Quarry's Choice

Quarry s Choice Quarry is a pro in the murder business When the man he works for becomes a target himself Quarry is sent South to remove a traitor in the ranks But in this wide open city with sin everywhere and bet

Quarry is a pro in the murder business When the man he works for becomes a target himself, Quarry is sent South to remove a traitor in the ranks But in this wide open city with sin everywhere, and betrayal around every corner Quarry must make the most dangerous choice of his deadly career who to kill

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Quarry's Choice

  1. Received the Shamus Award, The Eye Lifetime achievment award in 2006.He has also published under the name Patrick Culhane He and his wife, Barbara Collins, have written several books together Some of them are published under the name Barbara Allan.Book AwardsShamus Awards Best Novel winner 1984 True DetectiveShamus Awards Best Novel winner 1992 Stolen AwayShamus Awards Best Novel nominee 1995 Carnal HoursShamus Awards Best Novel nominee 1997 Damned in ParadiseShamus Awards Best Novel nominee 1999 Flying Blind A Novel about Amelia EarhartShamus Awards Best Novel nominee 2002 Angel in BlackJapanese or

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  1. QUARRY S CHOICE is pure pulp fiction that holds true to the golden era of dime store paperbacks where murder, mayhem, sex and violence populated the popular fiction of the time Max Allan Collins doesn t sacrifice plot for cheap thrills or for the sake of exploitation though, rather, delicately weaving all those pulp elements into a single narrative that results in a finished and polished product of typical Quarry quality.

  2. New release from Skyboat Media, read by Stephen Rudnicki He did a great job, as usual His voice is deeper than I imagine Quarry s to be, but that s OK The pacing matter of fact tone are perfect.In this fun, twisted tale of murder, Collins examines the concept of trust in Quarry s world Collins isn t a subtle writer nor is Quarry a particularly introspective character, so the examination is different fun This takes place 18 months after The First Quarry I m trying to get a better handle on the ch [...]

  3. PROTAGONIST QuarrySETTING Biloxi, MSSERIES 12 of 13RATING 4.25WHY This book takes place when Quarry is still a hitman for The Broker When someone shoots at the 2 of them while they are meeting, Broker sends Quarry to Biloxi, MS, to deal with one of the leaders of the Dixie Mafia, Jack Killian He is aided by one of the other leaders, Mr Woody The setting is seedy, junky strip clubs and casinos Mr Woody provides Quarry with his own stripper, Lolita aka Luann, to amuse himself Quarry is able to tak [...]

  4. Quarry s Choice by Max Allan Collins is dime store, pulp fiction of the kind your father read and your mother disapproved of So yeah, its that kind of literary candy that won t win any awards but you will enjoy much than you re willing to admit to Then there was the option that got me the hell out of Biloxi Kill Mr Woody and return to my life in the Broker s worldter getting those tapes from the girl You remember the girl the one who saw me commit three murders at the Dixie Club,and another at [...]

  5. Another good one, but sex than normal Also, he shows a girl how to work the safety on a snub nosed revolver Ugh Other than that, it was fun.

  6. In this novel, one of a long list of Quarry adventures, there are twists and turns and red herrings than an Alpine road or a Baltic fishing catch Max Allan Collins outdid him self, adding spice in the form of sex and plot complications galore It begins when the hitman, Quarry, and the broker, sent by the latter s contact, Woody, are subjected to a drive by shooting after meeting to discuss a potential job in Biloxi, Mississippi.Quarry goes to the southern resort, filled with strip joints and ca [...]

  7. One thing I ve learned since I discovered Max Allan Collins He never fails to deliver A wonderful mix of pulp and literature, no easy thing to pull off.QUARRY S CHOICE happens early in his career as a hitman He has an unusual client, as in knowing the identity It s the Broker who hires him after Quarry had broke up an attempt on his boss s life.The whole assignment is different from his usual type He s in Biloxi and has to go undercover to get close to his target The Dixie Mafia controls the Sou [...]

  8. Quarry could have saved himself a lot of trouble if he had just killed everyone when he arrived in Biloxi Double and triple crossing in Mississippi A reliable series Collins is better at violence than sex so he might want to tone down descriptions of the latter Also revolvers don t have safeties This mistake drives me nuts.

  9. Quarry s Choice is the eleventh novel in Collins Quarry series, which was first published in 1976 in the aptly titled Quarry However, Collins does something surprising in this latest entry to the series and, instead of an older, graying protagonist, the reader is returned nearly to the beginning of the series and, chronologically, this book is the second in the series More importantly, the story takes the reader back to the mid 70 s and to small town Southern bars and strip clubs You can definit [...]

  10. If you are easily offended don t read this book If words about actions trigger you don t read this book.If you are a snowflake in need of a safe space don t read this book Everyone else, ENJOY Classic Max Allan Collins and classic Quarry No one does raw pulp fiction better than Max Allan Collins One personal interesting bit in the book Santo Traficante was a real person, a real Mafia Don Tampa and my husband knew him He did not know Carlos Marcello.

  11. Quarry becomes a target whilst with the broker and heads South to gain retribution, on loan and undercover A very willing stripper and a mix of red neck gangsters leave him in a tight fix The result is as expected for Quarry.

  12. Action, suspense, and than a few erotic scenes make for a good read set in the exotic local of Biloxi, Mississippi circa 1972.

  13. If you are fed up with reading books about a hit man with a heart, why not try one of the Quarry series This is a man who is hired to kill and does not think too much about it it is just a job Usually Quarry arrives in a town, makes a hit and gets out immediately, but there is something about the world of the Dixie Mafia that is making him stay a little longer Is it the blackmail, the attractive young women, or the sense of revenge Quarry is a stone cold killer that is not always easy to like, b [...]

  14. Quarry s Choice by Max Allan Collins is the twelfth in the long running Quarry series now a TV show on Cinemax , but this novel takes place long before the first novel in the series.Quarry, a Vietnam vet turned hitman, is prowling the American Midwest during the 1970s and working for The Broker, a classy middleman who acts as a buffer between many different killers and the organized crime types who have hired them This novel is far different than the usual Quarry tales Why Quarry is working dire [...]

  15. Really Choice QuarryBack in 1972, Quarry still worked for the Broker as a hitman In this one, the Broker is a target and Quarry is sent to Biloxi Miss to investigate He turns up a true mish mash of ultra violence, sex and twists than a Chubby Checker record.Written in 2015, this has sex and gore than the originals, but at least it has Quarry in his original guise as a straight forward hitman I prefer these He is funny, shrewd and without a qualm about killing, yet somehow human He kills the ba [...]

  16. Max Allan Collins is probably best known for writing the Road to Perdition series, especially since that was made into a major motion picture His Quarry series, even though less widely known, should qualify him as writing superstar If you like hitmen and the criminal underworld, this is the series for you More importantly, this book typifies Quarry s life as a hitman in the criminal underworld.For the uninitiated, Quarry is a somewhat mysterious hitman who works for a broker who is referred to a [...]

  17. Quarry is back for his 11th novel The opening hook this time is that someone tried to kill his boss, The Broker, so Quarry is dispatched to the Mississippi gulf coast to go undercover and execute a retaliatory strike of his own This opening gambit does not go very far in establishing any sort of emotional resonance, by the way, since readers of the series know Quarry has never trusted nor even much liked Broker Their relationship goes south later in the chronology The plot mirrors QUARRY IN THE [...]

  18. Quarry novel have been come a staple for me, they come out, I read them and thoroughly enjoy them A guilty pleasure if you will.That said, and this should come as no surprise, they are becoming a little too obviously formulaic I almost knew where this one was headed before it went there, almost every step I prefer a little guessing to the story.Certain points of the story I wondered at Quarry s obviously stupid decision to do something, something so obviously dumb that there was no way our favor [...]

  19. After an assassination attempt on the Broker, Quarry travels to Biloxi, Miss to determine who is behind the threat and eliminate them As always, things aren t what they initially seem Will he be able to do what it takes to live through it all Perhaps not quite as satisfying as The First Quarry, but this story still takes place in that seedy, darkly nostalgic 1970s world in which Quarry functions so effectively Since he s now been on the job for a couple of years, we see how his thinking has evol [...]

  20. QUARRY S CHOICE is another enjoyable adventure in Max Allan Collins long running 1970s Quarry series Much better than the previous installment, THE WRONG QUARRY As always, there s plenty of humor and graphic scenes of sex and violence This one features a sadistic female villain with a hammer as her weapon of choice Great character and it s a pity she doesn t feature heavily in the story There s also a grisly torture scene that would have been right at home in the previous Quarry book I look for [...]

  21. I feel like I ve read this book before Tough hitman guy does tough things and acts tough He never questions himself and he never breaks a sweat But underneath the toughness, he has a heart of gold or at least not a black heart And he says smart ass things And he meets a young hooker and falls in love with her This is the first Quarry book I ve read Maybe I d feel differently if I started at the beginning of the series, but this one wasn t for me.

  22. One of my favorite Quarry novels in recent years.I felt like I was reading a lost crime paperback classic from the 70 s as I flew through Collins latest Quarry thriller One of my favorite titles in the series as it painted a portrait of Quarry as a young yet stone cold killer while never letting the action slow down Great supporting cast as well

  23. In this one Quarry is sent to Biloxi to kill some casino bosses, so as better to consolidate power by another boss Lots of double crossing, and as with these books, some killing What makes this book is the character of Luanne, a young stripper hooker who is given to Quarry by one of the bosses, and how she affects him and how she grows Outside of Luanne, it s a pretty routine Quarry.

  24. When somebody tries to put a hit on the Broker, he sends Quarry down South, to Biloxi, to set the matter right.Infiltrating the Dixie Mafia, he finds a world as corrupt, if not so, than the one he left And he really dislikes sweet tea.It s pretty much straight hicksploitation All it lacks is Burt Reynolds.

  25. a nice series, that you might think could be getting a little stale by book 12, but this story that goes back to his early days in 1972 might just be the best one yet Quarry doesn t just take on a hit, he has to infiltrate a criminal enterprise so this brings a fresh approach to these hitman stories if you haven t read a Quarry, not a bad place to start.

  26. I have come to realization that after reading a number of novels by Max Allan Collins that he is incapable of disappointing The Quarry series especially This one is a prime example of how amazing the authors talent can thrill and excite the reader No matter how by the book the plot seems, the character is the draw to this series and many of Collin s work.

  27. Quarry is a great character and this one is set early in his career This time Quarry is sent down to Biloxi, MS to target a member of the Dixie Mafia The pace is fast and Quarry always knows how to handle every situation.

  28. I love reading Max Allan Collins Quarry novels They are a fun wild fast read No complaints I loved the 70 s setting,I loved that it wasn t set in the Midwest for once and I loved the Quarry seediness element that somehow makes its way into all of his Quarry stories.

  29. Collins Does it Again Quarry books are pulpy good fun and this one continues in the tradition Don t think just enjoy as Quarry spins you a tale of his past This happens before the events of the first book Quarry

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