Divided We Fall

Divided We Fall The war has come home The mission has failed Agent Eve Parker just wants Jon back Eve must arrest her fianc after he becomes a revolutionary named Seven in a fight against the government However when

The war has come home The mission has failed Agent Eve Parker just wants Jon back.Eve must arrest her fianc after he becomes a revolutionary named Seven in a fight against the government However, when she learns about the President s plan to broaden citizen surveillance, she begins to question just who is right.Seven runs, but in his flight realizes that losing hiThe war has come home The mission has failed Agent Eve Parker just wants Jon back.Eve must arrest her fianc after he becomes a revolutionary named Seven in a fight against the government However, when she learns about the President s plan to broaden citizen surveillance, she begins to question just who is right.Seven runs, but in his flight realizes that losing his memory may not have been enough to erase his feelings for Eve Unable to escape his past, Seven determines that he must come to terms with the man he was if he ever wishes to win freedom.Divided We Fall, a sequel to We, The Watched, takes place in a dystopia where the government conducts mass surveillance and keeps a Watched list of its own citizens The Church has become as powerful as the State, and people who resist are called Heretics and face execution.The second novel by Adam Bender mixes action and romance into an exciting science fiction adventure that exposes a current political issue It carries on the tradition of dystopian classics 1984 by George Orwell and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, as well as recent blockbuster novels like The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.Divided We Fall is a Library Journal SELF e selection, and and Publishers Weekly honored the manuscript as a quarter finalist in its Breakthrough Novel Awards Divided We Fall raises interesting questions about the influence of propaganda on the construction of the self, the idea o

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Divided We Fall

  1. Adam Bender is an award winning journalist and author of speculative fiction that explores modern day societal fears with a mix of action and romance.Adam s latest novel is The Wanderer and the New West, a dystopian western about lawlessness in near future America He s also the author of two dystopian sci fi novels about government surveillance We, The Watched and Divided We Fall Adam adapted his first novel into a screenplay and has written several short stories.In his day job as a journalist, Adam has covered politics and technology for Communications Daily and Computerworld Australia He has won multiple investigative reporting awards from the Society of Professional Journalists and the Specialized Information Publishers Association for his telecom and internet news coverage.Despite how this all might appear, Adam is generally a rather modest and amiable fellow He lives in Philadelphia with his wife Mallika, and he d be happy to have a craft beer with you at the next Phillies game.Learn about Adam at his WatchAdam and WatchAdam on Twitter

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  1. I won a free copy of this book in a Contest Honestly I didn t think I was going to enjoy it as much as I actually did This is the 2nd book with We, The Watched being the first I was a bit worried of being lost in the story since I never read the first book but within the first three chapters I got a handle of what happened and is happening The quick summary of the book which is provided is exactly what happens Eve wants to return Jon s memory who is now refer to as Seven In the 1st book, for a m [...]

  2. Reviewed by Nichole Moser for Readers FavoriteIn Adam Bender s Divided We Fall, we follow the story of Eve Parker and Jon Wyle They are members of the Elite Guard a special task force dedicated to finding and arresting those who resist the Church After meeting during a stake out, Eve and Jon quickly form a relationship, a relationship which is tested when Jon accepts a special mission He is to infiltrate the rebel heretic group known as the Underground, and bring them down from the inside But it [...]

  3. Adam Bender s work in this novel is fair The story he tells in Divided We Fall is one of a country struggling with the separation of Church and State There are few words that can express how emotive simple stories like this can be to a religious reader, however, beneath the surface it is a thoughtful story about extremes Heretics, soldiers of the Church, atheists and foreign enemies all collide to give an exciting account of Adam s interesting and fictitious world His peculiar use of pronouns an [...]

  4. I won a copy of this novel through the giveaway that was listed by the author, Adam Bender I rated this novel a 3.5 stars This novel is a political dystopian with an underlining love story In the nation, there isn t a separation of Church and State and those in the Underground want a change The first chapter begins a day after the novel We, The Watched ended In this novel, there is an abundance of new characters and numerous flashbacks There is also plenty of action with heavy religious and poli [...]

  5. Received for free from GoodReads First ReadsGood balance of action throughout the story line, I felt a real connection to the characters and it was a relatively quick read.

  6. I won this book in a Giveaway Eve wants to return Jon s memory who is now called Seven In the 1st book, for a mission Jon s memory was repressed and he was left with no idea of who he is, he called himself Seven and became part of the underground All part of the plan except an attack happen from the enemy and Eve was unable to convince Seven of who he really is and they got separated It has a good mix of suspense, and romance and is a little bit science fiction Overall not a bad book.

  7. 2.5 5 I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via a giveaway Divided We Fall is the sequel to the author s previous book, We the Watched Seemingly picking up from where the last book left off, Divided We Fall centres mainly around Eve, a member of the Elite Guard, and her ex fiancee, Jon Wyle Seven Having undertaken a previous mission, Jon formerly another Elite Guard member had his memory wiped in order to infiltrate the Underground unfortunately for Eve, this was permanent as Jo [...]

  8. I received this book in LibraryThing giveaway a while back I feel awful for waiting this long to read it.I did really like this book, but it wasn t as good as We, the Watched, if I m honest That isn t to say I wouldn t advise the book to others, cause I would This duology is a great read and many people should give it a go.I have one tiny complaint SPOILER ALERT, KINDA That is at the end, when Seven and The Headmaster meet up in that room, I feel you made Seven too weak out of nowhere People ha [...]

  9. Divided We Fall by Adam Bender is well written It has action and is very interesting.I won a copy thru a Giveaway.

  10. The author provided me with a copy, and I really enjoyed it It had a lot of the world building I was hoping for after reading the first one, and I m hoping there s a third book that will deal with this mysterious Enemy My only quibbles are that there are a few minor things that a good edit should have picked up on, and I m not a fan of the hopping into a car and riding off into the sunset from the scene of a world changing event ending The world and the events feel quite realistic, and then thi [...]

  11. Once again I found myself reading a book that had a prequel The giveaway blurb did not mention this I would have liked to have of a background, but I never really felt lost Anyway, I was able to follow most of the book and I found it an easy book to read The characters are all flawed , but that s what makes us human An interesting concept and premise A bit Syfy but not so extreme that it becomes impossible to believe That s the scary part I can actually see this happening I would just like to m [...]

  12. Im really liked this book Is government and church desiring to rule the country and make people do it their way Angered me as I can see it happening today Their is an elite guard that is to watch those maybe not going to church daily or joining the heretics All against freedom in the name of freedom Eve and Jon being main characters in the elete guard Jon sent on an undercover job to infiltrate the heretics finds that they may be right and the government and church wrong His memory has been eras [...]

  13. I m not sure if it was just personal opinion preference, but I preferred this book to the previous one Divided We Fall had characters with character I enjoyed the story line of actual war and revolution in this story versus the build up in the last book The pacing issues that bothered me in We, The Watched are gone I was also enveloped by the world this time around Greater story and great improvement by the author He had the great ideas to start with, but know he has me hooked by the story too [...]

  14. Let me start by saying that this wasn t a bad novel was just different This particular book was the 2nd in the series but it stands on its own At no point did I ever find myself lost within the plot for not having read the prequel It was a nice quick read.I liked that the story wasn t forced and it had a nice flow to it It was an interesting take on the good vs evil and the church vs state concepts and the need for control.This was a giveaway.

  15. i won a copy of this book for free from it is a good story about the balance of power between the government and the church it has a good mix of suspense, and romance and is a little bit science fiction but totally believable scary when you think about this really happening big brother is out there an easy story to read but i recommend reading the first book we the watched to really understand the story syndi

  16. Won from About agent Jon and eve and what they do for a living looking for and watching what people say if it s against the church Jon and eve get engaged but then Jon goes on an undercover operation with a chip in his head and no memory of his past calling himself seven.Will he come back to eve after mission complete or stay with the heretic classed as against God.Has the headmaster got all the control or has he gone too far and will eve see the truth def worth a read.

  17. This book is a great commentary on the state our world finds it in It touches on government surveillance and the cost of conformity to one ideal in this case the church It was a much easier, quicker read than I was expecting It follows an agent named Eve as she comes to terms with losing her partner to the Underground and what it means if the government she has served all her life is wrong.

  18. I won this book from a giveaway Really enjoyed reading the sequel to We, the Watched He didn t force it into a trilogy and the story was engaging, and fun to read the whole time Great characters, interesting and plausible plot Love the way things wrapped up I definitely recommend these books if you are into dystopian Sci fi stories.

  19. I got this book from Giveaway I didn t know this was sifi I guess I chose with cover.I normally don t read sifi book, but this was good.I haven t read volume 1 yet, but I caught up the story soon.Each character has different personality clearly, so I could imagine who did what I could imagine easy what story happening next, but still exciting thrilling.

  20. A really fun read I loved how we got to see the story unfold through both Eve and Seven Jon s perspectives There is plenty of action to keep the book moving, but the best parts are the character interactions While this can be described as a dystopian novel, it s not quite as dark as others from the genre The cast of characters can have fun even in bad times I enjoyed it from start to finish

  21. Light science fiction Typical story of good evil, oppression overcome, boy wins girl Interesting twist of church and state involvement Liked the choice of an unnamed enemy Good young person read.

  22. Interesting science fiction book Who doesn t like a post apocalyptic, government gone bad novel Disclaimer this was a giveaway

  23. Seven doesn t remember who he was before he woke up in the woods some time ago in a world where the government is always watching you and speaking out against it or the church can get you killed, but he does know that that is wrong.Eve is an Elite Guard, the special police force that monitors suspected Heretics She s basically judge and jury to the unsuspecting people that stumbled or jumped onto that list She loves her job, the government and the church She just wants her fiance John back, but [...]

  24. I won this book in a giveaway I am standing up clapping This is everything an action book is supposed to be It takes you in from page one and doesn t let you go until the end I carried this book around like a bible It is beat up and the cover and pages are curled I loved the ongoing dialog about the involvement of church and state, the love story of Jon Seven and Eve The Headmaster and Rodriguez, you ll have to read it to see who they remind you of This book will not leave my house for fear I wo [...]

  25. What a very unusual type of ebooks and plus story A very clean reads story with little to nothing of unclean words used One that kept me coming back to read till I had read the whole story One though that I would recommend for say teenagers and up and for five stars I had read this some time ago I received that ebook for free and in return, here is my honest review Great job Adam n By Angela

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