Bed And Board: Plain Talk About Marriage

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Bed And Board: Plain Talk About Marriage

  1. Robert Farrar Capon was a lifelong New Yorker and served for almost 30 years as a parish priest in the Episcopal Church His first book, Bed and Board, was published in 1965 and by 1977 left full time ministry to devote time to writing books, though he continued to serve the church in various capacities such as assisting priest and Canon Theologian He has written twenty books on theology, cooking and family life.His lifelong interest in food intersected with his writing and led to his becoming food columnist for Newsday and The New York Times and also teaching cooking classes.

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  1. There is a sadness in reading this fantastic treatise on marriage and home a few years after this was published Robert Farrar Capon left his marriage of twenty seven years to the woman who gave him six children It s sad because he writes with such wisdom and truth Our lust is to be healed by being brought down to one bed, our savagery tamed by the exchanges around a lifelong table And regarding lies about marriage One of them I ve already mentioned It s the You are my destiny bit Only god can be [...]

  2. The world is going mad because it has too many reasonable little options, and not enough interest or nerve to choose anything for good In such a world, the marriage service is not reasonable, but it is sane which is quite another matter The lunatic lives in a world of reason, and he goes mad with making sense it is precisely paradox that keeps the rest of us sane To be born, to love a woman, to cry at music, to catch a cold, to die these are not excursions on the narrow road of logic they are bl [...]

  3. One of the best books I ve ever read, written in plain language with warm humor and loads of humility This book will challenge me to re think ways of doing things constantly finished it in two days because it was that good

  4. I loved this book It s a time capsule work no doubt some people will be offended by outdated advice on gender roles and vocation, but it speaks with clarity and focus to the sacredness of home I found it sobering and beautiful, maybe a little wordy and rambly at times, but overall rich and worth digesting A fantastic treatise on the work and worth of marriage and home.

  5. Where has this book been all my life Absolutely loved it Just wanted to spend all day quoting it in posts and ordering copies to send friends So good So needed So enjoyable

  6. I love Robert Capon in much the same way and for the same reasons I love G.K Chesterton writing style, forever unique perspective but somehow always the most sensible one , zest for life Parts of his reasoning are rather fanciful and I don t always agree with him 100% or even 80%, but this was a refreshing read Lots to comment on but one standout part his discussion about how a love for life and a sincere, joyous interest in things will be passed on to those around us, even if their specific foc [...]

  7. An absurdly delightful book You won t walk away unchanged This is Capon s first published work , and it is The Best Book I have read on marriage and family life It begins in Absurdity and ends in the Divine Coinherent Dance of the Trinity In between are the comical and heart wrenching, the simple and the profound, the serious and the silly, the logical and the absurd I read this book and thought, laughed, cried, shouted, underlined, and worshipped I learned about care, hobbies, sex, dinner table [...]

  8. I was very sad to find this book so disappointing After loving Between Noon and Three , I expected this book about marriage to be equally thought provoking and insightful.Instead, I found it full of overworn anti woman prejudice and stereotypes According to the author, sex is something that a man does to a woman, women are subordinate to men in relationships, the weaker sex, blah blab blah shit fucking fuck I have had this problem before when reading his other books He s a brilliant man who does [...]

  9. While parts of this book seem a bit dated Fr Capon tried a little too hard to hip and relevant to the hippie generation , there are parts that are pure gold Capon has a the Solomonic perspective of Ecclesiastes, as he celebrates the absurdity of love, marriage, sex, and raising children The whole thing is quite preposterous, really He also revels in the deep mysteries of the Christian tradition, and shows how ancient dogmas like the Trinity really explain everything, especially that crazy little [...]

  10. What a book Speaking as a Christian, if you read this book alongside Douglas Wilson s Reforming Marriage you would have a full plate of marriage wisdom that might take years to devour As with any book by the later Father Capon, there is rhetorical gold on nearly every page often several nuggets per page This is my current favorite, A man and a woman schooled in pride cannot simply sit down together and start caring It takes humility to look wide eyed at somebody else, to praise, to cherish, to h [...]

  11. I ve been wanting to read RFC for some time, and this was the only book of his currently in at the library I sat down in the library aisle to read the first few pages to decide if I wanted to check it out and ended up reading half the book It s certainly not systematic it s a pastoral rambling, but it s engaging, and in the midst of the intriguing rambles are some real insights I was sorry to learn, later, that his life didn t exemplify his teachings.

  12. Absurdity rightly considered Marriage and children and food defended as sacramental delighted in for themselves because they are means of grace and glory and coinherence Because we come from a body, meant for the Body The most absurd reality of all imaged in our small absurdities Fr Capon cares publicly for his city and the City.

  13. This is a wonderful marriage book opinionated, funny, deeply traditional.I loved the chapter on Images and at the same time wanted a stronger doctrine of Scripture, as it relates to reforming images for marriage, motherhood, and fatherhood.A bit dreamy at times this is no how to manual , and definitely rooted in its late 60s context.

  14. I did enjoy reading this book the last chapter s description of children at dinner and post dinner chore argeuments depicted our family perfectly but the book as a whole was not as vivid as his Supper of the Lamb A similar book is Douglas Wilson s , My Life for Yours A Walk Through the Christian Home.

  15. Wonderful Some of my favorite quotes from chapters 1 4 are here pixelsandstories.wordpressAnd my favorite quotes from the main chapters are here beckypliego 2013 02 th

  16. I ll be succinct It made Brendan cry laughing Capon actually tells you how to be human And he uses a train as a metaphor for sex Does it get stranger than that We need to get someone to reprint this book.

  17. Amazing little book It was assigned to me as a pre marital counseling book, and I ll be sure to pass it along for generations A few chapters towards the end fall flat, but the earlier ones are so good that it than makes up for it.

  18. Capon is just so much fun to read That is, if you have a sense of humor about life I m sure he just wouldn t come off so well if you weren t ready to laugh and see how ridiculous things are sometimes I loved this and would recommend it to anyone maybe because I m ridiculous.

  19. Very pastoral Capon s an excellent writer edit I went back and re read his chapter on children Reminded me again how much I like this book.

  20. Probably the best book on marriage by someone whose marriage would later end in a particularly acrimonious divorce.A strange and wonderful little book about marriage and being human.

  21. This book is wonderful Capon is masterful in his parallels between the stuff of life and the meaning that propels it This should be required reading for every household.

  22. A little rambling, a little rambunctious Great encouragement all around and really makes me want to begin investing in a wine cellar.Full review and quotations to come.

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