Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever Afters Collection

Love Laughter and Happily Ever Afters Collection LOVE LAUGHTER AND HAPPILY EVER AFTERS COLLECTION Pages Eight Fun Romantic Novels by Eight Bestselling AuthorsJust in time for summer An all star collaboration by some of today s most popular

LOVE, LAUGHTER, AND HAPPILY EVER AFTERS COLLECTION 1800 Pages, Eight Fun, Romantic Novels by Eight Bestselling AuthorsJust in time for summer An all star collaboration by some of today s most popular bestselling romance authors From the funny and sweet to the steamy and heartfelt, this collection has eight full length fun, romantic love stories hand picked to bring a sLOVE, LAUGHTER, AND HAPPILY EVER AFTERS COLLECTION 1800 Pages, Eight Fun, Romantic Novels by Eight Bestselling AuthorsJust in time for summer An all star collaboration by some of today s most popular bestselling romance authors From the funny and sweet to the steamy and heartfelt, this collection has eight full length fun, romantic love stories hand picked to bring a smile to your face while you re lounging out in the sun this summer Together, this limited edition collection is priced at over 95% off retail for each of the novels sold individually An incredible value that will be available until July only so get yours today COLLECTION INCLUDES On Any Given Sundae by USA Today Bestselling Author Marilyn BrantFinding the Right Girl by NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Violet DukeSweet to You by iBooks and Barnes Noble Bestselling Author Jessie EvansUnafraid by USA Today Bestselling Author Melody GraceLove Love by Bestselling Author Beth MicheleTempting Love Haley Eddie by Bestselling Author Melanie ShawnNot Over You by NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Marquita ValentineAnd in her much anticipated indie debut, Samhain bestselling author Erin Nicholas with the never before published novel, Getting Out of Hand.

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Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever Afters Collection

  1. Violet Duke Marquita Valentine Melody Grace Marilyn Brant Melanie Shawn Beth Michele Jessie Evans Erin Nicholas says:
    NEW YORK TIMES USA TODAY bestselling author Violet Duke is a former professor of English Education ecstatic to be on the other side of the page now writing emotion rich stories with fun, everyday characters and sweet, sexy match ups Since her debut series in 2013, over a million readers have put all four of Violet s laugh cry contemporary romance series on bestseller lists and Top 10 charts across the major eretailers, both in the U.S and internationally When she isn t feeding her book a day addiction, Violet enjoys doing far too many things without checking the directions first often with outrageous power tools she has no business operating , and cooking impossible to replicate special edition dishes that laugh in the face of recipes She lives in Hawai i with her kids Violet Duke and Mr Violet Duke their ringleader , with a PJs and rubber slippers work dress code she takes very seriously For fan info epic giveaways, visit facebook VioletDukeBooks

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  1. A great collection from some pretty amazing authors Getting Out of HandFirst I have to say I have read and loved all of Erin s books This is just makes the list longer This was truly an instant true love book I so so so love nerdy men and Mason was a a well built nerd at that Then there was Adrianne She was such a neat change from other female characters I loved her dirty talk You do not always see that in female characters as the instigator of such talk But she was so fun to read The way she we [...]

  2. Getting Out of Hand by Erin NicholasI just loved this story This is the first book of Erin s new series set in Sapphire Falls and can I just say Welcome to Sapphire Falls This is the story of Adrianne Scott and Mason Riley Oh Mason I loved him I have a soft spot for nerds and I love that he found someone who truly understood him in Adrianne Their instant chemistry was amazing I laughed out loud several times reading this book I fell in love with all of the characters in this town and can t wait [...]

  3. On Any Given Sundae 4.5 starsThis is my first Marilyn Brant book and I just love the way she writes This book is funny and sweet, and I wanted to eat ice cream and eclairs the whole time I read it Lizzy Elizabeth and Rob Roberto are brought back together after not seeing each other for years to help run their uncles ice cream shop Elizabeth has had a crush on Rob her entire life and Rob doesn t like the idea of being back in his home town They both have hang ups from high school that they are ho [...]

  4. A great collection of stories that I truely enjoyed I met some new authors and will now be purchasing of their work This is a collection totally worth purchasing Will continue my review shortly about each of the stories later.

  5. This is an awesome box set by some very talented authors I really enjoyed the books and cannot to read by these ladies Erin Nicholas was an old favorite but I am really beyond glad I took the time to read the rest of the stories from the authors who were all new to me On Any Given Sundae by Marilyn Brant Elizabeth was in over her head the moment her Uncle opened his mouth She knew it but she didn t realize how deep until his business partner went to call HIS nephew How could she deal with seein [...]

  6. Finding the Right Girl by Violet Duke Another winner from Violet Duke Finding the Right Girl continues with the great characters of Brian Sullivan, his daughter Skylar, his brother Conner, and his best friend Abby In this book we get to know Tessa Daniels better She is the quirky magazine editor and caterer who helps Connor with fundraisers and writing grant proposals to fund Huntington s disease causes Like the Sullivan s fighting this disease is close to her heart because she has lost her fath [...]

  7. The overall set of books is awesome and a bargain to boot This set hits every emotion.Tempting Love by Melanie ShawnThis book has you rooting for the girl the next Can Eddie get over his once bitten twice shy routine to realize Haley, the girl next door, is the perfect match in his life She s his go to girl for his daughter but can he ever see what everyone else sees about her feelings for him Unafraid by Melody GraceThis story really touches the heart If you ve ever lived in a small town and ha [...]

  8. On Any Given Sundae by Marilyn BrandtThis has to be the best first page to a book I ve ever read I loved it This is a great story of finding love in unlikely places.Finding the Right Girl by Violet DukeBefore you even start this book, grab a fresh box of tissues and keep it close This was an amazing story about some pretty amazing people This Nice Girl to Love series, which also flows into the Cactus Creek series, is a must read for anyone who loves those emotional contemporary romances with sex [...]

  9. Sweet to You Jessie EvansGreat continuation in the Fire and Icing series Just loved Maddie and Jamison s love story Couldn t put it down, wanting and It was hot and sexy from the get go Loved that the two characters had been friends since childhood and never thought of each other as until their almost kiss in the bakery introduced in the Hot for You book many years later Thank god for that singles retreat.where it all began A must read Great job as always Jessie.On Any Given Sundae Marilyn Br [...]

  10. What a great collection I haven t finished them all yet, but the ones I ve read so far are wonderful On Any Given Sundae by Marilyn BrantSuch an adorable story Steamy too 4 STARSFinding the Right Girl by Violet DukeThis was such a great story After the Guy books, this was a great conclusion to the series 5 STARSSweet to You by Jessie EvansI really like Jessie Evans books Great story lines and the characters are believable 5 STARSGetting Out of Hand by Erin NicholasYou can t go wrong with an Erin [...]

  11. This box collection is a great mixture of funny and heartwarming stories Definitely a purchase worth making I initially picked up the set because one my favorite authors stories was featured You may have heard of Erin Nicholas and if you haven t you need to read her right away Anyways I knew I wanted to read Erin s 1st book in her Sapphire Falls series Getting Out of Hand , so I bought the whole set I was rewarded by finding 6 other new to me authors and their wonderful stories I had already rea [...]

  12. This was such an awesome set of books I had read some of the authors before, but some were new to me, and I will be reading from all of the authors Each story is a HEA, but getting to those hea s weren t smooth sailing I give the collection five stars, but only because I can t give them , they surely deserve .

  13. To be honest, most box sets don t hold my interest until the last bookTHIS ONE DID Every book in this set is fabulous One minute I was laughing and the next I was crying These books are your true love stores Every book is very well written I highly recommend this box set

  14. This collection was wonderful to read lots of love, laughter and tears Each Author brought something new and exciting for each story.I have recommended these books to all of my fellow readersWho doesn t love a feel good story Or eight.

  15. A great collection by great writers, at a great price I stumbled upon this wonderful, inexpensive box set that included 8 really sweet, funny stories I highly recommend you pick this up.

  16. An amazing set of books from some of the best authors out there This is by far one of the best box sets I ve ever purchased

  17. This box set is a fantastic deal Several authors I haven t heard from, and a few that I had So at.99, I couldn t beat it I ll give you some quick reviews on 4 books No spoilers.just how I liked the books Getting Out of Hand by Erin Nicholas Erin Nicholas is my favorite That s no secret I love her and anything she does However, after falling totally and completely in love with her Bradford Dixon series was hard for me to imagine loving a completely new, unrelated series BOY WAS I WORRIED FOR NOTH [...]

  18. This is a review for Erin Nicholas s book Getting Out of Hand, part of the wonderful collection of 8 romantic stories Based on this book alone I m already thrilled with the purchase This first book in the Sapphire Falls series treats us to the story of Mason and Adrianne Mason grew up in this small town, a boy with such a high IQ that he was always an outcast among his peers When he left he became a successful scientist and never envisioned himself returning until an alumni event and a request f [...]

  19. So far I have only read a couple of these stories but here are my reviews on them On The Rocks by Sawyer Bennett Sawyer has done it again This new beginning to her new series is fantastic Gabby is a very strong woman who doesn t take any crap off anyone Hunter is a wonderful guy who loves his family and would do anything for them I loved this book look forward to the next one I think the Last Call Series will be just as big a hit as the Off Series was.Love, Tussles, and Takedowns Cactus Creek by [...]

  20. This review is in response to Twelve Dates of Christmas by Jessie EvansAnother 5 star read Lula s storyThis book is all about Lula, whom we met in previously in Mia s story, as well as Bubba s with no cliffhanger Lula is Mia s cousin, and a recipient of her pranks most notably when Mia pantied her gnomes I had a feeling we would get around to her story at some point, and boy was I happy to get it We start out 11 years ago, when Lula and Carter were an item Carter is an archeologist and treasure [...]

  21. This collection introduced me to my new favorite chick lit authors I fell inlove with Not over you by Marquita Valentine and decided to read other works of her, and it s amazing, Both of her series, Holland Springs and Boys of the South, is amazing Then books by Violet Duke, are very fun to read I started and finished Nice girl to love within 3 hours and It seriously gave me that funny butterflies on my stomach I have yet to read the other books, from this collection and I sure hope it is as goo [...]

  22. Not over youA very good book It keeps you completely engaged throughout the entire book and I liked how the hero was so certain of what he wanted and fought tooth and nail for his love The only thing that maybe would have enhanced the ending,was if the heroine would have found out she was pregnant as well Gabriel would have died of happiness and they still could have had their first child.

  23. Collection of 8 love storiesGreat collection of love stories in one book Perfect opportunity to read new author s and get a feel for their writing style The price was great as well.

  24. This is a collection of stories from some of my favorite authors Violet Duke has Finding the Right Girl in the collection which I read as a stand alone Please see my review on the book All the books in this collection were good It is definitely a good find.

  25. Great bundle setLoved every story There were all so well written and flowed effortlessly The storIes were from each other so it s not like your reading the same story over and over They are all very unique, entertaining, and full of romance and love.

  26. Love laughter and happily ever afterso glad I purchased this box set lot of excellent authors and great stories didn t want to put it downMerged review They were all excellent books enjoyed it alot

  27. Enjoyed the stories, wonderful writers involved in this Couple of the stories I had read parts of the series,so it was really wonderful to read about some of the same people The only story I didn t care for was the last one, Summer just got on my nerves to much You get tired of her poor me act.

  28. AWESOME Loved, loved each and every book Especially the way the men loved their women I really enjoy reading books like these in a bundle they were very much romantic and interesting I recommend this bundle for all romance readers Awesome

  29. me encanto, estoy ennbusca de las demas historias todas son geniales autoras y ame cada unonde losmpersonajes, principales y secundarips

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