Punguța cu doi bani

Pungu a cu doi bani None


  • [PDF] Read ✓ Punguța cu doi bani : by Ion Creangă Alexei Colîbneac
    194 Ion Creangă Alexei Colîbneac

  1. Ion Creang was a Moldavian born Romanian writer, raconteur and schoolteacher A main figure in 19th century Romanian literature, he is best known for his Childhood Memories volume, his novellas and short stories, and his many anecdotes Creang s main contribution to fantasy and children s literature includes narratives structured around eponymous protagonists Povestea lui Harap Alb, Ivan Turbinc , D nil Prepeleac , as well as fairy tales indebted to conventional forms Povestea porcului, Capra cu trei iezi, Soacra cu trei nurori.Like Swift or Mark Twain, Creang is than a story teller for children or simply a humorist His work is a human and social document of the ways of thinking and the life of a Romanian village in the nineteenth century It may seem of restricted interest, owing to the local peasant setting, as well as to the language in which it was written it carries nevertheless all the joy and pathos of a book of universal significance Creang s Memories symbolically picture the destiny of every child walking the path toward maturity and experience The work inaugurates an original formula in the art of memoir writing, and represents a monument of high spirits and verbal abundance A jovial verbal torrent, a kind of lexical spree, generously flushes this rhapsody of perennial childhood.

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