The Style of Chest of Drawers Explained

Chest of drawers, commonly known as (in North American English), a bedroom dresser or a chest of drawers, is a kind of closet (a functional piece of furniture) which usually has many parallel, high-mounted drawers usually stacked one above the other. These are usually made of wood and are a great addition to any bedroom as they make it easy to keep clothing and linens in place. Most chests of drawers feature either an open design or a closed design. The most popular version of this type of chest of drawers features a sliding door opening which is ideal for use with a dresser. However, the more expensive chests of drawers also feature closable, closed drawers.

When decorating a bedroom for children, it is advisable to use more neutral colors and decorate the chest of drawers in a way that allows children to use it without creating clutter. Alternatively, you could decorate the chest of drawers as part of a larger children’s bedroom featuring all-colored bedrooms. In this case, you would probably want to keep the chest of drawers light in color and also have it include a toy chest that features colorful items. As an alternative, you could choose to use black dressers or even white chest of drawers as an accent piece to the bedroom.

There are several different styles of chest of drawers that you can choose from. Firstly, if you want to go with a traditional style, then you have the option of selecting a chest of drawers that features a top-mounted mirror. A typical chest of drawers will also feature four or five drawer shelves that can be used to store dresses, suits and other similar clothing items. The interior design of these kinds of chests of drawers can either be very intricate or very simplistic. If you opt for one with more complex lines, then you could opt to select a wood that is darker in color such as mahogany or walnut.

On the other hand, if you prefer something that is less bulky, then the contemporary style of the chest of drawers is the perfect choice for you. These types of chests of drawers usually have a flat or even rectangular base and are made of metal. The drawers can either feature one or more vertical shelves or they can be arranged in various directions, depending on the overall size of the chest of drawers.

Another difference between the two styles of chests of drawers is the type of top drawer used. A chest of drawers with a top drawer that is made of solid wood, as opposed to a painted variety, is usually fitted with a hanger bar. Painted types of drawers are commonly fitted with small hooks that hang from the bottom of the top drawer piece. Hooks usually have glass eyes on them in order to allow you to hang clothing of varying sizes from the inside of the drawers. Metal chest of drawers are commonly fitted with a hanger bar that has several bars to hang different types of garments.

The style of chest of drawers you choose depends entirely on the interior decor of your home and the amount of space available to you. If you want a chest of drawers that is both functional and attractive, then you should look for an antique style chest of drawers that is made of wood. You could also choose a metal chest of drawers, if you have a very large piece of furniture to be stored in the space. For a small room that is not spacious at all, then a combination of the two styles of chests of drawers would be the ideal solution.

Choosing the ideal chest of drawers

In any space, a chest of drawers is an important piece of furniture to store clothes and other small things. Getting the right chest of drawers will relieve up space and remove items that tend to pile up and make space of the room look messy. This chest of drawers should contain some unique characteristics, which are an important feature to check on. Below are detailed tips on how to choose your ideal right chest of drawers.

  • Functionality

These should be the first important key factors you should look at since it determines what type of use your chest of drawers will be. Modern-day chest of drawers has been incorporated with some added features that can support what is meant for its purpose and other uses.</li>

  • Size

This is a key parameter since it determines the size of your chest drawers; the height of your furniture should not be large or wide enough comparing with the space of the room, which is to be kept in if you are looking for a slim tall chest of drawers it is considerable to pick a small room which may not stick too much from the wall but one that will provide you with plenty of storage space.</li>

  • Style

This is a major impact on how you choose your ideal chest of drawers. Some may decide to pick a chest of drawers that do not contain the modern incorporated features. There consists of many brands of chests of drawers that are available in the market, although there are many styles that may work perfectly regardless of the furniture that you may have.

  • Material

When it comes to choosing the right material for a chest of drawers, you’ll find plenty to choose from. Choose furniture that has been made from lasting materials and is durable; such materials include plywood which lasts longer and is easy to repair. Check out the latest chest of drawers on tylko.


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Choosing room dividers

Organizing, spacing, and dividing your house can sometimes be tedious and stressful. However, there are room dividers to help you divide and organize your room. A room divider can be considered an item of furniture or a screen that you place in a way that enables you to divide your room into different areas.

Types of room dividers:

  • Foldable; these are best for people who move pretty often because of their portability. Foldable dividers are not permanently fixed, but they leave your room looking fantastic. If your home is small, foldable room dividers may not suit your need because it has a long and wide footprint.
  • Hanging dividers can be fabric or paper curtains. They are most affordable and come in narrow and least physically substantial.
  • Bookstand dividers are the best option if you want one with another function as they will also hold books, pictures, some artworks, and more. Visit ( for more unique room dividers.
  • Hidden closet; the front of it will look like a plain wall, but the back will have shelves and some space for your clothes and shoes. This is the best if you don’t have enough storage for your clothes and shoes.

Materials used

Room dividers can be made from variant materials like wood, fabric, framed cotton canvas, mirrors, plants, wood, and glass. Unique wooden materials include;

  • The Japanese Design Wood Frame and Paper Shoji Screen; available with different designs, panels, heights, and color options.
  • Wood slat -shutter-style room divider.
  • Asian Style wooden plant fiber; mostly opaque-like and very portable.

It all now depends on the size of your room, the amount of money you want to spend because wood-made room dividers are much more expensive than fabric made, and the function of the partitions. For example, if it is for decorating, you can go for plant dividers and finally portability.

Room dividers will give you that visual effect. Room dividers only act as nominal borders to set out private spaces. Room dividers also act as a decorating tool in our rooms. The best room dividers will maximize your space and leave your room looking amazing; choose wisely.


Chest of Drawers – How to Choose the Right One

A chest of drawers, sometimes called (in North American English), a dresser or simply a hutch, is an ordinary kind of wooden cabinet (also in North American English, it is called a chest) that usually has several parallel, flat, wooden drawers all side by side. These drawers are usually either on rollers or on casters and can open up to provide more space inside the room. Usually these chests of drawers have a large plate glass on the front that usually faces the wall. The style and function normally change depending on the style of the chest of drawers and its size. This article w\ill give you some ideas on how to choose a chest of drawers for your home.

When choosing what kind of furniture chest you want for your room, you need to keep in mind its size, style and material. You should also take note of the fact that chests of drawers are often cheaper than antique furniture. Another great feature of furniture chests is that they can be made to fit almost any kind of room decor. If you have a modern room with minimalist design, you can get a modern style chest of drawers. In addition to this, you can also choose from many different types of wood such as oak, cherry and pine.

When you’re buying a chest of drawers for your office, make sure that it has locks and that you can lock the doors. Most offices have glass windows and office supplies often get lost in the gaps between the walls. With locked drawers, this becomes less of a problem since you can keep office supplies in a separate place and not on the floor near the window. It is also better if the chest of drawers is close enough to your office desk so that you can grab items from it without opening the door. Most people also like filing cabinets that have a door feature because these make it easier to access files or other items stored in them.

Another common feature of a chest of drawers is that it usually comes with a mirror. Mirrors increase the attractiveness of the furniture and also reflect light which improves the appearance of the room. This is especially true for dresser drawers. Some dressers have one mirrored panel while others have two or more. The bigger the dresser, the more mirrors you’ll probably need.

Chest of drawers are usually big and roomy, but there are also smaller varieties. Smaller chests of drawers are ideal for bedrooms, children’s bedrooms and laundry rooms. You can even find smaller ones perfect for bathrooms. Like other types of furniture, chests of drawers differ in terms of their styles and materials. There are wooden chests of drawers and metal ones. There are also ones made of plastic.

When it comes to cleaning, don’t use any harsh detergents. A soft cloth or any cleaner made specifically for wood furniture will do the trick. Just spray some cleaner onto a soft cloth and wipe the entire drawer, wiping from bottom to top. When buying a chest of drawers for your house, be sure to choose one that is made by American English furniture makers. You can find such furniture online or in some furniture shops in your city.