The Bridge

The Bridge Alex Hill buried his psychic talents for eighteen years But with the scream of tires and twisting metal all this changes His girlfriend Police Sergeant Veronica Ross is nearly run down by two teenag

Alex Hill buried his psychic talents for eighteen years But with the scream of tires and twisting metal all this changes.His girlfriend, Police Sergeant Veronica Ross, is nearly run down by two teenagers leaving her depressed and troubled After calming her down they get a call from the Coroner s office and learn that both the driver and passenger of the wrecked car had aAlex Hill buried his psychic talents for eighteen years But with the scream of tires and twisting metal all this changes.His girlfriend, Police Sergeant Veronica Ross, is nearly run down by two teenagers leaving her depressed and troubled After calming her down they get a call from the Coroner s office and learn that both the driver and passenger of the wrecked car had already been dead for almost twelve hours before the accident Further, they hadn t been killed in any vehicle accident, the pair had been drowned.Upon hearing this Alex feels his powers stirring again and goes with Veronica to see the coroner to learn But, as soon as they reach the doors of the Morgue he is psychically assaulted by an unknown force.Taking the attack as a warning, he tries to resist getting involved further But, his talents soon lead him directly to the place where the teenagers died It is the stream underneath an old stone bridge that is supposedly haunted by the White Lady.But the real problem for Alex is the fact that both the bridge and stream are on the Graham Estate The very property he is now representing as a real estate agent.Soon the body count begins to rise, and each new death is somehow attached to the stream And as the only person with full access to the estate, suspicion starts to fall on Alex Especially when it s discovered he does not have a solid alibi for any of the incidents.Now, in order to clear his na

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The Bridge

  1. I was born and raised on Long Island New York Always a dreamer I fell in love with Fantasy, Sci Fi, and Horror shows and movies Some of my favorite all time TV shows that I still watch on DVD are the original Dark Shadows, the original Twilight Zone series, Doctor Who, The Outer Limits original etc.I came to California in the mid 1980 s with my Mom and one of my brothers Once here, I fell in with a great crowd of Doctor Who fans who introduced me to other science fiction clubs and conventions It was while attending the Sacramento Doctor Who Fan Club that I met my wife Helen Together, we got into costuming and attending workshops where I learned a great deal from authors, actors, and those folks in the special effects departments All these experiences helped fire my imagination and I began writing short fan fic stories for the club newsletters.A few years ago my career in Real Estate took a downward spiral and I began to rewrite story lines of shows to keep my spirits up Soon I realized my rewriting efforts had taken on a completely different life from the original shows I was watching Eventually, I began taking the story lines I d created and re populated them with original characters of my own I brushed up on my grammar and began researching agents and publishing as well.The result was my Para Earth Series where I introduce both my characters and readers to a whole new take on the parallel world concept To date I ve produced two novels in this series and am currently working on my third book with coming next year.So pull up a chair and sit back as I share with you tales of ghosts, psychics, and mysterious beings unlike anything you ve ever read before.

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  1. I absolutely loved, loved, loved The Bridge I do have to say that there are a few spelling and grammatical errors, and a few places where the sentence structure could use a little bit editing proofreading However, this was not bad enough to cause any problems with reading through those areas.With that said, I absolutely fell in love with the characters and the plot The story was absolutely amazing It has a wonderfully amazing supernatural element and I really loved the way the author portrayed N [...]

  2. R2R The Bridge I received a free copy, in exchange for a review Alex is a very special type of person, as in he has strong psychic talents and has his whole life With this talent, it has lead him in many different directions, but one experience, when he was younger scarred and scared him This is when he decided he needed to put up walls, to block himself from some elements of the psychic world His girlfriend, Ronnie, happens to be the local police sergeant She happens to be a bit older than him [...]

  3. Well, it was a long time coming but I finally got around to reading The Bridge Alex always refers to Veronica a tough police officer as his lady This reminded me of my pop always saying my mom was his better half.I especially liked Sergeant Veronica Ross who had fetching green hair and a mass of deep red hair She was testing out her new police bike on a winding stretch of highway She wanted to see how it handled the curves at high speeds Suddenly the sound of a car horn got her attention, and sh [...]

  4. This was my first book I read by an indie author I met Allan a year ago on LinkedIn and, both being budding writers, we shared ideas and situations to do with writing I was given the opportunity to read his book and took it.It is my opinion that the story line is strong and very convincing The book has a great deal of well developed characters, although I find a few of these character traits not fitting the situation the person is in, this could just be me with a biased opinion on how people sho [...]

  5. You ll think twice about going in the water Exhilerating The story kept me tense the whole way through I normally don t read horror as I prefer science fiction and fantasy but after receiving a copy of the novel it is my habit to always read all the way through and I m glad I did There is even a touch of sci fi in the mix which pleased me The story was creative and, at times, frightening, the good way a horror book should be A number of sub plots rounded out the novel but it is the main plot tha [...]

  6. The Bridge was a fantastic story that completely sucked me in The characters were great, with witty banter that had me cracking up You will not be able to put this down This story takes a charming English psychic into a dark, mysterious, and evil world Twists and turns will have you thinking, did that really just happen Wonderful story reminiscent of my Dean Koontz days I will be watching for from this author Just then the human wall, known as Casey stepped in front of him and gesteured to a ta [...]

  7. Thrilling book with a lot of twists and turns The author takes the reader on a ghostly and psychic journey It s a quick read that proved to be very entertaining He did a great job of mixing horror and spooky story lines with character development Once I was able to sit down and read the book, I was sad to see it end There were a few spelling, missing words, and grammatical errors in the book, but with a great plot line those can easily be overlooked I was too entrapped in what the heck is going [...]

  8. Proof that being an indie author is no disqualification from writing a good book Allan does a great job of building suspense, relationships among well developed characters and keeping the book moving I hesitated from giving the book the rating it deserved based on some editing issues, but I know how difficult that can be as a fellow indie writer He will address those In the meantime, he has no problem in writing a spellbinding story with paranormal elements I look forward to reading The Ship, th [...]

  9. Honestly, this was a very well thought out book It has a uniqueness to it that I have not read in some time now The characters were funny, yet serious The book started going from the first page and never stopped The characters introduced, the intriguing the book actually became, unlike some books that just have too many to keep up with There was just enough sex scenes to keep it modest, yet were able to understand the relationships of the people involved The only thing that leaves me curious i [...]

  10. I finally read The Bridge, and it was definitely worth buying I found myself following the main character, Alex Hill, sympathizing as he is dragged back into a world that he had shunned after a tragic misfortune I went along on the journey, hoping that Alex is able to discover the source of the threat that looms over the community, and that he, along with his girlfriend, find a way to save not only the town, but Alex as well My review

  11. This was a very good and fast read for those of us who are limited on time The story line actually had some unexpected twists and turns The author s first voyage into the world of storytelling was an enjoyable one.

  12. In a lot of ways this book felt like The Ring Ringu smashed together with a police procedural It s not a bad concept, but I felt that it could have been executed better.There were some genuinely well written moments, such as the use of water and the scenes where the redshirts ended up dead via ghost For the most part, the characters are likable enough and there s some fun banter between the cops The running gag involving the police radio was actually rather fun.However, there s a lot of structur [...]

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