Infected: The Lost Weekend

Infected The Lost Weekend Roan is hired by Scott to look for a hockey player friend of his After a long night of celebratory drinking Scott can t quite remember what happened to his friend and he isn t answering his cell Roa

Roan is hired by Scott to look for a hockey player friend of his After a long night of celebratory drinking, Scott can t quite remember what happened to his friend, and he isn t answering his cell Roan discovers Scott s friend was much troubled than he ever realized, and that some mysteries should remain unsolved.

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Infected: The Lost Weekend

  1. Super nerd Former EIC at Cx Pulp I ve won Rainbow Awards, and still can t believe it A small medicinal horse The Meryl Streep of stunt corpses.

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  1. Scott asks Roan to look for a friend who s gone missing after a night of heavy drinking In the process of solving this case we get a glimpse at Roan and Co s complicated relationships and Roan gets a reminder to appreciate what he has This is good in between series filler that left me wanting Good thing I don t have to wait.

  2. If asked to explain why they worked as a duo, Holden couldn t say They were bad on paper, and they probably didn t seem much better in person But as a weirdo superhero team, they were pretty damn good Holden was just glad he never had to try and explain why to anybody I should probably give this one a solid 3 or 3.5, but fuck it FOUR STARS.It s got everything I like Roan and Holden s bromance, Batman references, Roan confused as to why someone s flirting with him dude needs to get a clue , jokes [...]

  3. This is the quintessential Infected , the essence of why I love this series There is Roan, there is Holden, there is wit and snark and hidden love and Batman and Hugh, enough said.okay.

  4. 3.5 StarsAs usual, Speed seemlessly blends harsh reality with hilarity and feels A nice little filler featuring Roan and company.

  5. As a short story, this one was pretty straight forward Roan got a call from Scott Holden sort of boyfriend, Holden didn t admit to that, thank you very much about a missing hockey player There wasn t any big twist and it ended not happily for the hockey player.BUT, I would still give this my 4 anyway Why Because darn it, this was Roan pretty much Holden story Plus I loved this world so very much It offered a very nice glimpse of relationship between Holden and Scott Holden was still in denial, h [...]

  6. So good I loved to get back to Roan even if it was really short glimpse There were lost of great one liners and I had a great time with it The next book can t come soon enough D

  7. This is a quick little vignette and of course any time with Roan and Holden is always good Pretty simple little case, but I really enjoyed this story These two are always a good balance and play off each other well But I did miss seeing of Dylan and Scott.

  8. Interesting short interlude that gives us a glimpse in on Roan and company Damn Just makes me want the next book I can t get enough of Roan and Dylan and Holden and Scott and the rest of this world Not a happy story, but fitting with this tribe.

  9. Scott hires Roan to look for a missing teammate Misery ensues PThis apparently takes place at some point after Undertow, since Scott s concussion is cleared up and he s living in a hotel for some reason Holden s working his first official case as a real P.I It s a quick read, a single case that actually goes somewhere, and Ms Speed doesn t have time to indulge in her typical writing that drives me crazy It s a win win D

  10. I have a weakness for the Infected series, so liking this was a no brainer I was surprised by how short it was, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

  11. Good short story, could have been longer and the ending was a bit abrupt Saying that, I think the mystery of a missing person was a good story line and the author added in some other topics that make the book up to date I don t know about the title, kind of thought the book might be about a biological weapon or something, but after thinking about the story, I see that infection can come in many forms, all had to deal with.

  12. A quiet gay novellaGood organized story line, developed characters etc At 45 pages a quick read No overtly heavy sex Disappointed the story didn t at least give me a desire for another book in the series it just ended.

  13. A not so engaging short story There was not much of a mystery or anything else Still it is worth reading as long as it remains free.

  14. Excellent Mystery This novelette was an enjoyable read.i enjoyed Andrea Spped s writing style I found the character interesting and I couldn t out it down.

  15. Is it possible to have active withdrawals from missing your favorite characters I think it is I fell in love with Andrea Speed s Infected series from the moment I read the first book The second book had me sobbing my heart out The third book helped me pull myself out of grief And the fourth through seventh books have giving me back hope I m a huge fan of shifter books, but the world this author has created is so different from what I ve ever seen before and it sucked me in and I couldn t put any [...]

  16. Rating 4 stars out of 5A Infected Side Story For the full review, visit wp p220KL 33MReview Excerpt The investigation into the events of a drunken weekend and a missing hockey player are given a fairly realistic treatment It is a short examination of a person s ability to hide their true personality and issues behind a facade and the ease with which others assume that who they see is the real persona It makes you think about how many assumptions you might make in a day about people you think you [...]

  17. Well, I suppose you can only fit so much Roan, Dylan, Holden and Scott into 40 little pages Why do I always walk away wanting sniff Ms Speed has a way of throwing these little tidbits at us and we just gobble them up and then demand So, I am re reading Infected Epitaph because I have totally NO recall of it at all headdesk And then I am moving on to Infected Holden FINALLY, Holden s story and there had better be a Holden and Scott HEA or I am going to throw a conniption fit Seriously grin

  18. I m not entirely sure what the impetus was to write this little short I don t quite know where it fits in the timeline, some stuff doesn t quite line up with book 8, and it doesn t elucidate anything that happens in 8 from what I ve read so far of 8 but whatever the case, I liked it It features Roan, Holden, and Scott with a little Dylan , so it would have been hard to go wrong My thoughts on the series in general I love it

  19. A quick read I suppose you could call this one 7.5 It probably falls somewhere around book 7 anyway This is a quickie of Roan and Holden on a case Nothing spectacular happening, not super emotional, no significant growth of a character Or maybe Holden could be said to be slightly self aware of the slippery slope he s riding view spoiler with Scott hide spoiler But only just Just an interlude to give readers a chance to see the guys again Still enjoyable for those who like the series.

  20. Would have rated it higher as I love the Infected series But the story is less a story than some minor character development wrapped around an easily solved missing person case It ends like an unresolved chord, leaving you wondering what happened to the rest of it.Still, if you know Roan and Holden, if you ve read the rest of the series, why not visit with them a spell.

  21. Okay, so my rating has a little favoritism to itjust barely though.I can t help but love anything with Roan or Holden Even just a quick glimpse like this.I love Roan Holden scenes, they just put a smile on my face.This may sound stupid, but I loved the blender being named bender It reminded me of Paris, with a warm and fuzzy feeling That alone is worth an extra star.

  22. Another reviewer said it this is a good way to see if you like Roan and his world without investing in the whole series although a lot of what goes on requires knowing the characters to really enjoy it.

  23. I m not really sure what the point of this story was Very short and very little happens BUT it s free and it s full of my boy Holden so I m going to be happy about it His email address alone made it worth the read.

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