The best Book Enforcer published Sequel to Timber Pack Chronicles Jed Stone suffers in silence damaged and poisoned fro

The best Book Enforcer published Sequel to Timber Pack Chronicles.Jed Stone suffers in silence, damaged and poisoned from his fight with the rogue wolf But he puts on a smile and does his duty, making sure his Timber Pack mates are safe.Buzz Hinske belongs to a traditional lycan pack Challenges and violence seem to be their way of life Forced into hiding his true nature and feelings, Buzz obeys his alpSequel to Timber Pack Chronicles.Jed Stone suffers in silence, damaged and poisoned from his fight with the rogue wolf But he puts on a smile and does his duty, making sure his Timber Pack mates are safe.Buzz Hinske belongs to a traditional lycan pack Challenges and violence seem to be their way of life Forced into hiding his true nature and feelings, Buzz obeys his alpha without question.When they come together at the annual Lycan Conclave, Jed is elated to find his destined mate Unfortunately, Buzz has already been promised to another If Jed wants to build a life with Buzz, he ll have to overcome power hungry challengers, hunters, and rival packs But first, he has to convince his scared and confused mate two men can be destined to spend their lives together.. Bestseller Books Enforcer Sad panda. This was only okay for me. The MCs spend a lot of the book apart, which equals more angst, but fewer girthy shafts. Their sex was noticeably less crackalicious than Colton and Parker in Timber Pack Chronicles. Because Buzz and Jed are much more of an equal size/strength than Parker and Colton I thought Colton (the author, Colton, not alpha wolf Colton) should have taken advantage of this to explore hot sex between two strong furry men. His insistence on pushing the virginal bottom/experienced top trope from book #1 was therefore a disappointment. The second half of the story lost focus, as if Colton wasn't sure what to do with the pack once Buzz arrived at the camp. The developments seemed piecemeal and not completely thought through. I'll still check out book 3, but this one just wasn't a favorite. :(
Enforcer Definition of Enforcer at Dictionary noun a person or thing that enforces the member of a group, especially of a gang, charged with keeping dissident members obedient a person, especially a public official, who enforces The Enforcer Dec , I think many fans have mixed feelings about THE ENFORCER It represents both a departure from and an adherence to the familiar Harry Enforcer Definition of Enforcer by Merriam Webster Enforcer definition is one that enforces Recent Examples on the Web Horse is an off the books enforcer on the Lakota Rosebud reservation in South Dakota Emily Gray Tedrowe, USA Enforcer Enforcer Synonyms, Enforcer Antonyms Thesaurus Yet love of justice is strong, even in the strictest enforcer of discipline when the enforcer is Anglo Saxon The late Miss Clarke has well said to argue this point would be enforcer une Enforcer Zep Inc. ENFORCER MEANS BUSINESS The first Enforcer product, Enforcer Wasp Hornet Spray, was introduced than years ago in From that one successful product, the

  1. Rob Colton is a software developer by day, and avid reader of romance novels at night A romantic at heart, he loves stories that feature big, burly men who find true love and happy endings.Stories can be found on Literotica, Nifty and Gay Authors under the username robcub32.

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  1. Sad panda This was only okay for me The MCs spend a lot of the book apart, which equals angst, but fewer girthy shafts Their sex was noticeably less crackalicious than Colton and Parker in Timber Pack Chronicles Because Buzz and Jed are much of an equal size strength than Parker and Colton I thought Colton the author, Colton, not alpha wolf Colton should have taken advantage of this to explore hot sex between two strong furry men His insistence on pushing the virginal bottom experienced top tr [...]

  2. Second book in the Timber Pack Chronicles and this is the story of the Pack enforcer Jed who discovers his fated mate during a USA Pack convention Jed is a really nice, huge guy who comes from a wonderful, full of love and warmth family background His fated mate Buzz unfortunately is the brother of a rival Pack s Alpha who does not believe in mating between males Buzz is already engaged and promised to a not very understanding female wolf.Jed will have to fight to make Buzz his Moreover, Timber [...]

  3. I did not like this nearly as much as the first I thought Buzz was kind of a drip, who spent an inordinate amount of time handwringing over his duty to his evil brother and hellacious fiancee Since I found him less than charismatic, his relationship with Jed felt totally driven by the usual insta love, mate instinct stuff On an up note, I enjoyed seeing the Timber Pack develop and Jed s new career as gas station manager such a refreshing change from the usual high flyin MCs Unquestionably, I wil [...]

  4. The first book in this series, Timber Pack Chronicles, may not have been perfect but it was close on the erotica scale I was seriously glued to that book the drama, the intensity, the buildup, then the , so of course I had to read this sequel right after In some ways this book shone and worked well, and in some areas it just wasn t as good, as intense, as the first book The length is shorter since the pack has been introduced and established Now there s just a relationship to focus on, and a swe [...]

  5. I love how this author write The plot, the characters, the divine, steamy kinky sex scenes, everything for me is perfect.His books are my guilty pleasure.Well done Rob, and thank you so much for giving us another wonderful free story.

  6. Original Blog Post multitaskingmommas 201I have seriously fallen in love with the Timber Pack Chronicles This is one series where the author, Rob Colton, surprises at every turn of the page In the first book, it was the courtship of the alpha Colton and Patrick It ended with a sad note for Jed This one opens on that sad note and gives us Jed s story, of how he meets his unexpected mate and how they both deal with the pack mentality and politics.I wanted to write a little summary of the story but [...]

  7. Another hit by Rob Coltonhe is fast becoming one of my favorite authors I loved Jed s story and the way he fell head over heels for Buzz Great to catch up with the rest of the Timber pack and some of the new members I hope one of the next stories covers Stan and how he met his big bear.

  8. Obligatory sequels with not enough story to go round, they never work.This was okaaaay though I liked the pup, the beginning, the gas station and Jed s family.

  9. 4.5 Really enjoyed this one Much polished than Book 1 Jed and Buzz were a joy, and it was nice to see the Timber pack blossom Colton and Parker were welcome cameos, as were Curtis, Shell and Trey and all of Jed s family The pacing was much better in this book it didn t feel as long winded as book 1 , and the sex much proportionate I liked that Jed and Buzz had to wait a bit, at first due to separation and then, by choice, as they got to know each other.Great story telling Would have loved a Bo [...]

  10. I liked this one better than the first because it didn t have the rampant sexing this time Jed Stone, Enforcer of the Timber Pack, meets his mate, Buzz Hinske, Beta of the Tahoe pack and brother of its Alpha at the Conclave Jed immediately knows that Buzz is his mate, but Buzz takes a bit of convincing, having grown up with homophobic views and being bullied by his older brother for most of his life.When Buzz has to decide between marrying the woman his brother wants him to marry or running off [...]

  11. I greatly enjoyed this one, but it wasn t as good as the first one for me I think the confrontation with Derek was resolved too quickly and easily I d like to think that Derek had a heart and really did care about his brother I know he had a reaction previously when Buzz brought up their mother, but I just don t think Derek walking away when he clearly had the advantage was true to his character I also would have liked time with Buzz and Jed together It seemed like as soon as Buzz showed up in [...]

  12. Have to admit I really liked this one, way better than the fist book though as a couple I just fell in love with Colt and Parker.Jed Stone, Timber pack s redhead hunky enforcer has been dealing with the after effects of silver poisoning and a fucking long dry spell, that all changes on the annual lycan Conclave, where he meets his true mate Buzz Hinske, the beta is ecstatic to know he has a mate but he wont go against his alpha s wishes and orders, he fears accepting Jed but Jed isnt going to m [...]

  13. I enjoyed reading this latest book from the Timber Pack Chronicle series Jed attends the Lycan Conclave, and is over the moon to discover his true mate, Buzz Now he knows what all the fuss was about when Colton met Parker for the first time I enjoyed the story, the characters and the really hot kinky sex Bring on the third book

  14. Fun read I wish Buzz had stuck up for himself Not a fan of letting others fight your battles for you, even if I understand the dynamic set up Love Jed Love seeing the pack again Love the intro of Wylie.

  15. 4.5 starsJed is the enforcer for the newly established Timber Pack Segueing from the first novel, we discover that the silver poisoning Jed sustained while trying to protect Parker has been slow to leave his system Even though he manages to still shift, the enforcer experience debilitating pain each time and an overriding weakness that leaves him questioning whether or not he can still be effective in his job As the annual conclave approaches, Jed is at an all time emotional low So, he is shocke [...]

  16. This is Jed s story.We get glimpses of Colton, Parker, Trey and other other friends that have just graduated from high school and start to live adult lives with a new baby coming and Colton working as a deputy sheriff.The new and very young pack go to the yearly national pack meet where Jed smells and finds his mate, Buzz from a Californian pack Buzz is recently betrothed the daughter of a recently added pack so that his brother the alpha can cement the new enlarged pack Buzz would have gone wit [...]

  17. A Joyfully Jay review 4.5 starsEnforcer, the second book in the Timber Pack Chronicles series by Rob Colton, solidifies for me that this author knows how to write a strong dramatic romance story that flows easily and does not hinge on a series of sex scenes to further the plot line This was a tighter novel overall than the first, with a fascinating story that alternately made me wring my hands in despair for poor Buzz and cheer as he stepped out from under his heartless and cruel older brother a [...]

  18. It wasn t bad but it wasn t good It was just okay.I like how Rob can deliver a smutty romance that is simple yet fulfilling The story flows nicely It was predictable when met with scenes of drama or emotional strain, although, I was quiet happy just following along as Jed found Buzz and fought against all the problems that came with him.I love Timber Park Chronicles and I was eager to start this, however, I didn t like this as much as Parker and Colton s story.In the end, it was a nice little ex [...]

  19. Decent follow upThis isn t as fleshed out as book one and it doesn t have anywhere near the same amount of sexy times but it s still a decent read.Jed finds his mate but there are complications along the way including convincing Buzz that two men can be fated to be together.

  20. Not as good as the first one Parker and Colton are still my favorite and I was so happy to see of them here Baby Wylie was fckin perfect for them I wanted from Jed and Buzz.

  21. Another great book Rob Colton has been one of my favorite authors and I just love his books and this book in the second Timber Pack Chronicles is no different Poor Jed the silver poisoning took a lot out of him and then meeting Buzz and restoring is man hood made me laugh and yet warmed my heart Derek needs to get over himself Shauna needs to learn she can t always have what she wants Buzz belongs with Jed plus I m happy that Colton and Parker are finally getting there happy ending

  22. I liked both Jed and Buzz view spoiler even if I didn t understand Buzz s reason for waiting with the mating after he decided to accept the mating and stay with Jed hide spoiler I liked to revisit the characters from the first book, but I never felt like this story took off like that It made a valiant effort though and it felt like it was almost there sometimes.

  23. 3.5 4 starsThis was a pretty good story I liked both Jed and Buzz and their story was very enjoyable.Buzz is a shifter and also gay Unfortunately, most shifters look down on gay members of their packs if they re even allowed to live Buzz s brother, Derek, is the Alpha of his pack and has kept Buzz alive and relatively well, but only to serve his own purposes Jed is also a gay shifter as well as the enforcer for the Timber Pack which was formed in book 1, Timber Pack Chronicles He s also close fr [...]

  24. This was simply a brilliant m m shifter book and series I always want to read and about beefy muscle bound gay men Well perhaps Rob Colton doesn t imagine them as muscle bound as I do but the description is close enough I really fell in love with all the characters in the Timber Pack Chronicles OK I am a bit easy, combine a muscle guy and a kind and gentle loving hart and you just got me but this was actually a brilliant story Rob develops his characters from his previous book and he does that [...]

  25. 2.5 I was looking for a no brainer fun book to read and saw that the sequel to Timberpack was out Bingo, Timberpack, was fun, hot humorous and simply a cheeky little read Sadly Enforcer was not for me Part of what made Timberpack so much fun was initially the anticipation of Colton and Parker getting it on, and then the mindless hot sex they had, forget the storyline, just go along for the ride, these guys had bucketloads of chemistry, and then there was the humour to go with it However, in Enfo [...]

  26. Not exactly related but I don t really like this cover It gives the impression of an over flowing stomach to me.Now resolution of Buzz s brother anticlimatic and soooo blah The fight scene right before was pretty action packed and then a let down Don t really feel like that situation is resolved Then, towards the next book or a future book I kind of got the impression that younger bro Zef may be mentor alpha s mate He and his group disappeared without notice very fast and he had funny expression [...]

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