She Is Risen (She Is Risen: The Gun Control Case Studies)

She Is Risen She Is Risen The Gun Control Case Studies May Ivory can t understand why her life has been so terrible lately It seems that fate itself has turned on her She would be horrified to know that her problems are man made and May is only one of fo

May Ivory can t understand why her life has been so terrible lately It seems that fate itself has turned on her She would be horrified to know that her problems are man made, and May is only one of four people who are being tormentedThe result of a new gun control study by the CIA Her three visits per week to the shooting range have put May on an exclusive list of peoMay Ivory can t understand why her life has been so terrible lately It seems that fate itself has turned on her She would be horrified to know that her problems are man made, and May is only one of four people who are being tormentedThe result of a new gun control study by the CIA Her three visits per week to the shooting range have put May on an exclusive list of people that are being monitored for gun violence Unfortunately, the ambitious politician who runs the program cannot afford to wait for her to go insane through natural causes, so he uses CIA agents lurking in the darkness to turn her life upside down Will May and the other subjects of this terrible study have a chance to learn the truth about those who are ruining their lives or will they succumb to the madness A former United States Colonel has learned about these unmonitored case studies for gun violence He has only witnessed the beginning of their potential evil, and in his race to shut down the entire operation, the young man wonders if the damage he inflicts will have any effect, or simply injure innocent people.Tales have surfaced of a mysterious woman in Mexico with strange powers, and there are details of her vicious vengeance leaving a blood trail from Costa Rica to North America Is this woman just modern folklore, or is she a deadly force of nature with a particular agenda

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She Is Risen (She Is Risen: The Gun Control Case Studies)

  1. I d rather not bore you with the typical biography I was bornI got older and uglier My most significant struggles have had to do with occasional battles against madness, and the diligence that it takes to remain grounded in a sometimes shockingly callous society At age nineteen, I ventured out into the world a troubled young man with obsessive compulsive habits, a wrath of god temper, and a skewed sense of judgment, completely devoid of objectivity It goes without saying that the world had to give me a fairly rough beating to help me find my humble roots.At age twenty one, I broke both of my hands within six months due to outbursts of anger It wasn t until I became estranged from my family that this temper began to subside During that same time in my life, I liked to binge drink, and sometimes found myself in odd situations I left a party one nightrgetting that I was still wearing a toga At another party, I sat down on a fish tank that belonged to someone with whom I wasn t personally acquainted Another night I found myself driving at 110 miles an hour on the highway at 1 30 am, screaming, There are no insert expletive here cops in this town I can literally watch the joker sticking his head out the window in a scene from the film The Dark Knight, and say, I remember what that feels like While these are not shining staples in my history, I did promise you honesty, and that is what I have delivered The story does take a turn for the better, as I discovered a means to let go of my teenage fears and anger, replacing them with strength and a moderate outlook on life This period could be considered my renaissance a time when I reinvented myself on multiple levels, and sought constant improvement This is also when I became less of a tyrant, and developed a sense of empathy and justice I suppose this is why I am able to write the protagonist and antagonist with ease, though I dare not ask which better suits my abilities As for my writing, I have spent many late nights bleeding my pain into thousands of pages Sometimes the pen is almost an extension of the veins in your arms, and you simply inject every horrifying, lonely moment into that otherwise blank, white background You then find yourself reading an editorial review which states that your work was disturbing and cruel, and have to ask yourself if it was that badwhen you experienced it in real life Although there are some dark shadows in my past, they are not beyond repair, and I feel fortunate that people are willing to give me the opportunity to entertain them I suppose that for an artist there is nothing greater than knowing that your work hit the mark except perhaps, that it changed the life of some poor soul If that can happen, even one time, then all of those hundreds of hours at the keyboard were well worth the effort.Best, Irish.

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  1. She is Risen is a book about gun control in the U.S it s about these test subjects that have been through a lot of stuff in their lives but they can t cope with Now through out the book the CIA government is knees deep into this gun control issues they are sending army ex army agents and CIA agents all over the state to make these test subjects lives a living hell The CIA is making some of the government worker call and harass the test subjects to see how far they can pushed them over the edge, [...]

  2. Devlin is a man who has just been pushed over the edge His employer, Representative Henri Edwards initially considered his mentor and savior turns out to be nothing than a sheep in wolf s clothing The Congressman is the mastermind behind a research program seeking to prevent gun violence through the surveillance of at risk individuals However, the program uses unethical methods to get results Up until this point, Devlin has been a CIA pawn in Henri s dangerous game But now, the ex Army Colonel [...]

  3. What do you do when a crooked Congressman is caught in an unspeakable act of victimizing young virgin women with disabilities Well for Devlin McConnelly, a former US Army Colonel turned CIA operative in the H.E.N.A program, the answer was simple Expose his boss Congressman Henri Edwards to the world and expose the equally perverse and clandestine project he heads But stopping a powerful Congressman with direct access to the President and the powerful resources of the CIA make that very simple pl [...]

  4. Devlin McConnelly, an ex CIA agent, decides to quit his job after he catches his boss senior mentor guide best friend, Henri Edwards, in an intolerable act of stealing the virginity of a blind minor girl who is under the impression that she is pleasuring her lover Maurice who resembles Henri in structure After this new development, Henri views Devlin to be a threat to his secret and his reputation as a congressman and labels him an enemy of America Meanwhile in Mexico the chief cartel receives a [...]

  5. The cover of the book is what first caught my attention The cover spoke a thousand words before I even opened the book.When I did begin reading, She is Risen sucked me in from page one.Each page turned made the characters come to life and the suspense was so thick you could cut it with a knife The story flows seamlessly and each page pulls you in deeper I love thrillers and CIA thrillers rank even higher.I was sitting on the edge of my seat numerous times and found myself thinking about the stor [...]

  6. This is a fast paced story that is centred on gun control and gun violence The author takes a look at both sides of the argument through his well written and very captivating story which is full of twists and turns and exciting scenes You can almost feel yourself being totally immersed in all the scenes The suspense is intense I found myself wanting to know what would happen next and at the same time not wanting the story to end This is a well written story that would appeal to anyone who loves [...]

  7. I loved the cover This book had a very unique plot as I have not read a book with this sort of topic The book was well written and the characters were well developed I found it confusing at times as they were going from character storyline to another After a few chapters as a reader and listener you catch on I have to say that the storyline disturbed me To think that the CIA would watch individuals they deemed high risk on cameras and try to control the outcome disturbed me immensely The ending [...]

  8. I won a copy of She is Risen through a Giveaway in exchange for an honest review She is Risen is a political conspiracy thriller about a congressman and his team who are performing a case study on gun violence I thought it started off a little slow but really picked up the pace a few chapters in I thought the plot was a very interesting and engaging idea The book had a good balance of action and political narrative.I enjoyed the plot, characters and writing style I liked how the paragraphs were [...]

  9. OMG This book was intense The characters were amazing and the attention to detail was great The suspense and constant sense of the unknown had me locked in reading I used to have long fingernails and now I do not.It was an incredible book and I loved it I will definitely recommend this book to others It was fast paced and such mystery and intrigue, always kept you guessing and was always wrong LOL The writing was easy to read and it kept your attention to the end, I want MORE It was one of the b [...]

  10. I won an autographed copy of She is Risen through the First Reads program, and I m glad I am one of the lucky winners as this was one hell of a fun ride To be absolutely honest, the only thing I didn t like was the use of the present tense which happens to be a real pet peeve of mine but, apart from that, She is Risen is a flawless novel which could be easily made into a movie There are twists and turns aplenty, conspiracy, a bit of supernatural here and there, and witty dialogues that REALLY ma [...]

  11. Mesmerizing and captivating, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat It leaves a lot of questions in the end, mostly about the nature of this mysterious woman that appears out of volcano Who is she What does she want Justice Vengeance How does she choose her victims It s clear why she chooses her final victim though, because the man has been using people left and right, a nasty character who deserves what he gets The experiments conducted under his guidance are terrible, driving people [...]

  12. Just did my usual trawl through the kindle marketplace for something a little different and found this little Gem by Travis Adams Irish I must admit the cover enthralled me to purchase and boy was I glad I feel that the story is a brilliant political thriller and as usual i got caught up in the characters The two main characters Henri and Devlin relationship is developed very well what with gun control issues and the supernatural edge it will leave you not wanting any and enjoying it from the f [...]

  13. Travis Adams Irish has presented to me the greatest conspiracy thriller ever in this magnificent read She Is Risen Thestory is so fast paced that I couldn t leave it down and read it in a day The settings are so well laid out and believable that I lost myself in the whole issue of Gun control and obliviously the Supernatural elements The characters are brilliantly developed in particular the two main characters Henri and Devlin relationship is explored magnificently.A must have for all conspirac [...]

  14. Like any good story Travis Adams Irish Author has got it right from the start with a worrying yet interesting story line Amongst others the character May finds herself caught up in a government study on the how and why people and guns often results in violence Unfortunately nobody s told poor May and ensuing effect on her life left me hoping this doesn t become a true story All and all a very modern look at what can happen when politicians and their government agencies take their power a step to [...]

  15. Rating 8.0 10.0Review I m a fan of conspiracy books, and this thriller definitely had me thinking after putting it down I was impressed by the composition of the storyline and the character development The author definitely put a lot of hard work into putting this together seamlessly I d definitely recommend this book to any thriller conspiracy fan.Reviewed by IABookReviews

  16. It s a different book from what I m used to read but I must say that I found it interesting because of the topic I was wondering all the time about the human nature, not because of those potentially dangerous of simple folk but those who have some power over others and use it to damage and destroy

  17. Genuinely good I loved it I never expected the story would grip me from the very first pages itself, because all throughout the plot I was wondering what will happen next Seriously the way he started the whole thing Holy mother of God

  18. Very creepy I m still in a bit of a state of confusion as this is just one volume of the story, but would like to know how everything ends I look forward to reading the second volume.

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