right until the end I read it in one sitting I got it as a freebie, but will definitely buy from this author.

  24. Picked this book up on a whim The title just intrigued me as well as the premise that a young girl would disappear and reappear on the one year anniversary of her disappearance.Charlotte Abernathy is an adult who harbors a dark secret Twenty years before when she was eight years old, she disappeared while playing outside A year later, she returns with no memory of where she was over the past year or anything that has happened She cannot even remember much of her life before her disappearance The [...]

  25. Good bookThis book was completely different than I thought it was going to be Interesting, touching and over all very sad Great characters and the story line was well written Thanks Lynn

  26. Another excellend readFrom start to finsh the book kept me gripped The twist at the end is brilliant Amy cross does it again with another frantasic book.

  27. This was rather a odd book to read Initially it was very slow to get into, then just as I thought I was making some headway it seemed to turn a bit weird There were quite a few contradictions, or so they appeared at the time, and coupled with skipping between timelines it all became rather clumsy and confusing I couldn t feel any affinity towards any of the characters, no matter which timeline they appeared in, and they all seemed to be constantly bickering or at loggerheads with each other.I di [...]

  28. This is a story about Charlotte She feels like there s two sides of her, she calls the other side Ettoltahc her name backwards Ettoltahc is the trouble maker in her mind Some how Charlotte vanishes for a year and then shows up again She doesn t remember where she went.Such a book that messes with your mind like wow, that actually happened So crazy Good read Don t really want to write much about it since lots have happened in it or don t want to spoil it for anyone.Quotes Ruth tells Charlotte tha [...]

  29. I wasn t really sure what to make of this book It was definitely a good mystery but was weird in a mystical supernatural way at times The ending was a surprise I didn t really see the jt coming until it was almost on top of me Although it made some sense and was perfectly logical without any supernatural element I feel that there were a lot of unanswered questions about it It s hard to say without giving away spoilers The book alternated between current events and flashbacks to 20 years ago, bu [...]

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