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Grave Peril

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Grave Peril

  1. Jim Butcher is the author of the Dresden Files, the Codex Alera, and a new steampunk series, the Cinder Spires His resume includes a laundry list of skills which were useful a couple of centuries ago, and he plays guitar quite badly An avid gamer, he plays tabletop games in varying systems, a variety of video games on PC and console, and LARPs whenever he can make time for it Jim currently resides mostly inside his own head, but his head can generally be found in his home town of Independence, Missouri.Jim goes by the moniker Longshot in a number of online locales He came by this name in the early 1990 s when he decided he would become a published author Usually only 3 in 1000 who make such an attempt actually manage to become published of those, only 1 in 10 make enough money to call it a living The sale of a second series was the breakthrough that let him beat the long odds against attaining a career as a novelist.All the same, he refuses to change his nickname.

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  1. Hey Dresden Files,Listen I know my trusted friends set us up, and they have really good taste and usually know what I like, but it s just not going to work out between us I like awesome, interesting female characters, and while I will give you that Murphy is awesome, the rest aren t cutting it for me Never mind that every time a female character DOES show up, no matter how dire the peril, Harry makes sure to describe the precise way whatever she s wearing cups her breasts If she is, in fact, wea [...]

  2. Jim Butcher How Could You Do This To Me Buddy Read JBHCYDTTMBR with my slightly unhinged MacHalo Freaks wife sister aunt Shelly Who are you and WHAT THE BLOODY FISH have you done with Formerly Awesome Happy Dresden FAHD Was this really written by the same author as books 1 and 2 in this series It sure doesn t seem like it I started thinking about DNFing it around the 20% mark, and it s nothing short of a miracle that I eventually made it to the last page Skimming rocks.You re lucky, my Little Ba [...]

  3. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsBR with my peeps at Buddies Books and BaublesSpecifically Robin Bridge Four , Jenny, Lila, and Steven3.5 starsGRAVE PERIL was a kind of awkward installment A year has passed since the end of FOOL MOON, and in the interim, not only have Harry and Susan stayed together and are now in a committed relationship, but at some point Harry and our favorite officers of law enforcement have taken down a Bad Guy sorcerer who was using a demon, teenagers, drugs, orgies, and did I menti [...]

  4. Things I d rather do than read this book 1 Clean the toilet.2 Listen to Justin Bieber.3 Read the dictionary in a language I m not fluent in.4 Watch a political debate.5 Sit in rush hour traffic.6 Stare at the TV while Netflix buffers over and over.7 Watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians.8 Eat plain unsalted rice cakes for lunch every day for a month.I just can t do it any I recently DNF d another book called Deadly Curiosities I don t know which is worse.It s not that there s anything wrong with [...]

  5. The spirit world has gone postal over Chicago, and ghosts are causing havoc Tormented, violent, and deadly ghosts that only Harry Dresden can stop First thing he needs to do before stopping the madness would be to find the one causing it The first two novels were good, but this third one was even better Dresden should be likable by now, and so should the other recurring main characters Michael was a great addition to the team I m not sure if he s in it for the long run, but the Harry Michael tea [...]

  6. Re audiobook experience In my first review for The Dresden Files I threatened to send my underwear collection to Jim Butcher as a heavy fangirl thank you for creating something so mindblowing than our boy Harry This caused one fellow reviewer to speculate that perhaps I did not go through with my threats as Butcher never blogged about receiving a collection of quality lingerie This is something I gotta agree with My delicates would without a doubt be something to write about, which is why I prob [...]

  7. Good ol Harry Dresden is at it again, only this time the werewolves have been replaced with ghosts and vampires Yep, ghosts and vampires Still not really sure why the vampires needed to be around, especially those siblings Wow The book starts out well with Harry and a new character named Michael,who is this crazy broadsword wielding priest, tracking down a ghost in the newborn wing of a hospital It was a little different than the previous books in that it really jumps right in, that guy Michael [...]

  8. Buddy read April 20th on Buddies Books and Baubles with Jessica, Ashley, Lege, Steven, Sh3lly oOSarahOo they is a little behind but still here, and Jenny as out official stalker this time.Everyone says just wait they get better Everyone says by the end of book 3 you will see.This is one of those times that EVERYONE was right.Before this book I was really sorta thinking what s all the hype I mean I liked them well enough but I really preferred two other series that were similar Charming and Hound [...]

  9. I had lot of fun and rating could have been higher if not for ending, specially for one cheesy moment and ending of story arc that followed One thing I hate the most is when things reset to status quo instead of moving forward.

  10. Another satisfying entry in The Dresden Files Harry Dresden is again saving the world from supernatural creatures so that we can all sleep soundly in our beds at night He s joined by a knight of the church, an intrepid reporter and his familiar, Bob.There are vampires, fairies and ghosts, oh my Plus some other magical creatures thrown in for good measure view spoiler My one complaint is that my favorite character, Murphy, doesn t figure as largely into this plot as she did in the last book Here [...]

  11. 1 Star Sigh I wrote out a pretty long review for this book, but then I went to submit it and crashed on me, and I lost it _ I seriously need to start writing my reviews in a word document But ANYWAYS, that all just means that my rambling, ranty review from before has now become even MORE ranty and rambling and lacking order and probably has typos , so enjoy I was originally going to give this book two stars, but quite honestly, there really isn t anything I liked about this book At all So one st [...]

  12. 2.5ish stars.An improvement over the last book, but still not quite making good on the promising potential of the first book.I definitely like this better than Fool Moon I feel like it flows naturally Or maybe the story itself is just interesting I mean, it isn t great and I tend to prefer series that are serialized than procedural as this one is but that s just personal preference The central plot here introduces just another freak of the week I do appreciate the introduction of at least a f [...]

  13. Grave Peril3 StarsMany have stated that Grave Peril is the turning point in the series for the better After considering the plot and the characters, I must confess that I found Fool Moon to be far entertaining Don t get me wrong Harry and his quirks are very endearing but a number of issues irritated me in this installment First, Murphy barely makes an appearance and the absence of a strong willed, take no prisoners, female character detracts from the overall effect of the story Second, the cri [...]

  14. I rarely feel the urge to read books in the urban fantasy subgenre An awful lot of them seem to be paranormal romances which are anathema to me I think I have only read a few urban fantasies,American Gods, China Mi ville sKraken, and Clive Barker s classicWeaveworld spring to mind The Dresden Files series has quite a reputation though, it has a rabid fan base and it is often recommended in SF F online forums However, even fans of the series tend to agree that the first couple of books in the ser [...]

  15. There seems to be a common idea amongst fans and new arrivals alike to this series, that this, the third book in the series, is where it starts to get good I ve read the series and started again while I m waiting for the next volume I think the first two are great too This one just ramps up the action and its consequences And this might be the one where Harry Dresden starts to slip by his own standards taking actions and committing deeds that in an ideal world he would not have chosen to do Harr [...]

  16. Honestly, i feel like these books keep on getting better and better It was a fast easy read, that was engaging, funny, and typical Harry Dresden I really like the direction the series is going I feel like with every new installment, his writing its becoming mature and prolific For me everything is starting to feel a bit complete and i m finding it easier to start relating to Harry and the world all around him I was happy to finally have contact with the nevernever and of a multiple narrative [...]

  17. In the third installment of the Dresden Files ghosts are terrorizing the streets of Chicago and with the Ghost busters nowhere to be found Harry Dresden is called upon to swing into action.This was the strongest installment in the series so far for me The first half dragged in places as I missed some of the cool secondary characters from previous books Murphy and Johnny Marcone being the most notable However the second half of the book picked up in a big way the vampire ball sequence was probabl [...]

  18. I loved aspects of this story and hated others I adored the magic, the description of how power worked, how Harry created his spells I also loved how he got put through the wringer and had to really be willing to sacrifice himself for the survival of the people he loved.I hated the female characters I hated that their breasts were described at every available opportunity, particularly the villains During a climactic fight scene, a female villain was distracted by a vampire sliding his hands unde [...]

  19. I will probably have to find a print version, as I kept getting distracted from the story and am fairly certain I missed huge chunks of plot My boyfriend found this gripping and has taken to listening to it on his own, but I personally found myself irritated by Harry Honestly, he behaves too much like the stock hero of a romance novel, only with wizardly powers Speaking of stock, am I the only person unimpressed by the story line It s a fairly middling urban fantasy plot I actually preferred Foo [...]

  20. WOW, what a great book Fool Moon was much better than Storm Front, and Grave Peril is even better than Fool Moon.The series is definitely getting better and evolves to something bigger and very engaging,no doubt that Jim Butcher is a great author That s an action packed book with lots of humor,magic and great characters I really liked Harry s Godmother and Michael as a new characters, Harry and Bob are great as usual.Highly recommended

  21. This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life.Every once in a while the right combination of things come together perfectly This audiobook fits that description I enjoyed this book the first time I read it years ago but listening to James Marsters perform this story really takes it to a whole new level The series seems to really be taking off at this point and the story was very well done I completely enjoyed every moment that I spent listening to this book during my re read.Harry Dresde [...]

  22. Grave Peril was such a mixed bag that I actually felt disoriented when I finished it The plot started out strong and I was completely engrossed during the first half of the book However, in the end, I found the plot to be overly strung out and convoluted to be convincing Everything that which culminated into the climax just seemed too elaborate a set up and Harry s resolutions to the endless stream of dire situations he got himself into begun to appear far fetched, and even convenient at times W [...]

  23. Ghostbusters meets Nightmare on Elm Street with vampires.This 2001 novel is the third installment in the Harry Dresden files, professional wizard and the only one in the yellow pages Butcher stated that he felt, and many fans have seconded, that this is where the series really took off And I can see that, this is fun urban fantasy and built to move along to the next book.Taking place some time after the events in Butcher s 2001 novel Fool Moon, where Harry fought some werewolves and even a super [...]

  24. Oh Wow I loved this book than I ever thought I would It was just perfect for Halloween also One of my favorite fantasy mystery series.

  25. Took me 5 days to finish this book The only reason it took me so much time because I read it in the middle of my term final Addictively thrilling once you start it, it s hard to put it down Something is always happening One incident after another I wanted to finish it in one day But damn exam I am a very impatient person when it comes to good books Thanks to Rizwan vai who took out his time to convince me that Dresden files is worth another try after I felt very disappointed reading Storm Front [...]

  26. As promised they are getting better There even seems to be a bit of humor coming though by way of Bob the skull.

  27. Hell s Bells count 26If you re reading this series in sequence which you absolutely should be, or things will stop making sense very quickly , you ve got a good handle on how the world of Harry Dresden operates He s a lone wolf, so to speak, standing up to the Occult Forces of Chicago with only the support of his contact in the Chicago PD, Lt Karrin Murphy There s also intrepid investigative reporter Susan Rodriguez, for whom Harry s feelings are slightly than professional There s also the myst [...]

  28. ETA 9 29 11 Re read I am moving this up to 5 stars This is a fantastic book So many good things The book turns the corner for the series and becomes interesting, dynamic and introduces a story arc Really cool, really cool characters are introduced Mavra, Leea, Thomas, Charity, Michael, the spirit communicator forgot his name , and the Carpenter clan And existing characters are profoundly changed At the end of this book, Harry is permanentntly altered both in his talent and power and emotionally [...]

  29. You know when you are reading a story and you are thinking, There is just NO way the characters can get out of this jam They are for sure going to die And part of your brain knows that they can t die, because there are like, a bajillion books in the series, but the action is so intense that you are at the edge of your seat, trying to figure out how the MCs are going to get out of that mess That is what this book was for me I ll admit, this one has a rocky start The story takes off in the middle [...]

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