On the Sublime

On the Sublime This scarce antiquarian book is included in our special Legacy Reprint Series In the interest of creating a extensive selection of rare historical book reprints we have chosen to reproduce this title

This scarce antiquarian book is included in our special Legacy Reprint Series In the interest of creating a extensive selection of rare historical book reprints, we have chosen to reproduce this title even though it may possibly have occasional imperfections such as missing and blurred pages, missing text, poor pictures, markings, dark backgrounds and other reproductThis scarce antiquarian book is included in our special Legacy Reprint Series In the interest of creating a extensive selection of rare historical book reprints, we have chosen to reproduce this title even though it may possibly have occasional imperfections such as missing and blurred pages, missing text, poor pictures, markings, dark backgrounds and other reproduction issues beyond our control Because this work is culturally important, we have made it available as a part of our commitment to protecting, preserving and promoting the world s literature.

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On the Sublime

  1. Longinus H.L. Havell Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the On the Sublime book, this is one of the most wanted Longinus H.L. Havell author readers around the world.

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  1. Orpheus serenading the animals 3rd century CE Roman mosaic from Asia MinorAll such frivolities in discourse are due to the same cause, namely, a desire for novel conceits.As a Greco Roman text on literary aesthetics, On Great Writing On the Sublime is widely regarded by specialists as second only to Aristotle s Poetics, though it is incomplete it is estimated that one third of the text is missing and its author and date of composition are unknown Remarkably enough, it is a very readable piece of [...]

  2. The below is ONLY for hardcore rhetoric nerds.LONGINUS On The Sublimeor how to be real fucking dull while lecturing us on how not to be real fucking dull.This is one of those rhetorics that reminds me of why I love the Sophists They didn t come from posh backgrounds and had to sing for their suppers, so had an immediate pecuniary interest in being interesting, handily giving demonstrative lessons on how to be interesting, unlike so many classical rhetoricians who would instruct us on such withou [...]

  3. This little book, written by an unknown author sometime in the first century AD , is the most significant piece of literary criticism surviving from ancient Rome The author argues that exceptional or sublime writing contains at least one of five features i The power to conceive great thoughts, either through an author s natural talent or by the author s use of imitative and or visualization techniques ii Strong and inspired emotion This portion of the book is no longer extant iii Skilled use of [...]

  4. Text is the 1890 Havell translation Introduction is thoughtful regarding the identity of author I happen to prefer, aesthetically, the thesis that author is the cat executed by Aurelian when he became restitutor orientis.Heavily laden with tautology and other faux definitions that simply remove the mystery one step, text is happy to state that the Sublime acting with an imperious and irresistible force, sways every reader 2 We might identify this when a passage is pregnant in suggestion, when it [...]

  5. Above all else, it was understanding that nature made man to be no humble or lowly creature, but brought him into life and into the universe as into a great festival, to be both a spectator and enthusiastic contestant in its competitions She implanted in our minds from the start an irresistible desire for anything which is great and, in relation to ourselves, supernatural.

  6. The universe therefore is not wide enough for the range of human speculation and intellect Our thoughts often travel beyond the boundaries of our surroundings If anyone wants to know what we were born for, let him look around at life and contemplate the splendour, grandeur, beauty in which it everywhere abounds.

  7. On Great Writing it is an interesting compliment to Aristotle s Poetics Both works deal with the same question what makes great works great Their approach to the topic is radically different however.For Aristotle, the key to the impact of a text was in its manipulation of the reader s emotions I think this view has stayed with us to the present day and was probably known intuitively before Aristotle, or even earlier thinkers, defined it.By contrast, Longinus asserts that great writing is in the [...]

  8. It may also be inevitable that low or mediocre abilities should maintain themselves generally at a correct and safe level, simply because they take no risks and do not aim at the heights, whereas greatness, just because it is greatness, incurs danger Longinus

  9. Vielleicht ist es f r Menschen wie uns besser, beherrscht zu werden als frei zu sein, sonst w rden die uners ttlichen Begierden, wenn sie, wie aus einem Zwinger entwichen, sich v llig entfesselt auf den N chsten st rzen k nnten, die Welt mit der Flut der bel berschwemmen.

  10. Sublimity is the echo of a noble mind.On the Sublime, a major landmark in ancient European criticism, was only discovered in the middle ages and only seriously read in the late seventeenth century in France, and afterwards This, combined, with the fact we don t know who originally wrote it or when likely from a first century Hellenized Jew gives the piece a sort of hidden gem quality to it In a letter to his friend, Longinus convenience s sake explains how to make a work of literature sublime, w [...]

  11. L ars dicendi, quella particolare attitudine all espressione, l abilit nella comunicazione un dono innato o esistono tecniche per esercitarla e corroborarla L opinione dell anonimo autore del trattato Del Sublime quasi certamente databile al I sec d.C , a lungo confuso con il filosofo e retore Cassio Longino, rassicurante la capacit di suscitare il sentimento del sublime in parte frutto di un talento naturale, in parte risultato di uno studio attento delle vette espressive raggiunte dagli autori [...]

  12. It s remarkable that nobody knows who Longinus was taking into account that this work still exists and is considered highly influential It s estimated that he or she wrote this book in the first century, A.D and there are several missing parts It s interesting to read this early attempt at pinning down what exactly makes a written work transcendent One of my favorite lines.at Nature determined man to be no low or ignoble animal but introducing us into life and this entire universe as into some v [...]

  13. My friend asked if I had read this book because my own views on aesthetics are mostly identical to the ones in this.It s certainly a good and interesting work, and not only because I broadly agreed with it before I had read a single word of it The work s goal can be summed up by Chapter VI Our best hope of doing this will be first of all to grasp some definite theory and criterion of the true Sublime Nevertheless this is a hard matter for a just judgment of style is the final fruit of long exper [...]

  14. Moreover, the expression of the sublime is exposed to danger when it goes its own way without the guidance of knowledge when it is suffered to be unstable and unballasted when it is left at the mercy of mere momentum and ignorant audacity It is true that it often needs the spur, but it is also true that it often needs the curb Damn you, Longinus, for being so right 1800 years ago.

  15. Excellent guide to oratory and writing There is a reason why some ancient writers gained notoriety and remain icons today They honed their craft and talents to a very sharp edge This short work shines light on how they obtained immortal status If only we could find a leader today capable of writing his own speeches How sad we have lost so precious an ability and are now ruled by stagehands

  16. Oh, those clever Greeks Longinus gets at a lot of the same discussions I have with my poetry friends can you just be a natural Is it better to be perfectly mediocre or flawed and genius The one sorrow is that this treatise is neither completely attributable or completely complete Curse you missing pages

  17. This was coupled with Aristotle s poetics, due to its complementary nature It is analysis on poetry and the sublime, slightly different than the former in that it discusses natural proclivities and skill While I think it less thoughtful than the poetics, reading both together is a good idea.

  18. I gave up after 30% of this text It is centered around the major works at Longinus s time which are beyond my grasp The idea of Sublime is far less developed as that of Burke s work, of course, who was much later and contemporary.

  19. I absolutely love this and definitely think it has a place in the classroom Longinus begins with asserting that to achieve the sublime writers must begin with great ideas what a fantastic way to introduce the writing process to students with language that is perhapst as elevated

  20. The theory of sublimity in fact gives a preview of how to write, how to keep eloquence, how to be a good writer and how to connect to the elite audience.

  21. Okej text om det sublima, det stora, men varf r r det s sv rt att komma med en bra definition Jag f redrar nog Burke.

  22. Good read It contains many worthwhile tips for producing great writing, but it does get a little tedious wading through the ancient Greek examples.

  23. some great passages on what makes good writing Also, the ending has a wonderful passage about money as a false god strangely current

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