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  1. Marilyn Arnold Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Minding Mama book, this is one of the most wanted Marilyn Arnold author readers around the world.

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  1. This book was full of cliches and lampoon type encounters But it was funny and very heartwarming The story is about a daughter who promises her mother that she will bury her by her husband, the daughter s father Not a problem The burial site is in southern Utah and they live in Georgia Not a problem She has no money to transport the body through several states Now, there is a problem So Dorie Grimes decides to transport her dead mother across country in a pick up truck The plot thickens Dorie an [...]

  2. This book is funny and a has some irreverent humor A daughter props her mother s deceased body up next to her in a truck and drives her across country to bury her She meets some interesting people along the way and learns about herself in the journey The writing style took me a couple chapters to get used to.

  3. This was a really good light read It s about a woman who keeps a promise to her mother that she will see that she is buried next to her husband in Jericho, UT But with limited funds, she must drive her there from Georgia in an old Toyota pickup And pick up she did Several memorable characters and lots of funny situations make the story lots of fun.

  4. This one was great for a good laugh It is a bit irreverent, but oh so funny It is also heart warming as Dorie s journey to deliver her Mama s body accross country for burial becomes a journey of self discovery as well.

  5. This is not the kind of book I usually read, but I found myself liking it in spite of my normal tendencies Since I am still fighting off germs I picked it up from the library because it looked like a light, quick read, without any nasty thinking involved I was half right, it was a quick read, but the themes were heavier than I was expecting.Dorie June Grimes lives a plodding existence with an out of work husband, returned to the fold son and caring for her aging mother When her mother dies she d [...]

  6. This was a book club read I didn t actually finish it before Book Club night and wasn t inspired to finish it after that A lot of people really enjoyed it and thought it was funny It starts with a woman driving her deceased mother from the south Alabama or Georgia to Utah, where she promised to have her buried It was wierd I didn t like any of the characters and wasn t excited about the ending someone told me the ending, since I didn t finish it myself.

  7. I never would have read this book had my mom not brought this book over and said I had to read it because it was so funny Its about a woman who promised to bury her mother in their hometown in Utah Its about the crazy adventures she has as she drives her mother s body home It sounds morbid but it isn t It was a bit silly, but quite entertaining.

  8. I was looking for something light and fun after reading Pillars of the Earth, and this fit the bill nicely Crazy journey tale about a woman taking her dead mother on a cross country road trip for her burial A bit silly but yet touching and thoughtful on the power of love and friendship and charity.

  9. Funny, charming, somewhat improbable story of a woman who honors her mother s last wish to be buried next to her father except it s 1500 miles away and she can t afford to pay for professional transport You can imagine what comes next Her story of self discovery and all the interesting people she picks up along the way will keep you entertained in a down to earth way.

  10. I have heard a lot about Marilyn Arnold since she is a native of Southern Utah This is the first of her books that I have read and it was a really fun book She has a great sense of humor and it was a really fun but thought provoking story.

  11. A funny, cute, quick read I really enjoyed it, I might have to buy it now It had a little religion in it, but I wouldn t call it a LDS book It was written by a women in Southern Utah I would recommended to anyone

  12. Pretty good A daughter drives across country with her dead mother s body to keep a promise and ends up meeting some interesting people along the way She also helps herself too.

  13. This was a super quick read She is not a fabulous author and I felt like it was too contrived There were some funny parts and some touching parts, but not one that I would care to read again.

  14. I really enjoyed this book, but like some other reviewers, I didn t appreciate the ending If the heroine, Dorie, had stayed in character, I think I would have given four or even five stars.

  15. This is kind of a crazy book but fun for a quick read I m not too happy with the ending but it s a great story of love and forgiveness.

  16. This book is a hoot A women drives her deceased mother who sits next to her in her truck across country to bury her in a Mormon community.

  17. It was a kinda silly book at first, but the overall message was very good It made me think about planning for death.

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