Daughters of the Storm

Daughters of the Storm Five very different sisters team up against their stepbrother to save their kingdom in this Norse flavored fantasy epic the start of a new series in the tradition of Naomi Novik Peter V Brett and Ro

Five very different sisters team up against their stepbrother to save their kingdom in this Norse flavored fantasy epic the start of a new series in the tradition of Naomi Novik, Peter V Brett, and Robin HobbVE ROYAL SISTERS ONE CROWN.They are the daughters of a king Though they share the same royal blood, they could not be different Bluebell is a proud warrioFive very different sisters team up against their stepbrother to save their kingdom in this Norse flavored fantasy epic the start of a new series in the tradition of Naomi Novik, Peter V Brett, and Robin HobbVE ROYAL SISTERS ONE CROWN.They are the daughters of a king Though they share the same royal blood, they could not be different Bluebell is a proud warrior, stronger than any man and with an ironclad heart to match Rose s heart is all too passionate She is the queen of a neighboring kingdom, who is risking everything for a forbidden love The twins vain Ivy, who lives for admiration, and zealous Willow, who lives for the gods And Ash, who is discovering a dangerous talent for magic that might be a gift or a curse.But when their father is stricken by a mysterious ailment, they must come together on a desperate journey to save him and prevent their treacherous stepbrother from seizing the throne Their mission find the powerful witch who can cure the king But to succeed on their quest, they must overcome their differences, and hope that the secrets they hide from one another and the world are never brought to light Because if this royal family breaks, it could destroy the kingdom.

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Daughters of the Storm

  1. Kim Wilkins Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Daughters of the Storm book, this is one of the most wanted Kim Wilkins author readers around the world.

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  1. Caveat I received this book for free from my publisher I read it as an Advance Reading Copy I don t think this affects my feelings about the book, but I like to be transparent.As always, I try to make my reviews spoiler free.This is the first of a trilogy It has a very satisfying wrap up, but some readers will want immediately I think it stood very well alone.Strong female characters with agency I really don t like using that word that way But it has become the nomenclature This book has five r [...]

  2. 3.5 starsI was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book I am not a huge fantasy reader I don t have anything against it, I just prefer other genres But the description sounded good and I figured why not Five very different sisters Bluebell, Ash, Rose, Willow, Ivy set off on a journey to save their father who just so happens to be King of Thyrsland He is very ill, in a coma like state on the brink of death It is determined that he is elf shot Someone has poisoned him and he needs magi [...]

  3. Well, I really liked the betrayal in this At first I thought there were too many sisters and too many POV s The warrior, the romantic, the seer, the flirt, and the crazy They each had their distinct personalities, but I couldn t connect with most of them I actually liked the villain Wylm the best, and sweet Eni I felt so bad for little Eni But I am still anxious to see where the next book is going to go Bluebell definitely gave me Xena vibes

  4. This is an extraordinary novel that once I started reading it, found it hard to tear myself away from I didn t read this book I devoured it greedily In Daughters of the Storm, Kim Wilkins, a masterful storyteller, presents us with a rich and detailed historical fantasy featuring a poisoned king, his five very different daughters, and a land in existential and leadership crisis.Drawing on her vast knowledge and love of Anglo Saxon England, Wilkins gives us a vivid and diverse world where faith, m [...]

  5. Review from Tenacious Reader tenaciousreader 2018 0Daughters of the Storm just grabbed me from the very beginning I found the story to be fun and well paced, and the range of characters kept it interesting There are five sisters, all daughters of the King, who is declining in health Each of these women are incredibly different and each interesting in their own way.The oldest sister, Bluebell, is a fighter that has pretty much shunned any marital or remotely feminine expectations of her She is an [...]

  6. I was offered an ARC of this book and after reading the blurb fir it I thought it might be something I enjoy and I mostly did However there also were a few things that I didn t like as much but overall it was a good book that you will enjoy if you like fantasy.For me the story was a bit slow paced, but I couldn t figure out if it was the story line or if it was just me The entire book is very descriptive, which is always nice but sometimes can slow one down I definitely enjoyed the story and the [...]

  7. Five daughters, compelled by fate, duty, and familial bonds, must journey to find a cure for the illness that consumes their father.The warrior King of Thyrsland the Storm Bearer is deathly ill and smothered by wild fits of madness.Bluebell, the oldest of the sisters and next in line for the throne, is determined to find the undermagician in their bloodline the one who possesses the power to cure her father As the five sisters Bluebell, Ash, Rose, Willow and Ivy journey to find their powerful re [...]

  8. Wow, five sisters seems like a lot to juggle, but other than that the synopsis sounds like something I d like I am so quite fond of the cover, so fingers crossed this turns out well.

  9. I absolutely loved the novella Crown of Rowan A Tale of Thyrsland , set in this world, which appeared in Legends of Australian Fantasy back in 2010, and have been eagerly awaiting the series since then It was worth the wait this is one of the best books I ve read in ages The worldbuilding is beautifully done Wilkins has avoided the trap of overburdening the reader with too much information, but cleverly seeds details throughout the book, which increased the richness of the reading experience ove [...]

  10. Not a bad read, but I had a lot of trouble caring about any of these characters, to be honest I m afraid I won t be continuing the series.

  11. I liked it and will read any sequels, but I felt it was a little cliched think the Bennet sisters thrust into King Lear and with Elizabeth being played by Brienne of Tarth There s an evil, grasping stepmother with a sleazy, slimy son a mysterious magical illness that can only be cured with the help of a long lost, estranged witchy sister a mysterious mentoring magician in the woods and, well, you get the idea It was well done, but it didn t feel terribly new or fresh or revelatory.

  12. This book was a first Kim Wilkins for me And I was pleasantly surprised with her writing style However the characters left much to be desired in my opinion I understand that good characters should have strengths and weaknesses, virtues and flaws.But all of these characters, these sisters Drove me crazy They all appear to be just as bad as each other The only mildly interesting character whose opinions, thoughts and actions didn t drive me to shake my book in frustration, was the mystical Ash Blu [...]

  13. After reading the short story Crown of Rowan a few years ago I was excited to see what would happen in this new series I hadn t read any Kim Wilkins before and was really keen to give her a go It is beautifully written with descriptive imagery that just pulls you in I think the main issue I had with the book was the characters I did really enjoy the rotating POV between the siblings and it was fascinating to read how the opinions of the sisters were different to how they saw themselves However I [...]

  14. 3.5 Daughters of the Storm is the first book in Kim Wilkins s Blood and Gold series I have a lot of thoughts about this book, and they re not necessarily organized, so bear with me The book is about five sisters who are the daughter of a king Bluebell is the oldest and a warrior who is rud to be unkillable Rose is married to the king of the neighboring nation as part of a peace treaty, and her heart belongs to another Ash struggles with her burgeoning magic Ivy lives to be admired by men, and he [...]

  15. I am a huge Robin Hobb fan and when I saw that this book was compared to her works, my interest was caught Then, after reading the blurb, I was even interested in it A book that had Norse mythology elements and has strong female characters Sign me up I am glad that I requested this book The plotlines were engaging and kept me hooked on the book It was also fast paced I was left breathless while reading most of the book.Daughters of the Storm had a few plotlines that all were intertwined early i [...]

  16. Daughters of the Storm by Kim Wilkins is the first book in the Blood and Gold series The story opens with King Atherlrick of Almissia, the warrior king, the Storm Bearer in the land of Thrysland, is ill News spreads to his eldest daughter, Bluebell, a warrior like her father and heir apparent She immediately rushes to her father s side while spreading word out to her other sisters Rose is married to Wengest, king of Nettlechester but her heart belongs to another Ash is a student of the common fa [...]

  17. Kim Wilkins is Queen This book was first described to me back in 2014 as Game of Thrones with chicks and that is a really good snapshot The world is expertly formed and all of the characters are realistic and well developed I read the short story collection which gave me an insight into the time before Daughters of the Storm and the Rose Heath sub plot I found the dynamic between the sisters to be really interesting Bluebell, Ash and Ivy are tight knit even though they live so far apart but Ivy [...]

  18. After reading the synopsis for Daughters of the storm, I had to test my luck and see if I was capable of winning a book on And to my delightful surprise, I actually won I was hooked I loved the synopsis, the idea of not just one strong female lead but five of them MIND BLOWN While the main plot revolves around the demises of their father s health, you are thrown into a world of mini plots that lead to the big reveal As much as I wanted to love this book, and I really did want to, I felt that the [...]

  19. Review 1.5 Stars DNF at 30%I received this book from NetGalley for reviewSo, this book was a little bit messy The writing was fine, but there were some formatting choices that I didn t like Multiple POV s in each chapter, with only a short break between them making it barely clear when the POV shifted.The messiest part for me though is the characters Not a single one of them is remotely likable in any way I also wasn t a huge fan of their names Bluebell, Ash, Rose, Ivy, and Willow It made them c [...]

  20. I received this as an ARC, but it does not affect my review Overall, I am giving this story a 3.5 5 stars for a few reasons I will explain.I was intrigued by the multiple POVs, especially considering the length of the book I liked that the characters had different takes on the events happening in the story It must have taken some major planning to route the reader through the various events, considering the small amount of time everything took in the story.I was not sure what the point of having [...]

  21. This book really reminded me of the style of Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffrey, Terry Brooks Which by no means is wrong or bad I enjoy those authors I can tell that Kim Wilkins takes her writing style from them If she doesn t then I would suggest she read them cause to me their styles are very similar.The book itself was an interesting read I can not say it was my favorite and in parts of it I was like, how much longer is this book I understand why she put the traveling the parts of the book or se [...]

  22. When the king is spelled to sleep and nearing death, Lord Bluebell gathers her sisters from every corner of the land to bring their father to safety until vengeance can be extracted from the unknown assailant Daughters of the Storm introduces elements of Norse mythology to set the stage, political power plays are in full swing from all sides, and prophecy and sisterhood bring it all together to a heart pounding climax These women are so true to their individual natures and full of faults that I [...]

  23. I feel like I gave this an honest shot, but none of this was connecting for me I didn t find myself invested in anything happening 20% in, and I need a lot from YA adjacent fantasy these days than this Nothing terribly new or revolutionary here, so I m bailing.

  24. I was offered an e arc to review through NetGalley because I loved The Bear and the Nightingale the blurb called it Norse flavored and in the tradition of Robin Hobb and Naomi Novik, and one reviewer characterized it as Game of Thrones with chicks Unfortunately, I didn t feel that any of these descriptions and comparisons were very apt If I were to compare Daughters of the Storm to anything, it would be a bowl of mushy vegetable soup not Norse flavored soup, either Sure, there are characters wit [...]

  25. Bluebell, warrior and heir to the throne has been called back to the Royal city with her four sisters their father, King Aelthric, has fallen ill, into a strange troubled coma The five princesses set out on a secret journey to find a cure for this strange affliction Meanwhile, their stepbrother has his own plans to seize the throne.I ve found over the last few years with reading such a high volume of books that the ones where the story sticks with me the longest are those with characters I cared [...]

  26. By the end i was rather enjoying Daughter s of the Storm The constant switch of POV was great All the characters had different personalities and saw the world through very contrasting eyes, which was wonderful Too often characters end up sounding the same, I m glad that wasnt the case here In saying that it took me FOREVER to warm up to some of the characters in this book, they all had very realistic faults and some i found very difficult to get past cough.Rose.h But in the end i truly valued ho [...]

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